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  • Offer Profile
  • ServiceUnion is a regional, reliable service partner for all service work required on your biogas plant and your CHP units. From regular customer service to extensive repowering, we provide comprehensive support for your project. With eight locations, we are also represented in your region - in conjunction with a nationwide network to help you as quickly as possible. Because our motto is: Your satisfaction is our motivation.
Product Portfolio
  • Plant Products

      • Biogas plants

      • Reliable plant technology
        Safe and reliable plant technology is an essential factor for the profitability of your biogas plant. As a manufacturer-independent service provider, we will be happy to advise you on which components increase the profitability and efficiency of your biogas plant and fit best into the overall structure. As with our CHP products, we only use first-class products from our partners, which meet our customers' requirements in every respect.
      • Gas Treatment

      • In order to process the raw gas, which is obtained from the biogas plant, for the CHP unit, various steps are necessary. In addition to cooling and compression, the purification of the gas by activated carbon is also part of the treatment. Here we can provide you with gas purification tailored to your plant.

        With regard to the activated carbon, which is used for desulfurization, we offer you variants that shine with a particularly high loading.
      • Separation

      • With the separation of substrate volumes, biogas plant operators can secure many advantages. In addition to lower energy consumption, transport costs and storage capacities can also be saved. In addition, the result is a high-quality fertilizer, which in turn can be spread on agricultural land. For this purpose, we can provide you with both a stationary and a mobile device.
    • Plant Engineering

    • In the area of plant engineering, you have the opportunity to increase the performance of your plant through our products, in order to get even more out of it.
        • Agitator exchange

        • Optimizing your agitator technology promises you many advantages. In addition to the increase in efficiency and the associated cost savings, you can now secure subsidies of up to 40% on your investment project.
        • Pump technology

        • Optimally running pumps can save you a lot of electricity and trouble. Because with a quickly worn pump technology, the pump runs very long to process the same mass of substrate compared to an intact pump.

          At ServiceUnion, we therefore use pumps specially designed for biogas plants that are specialized in transporting viscous substrates. By additionally installed pressure sensors, which serve as dry running protection, an increased wear can be avoided. In our product range we have a variety of different screw pumps and centrifugal pumps, which convince by low maintenance and long service life. We adjust directly to your needs on site to be able to offer you the optimal solution for you.
        • Gas storage

        • The ideal storage of biogas is closely related to a high-quality container cover. When replacing the container cover, we always adjust to your individual needs in order to be able to offer you a suitable, efficient solution.

          In addition to a single-shell system, we also offer you a choice of a double-shell support air cover, which is increasingly required by the authorities. Here we can offer you both a bolted and a clamped solution.
        • Shaft refurbishment

        • In the production of biogas, shafts used in paddle agitators, for example, are exposed to high forces. Due to this, wear can occur after some time. To avoid having to replace the entire agitator, we offer you the option of having your shaft repaired directly on site.
        • Container revision

        • Biogas tanks that have been exposed to aggressive gases for many years require complete refurbishment after a certain period of time. Together with our partner "FormProtect", we have developed a sophisticated system that offers many advantages.
      • CHP Products

          • Optimization of your CHP

          • The speed of innovation in the field of renewable energies has been increasing enormously for several years. Especially in the CHP sector, innovations that were cutting-edge yesterday are already outdated tomorrow. In order not to remain at yesterday's level, we offer you innovative modernization and optimization measures. Because one thing is certain: with every measure and the associated use of modern technology, you increase the efficiency and safety of your plant.
          • Engine Overhaul

          • When reconditioning your old engine, we take over the complete process for you, from dismantling the old unit to reinstalling the reconditioned engine. For this purpose, the engine is first completely disassembled, cleaned and inspected. Through our partners, we can reuse many of the "old" parts, saving you money.
          • Exchange Engines in Stock

          • In addition, we offer many different exchange engines of the brands Scania, Doosan, SISU as well as MAN and Liebherr in order to be able to act quickly in acute emergencies as well as for planned revisions.
            • Scania
            • Doosan
            • Sisu
            • Man
            • Liebherr
          • Flexibilization

          • Direct marketing and control energy are keywords of great importance in the biogas plant sector. The specially developed energy pilot forms the interface between the virtual power plant of energy2market (e2m) and the CHP. This allows the power and flexibility of the plants to be bundled, monitored and controlled.

