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  • Offer Profile
  • With modern technical challenges becoming more complex as time goes on, it is vital to find system partners who can offer an integrated approach supported by a wealth of experience, which they can contribute, to projects. When it comes to industrial and mobile hydraulic systems, two names appear repeatedly: ARGO and HYTOS. These names stand for intelligent system solu-tions – names that have given new impetus to modern fluid technology, time and again.
Product Portfolio
  • Filtration

  • ARGO-HYTOS manufactures sophisticated filter solutions, mainly applied in hydraulic and lubrication systems as well as in transmissions. The range of solutions that have been implemented extend from stationary industrial plants to mobile applications.

    Next to customized developments, that are precisely tailored to customer individual requirements, ARGO-HYTOS offers a comprehensive range of innovative standard solutions for a wide variety of sectors:
    • suction filters
    • return and return-suction filters
    • pressure and high-pressure filters
    • filling and ventilating filters
    • filter accessories
    • Suction Filters

    • Nominal flow rate [l/min]  up to 350
      Fineness [μm (c)]  30, 60
      Connection  G3/4...G11/4
      SAE 11/2...SAE 2

      Tank top mounting, optionally with foot valve for horizontal mounting.
    • Return Filters

    • Nominal flow rate [l/min] up to 900
      Pressure [bar] up to 16
      Fineness [μm (c)] 5...100
      Connection Ø 17.5...Ø 20.5
      (hose connection)
      SAE 2...SAE 21/2

      Tank top mounting, optionally with foot valve for horizontal mounting.
    • Return-Suction Filters

    • Nominal flow rate [l/min] up to 850
      Pressure [bar] up to 10
      Fineness [μm (c)] 12, 16
      Connection G3/4...G11/2
      SAE 11/2, SAE 2

      Tank top mounting, with boost pump connection
      (0.5 bar charge pressure) for hydrostatic drives.
    • Pressure Filters

    • Nominal flow rate [l/min] up to 1450
      Pressure [bar] up to 100
      Fineness [μm (c)] 5...30
      Connection G1/2... G11/2
      SAE 21/2

      Tank top mounting, clogging indicator electrical and/or optical on request.
    • High Pressure Filters

    • Nominal flow rate [l/min] up to 1000
      Pressure [bar] up to 10
      Fineness [μm (c)] 12, 16
      Connection G3/4...G11/2
      SAE 11/2, SAE 2

      In-line mounting / Flange connection, optionally reverse flow function, clogging indicator electrical and/or optical on request.  
    • Filling and Ventilating Filters

    • Air flow [l/min] up to 850
      Oil flow [l/min] up to 90
      Fineness [μm (c)] 2
      Connection G3/4
      M18 x 1.5...M60 x 2

      Regulation of pressure changes in the reservoir and oil level indication. Option: Double check valve, dipstick, “Vandalism proof”-types.
    • Clogging Indicators

    • Pressure [bar] up to 450
      M 12x1,5
      - Manometers
      - Pressure Switches
      - Differential Pressure Indicators
      - Differential Pressure Switches
    • Accessories for Hydraulic Tanks

    • - Oil Level Gauges with Thermometer
      - Dipsticks
    • Customized Filter Solutions

    • Customized filter and system solutions for special
      applications developed and designed in cooperation
      with our customers.
  • Fluid Management

  • As well as reducing maintenance and servicing costs, efficient fluid management is also a key factor in boosting the reliability, productivity and cost-effectiveness of the operation.

    ARGO-HYTOS supplies application-oriented products for manual and automatic cleaning of hydraulic fluids:
    • off-line filters
    • off-line filter units
    • oil service units
    • dewatering units
    • Off-line Filters

    • Nominal flow rate [l/min] up to 650
      Operating pressure [bar] up to 320
      Fineness [μm (c)] 3, 5, 12
      Connection up to G1

      Off-line filters for application in low pressure circuits or with flow control valve for connection to the high pressure line.
    • Oil Service Units

    • Nominal flow rate [l/min] up to 45
      Operating pressure [bar] up to 6
      Fineness [μm (c)] 3, 5
      Electro Motor Types 1~110 V (50...60 Hz)
      1~230 V (50...60 Hz)
      3~400V /460V (50-60 Hz)
      24 V DC

      Filter Units for cleaning in off-line filtration or filling
      systems by using ultra-fine filter elements. Optionally with oil cleanliness monitoring.
    • Dewatering Systems

    • Nominal flow rate [l/min] up to 45
      Operating pressure [bar] up to 6
      Electro Motor Types 3~400 V / 460 V (50-60 Hz)

      With dewatering units, large water quantities are efficiently withdrawn from the oil.

