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Clean Energy is green and renewable

Harnessing the sun for our renewable energy solution . . .

Florida has no substantial indigenous supply of fossil fuels. It must import virtually all the energy it uses. But the Sunshine State has good solar and biomass resources. Solar and hydrogen resources and technologies, applied both electrically and thermally, can mitigate the State’s fossil fuel dependency, improve the environment and provide substantial economic growth opportunities.

The USF Clean Energy Research Center’s fundamental investigations into new environmentally clean energy sources and systems (hydrogen, fuel cells, solar energy conversion and biomass utilization) meet the needs of power and energy producers and the transportation sector through multi-disciplinary research, technical and infrastructure development and information transfer.

CERC actively supports regional economic development of manufacturing and high technology businesses, as well as helping to drive the National goals of improving our global competitiveness and technology leadership, through its mission of developing, evaluating and promoting commercialization of renewable energy solutions.

- Developed photocatalytic technology for detoxification and disinfection of water and indoor air.
- Developed the nation’s first 20,000 watt solar/electric charging station for electric vehicles.
- Achieved a world record efficiency (15.8%) thin film cadmium telluride solar cells for low cost applications.
- Developed the Rivolta Isigo neighborhood electric vehicle.
- Created a mobile data acquisition system for the U.S. Department of Energy EV Site Operator program.
- Constructed a microturbine power plant fueled by landfill gas at the Hillsborough Heights Landfill in Tampa
- Awarded over $15 million in contracts and grants over the past 10 years.