            In addition to Energiepilot 1.0, there is now an updated version, Energiepilot 2.0, which offers you further possibilities and advantages. More information on this will follow shortly.
        • Monitoring and Control

        • The monitoring and control of CHP units has gained great importance in recent years. Therefore, regular controls and reports are increasingly prescribed by the authorities. With the help of our smart tools, these can be created in just a few clicks and analyzed and processed accordingly.
            • NOxLog

            • The 44th BImSchV requires continuous monitoring of NOx emissions for the first time in 2021. In order to provide you with a solution for the continuous determination and storage of the daily average NOx values, we offer you a NOxLog that scores with many advantages:
              • Storage of NOx values according to 44. BImSchV
              • Can be used for up to 6 CHP units
              • Further use of already existing probes possible
              • Easy operation via PC, tablet or cell phone
              • Direct connection to akCockpit
              • The NOxLog can be used independent of the CHP manufacturer
              • Powerful industrial CPU
            • akCockpit

            • The web application akCockpit is the complete solution for monitoring and controlling biogas plants. All plant and CHP data can be analyzed via this. Detailed status displays give you a complete overview at a glance. Access to akCockpit is device-independent (PC, tablet or smartphone) via web browser.

              You can also use it to visualize and analyze your NOx emissions and forward them directly to your authorities. In addition, you will no longer miss a task thanks to an integrated asset log. Depending on the interval, you will receive a message about what still needs to be done today to ensure optimal operation of your plant.
            • akGateway

            • The new akGateway is used for remote control of the CHP via the akCockpit and is considered as an interface between your devices and the akCockpit. This allows you to control, monitor and analyze your devices from the comfort of your home. Due to a so-called "end-to-end encryption", the data is particularly secure and thus optimally protected against third-party access.
            • Gas analysis

            • Continuous measurements of the CH4, CO2, O2 and H2S content are of great importance for a well-functioning plant. For this purpose we have a product in our portfolio which can measure all these parameters. A display on the gas analyzer shows you all parameters at any time and therefore gives you a good overview of what is happening in your plant.

              Our advantages at a glance:
              • Long-term stable sensors
              • Internal measurement data recording for subsequent evaluation of the measurement data
              • Easy operation via touch panel Up to 4 measuring points available
              • Automatic fresh air flushing
          • DC13- Conversion

                • DC13 ETA

                • Old becomes efficient
                  Upgrade now to the new SCANIA DC13 ETA and realize up to 43% efficiency! This enables savings of up to 15,000 € per year.
            • Good reasons for an engine replacement!

            • Renew your genset with SCANIA DC12, Doosan V8 engine, agriKomp BGA136 as well as for the CHP BGA136 with our clever upgrade variants to the new SCANIA DC13 ETA. Fabulous 43 % efficiency at 265 kWel power significantly improves the profitability of your biogas plant. "ETA" stands for a SCANIA DC13 engine further developed by agriKomp, which does not allow any compromises in terms of efficiency.

              In cooperation with us, several packages have been developed on SCANIA DC13 ETA, which are exclusively available from us. In addition to complete conversion sets from ignition jet to gas Otto technology as well as exchange engines for the units listed below, we also offer individual performance sets in order to be able to realize the higher efficiency also for those customers who have already successfully converted to a DC13 gas engine with us. Increase the efficiency of your CHP now with an optimization to our new DC13 ETA.

              • Higher efficiency with the same level of operational reliability
              • Longer service life with less stress on components
              • Change to modern emission-optimized Gas-Otto technology
              • Reduced maintenance and substrate costs
              • Combustion optimized through improved piston geometry
              • Lower exhaust gas temperature
                  • When should I optimize my CHP

                  • You should optimize if you want to benefit from higher efficiency and lower costs! Through the conversion or replacement you are best prepared for the future.

                    Are you due for a major overhaul or replacement? Then take the opportunity and contact us directly. Our specialists will work with you to evaluate your options for increasing efficiency.