      Water Absorbing Filter Elements
      Small quantities of remaining water can be withdrawn by water absorbing filter elements. Water absorbing filter elements fit in standard versions of off-line filters and filter units.
  • Sensors & Measurement

  • Systems that provide reliable assessment of the condition of hydraulic fluids are the key feature of continuous fluid monitoring. Sensors and measurement technology from ARGO-HYTOS precisely target this range of tasks. Our fluid monitoring products comprise equipment and system solutions to enable online monitoring during continuous operation as well as analysis of bottled samples under laboratory conditions.

    • portable oil diagnostic system
    • stationary particle monitor
    • software to evaluate data and analyze trends
    • Portable Particle Counters

    • Sensitivity [μm (c)]  4
      ISO-MTD-sizes [μm (c)] 4; 4.6; 6; 9.8; 14; 21.2; 38; 68
      Classification ISO 4406
      NAS 1638
      NAVAIR 01-1A-17
      Pressure [bar]  0.5...420
      Temperature [°C] Pressure fluids: 0...+90
      Ambient: +5...+50
      Operating modes Bottle sample analysis, online-analysis
      Data transmission RS 232
    • Stationary Particle Monitor

    • Sensitivity [μm (c)]  4
      ISO-MTD-sizes [μm (c)]  4; 6; 14; 21
      Classification  ISO 4406
      Pressure [bar]  0.5...500
      Temperature [°C] Pressure fluids: -20...+60
      Ambient: -20...+60
      Data transmission RS 232, RS 485, analogue,
      0.5 V, IrDa
    • Lubrication Condition Sensor

    • A service sensor for determination of the viscosity, relative permittivity and temperature in hydraulic and lubricating oils. The sensor is a screw-in sensor and immersion sensor respectively and is designed for determination of these parameters and the oil condition in service applications respectively. ARGO-HYTOS offers a wide range of compatible sensors for monitoring of hydraulic and lubricating fluids. These are amongst others particle monitors, temperature and humidity sensors and oil aging sensors as well as sensors for monitoring of the filter lifetime. Furthermore any sensor with analog current output may be connected e. g. for filter monitoring.
    • Software

    • Software for Portable Oil Diagnostic System For complete control of the Portable Oil Diagnostic System from the control window of the software. Structure of a data bank according to any criteria. Issue of certificates. Report of chronological measuring processes.

      Software for Stationary Particle Monitor
      DDE-Server to record data and as interface driver for other software packets.
  • Valves

  • ARGO-HYTOS’ expertise in control technology is gained from more than 50 years’ experience. We focus here on a wide range of valves, power units and integrated manifolds featuring all commonly used design features and functions, together with proportional valves and the associated control electronics:

    • direct operated directional valves in CETOP 02 to CETOP 05 and pilot operated valves in CETOP 07 and CETOP 08
    • valves subplate and sandwich type – flow control, pressure and check valves in CETOP 02 to CETOP 05
    • cartridge valves
    • direct operated proportional valves with compensator sandwich valve, in CETOP 02 to CETOP 05
    • analog and digital electronic control units – on-board, or for installation in control cabinets
    • power pack assembly kits
    • customized control blocks

    We especially focus on developing customised solutions based on tried-and-tested fundamental technologies, specifically adapted to the requirement profiles in each individual case.
    • Directional Valves

    • Size NG04 to NG25
      Pressure [bar] up to 350
      Flow [l/min] up to 600
    • Check Valves

    • Size NG04 to NG30
      Pressure [bar] up to 500
      Flow [l/min] up to 400
    • Pressure Valves

    • Size NG04 to NG10
      Pressure [bar] up to 320
      Flow [l/min] up to 420
    • Flow Valves

    • Size NG04 to NG10
      Pressure [bar] up to 350
      Flow [l/min] up to 150
    • Overcentre Valves

    • Pressure [bar] up to 420
      Flow [l/min] up to 140
    • Proportional Valves

    • Size NG04 to NG10
      Pressure [bar] up to 350
      Flow [l/min] up to 140
    • Solenoids

      •  Various designs regarding sizes and types
      • Large selection of AC / DC voltages