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  • Offer Profile
  • sera Companies are providers in Dosing and Compressor Technology

    sera ProDos is dosing pump manufacturer and system supplier of high quality products and services for waste water and water treatment and disinfection as well as accurately measured and controlled dosing and feeding of chemicals and liquids for a wide range of industries like food and beverage, breweries, pulp and paper, chemical, petrochemical, mechanical and plant engineering, energy and power plants, textile, printing, environmental etc.

    sera ComPress is manufacturer of single- and multi-stage compressors and customized specific solutions for compressing and feeding of gases, especially high-purity gases free of oil, impurity and leakage.

Product Portfolio
  • Dosing Technology

  • sera offers its customers not only a great level of quality, innovation and expertise, especially the flexibility is evident in our product range. The products are precisely adapted to your needs, so that an optimal result is given. Click through our products and services or describe us your specific needs. We definitely have the right product and service for your application in the program.
      • Industries

      • sera dosing technology, with high-quality dosing pumps and dosing systems, is used in a variety of industries worldwide. Our products create added value and provide high-quality products for the consumer. Our dosing technology is used in numerous industries. Here you will find a collection.
          • Food and Beverage

          • Our dosing systems and metering pumps can be used in the food and beverage industry. We will show you where and how!
          • Water and Wastewater Treatment

          • In water treatment and wastewater treatment, legal requirements must be considered. Both in industrial as well as in municipal wastewater treatment plants modern and high-quality dosing is necessary!
          • Industry & Process Solutions

          • We offer for a different other industries dosing Technology. Read more here!

        • Applications

        • Our dosing systems, dosing pumps and MSR-Technology can be used for a lot of applications.
            • CIP - Cleaning in place

            • CIP Cleaning – Hygiene of the highest standard

              We offer you the optimal dosing technology for CIP- Cleaning in place when it comes to the production of milk.

              CIP means Cleaning in Place. The cleaning of the unit happens at the spot. Therefore the unit must not be disassembled for the cleaning.

              The CIP cleaning is mainly used in the Food industry as well as the Dairy industry. Parts that get in contact with the medium are cleaned at the spot to remove deposits quick and efficient.
            • Boiler Feed Water Treatment

            • Boiler feed water is called the water which supplies the steam generator of steam boilers. This water is made of additional water and condensate.

              To condensate losses, additional water is feed from outside to the water-steam-system.

              Water, dissolved gasses and salts can cause corrosion and deposits in the water-steam system. To prevent this, several conditioning agents are supplied.

              For the conditioning of boiler feed water, sera offers dosing units for several mediums.
            • Disinfection of Water

            • Water is one of the most valuable assets in the world. It becomes shorter and many people haven´t got the luck to get it in good quality.

              Waters are often dirty and not usable for the use of humans. To make the water drinkable, it requires sophisticated disinfection processes.

              For the disinfection of water sera has developed chlorine dioxide generators.

              Chlorine dioxide increasingly asserts its role in the treatment of drinking water. It is used to destroy germs, spores, yeasts and viruses and to dissolve biofilms. The key advantage of ClO2: It is ecologically absolute compatible in spite of its strong disinfecting performance.
            • Dosing of Chemicals

            • We offer for almost every dosing task in you process the necessary equipment. Besides the proven dosing pumps and feeding pumps as well as the standardized dosing systems also customer specific dosing systems are available.

              Moreover for complete mixing and preparation units we are able to supply control cabinets. The monitoring of all process parameters can be realized on site and a signal exchange with a control board can be done hardwired or via bus systems.

              Because of the use of modern dosing pumps and systems your process will be optimally controlled and monitored. Thus an efficient use of chemicals is ensured.
          • Dosing Technology Products

          • We offer an extensive product range of dosing technology. You can find the individual products here.
              • Dosing Pumps

              • sera dosing pumps and feeding pumps are oscillating displacement pumps for the dosing and feeding of liquids in all industrial fields. We can dose nearly all flowing media, even with aggressive, abrasive, odorous, radioactive, inflammable, viscous or toxic properties - reliably and safely!
                  • Solenoid Diaphragm Pumps

                  • Performance range from 0,4 l/h to 35 l/h, counter pressures up to max. 10 bar.