                    • Scania DC12 gas variant 6R20.1BO DC12
                    • Scania ZS variant IS-NT
                    • Scania ZS variant CU
                    • Scania ZS variant B&R V5
                    • Scania ZS variant B&R V6 CR
                    • BGA158 2v, NT GMK, 46.2 Gen, base 5826-02
                    • BGA158 4v, HAT-NT GMK, 47.2 Gen, base 5826-02
                    • Also available for BGA136

                    All necessary parts and tools are pre-assembled by us, so that we can carry out the replacement precisely and without long downtimes at our customers. This means that the plant can be back in operation within a very short time.
                    • Replacement of the combustion engine for conversion kits
                    • Plannable conversion without additional downtime
                    • CHP and auxiliary components remain largely unaffected by the conversion and can continue to be used
                    • No major construction work is required for the performance set
              • Consumables

                  • High-quality operating materials

                  • High-quality operating materials for smooth operation
                    Achieving high overall efficiency requires continuous inspection and maintenance of all components. For this purpose, consumables are required on a regular basis, which you can order directly online or by phone using our order tool.

                    Here, too, as within our entire range of spare parts, we use only certified, original operating materials to maintain the efficient operation of your system.
                • The Right Operating Fluids for Your Plant

                • Enzymaxx

                  With Enzymaxx, our laboratory research has developed a mixture of enzymes and spore-forming bacteria that accelerates the degradation of organic material and optimizes substrate utilization. In addition, the resulting improved viscosity has a positive effect on the stirring ability and on the handling of the substrate.


                  Fermaxx is a mixture of various trace elements which, when used correctly, leads to a significant improvement in the fermentation process and thus ensures a higher gas yield. By supplying essential trace elements, deficiency symptoms in the fermenter are quickly remedied and biological processes are stabilized.

                  Iron hydroxide

                  Hydrogen sulfide is an undesirable by-product in biogas production that interferes with methane formation. To bind this as much as possible, we offer iron hydroxide, which prevents the formation of H2S and also improves the availability of trace elements.

                  Frost protection

                  Reliable antifreeze protection is an elementary requirement for the winter. For this purpose, we offer our customers aK FROST Pure Red, which provides excellent protection for all metals used in the cooling system of combustion engines.

                  Activated carbon

                  In addition to cooling and compression, gas treatment also requires cleaning with activated carbon. To achieve the highest possible loading, this must be cleaned at regular intervals. For this purpose, we offer you activated carbons that shine with a loading of up to 60 percent.

                  Engine oil

                  Our used engine oil ak POWER 1000 is a premium gas engine oil, which combines selected base oils with specially developed zinc-free high performance additives and is suitable for almost all types of stationary gas engines. Due to an intensive test phase, you can benefit from particularly high quality, which is noticeable through high aging resistance and long service life.


                  In addition to oil, air and fuel filters, we also offer a wide range of gas filters for your system.
                    • Spare Parts

                    • Our Quality Promise to You!

                      Thanks to our decentralized spare parts warehouses, we can quickly provide you with the spare parts you need. We only use certified original spare parts.

                      Longer service life

                      When it comes to our spare parts, we make no compromises. We therefore offer you high-quality spare parts that meet our high quality standards and impress with their long service life.

                      High availability

                      Thanks to our decentralized spare parts warehouses, we can provide you with all spare parts within the shortest possible time. All with the aim of minimizing downtimes.

                      Individual parts and components

                      In our warehouses, we keep all spare parts, from the individual screw to the entire exchange engine, ready for you. In addition to current products, we also have the right spare parts in stock for older versions and can thus act quickly in emergencies.
                          • Original spare parts

                          • High availability
                            As with our consumables, we also use only certified original spare parts within our range of spare parts.

                            From the simple screw to the exchange motor, we keep a wealth of spare parts in stock for you: Benefit from our professional spare parts management with shortest ways, because time is money!
                      • Plant service

                      • Focus on efficiency Fundamental to plant service is the regular care, maintenance, inspection and preventive maintenance measures of the plant technology. This slows down wear and increases the maximum availability of all electrical and mechanical components, such as agitators, pumps, feed systems, etc.
                          • Focus on efficiency

                          • Fundamental to plant service is the regular care, maintenance, inspection and preventive maintenance measures of the plant technology. This slows down wear and increases the maximum availability of all electrical and mechanical components, such as agitators, pumps, feed systems, etc.
                          • Advice on Your Plant Service

                          • Our employees are at your disposal for all questions concerning your biogas plant:

                            From detailed technical questions to advice on recurring inspections by experts, authorities or surveyors - we are at your side with our extensive technical advice, always keeping an eye on the efficiency and safety of your plant.
                          • Customer Service for Your Biogas Plant

                          • In addition to maintenance and servicing of the plant technology, regular repowering measures are often necessary to ensure high plant availability.

