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  • We at agriKomp have been developing groundbreaking biogas systems since the middle of the 1990's. Up to now we have implemented with our customers more than 800 biogas plants with a total installed capacity of around 250 MWel. It was, and is still today our goal to make it possible for agricultural businesses to enter the energy market, quickly and with minimum outlay
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    Specialists - from start to finish.

    Innovation, Conviction... and Courage!

    It’s thanks to the holistic and visionary thinking of agriKomp’s founders, Robert Bugar and Michael Engelhardt, that the company now stands out as an international leader in Biomass technology. Our love of innovation stretches back to the first mobile biogas plant, known as the Gullewerk, and includes examples of brilliant engineering such as the Paddelgigant agitator. We’re known for our ground-breaking systems, efficient technology and on-going levels of service.

    Constant Continuity

    All our essential components are designed and manufactured in-house, guaranteeing absolute reliability and consistent quality. Key components, such as the flexible gas store (Biolene®), the paddle agitator (Paddelgigant®) and the robust feeding technology (Vielfraß®) have set international standards with respect to stability, reliability and energy efficiency.


    It only takes a relatively short time to build a biogas plant but our relationship with you will last for decades. Great service is what you should expect from us, and that’s what we give, plus stable technology, reliability and the promise of continuous development, all aimed at ensuring your long-term profitability.

    "If you wish to stay ahead you must be innovative, have reliable and efficient products in your portfolio and also provide a secure service. This requires dedicated people and solid engineering“, says Robert Bugar.

      • Services


        End to End Service from a single source... We're always by your side!

          • Up front

            • Research and development of our own systems, in-house manufacture of all essential components
            • Specifically designed for100% liquid manure (slurry), energy crops and agricultural residues
            • Each plant individually designed
          • From the start... Planning to construction

            • Consultation
            • Calculation of profitability
            • Formulation of design and basics
            • Finance / Leasing Options
            • Technical Support for Planning Permission
            • Outline building applications
            • Construction
            • Commissioning
          • To completion and beyond

          • Comprehensive service including
            • Technical
            • Plant
            • CHP
            • Electrical
            • Spare parts management
            • Service packages
            • Biological analysis
            • Laboratory service
            • Consultation
            • Laboratory products (additives)
            • Research laboratory
          • Extensions

          • Use of Energy / Extensions:
            • Heat utilisation concepts, district heating and
            • microgas networks

            Added-value Services:
          • Sale of Electricity
          • Power2Heat
        • Biogas Plant Systems


          Sophisticated Plant for Successful Businesses

          A high standard system for every requirement
          With more than 20 years’ experience in the manufacture of biogas plants agriKomp can offer plant and systems to meet every need and requirement. Whether it be slurry, manure, agricultural residues, grass or silage our robust engineering and the wide range of components and plant we offer will give you a free hand when deciding the way forward.
            • Custom AD Plant

              Made to Measure

              Our consultants are experienced and know their business. They will work with you to decide the optimal plant configuration for your business. They’ll take into account your specific operational circumstances and parameters, taking into consideration the area planted, input substances, business planning and your planned Return on Investment.
              Designed for You
              With over 800 different completed projects behind us we’re able to offer any number of different plant configurations tailored specifically to meet your unique operational requirements. All of them highly profitable!
            • Compact AD Plant : agriSelect

            • – 75 kWel from just 200 LU* and up!

              For 100% slurry, or slurry/manure and solids: agriSelect is our basic model, offering a wide choice of additional packages to meet the requirements of your business – giving you a perfectly designed and executed system with the option of adding your own construction input.
              An agriSelect plant can be installed in just a few weeks thanks to our pre-fabricated assemblies, turnkey technical container, our unique Octaform® vessel construction system and the deployment of an experienced on-site foreman working to guarantee the rapid construction of your plant.
            • Compact AD Plant: Guellewerk

              75 kWel from just 120 LU* an up!

