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  • Material handling and recycling technology from FHF (previously Horstmann) has set standards worldwide. Technological experience of over more than 50 years speaks for itself. For more than 20 years, in addition to the proven manufacturing and design group, our factory in Poland, FHF Technika Sp. z.o.o. has been available to our customers.

    As a supplier of materials handling and recycling technology components, FHF Anlagentechnik GmbH has established itself as a partner for well-known plant builders. In addition, our customers rely on our experience in the area of plant modifications and extensions.

    Benefit from our experience!
Product Portfolio
  • Recycling

      • Recycling plants

      • FHF recycling plants are the result of perfect planning, exactly tailored to your requirements. FHF offers solutions for the recycling of lightweight packaging, cardboard packaging, household waste and bulky waste. In addition, FHF builds treatment plants for the treatment of wood and alternative fuels.
          • Lightweight packaging (LWP)

            FHF produces operation-ready systems for the sorting of lightweight packaging (LWP). The individual fractions of dual systems (for example the German “Grüner Punkt – Gelber Sack”) can be recovered with these systems.

            The systems are adapted to the relevant requirements of recycling companies and the „Duale System“ (Germany), and can reach a very high degree of automation. They strive towards the goal of sorting as much mixed material as possible into pure separated materials, so that these can be routed for further recovery.

            Systems for sorting of lightweight packaging can also separate different material types from eachother, for example composite packaging (e.g. Tetrapak), plastics (films, PP, PE, PET etc.) and waste remnants (for energy recovery).

            Material to be processed

            Household-related lightweight packaging

            • Fe – metals
            • NF (non-ferrous) metals
            • composite packaging (e.g. Tetrapak)
            • plastics (films, PP, PE, PET etc.)
            • waste remnants (for energy recovery)
          • Paper and cardboard

            FHF produces operation-ready systems for the sorting of paper and cardboard (PPC).

            These systems are designed to create a high grade de-inking fraction from mixed paper sourced from household waste collection. The systems are adapted to the special requirements of recycling companies and can reach a high degree of automation.

            The aim is to produce de-inking material and paper which is as clean as possible, which can then be added as valuable raw materials in paper mills within the production process.

             Material to be processed
            Household-related lightweight mixed paper

            • De-inking material
            • cardboards
            • mixed paper
            • waste materials
          • Refuse Derived Fuel Treatment (RDF)

            RDF stands for Refuse Derived Fuel. These are produced by using remaining waste refuse materials, which cannot be separated further (e.g. mixed plastics or paper). RDF can be produced with differing heating values and particle sizes.

            How is RDF manufactured?
            1. First, the automatic selection between combustible and non-combustible materials is carried out.
            2. High-calorific substances are maximised.
            3. The particles are created in the required size.
          • Mixed Solid Waste (MSW)

          • MSW PLANTS BY FHF
            How is household waste sorted?

            First, the MSW is roughly sorted. This is done manually, using grab dredgers and by hand contaminants and bulky waste (e.g. carpets, large wooden items, lumps of concrete, solid metal pieces and similar) are removed and placed in the designated collection containers.

            Then, the pre-sorted household waste is loaded onto the feed belt using a grab dredger. This feed belt takes the refuse to the sorting cabin where impurities and glass are removed to two work areas. From the sorting belt of the pre-sorting, the material goes to the bag opening unit. The bag opening unit opens the household refuse bags and forwards the loosened waste. The waste goes to the drum screen by conveyor belt.

            The fine fraction, < 80mm, is sieved out in the drum screen This is mainly organic remnants, the fraction 80 – 250 mm and the fraction > 250 mm.
          • Mixed construction waste / bulky waste (C&I)

            This waste can be considered to be a mixture of mineral and non-mineral waste, for example a mixture of films, metal, wood, cables, packaging materials, glass, card, paper or plastics. The mineral waste materials comprise for example tiles, floor tiles, stones or concrete.

            Special waste, for example paints and varnishes are excluded, or must be sorted beforehand.