                            Our specialists are therefore on site for you and take care of your plant technology - from the gas flare to the tail unit replacement, you can rely on our many years of experience and on the comprehensive know-how of our employees.
                          • Technical Support for Biogas Plants

                          • With the help of end-to-end remote monitoring, ServiceUnion ensures that your biogas plant is operated reliably and energy-efficiently. Remote diagnosis enables fine-tuning online via our service centers - immediately and without long journeys.
                            We provide this service to our customers free of charge.
                        • Manufacturer-independent plant service

                        • We focus specifically on your needs, always with the aim of offering you the best possible service for your concerns. In doing so, we work independently of manufacturers and are familiar with all brands existing on the German market. We are therefore very broadly positioned and always focus on the needs of our customers.

                          Your Certified Partner

                          In order to keep our employees up to date, we have established our own internal training management system. Therefore, our employees regularly take part in training courses and are, for example, TRAS120 certified or have the advanced training as electricians for defined activities.

                          In addition, we also belong to the WHG-certified specialist companies and are therefore allowed to carry out certain work on systems for handling water-polluting liquids. This means that we can offer you excellent service for your biogas plant.
                            • CHP Service

                                • Trouble-free and efficient

                                • The availability of a CHP unit is one of the most important factors for the efficiency and profitability of a biogas plant.

                                  With our comprehensive CHP service portfolio of inspection and maintenance services, we ensure the trouble-free operation of your CHP. In addition, we also offer maintenance contracts, ranging from a basic variant to a full maintenance contract.
                                • Advice on your BKW

                                • Setting up a CHP requires a wide range of expertise.

                                  We are therefore available to answer all specific questions to ensure efficient operation of your CHP: From the simple akCockpit question to a complete engine replacement. In addition, we also offer you comprehensive advice with regard to the preparation of various expert opinions and tests.
                                • We Keep Your CHP Fit

                                • From regular maintenance according to the manufacturer's specifications to complete repowering measures, we are there for you on site and take over all tasks that arise on your CHP unit, depending on your needs. Our service technicians on site know exactly what they need to do to keep your CHP running stably and efficiently. We are also happy to assist you with recurring measurements (e.g. TÜV measurement).
                                • Technical support for the BKHW

                                • Regular monitoring of the CHP ensures a permanently high performance of your plant. In case of irregularities, you are in good hands with our technical support. They will support you by telephone in the elimination of minor malfunctions or actively in preventive fault detection.

                                  We provide this service to our customers free of charge.
                              • Manufacturer-Independent CHP Service

                              • We are flexible and manufacturer-independent when it comes to our service on CHP units. No matter whether you operate a Doosan, Scania or MAN engine at your plant: We are the right contact for you.

                                Our employees are regularly trained by our internal training management and are thus always up to date, regardless of which genset is located at your site.

                                Service partner for "Bayern BHKW GMBH"

                                As a service partner for "Bayern BHKW GmbH", we are your contact for troubleshooting, (remote) maintenance, servicing and engine overhauls for your unit. In addition, we provide the emergency service for customers of "Bayern BHKW GmbH".

                                Thus, we expand our service portfolio with regard to the support of MAN engines and the customers of "Bayern BHKW GmbH" benefit from short distances and fast help due to our nationwide network.
                                  • Electrical service

                                      • the electrical control system,
                                        the "brain" of the plant

                                      • As a certified specialist company, we ensure as part of the electrical service for the plant operator that all legal requirements are met in a timely and comprehensive manner. However, despite regular, expert maintenance, malfunctions can occur during operation.

                                        Often, our specialists can then immediately rectify any faults that occur by remotely dialing into the plant.
                                      • Troubleshooting and Analysis

                                      • In case of malfunctions, ServiceUnion's emergency management is the first point of contact. Our nationwide hotline is available 365 days a year and is staffed by competent specialists. We provide this service to our customers free of charge.