              For slurry and solids: Gullewerk is a compact powerhouse in which everything is self-contained, its mobility making it a very attractive option when looking for alternative financing solutions such as leasing or third party investment. The ready-to-run Güllewerk® includes the digester and is delivered by truck in a standard container, ready to be connected to the existing slurry system. In just minutes you can be realising the monetary value of slurry and manure quickly and efficiently – without any major construction outlay.
          • Special Solutions


                • What's the Problem?
                  It’s this: At the moment there’s no solution that will allow the further treatment and use of potentially valuable manure in a way that’s both economically and ecologically feasible. Conventional methods often suffer from disadvantages such as odour environmental pollution , high energy consumption and low efficiency of the process .

                  Until Now!
                  The newly developed agriKomp process is designed fundamentally different ; the main focus is on the following points:

                  • An increase in the dry matter content (TS) as a result of fermentation in the biogas plants
                  • Capture of the ammonia produced in the fermentation product by means of a membrane in the nanometer range to minimize emissions.

                  The agriKomp process treats the digestates of a biogas plant to such a degree that a usable, highly concentrated fertiliser is produced. This is achieved by extracting the maximum water content possible from the digestate using waste heat from the CHPS. This waste heat is not completely utilised by many other biogas plants at present. The digestates produced by our process can be concentrated and hermetically sealed with no dust or smell able to escape.

                  The advantages of this procedure are
                  The concentrated digestate has a considerably smaller volume, resulting in:

                  • Lestment in digestate storage
                  • Fewer trips to spread digestive on your fields
                  • Lower fuel consumption
                  • Lower transport costs
                  • Less traffic
                  • Happier local residents now facing less traffic and no unwanted odour! This is an important argument in favour of Biogas tecower invhnology

                  By converting the volatile ammonia contained in the digestate into the stable ammonium sulphate, ammonia emission is almost entirely prevented.

                  • Ability to fertilise using high-quality (depot) mineral fertiliser in the form of ammonium sulphate solution
                  • No loss of nitrogen: volatile ammonia nitrogen is converted into stable ammonium sulphate
                  • No odour nuisance for residents
                  • No need to purchase additional nitrogen fertiliser
                  • Increase efficiency using the CHPS waste heat

                  Increased utilisation of the waste heat from co-generation.

            • Components


              Constant Innovation

              We're specialists!
              Our experience is that the processing of manure, grass, agricultural residues and silage demands specialist engineering. We use our experience to develop components that meet and surpass these demands and we then match these together to create our unique biogas systems:
              Solid, robust, efficient and reliable - they guarantee high disposability.
                • Plant Technology

                • TRIED, TESTED AND

                  continuously innovative!

                  We develop and manufacture all essential components ourselves. They’re all manufactured to the same high quality and conform to the relevant international CE and safety standards. Because we’re always looking to the future, developing and innovating as we go, you and your plant will always be on the cutting edge!

                    • Agitators

                    • PADDELGIGANT®
                      – the powerful agitator!

                      agriKomp’s agitator technology was developed by us especially for substances with a high fibre content such as solid manure, grass and silage. The four tilted paddles result in different directions of flow through which the coarse fibred material is mixed to be of the correct consistency for the digester. This is important to result in the optimum gas yield and for the avoidance of sink-and-float layering.
                    • Feeding Systems

                    • A RELIABLE FEED
                      Having a reliable and constant feed of digestate is crucial for the economical and efficient operation of a biogas plant. The supply of suitable solid material can increase the gas yield and reduce the amount of energy needed to power operations such as stirring, agitating or pumping.
                      It may sound simple, but failure-free digester feeding presents a considerable challenge to technology. Raw materials, for instance, contain stones and sand that can increase wear and malfunctions. As the variety of raw material grows every year it becomes increasingly important to choose a feeding technology capable of processing material that is difficult to convey.
                    • Separation Technology

                    • QUETSCHPROFI®
                      – the modern separation technology!