            The non-recyclable materials can be separated manually or automatically from the construction waste materials, with the recyclable fractions being separated and added back to the cycle. The advantages for treatment are obvious:
            • Protection from legacy waste.
            • Protection of landfill sites
            • High quality recyclable products
            Treatment of mixed construction waste using robust sorting systems from FHF
            FHF will supply you with part- and fully-automated systems with the most modern machine technology. We pursue economic concepts with the best product quality and the highest availabilities. Please contact us – we would be happy to advise you.
          • Recycling wood treatment

            FHF provides a multitude of innovative technical solutions for the treatment of wood for material and energy recovery.

            A comprehensive packages of services from system design, through to project management, working closely together with our customers, all the way through to manufacturing, assembly and commissioning. All from a single source and to the highest quality standards thanks to our first-class, flexible and highly motivated specialist teams.

            For example, plants consisting of:
            • Pre-shredding
            • Metal separation
            • Post-shredding
            • Transport belts, chain conveyors, screw conveyors
            • Screening
            • Separation
            • Storage systems
            We have the right solution for all of your treatment requirements.   
          • Container composting

            With the container composting systems, FHF offers a modern process for the proper composting of native organic components of waste accruals.

            By technical means, the procedure optimises the process which would otherwise take place biologically in nature. This allows the individual phases of the rotting process to be shortened substantially. The process control is computer-aided and runs without personnel.

            The modular system design allows system throughputs of 3,000 – 24,000 tonnes per year. The structure is very well suited to changing throughputs and operational areas. For small volumes up to 3,000 t/year, a mobile compact unit can be provided.

            We have the right solution for all of your treatment requirements
        • Components

        • FHF offers components suitable for recycling infrastructure: Drum screens, kinematic separators, air separators, dosing units and container-filling stations are manufactured. For materials handling, FHF provides belt conveyors, trough conveyors, sliding belt conveyors, chain conveyors and steel plate conveyors.
            • Sieve drum

            • The FHF sieve drum separates the material fed in into different particle sizes. The different properties of the recycling materials, different separation sizes and throughputs determine the size of the drum screens and their screen perforations. The exchangeable screen plates are supplied with round or rectangular perforations, and depending on the type of refuse, with or without winding protection.

              A maximum of 4 sieve stages can be provided. Optionally, mixers, accelerators, stoppers or bag openers can be screwed into the drum screen body, to influence the material being screened. The drum screen body has machined bearing surfaces. The wheels, which have vulcanised Tractothane linings ensure good power transmission. The strong support design, made of profile steel is manufactured according to the requirements, the same applies to all chutes and funnels.
              • Kinematic separator

                With the FHF kinematic separators, bulk solids from a wide range of applications are separated into heavy, light and fine fractions. The refuse is fed into the specially equipped machine via a conveyor system. In the separator casing, the product falls onto an adjustable tilt surface, the screen floor. This divided, movable and perforated surface transports the material flow – depending on the specific weight and shape – up or down the surface.

                The heavy parts of the bulk solid, the heavy fraction, slide down to the lower end section of the screen floor. The light fraction – card, paper and film – is transported to the top end section of the surface by the movement of the screen plates, assisted by air flow. The third fraction results from the perforated surface. The screen units of this surface are easily exchanged and due to their geometry, determine the proportion of the screened fractions. Using the angle adjustment of the machine, the proportion of light and heavy fractions can be tuned to the bulk solid.

                Depending on the application the separator may be equipped with anything from manual up to fully automatic adjustment. An efficient gear motor mounted on the side, outside the machine housing, drives the screen floor crankshaft via a coupling, and thus moves the screen units offset to eachother.

                Material separation “on the fly”

                The advantages of the FHF kinematic separator are obvious:
                • efficient separation into light, heavy and screen fractions
                • 5 sizes, S to XXL
                • Air support as standard
                • Low maintenance and durable
                  • Bow belt separator

                  • SEPARATORS FROM FHF
                    FHF bow belt separators are primarily used for separating a material stream into light and heavy fractions. They are mainly used in household and commercial waste processing plants as well as in plants for treatment of lightweight packaging materials.