                    Our sera diaphragm pumps are distinguished by Performance range from 0,4 l/h to 35 l/h, counter pressures up to max. 10 bar. Thanks to sera’s „plug & dose“ (standard configuration) a very simple commissioning is possible. The solenoid diaphragm pumps of the 2 series are available with simple (R204.1) and extensive (C204.1) control electronics. For special dosing problems and to meet nearly all of our customers‘ needs, we offer indivual solutions, e.g.:
                    • RS-/CS-design for outgasing media, self ventilating
                    • Multi function valves
                    • Completely available with dosing kits ("plug & dose")
                    • Design with Profibus DP-Interface
                  • iSTEP - The Stepper Motor Pumps

                  • Performance range to 50 l/h, counter pressures up to max. 10 bar

                    The new sera dosing pump iSTEP® combines an intelligent drive concept with the accuracy of a diaphragm pump. It sets new standards in terms of reproducibility and reliability.
                  • Diaphragm Pumps

                  • sera diaphragm pumps are leak-free oscillating displacement pumps designed for the dosing of volumes up to 1450 l/h and to withstand pressures up to max. 10 bar.
                  • Piston diaphragm pumps

                  • Performance range from 7,5 l/h to 850 l/h, counter pressures up to max. 80 bar.

                    sera piston diaphragm are leak-free oscillating displacement pumps. They are an ideal combination of the high supply pressure of a piston pump and the perfect leak-proof diaphragm pump.
                  • Piston pumps

                  • sera piston pumps are versatilely applicable and despite its high pressure range extremely safe to operate. Due to low-wear components the maintenance of the piston pump is very low and therefore it convinces with accustomed quality and reliability.

                    Flow rate from 8 l/h to 22 l/h counter pressures upt to 140 bar

                  • Multi-layer Diaphragm Pumps

                  • Performance range from 11 l/h to 1200 l/h, counter pressures up to max. 20 bar.

                    By using the multi-layer membrane demanding safety dosing tasks can be realised.
                  • Feeding Pumps

                  • Performance range from 2200l/h to 3100 l/h, counter pressures up to max. 4 bar.

                    sera feeding pumps are oscillating displacement pumps with two pump heads for feeding and dosing of liquids in all areas of industry.
                  • Air Driven Diaphragm Pumps

                  • Performance range from 5 l/h to 850 l/h, counter pressures up to max. 7 bar.

                    sera air driven diaphragm pumps are cost-effective, leakage free displacement pumps. They are driven by dry, non-lubricated compressed air.
                • Dosing Systems

                • For decades the proven sera delivery program has had an excellent reputation for its high-quality and long-lived products in the area of dosing units. Besides the customized dosing stations sera offers the following types of equipment.
                    • Standardised Compact Dosing Systems

                    • We offer two Standardised Dosing Systems: Compact Tank Dosing Unit CTD and Compact Vertical Dosing System CVD.

                      Our standardised compact dosing systems are are multiple useable, these systems combine quick availability and short delivery times.
                    • Polymer Stations

                    • Standardised polymer preparation stations of sera PolyLine® are a series of easy, flexible, economical and efficient systems for the treatment of polymers.

                      The series covers treatment plants, which can be operated with dry or liquid polymers. The systems are equipped with a precise water measurement and level measurement in order to ensure the efficient and economic operation of the systems.

                      Prepared polymers are used to filter out particles from drinking water and wastewater. Furthermore, the polymers are important components for the application in sludge dewatering.
                    • Customised Dosing Systems

                    • You want a dosing system for your individual application? We offer also customized dosing systems.
                    • Sodium Hydroxide Preparation System

                    • sera has developed sodium hydroxide preparation system, a cost-efficient system solution specifically aimed at industries with fluctuating, but large requirements of alkaline detergents or for countries where a continuous delivery is not secured.