                      When separating digestate residues with a high proportion of solid manure and grass, conventional separation technology reaches its limits. We have therefore developed an economical and robust separator specifically for digestion residues and slurry. Fine sieve-drums and a continuously controlled pneumatic cylinder that can react flexibly to fluctuating dry matter content provides high separation levels and reliable, continuous separation.
                    • Gas Storage

                    • BIOLENE®
                      – flexible gas storage!

                      Flexible and efficient biogas plant operation is closely connected with the storage of the biogas. Our Biolene® biogas storage membrane is a gas storage and vessel cover in one unit. It offers a highly efficient and economical solution for small agricultural and industrial biogas plants.
                    • Control Components

                    • FLEXIBILITY = PROFITABILITY
                      It’s a known fact! Flexible biogas plants achieve significantly higher profits!
                      agriKomp has a great deal of experience in the flexible biogas production sector and can offer the widest choice of purpose designed products and services. We’re experts in the energy production and feed-in sector, able to give you all the advice and expertise you’ll need to connect your biogas plant to generation equipment and to market the electricity produced.
                    • Substrate Pretreatment

                    • COOKER
                      – efficient substrate digestion!

                      High fibre content in grass and manure is hard for bacteria to digest. The answer we recommend is to install a thermal substrate processor and additional biogas additives for substrates that are difficult to digest. With this additional process the substrate is heated in our “Cooker” on its way from the digester to the post-digester. The raw fibre content that has been mechanically separated in this way is more acceptable to bacteria. The result, dependent on the material composition, is a 5% higher gas yield.
                    • Vessel Construction

                    • OCTAFORM®
                      – the modular container system!

                      agriKomp concentrates on meeting the individual needs of its customers, developing solutions that precisely fit. This includes a modular digester system built using high quality PVC modules that simply slot together to form a complete plant.
                      OCTAFORM® is quite unlike any conventional construction in that, in contrast to pouring concrete, the formwork is preserved as cladding, reducing construction time, the proven and tested PVC modules forming a firm and stable structure, perfect for the job at hand.
                  • CHPs

                        • CHP units

                        • It is obviously vital for the profitability of the plant that it is able to convert biogas to electricity efficiently. We only work with well-known manufacturers who offer robust, durable and reliable pilot injection and gas motor generators proven to pay dividends for our customers.
                    • Extensions

                    • EXTENSIONS

                      Clear vision, good thinking and clever, targeted solutions

                      Keeping ahead: Thinking laterally!

                      As a successful businessman you’re probably already planning ahead for tomorrow by investing today, and if you are making capital investments, you need to be sure you have a reliable partner that’s able to keep in step with your development plans. That’s agriKomp! Work with us and you’ll always be ahead of the game:


                      With our constant flow of technical updates you’ll always be fulfilling every legal requirement placed on you. You’ll be improving your operator margins, increasing the diversity of the materials you can use and upping your volumes. 

                        • Repowering

                        • – not simply exchanging!

                          Using our up-to-date technology you’ll always be ahead of the game, increasing your profitability and at the same time adding to the safety of your biogas plant. How do we do this? By relying on energy efficient components and the level of intensive research and development that leads to a consistent increase in efficiency and reliability.
                        • Extensions

                        • Planned and targeted extensions can lead to higher yields

                          Any extension to your biogas plant should be worth it for you. Bigger is usually better, but we would always recommend that you ask our consultants to draw up a technical and biological feasibility study for you before making any decision. Depending on their analysis, they will suggest various measures for extending your biogas plant. Working with agriKomp you can relax knowing that our advice will be comprehensive and dependable...and of course we’ll be happy to implement any decisions you subsequently make!
                      • Services

                      • EXCELLENT BIOGAS SERVICE

                        - a comprehensive one-stop service you can rely on!

                        Assuming a biogas plant-life of 20 years minimum, it becomes clear how significant a reliable service partner is to guarantee successful on-going operating results.