                                        From our many years of experience in electrical service, we know that a large proportion of all faults can already be solved by telephone support. As a rule, we can resolve them immediately by remote dial-up to the plant, which means that it hardly takes more than 24 hours to resolve the fault message.

                                        If necessary spare or wear parts have to be replaced, the electrical service supports the recommissioning of the plant so that it again delivers optimum output as quickly as possible.
                                      • Software Update

                                      • If faults occur in the software of the control system, the performance of the entire plant is quickly impaired. Our team is well versed in the field of control electronics and can therefore quickly repair your software to prevent downtime.

                                        Our team is also well trained in upgrades in this area, so that we can keep up with the speed of innovation, which has increased rapidly in the course of digitalization. We are leading the way in this respect and offer you software solutions that can keep up with this speed.
                                      • VDE-Measurement

                                      • Regular checks and measurements are of great importance in the operation of biogas plants. For this purpose, we carry out all relevant measurements in order to detect possible damage in advance. From checking the protective devices to checking the electrical circuits, we offer you a complete package to maintain the proper condition of the plant.

                                        In addition, we regularly check all safety-related components on the basis of the safety shutdown matrix in order to guarantee you the best possible protection and to avoid critical plant conditions.
                                      • Telecontrol Systems for CHP Controls

                                      • In order for us to be able to answer your questions directly via remote maintenance, it is first necessary to set up the remote controllability, which is realized via our electrical service.

                                        This starts with the electrical integration according to the requirements of the energy supplier and goes up to the retrofitting of individual components, which includes, for example, the setup of the remote controllability by the energy supplier as well as the CHP control for flex operation.
                                    • Laboratory Service

                                        • In the beginning is biology

                                        • Continuous biogas production with high methane yields can only be achieved with correspondingly high quality substrates and optimal biology. In our in-house analysis and test laboratory, we keep an eye on the fermentation processes in the fermenter.

                                          Benefit from our laboratory service, which shines with many years of research work and laboratory support for more than 500 biogas plants.
                                        • Optimize Biological Processes

                                        • Based on the exact, multi-stage analysis of the biological process, the fermentation and substrate samples as well as the evaluation of the fermentation residue, you will receive detailed recommendations from us for process optimization. This includes, for example, the addition of additives such as Enzymaxx or Fermaxx.
                                        • Permanent control of your biology

                                        • Continuous sampling ensures that changing fermentation processes and inhibitions can be detected in time and targeted countermeasures can be initiated. In our laboratory, we can analyze all values relevant to biogas quality and offer you biological advice based on this. For example, the analysis of organic acids can determine whether there is a process disturbance in the anaerobic degradation of the biomass. If necessary, direct countermeasures can be taken here.
                                        • Our combined analyses for you at a glance

                                        • For regular control and low-maintenance operation, we also recommend our combined analyses, which can save you a lot of money. Adapted to your needs and the conditions of the plant, we offer them in three different sizes. So you can decide for yourself which values are of interest to you, in order to be able to react quickly and specifically to biological fluctuations.

                                          In addition, you will receive the akCockpit starter package free of charge with the purchase of a laboratory package.

                                          Analysis S
                                          The Combination Analysis S consists of the following components:
                                          • Biological advice1 FOS [mg/l], TAC [mg/l], FOS/TAC
                                          • Dry matter [%]
                                          • pH
                                          • Electrical conductivity [mS/cm]

                                          1 Consultation if required against billing at cost.

                                          Analysis M
                                          The combined analysis M consists of the following components:
                                          • Biological advice2
                                          • Dry matter [%]
                                          • pH
                                          • Electrical conductivity [mS/cm]
                                          • Organic dry matter [%]
                                          • Organic acids [mg/l]
                                          • Acetic acid equivalent [mg/l]

                                          2 As part of the biological consultation, you will receive a telephone call from our specialists should we detect any abnormalities in your analysis results.

                                          Analyse L
                                          Combination analysis L consists of the following components:
                                          • Biological advice3
                                          • FOS [mg/l], TAC [mg/l], FOS/TAC
                                          • Dry matter [%] pH
                                          • Electrical conductivity [mS/cm]
                                          • Organic dry matter [%] Organic acids [mg/l]
                                          • Acetic acid equivalent [mg/l]
                                          • Ammonium nitrogen NH4-N [mg/l]

                                          33 As part of the biological consultation, you will receive detailed feedback from our specialists on all your samples including recommendations for action.
                                        • Oil Analysis

                                        • In addition to our laboratory analyses, we also offer you the option of oil analysis. This provides you with information on the condition of the oil right through to a detailed evaluation of additives, impurities and wear metals. A final diagnosis rounds off this package.