                      This solution ensures the safe and efficient preparation of soda lye on the basis of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) in solid form (pellets, flakes, beads or powder) and water.
                    • KKV Dosing System

                    • sera KKV - dosing systems were developed in collaboration with DyStar for dosing and mixing Levafix® - and Remazol® - padding liquors when dyeing using the single-bath padding process.

                      sera KKV-Dosing system with automatic monitoring consists of single diaphragm pumps - made of high-quality materials and easy to maintain - combined with an automatic monitoring system.
                    • Chlorine Dioxide Preparation and Dosing Units

                    • Capacity up to 1.000 g ClO2/h at pressures up to 10 bar.

                      sera Chlorine Dioxide Preparation and dosing units are dosing units for an efficient preparation and exact metering of 2% and 0,2% chlorine dioxide solutions.
                  • Dosing Systems Accessories

                  • For the installation of dosing systems, dosing systems accessories are required as an important component.
                      • Agitators

                      • Our agitators include electric agitators - with control, manual agitators and manual stamping mixers in survey.

                        Wide range of applications thanks to coordinated material combinations and high level of security through optional gas-tight version. The agitators can be used for critical mixing processes by performing with electronics and individual controllability and offer high process reliability through extensive communication in the execution with electronics.
                      • Dry material feeder

                      • For precise metering of fluids that do not tend to stick.

                        sera dry material feeder are being used to precisely dose free-flowing transported media not tending to adhere such as polymers in powder form.
                      • Solenoid float switch

                      • sera solenoid floats can be used for level monitoring.

                        sera solenoid float can be used for level monitoring. A Reed contact which serves as a level sensor is switched by the solenoid of a float.
                      • Tank/ Collecting basins

                      • Round tanks made of PE and collecting basins
                    • Fittings

                    • Important elements used in plant engineering and pipeline systems.
                        • Priming Aid/ Siphon Vessel

                        • Max. flow quantity up to 4000l/h

                          sera priming aid/siphon vessel for the improvement of the suction performance in metering pumps.
                          In addition, the siphon vessels and priming aid have the task to simplify commissioning of dosing pumps. Especially in those cases where the pumped medium where the medium is removed via a siphon pipe of a storage tank, it is ensured that the suction line is filled hydraulically.
                          At the same time the priming aid also functions as a suction-side pulsation damper.
                        • Injection Fittings

                        • Max. flow rate up to 1500l/h

                          sera injection fittings help the medium which is transported by the dosing pump to be injected into the system to be treated.
                        • Calibration Pot

                        • Content up to 20 litres

                          sera calibration pots serves to determine the liquid flow of dosing pumps under real working conditions.

                          The calibration pot is intended to be installed in the suction side of the dosing pump. The pot can be filled either according to the principle of interconnected tanks or with the help of a dosing pump.

                          During the filling respectively calibration process the ventilating joint must be opened. After the filling/calibration the ventilating joint must be closed immediately.
                        • Line Strainer

                        • Maximal flow quantity up to 6000l/h

                          Fluids may contain impurities in piping systems. Here the sera line strainer is used. sera line strainers increase the working safety of the dosing pump and the complete system by detaining impurities and floating materials.
                        • Two Way Ball Cock

                        • Up to 10 bar

                          The two way ball cocks of typ 8001 - 8009 are radially installable and dismountable. They are beeing used for manual shut-off or release of liquid flow in pipelines.
                        • Valves

                        • sera valves are made of high quality materials and ensure operational safety.

                          Valves are used on the one hand for the passage of fluids, on the other hand, to the shutting off of fluids (gases and liquids).
                        • Suction Lances

                        • Suction lances are used for the removal of chemicals

                          An integrated foot valve prevents backflow of the aspirated fluid. The types SL-02, S-03 and S-04 are additionally equipped with a float switch (for empty message).
                        • Pulsation Damper

                        • Our pulsation damper with and without separating diaphragm.

                          sera pulsation dampers are leak-free, low maintenance and have a long service life. They are easy to use and reduce noise.
                      • Process Measuring and Control

                      • The dosing of all liquids can be optimized by using measuring and control technology.
                          • AQUASENSO®

                          • The precise interaction of sensors, controllers and dosing pumps plays an important role particularly in the area of chemical dosing.

                            Measurement, dosing and control

                            The new AQUASENSO® series with sera sensors delivers measurement and control in water analysis. The controller of AQUASENSO® analyses and compares the nominal value with the indicated value and regulates the performance accordingly. Finally a sera metering pump ensures the precise addition of chemical at all times.
                          • Measuring & Analysis

                          • Our measuring systems are characterized by high measuring accuracy and more.