                    Fractions such as films and paper, as well as other materials with low specific weight, are separated effectively in this way from heavy materials contained in the waste stream.

                    The input material is carried past an air jet which blows light materials capable of flight into a settling room. The angle of the air jet can be adjusted to vary the blowing angle. Here, the light materials may settle due to the lower air velocity and can be transported away on a conveyor belt.

                    To further optimise the degree of separation, there is a curved conveyor belt behind the air jet, the so-called air belt. The air belt is adjustable in 3 axes, so that further materials can be separated using this function which can be allocated to the light fraction. All remaining heavy materials then end up on a removal belt in the lower part of the air belt separator.

                    Since the air belt separator mostly employs air recirculation, dust emissions are virtually eliminated. Air containing dust is removed using an automatically cleaning filter and usually routed to the light fraction.
                      • Materials handling equipment

                      • FHF provides various solutions for materials handling for recycling components: Belt conveyors, trough conveyors, sliding belt conveyors, chain conveyors and slat conveyors.
                          • Belt conveyors

                          • BELT STORAGE CONVEYOR TYPE PA
                            The FHF belt storage conveyor Type PA is a storage belt and conveyor belt. It is used as an intermediate store for sorted recyclables. Multiple Storage conveyor belts are usually located under sorting platforms, where the individual recyclables are added either manually or by conveyor belts.

                            Depending on the requirements and space constraints, the volume (length, width, height) and/or conveyor power are set. At the delivery end, an electrically driven, folding and lockable store gate is mounted. This means that recyclables can be moved in cyclic duty up to the gate, to allow the material volume to be matched to the storage volume.

                            The strong, torsion-resistant frame is manufactured from angle steel with welded cross-profiles. The storage conveyor belt is designed as a sliding belt conveyor. Optionally, for high loads, it can be designed with roller removal.
                          • Chain belt conveyor

                          • CHAIN BELT CONVEYOR TYPE PK­112
                            The FHF chain belt conveyor type PK-112 is a conveyor with loading and elevator section in one. This conveyor is almost always used as a press feed belt.

                            The conveyor is also suitable as a deposit store (for dry recyclables) as well as removal belt after the recyclables boxes. FHF has successfully manufactured these conveyors more than 500 times for satisfied customers.

                            These conveyors are known for their reliability and long life. The chain conveyor belt is always designed and manufactured to customer requirements. The strong framework is folded in sheet and manufactured with screwed cross-members. Due to the screwed frame segments, the conveyor can be extended / shortened quickly. Traverses are screwed to both chain strands, to which the belt with the dogs is screwed. The easy to remove screwed cladding plates (side and bottom) enable fast maintenance.
                          • PLATE BELT TYP PB­224

                          • PLATE BELT TYP PB­224
                            The FHF plate belt type PB-224 is a conveyor for very heavy materials such as bulky waste, building waste, stone waste or road debris.

                            This heavy conveyor is mostly used as a feed belt for crushers. Both revolving chain strands with flange rollers are connected via a quick-release axle, which in turn Steel plates connected like a hinge. Dog heights up to 160mm allow large volumes of material, if the conveyor is designed as horizontal and elevator in one (with joints).

                            All cladding can be removed quickly and therefore allows good access for maintenance and cleaning purposes.
                          •  Troughed belt conveyors type MGF

                          • The FHF troughed belt conveyor type MGF is our universal troughed belt conveyor, and has multiple applications. This conveyor belt has a trough angle of 15° and is designed as both a sliding belt as well a rolling removal conveyor belt. The conveyor belt is equally suited for the transport of various bulk solids, as well as household waste etc. Due to the compact dimensions this type of conveyor belt is exceptionally well suited to tight space constraints. For this reason, the under-belt cover is made of tarpaulins, which are available in various qualities.

                            Different lengths can be implemented very quickly by using the proven segment design. The strong framework is folded in sheet and manufactured with screwed cross-members.
                          • Troughed belt conveyors type U140

                          • FHF troughed belt conveyors type U140 are used primarily for the transport of recyclables, compost or other bulk solids. This type of conveyor belt is robust and of simple design, so that parts can be exchanged quickly during repair and maintenance works. Trough angles of 30° or 10° can be chosen.