                                          The regular evaluation of all relevant values allows you to react quickly to deviations, thus reducing downtimes and increasing the economic efficiency of your system.
                                        • Goods Test

                                        • In our fermentation test laboratory, we solve the following questions for you:
                                          • How much methane can I produce from my substrate?
                                          • Will the process be inhibited if I introduce a certain substrate into my fermenter?
                                          • What is the residual gas potential of my plant?
                                          • Do I need to cover my digestate storage?

                                          By answering these questions, you can optimize your process and thus increase the efficiency of your plant.
                                      • Planning

                                      • Supportive

                                        We will assist you in the preparation of the required external, individual expert opinions and will be at your side when dealing with authorities and coordinating with experts.


                                        Our employees have years of experience in planning agricultural biogas plants throughout Germany and also draw on the company's technical and biological knowledge for permit planning.


                                        In order to be able to guarantee you the best possible planning, we are active nationwide. For this purpose, our experts are active at our locations Bannberscheid (Rhineland-Palatinate) as well as Merkendorf (Bavaria) to take over your planning from there.
                                          • From the idea to the implementation

                                          • We offer you professional approval planning nationwide and support you from the search for a location with preliminary drafts to the preparation of the application including additional requirements on the part of the office to the approval.

                                            A detailed overview of our planning services as well as the process of a planning order can also be found here in our FAQ.
                                          • Our planning services at a glance

                                          • Building applications for biogas plants
                                            • Building applications and tectures according to state building regulations
                                            • Applications and notifications of changes according to BImSchG
                                            • Calculations for the building application of a biogas plant (incident ordinance according to 12. BImSchV, plant design, storage capacity, ...)
                                            • Urban land-use planning, development plans, green space planning, impact and compensation balancing

                                            Building applications for agriculture
                                            • Stables, halls, silo facilities, etc.

                                            Water supply applications
                                            • Drainage of the area of the biogas plant
                                            • Discharge and use of water
                                            • Havariewall
                                            • Yard drainage
                                            • Waste water plan

                                            Fire and explosion protection
                                            • EX zone plans
                                            • Explosion protection document
                                            • Fire protection plan according to DIN 14095
                                            • Fire protection regulations according to DIN 14096
                                            • Fire protection certificate

                                            • GPS-supported terrain surveying
                                            • Volume calculation

                                        • To ensure fire protection in your company, we offer you, as already mentioned in Our planning services at a glance, sound advice and planning from theory to the implementation of fire protection measures. We represent your interests vis-à-vis the authorities in the form of fire protection concepts and expert opinions for conversions and new buildings, for changes of use or for approval planning.
                                            • Repowering

                                                • Fit for the future

                                                • Technical progress is enormous, especially in the field of renewable energies. It is therefore often a sensible investment to convert or expand an existing plant during its lifetime and to replace individual components - both economically and ecologically.

                                                  The goal is to consistently increase efficiency and reliability for economic operation far beyond the 20-year EEG compensation period. We will also be happy to advise you on the connection operation of your plant and create a concept for this.
                                                • Original and High Quality Components

                                                • When replacing the components of your plant, we use only high-quality components. In this way, we are able to bring the plant technology of your plant as well as that of the CHP unit up to the latest state of the art.

                                                  Modernization is an investment in the present and above all in the future. No matter whether it's the feed technology, the air roof, the agitators, the substrate preparation or the separation technology - with us you can be sure that everything will fit in the end.
                                                • Your Individual Plan of Action for Enlargement

                                                • In the past, our specialists have successfully carried out many repowering measures and extensions to existing plants, thus ensuring a sustainable improvement in the economic efficiency of existing plants and CHP units.

                                                  Before you "buy something", we recommend that our customers have a technical and biological inventory carried out by our consultants. Through their analysis, we can compile an individual catalog of measures for you.

                                                  Through our comprehensive consulting, you ensure the best possible output over the entire life cycle - with our complete service solutions through conversion and upgrading of biogas plant and CHP. An investment that pays off quickly!