                        In the long term it’s high-quality engineering, reliable biogas service and continuous updates that will ensure profitability of your biogas plant, and as far as updates are concerned, at agriKomp we think of these as being not only technical and biological innovations and improvements, but as important foundation stones for the future development and implementation of our employees’ know-how.

                        Thoroughly trained specialists
                        – highly motivated!

                        Many of our staff are from the agricultural community, or are closely tied to it. They are fully supportive of renewable energy and the opportunities that this brings to rural regions.

                        We place a special emphasis on everyone working at agriKomp having the widest possible experience and knowledge of every part of the process and manufacture of a biogas plant, not just their own specialist area. We also promote and attend seminars and training programmes whenever and wherever possible.

                          • Added-Value Services


                            Economy – the most suitable package at the best price

                            Working in partnership with you we’ll work through your circumstances and requirements to create a bespoke plant specification and proposal guaranteed to be economically successful. 

                            We won't just base our calculations on a static single year but take the complete feed-in tariff period into consideration, giving you an accurate calculation of your proposed profit over the period. This will support your decision-making, equip you when seeking finance and enable you to plan your financial future.

                                • Financing

                                • FINANCING? WE CAN HELP...
                                  Depending on your personal circumstances we can use our extensive banking and investor network to help you identify a financing option that works for you. There should be a number of financing options available, often without the need for security or personal investment.
                            • Service and Lab

                            • AT YOUR SIDE. AT ALL TIMES.

                              – reliable biogas plant maintenance when you need it!

                              When you need our help, we’ll be there for you. During the construction of your plant our process engineering, motor technology and process biology specialists will be with you. During commissioning we’ll be by your side and will give you a comprehensive set of supportive documentation, and for the many years of your biogas plant’s life our mechatronics, construction, electrical, mechanical and heating engineers, farmers, process engineers, agricultural engineers, biologists, agricultural machine technicians, will be at the end of a phone or ready to work with you on site, offering the highest level of maintenance support.

                              • CHP-Service
                                For both regular service and emergencies, via remote maintenance or on site
                              • Plant service
                                Biological and technical advice and commissioning
                              • Electrical service
                                Electro-technology and plant control advice and service
                              • Laboratory service
                                Anaerobic digestion testing laboratory to determine residual gas and digestate potential
                                Analysis laboratory to control digester biology
                                • CHP Servicing

                                • Close to you – fast response times!

                                  In an emergency, there’s no time to waste! No matter where in the world you are our service staff will be able to quickly analyse and overcome most problems remotely. If that’s not possible we have mobile teams on full-time standby at our regional service centres.
                                  Our CHPS, plant, service and spare parts storage teams work in two shifts seven days of the week! And of course our technical team is on-call on weekends and public holidays.
                                • Laboratory Service: Micronutrients

                                • FERMAXX:
                                  - efficient trace element mixture!

                                  Fermaxx is a mixture of various trace elements that, if used properly, results in a clear improvement in the fermentation process. Any trace element deficiencies identified in the digester can be quickly eliminated and the biological process stabilised.
                                  • Stabilisation of the fermentation process
                                  • Increase in efficiency of the biogas plant
                                  • Fast elimination of trace element deficiencies
                                  • Improved stirring and pumping of digestate
                                  • Individual dosing instructions
                                • Laboratory Service: Enzymes

                                • AGRIKOMP LABORATORY:
                                  - more bite through Enzymaxx!

                                  Increase fermentation with Enzymaxx
                                  The fermentation of highly fibrous material challenges both technology and biology, with methane bacteria sometimes working against each other as they ferment solid manure or grass. Any digestate with a high dry matter content will need more time to ferment, and it will be necessary to stir continually to remove obstacles and avoid the formation of crusts.
                                • Warehousing

                                • STANDARDISED TECHNOLOGY:
                                  – reliable supply!

                                  When it comes to using technology, we prioritise solid quality and durability. The high level of standardisation across our plants and components ensures the long-term availability of spare part centralised warehousing making everything available quickly and easily from the tiniest screw to a full CHPS.