                            The strong framework is folded in sheet and manufactured with screwed cross-members. Through the segment design, different lengths can be created quickly. The safety devices which can be removed simply and quickly make cleaning and maintenance works easier.
                          • Sliding belt conveyor type PL­225 / PL­325

                          • FHF sliding belt conveyors type PL are used for the transport of pre-sorted, recyclables with reasonable weight, e.g. those from the yellow bag. This proven type of conveyor belt is also suited to the transport of paper, card.

                            The strong frame is manufactured from angle steel with welded cross-profiles. Through the segment design, different lengths can be created quickly. The type PL-225 is designed for flat belts, the type PL-325 for T-cleat belts.

                            The sliding surface / upper run is horizontal, and does not have a trough angle. Chutes, funnels and hatches of the conveyor are provided according to the requirements.
                          • Sliding belt conveyor type PLL

                          • The FHF sliding belt conveyor type PLL is a small light sliding belt conveyor for transporting pre-sorted light recyclables.

                            e.g. from the “yellow” bag. We have built this conveyor several 100 times for our satisfied customers. This conveyor is notable for its compact construction (frame height 125mm + side rails 200mm). The belt can be fitted with an optional lower belt tensioning station for length compensation, and / or with a centre drive. This guarantees a constant distance between axles.

                            By using plastic belts, a small pulley diameter can be selected. Also, due to the segment design, different lengths can be created quickly.

                            The sliding surface / upper run is horizontal, and does not have a trough angle. Chutes, funnels and hatches of the conveyor are provided according to the requirements.
                        • Dosing devices


                          Feed hopper
                          FHF feed hoppers
                          as chain scraper conveyors, are used for loading, buffering and dosed feed of green materials, bio refuse and organic production remnants etc. In general, a decompactor is attached, which loosens the material when being discharged.

                          The loading of the store is usually carried out using a wheel loader. The store volume is configured according to customer requirements. FHF can provide a range of store widths and length steps.

                          The strong, torsion-resistant frame is manufactured from angle steel with welded cross-profiles. On both revolving chain strands, scraper blades, also called dogs, are screwed on, which carry the conveyor materials.

                          FHF decompactors comprise two overlapping rotating rollers which are fitted with shredding blades in a swinging mounted casing. Each roller has a separate drive, which is driven by means of a chain drive.

                          The conveyor materials are added more or less evenly to the chain scraper conveyor then transported or pressed into the drive deflector area of the scraper conveyor against the two rotating rollers. The dynamic pressure which occurs before the rollers steers the casing in the conveying direction, depending on the feed and material. The steering movement is detected by the sensors mounted on the handlebar, which in turn controls the feed speed of the chain scraper conveyor via the SPS controller.

                          The rollers regularly rip parts of the conveyor materials upwards and downwards. The conveyor material is thrown against the deflecting walls and then falls onto an extractor conveyor located below. This provides a mixing and dosing effect, which loosens the conveyor materials at the same time.
                          • Container filling station

                          • FILLING STATION FOR CONTAINER OR STORE
                            Filling stations from FHF are used, to fill one or more containers or stores.

                            The type of conveyor belt used as a feed belt depends on the material composition. Different FHF conveyor belt types are available. Even filling of the container / store is enabled by the movement, tilting and reversing of the conveyor belt. For this, the filling level is measured using ultrasonic sensors. Movement and tilting distances are measured by encoders or proximity switches.

                            Special customer-specific requests are implemented by FHF. Please just contact us.
                            • Hard particle separator

                            • The FHF hard material separator separates impurities such as metals and stones from the input fraction. These particles differ by a high specific weight versus the residual fraction (e.g., 60 mm).

                              The separated waste is thus divided into a heavy fraction (hard material) and a cleaned fine grain fraction.