                            For the measuring of process-values as pH-value, redox or Cl2 different designs of measuring systems are characterized by high measuring accuracy.

                            A measuring device typically consists of an electrode – integrated in a fitting – as well as of an associated measuring transmitter. A selection of the devices depending on the application is possible on request.
                          • Process and Control

                          • Our process and control include complete engineering and circuit diagram design and more.

                            The sera program of controls includes a number of standadised basic controls for economic integration of sera metering pumps into automatic processes.

                            Depending on the type of dosing we differentiate between three groups:

                            Batch dosing
                            Proportional dosing
                            Dosing in a control circuit
                        • Compressor Technology

                            • COMPRESSORS

                                • METAL DIAPHRAGM COMPRESSORS

                                • sera metal diaphragm compressors deliver absolutely contamination-free compression of sensitive and valuable gases.
                                  Metal diaphragm compressors are the best choice for microelectronics, semiconductor and doping technology applications.

                                  ADVANTAGES AT A GLANCE

                                  • Hermetically sealed between outside and interior
                                  • Compression of toxic and explosive gases
                                  • Completely lubricant-free compression
                                  • No contamination occurs from piston ring or rod sealing wear
                                  • High resistance to corrosion
                                  • No purge or seal gas systems required
                                  • Pressurised start-up

                                • sera has provided reliable gas compression solutions without oil, contamination or leakage for many decades. Our newly developed, innovative dry-running piston compressors with electrohydrostatic drives perfectly complement our established metal diaphragm technology. They enable reliable and energy-efficient compression of particle-free gases such as hydrogen, nitrogen, helium, argon or ethylene to extreme pressures without the use of lubricants. These innovative piston compressors from sera are ideal when large quantities of gas need to be compressed cost-effectively and safely.
                                  Contamination of the medium with hydraulic fluid from the drive system is eliminated by the vertical format and the design of the compressor units. This makes it possible to safely dispense with complex and expensive sensors for detecting drive fluid.

                                  ADVANTAGES AT A GLANCE
                                  • Lubricant-free compression
                                  • Low wear and quiet operation
                                  • Very low piston speeds
                                  • Long service life of seals and guide elements
                                  • Maximum discharge pressures up to 100 MPa in the standard design
                                  • Single and double-action
                                  • One, two or three stages available
                                  • Water-cooled
                                  • Easy control of flow rates
                                  • Foundation-free installation
                                  • Small footprint
                                  • Easy to maintain
                              • COMPRESSOR SYSTEMS

                                  • HYDROGEN REFUELLING STATIONS

                                  • With our hydrogen refuelling stations for business applications, we are supporting the development of
                                    H2 infrastructure and making a contribution to sustainable transport. Building on a decade of experience
                                    with hydrogen as well as in-house research and development, we can offer you a tailor-made solution for
                                    your company’s hydrogen refuelling station.

                                    ADVANTAGES AT A GLANCE
                                    • Reliable
                                    • Energy-efficient
                                    • Clean H2 compression
                                    • Modular construction
                                    • Available fully integrated
                                    • Flexibly upgradeable
                                    • 70 MPa and/or 35 MPa dispenser
                                    • Slow fill / moderate fill / fast fill
                                    • Connectivity to various types of
                                      H2 supply technology

                                  • POWER-TO-GAS COMPRESSOR UNIT

                                  • With sera power-to-gas compressor units, innovative system solutions can be created for converting renewable
                                    energy into hydrogen for use in a range of applications. Direct use of green hydrogen in mobility and
                                    transportation is just as feasible as buffering in storage facilities and direct supply into the natural gas grid
                                    or H2 pipelines.
                                    Power-to-gas energy storage can help to balance out increasing fluctuations of wind and solar energy in
                                    power generation, or keep power from being fed directly into the grid at times when generation is particularly

                                    ADVANTAGES AT A GLANCE
                                    • Energy-efficient
                                    • Reliable
                                    • Completely lubricant-free H2 compression
                                    • Modular construction
                                    • Compact
                                    • Flexibly upgradeable