                              The fraction which has to be treated is fed to the hard material separator via a feeding conveyor which is frequency controlled. A baffle is located in the feeding funnel, which guides the material to the separating drum. This drum rotates in the same way as the material flow. The heavy particles collide against the separating drum and fall against the material flow. The remaining material is entrained by the rotary movement of the

                              separating drum in the other direction and is then transported further by a conveyor belt. Through the impact the impurities fall downwards onto a conveyor belt below the hard material separator or alternatively directly into a container. As a result of the above-described operation, an optimum separation result between fine grain and impurity is achieved.
                              • Transport technology

                                Internal material flows require individual customised solutions rather than standard solutions. FHF Anlagentechnik is your partner, if you are looking for the optimal logistical planning and efficient holistic systems for internal logistics. In dialogue with our customers, we develop goods transportation technology customised for the exact requirements of our customers.

                                More than 50 years of experience and the comprehensive know-how of our competent engineers allow us to constantly provide new unique solutions to meet the highest demands with the best quality and maximum reliability and efficiency.

                                The basis for efficient production sequences is the equipment which supplies them. FHF offers you the right components for transporting your light and/or heavy materials for all of your requirements. From transfer carriages through suspension chain and roller conveyors, transfer stations and vertical conveyors, to chain systems – reliable, solid materials handling equipment from FHF.
                                  • Complete systems

                                  • FHF develops complete systems according to individual requirements for intelligent transport equipment systems. Please contact us – we would be happy to advise you and develop a concept for the most modern transport equipment, suited to your needs.
                                      • Components

                                      • Transport equipment components from FHF are versatile and durable. We offer rotary tables, vertical conveyors, accumulating conveyors, chain conveyors, roller conveyors, transfer carriages and angle transfer stations, to strengthen your transport infrastructure.
                                          • Rotary tables from FHF

                                          • Rotary tables from FHF offer a rotation direction change of 30° up to 270° on the slewing ring. This is located on a strong sub base and has safety devices as well as the capability to accept roller and chain conveyors.

                                            ROTARY TABLE UP TO 1,200 KG
                                            • Loading using roller or chain conveyors
                                            • angled disposal of the batch carriers without a change of running direction
                                            • Rotation speed v = 0.05m/s
                                            • Slewing ring with peripheral chain
                                              angle of rotation 90-270°
                                            • SEW geared motor 0.55 kW
                                            • Transport goods weight > 1200kg
                                            • table driven in connection with chain conveyor
                                          • Vertical conveyor

                                          • FHF vertical conveyors provide a vertical connection of material flow between two or more building levels.

                                            Fully automatic operation – also reversing operation – together with loading and unloading stations is possible. The self-supporting design as well as the compact construction due to the optimal line guidance are significant advantages. The vertical conveyor is obviously also suitable for installation within shafts.

                                            The lifting carriages are equipped with a driven roller conveyor or a chain conveyor. Of course, angle transfers of pallet turntables for 90° displacement unloading/loading can be provided.

                                            By using a variety of different lifting carriages, the Horstmann vertical conveyors can be configured individually for all manner of requirements.

                                            Our standard range includes different types, for transport loads from 100 kg up to 2,000 kg. Special versions can be adapted to your requirements.

                                            The individual components are made with solid machined components, with a long life time, robust, maintenance-friendly, low-wear and safe in operation and function.

                                            All of our systems, unless otherwise stated, are built and delivered to the currently applicable German UV-, VDE-standards and CE standards, at the time of order placement.
                                          • Accumulating conveyor

                                          • ACCUMULATING ROLLER AND CHAIN CONVEYORS FROM FHF

                                            Accumulating conveyors allow sideways and lengthways transport of pallets. The conveyor is optopneumatically controlled and allows zero pressure and low-noise transport with a transport speed of 0.2 m/s. The FHF accumulating conveyors come with 3 to 14 pallet location spaces.

                                            Accumulating roller conveyor
                                            • Zero pressure conveying of pallets with central skids, longitudinal transport
                                            • Maximum transport speed v max. = 0.2 m/s
                                            • Pallet width 800 or 1000 mm
                                            • Roller diameter 80mm, transfer chain 3/4 “
                                            • centrally positioned accumulating segments – pneumatic (operating pressure 4 bar)
                                            • Length min. 4860 mm (3 accumulating places),
                                            • length max. 19560 mm (13 accumulating places)
                                              SEW geared motor depending on design
                                          • Chain conveyor

                                          • CHAIN CONVEYORS FROM FHF
                                            The FHF chain conveyors are standardised or customised, reversible load carrying transport solutions. They are suitable for transverse and longitudinal conveying of pallets, (mesh) crates or containers with a conveying speed of up to 0,3 m/s.

                                            The roller chains can be supplied in 5/8″, 3/4″, 1″, 1 1/4″ and 1 1/2″ (Simplex, Duplex, Triplex). You can choose between a two-strand, three-strand or four-strand solution.
                                          • Roller conveyor

                                          • Roller conveyors from FHF offer a standardised or custom load transport for (mesh) boxes, euro-, industry-, or disposable pallets. Depending on the application, FHF offers two different variants of the roller conveyor

                                            Roller conveyors “light” (up to 50kg transport weight)
                                            This conveyor has a roller diameter of 50/60 with a permissible load carrier weight of maximum 50 kg. The elements are transported with a speed between 0.2 to 1.2 m/s. Drive is provided by a tangential chain with double chainwheel. Depending on the application, flat belts, toothed belts, or poly V-belts can be specified.

                                            Roller conveyors “heavy” (up to 1200 kg transport weight)
                                            For heavier transports, FHF offers this roller conveyor, to allow standard or custom load carrier transport for mesh (boxes), euro-, industry-, or disposable pallets up to max. 1200 kg.

                                            The roller diameter is 89 mm. The drive is provided by a double chainwheel and allows a maximum transport speed of 0.3 m/s.
                                          • Transfer carriage

                                          • A transport carriage is required to bridge large transport distances. FHF offers a professional solution for the transport of pallets, mesh boxes or piece goods (up to 1200 kg).

                                            The transfer carriage from FHF provides Vulkollan coated drive and guide wheels, as frequency-controlled drive, energy chain or electrical rail, mounting of rollers, chain conveyors, scissor lift tables, telescopic forks, wheel drive or omega drive with toothed belts. The transport speed is max. 4 m/s.
                                            • horizontal transport over large distances
                                            • rail-mounted
                                            • fully automatic operation with loading and unloading station
                                            • Maximum transport speed v max. = 4 m/s
                                            • Rail lengths > 50m
                                            • Energy chains, trailing cable or electrical rails,
                                            • frequency-controlled SEW geared motor
                                              Vulkollan wheels
                                            • Direct wheel drive or omega drive with toothed belts
                                            • Loading using RBA, KF, DRA
                                            • Transport capacity depending on route and design
                                          • Angle transfer station

                                          • CORNER ANGLE TRANSFER STATIONS FROM FHF
                                            The FHF angle transfer stations offer a change of 90° in the conveying direction. It is suited to pallets and mesh boxes (up to 1200 kg) and is compatible with roller-, chain-, and toothed belt conveyors. Drive is provided from a motorised eccentric hoist.

                                            • Right angle entry and exit of load carriers by lifting or lowering
                                            • Reversing operation
                                            • electrically motorised eccentric hoist v =0.05 m/s
                                            • SEW geared motor (hoist) 0.55 kW
                                            • Transport goods weight > 1200kg
                                            • multi-strand chain conveyors
                                            • Pallet alignment  
                                        • Special steel constructions

                                        • STEEL CONSTRUCTION FOR PLANTS
                                          The range of services includes steel construction for industry and trades, steel construction of plants installations, special steel constructions, pedestals, gantries, stairs and platforms. In close cooperation with the builder, our project managers and designers implement the wishes of the customer. A team of well-trained engineers, technicians and tradesmen assures a high quality manufacture of our components and products, all the way up to fully delivered systems.Steel construction for plants is well established. The steel construction as a sub-base or parallel structure constantly needs to meet the requirements of plant construction and its at times complex technical equipment.

                                          Our support and advices reaches from the planning, statics and design through manufacturing and preservation up to assembling the steel construction.