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  • Offer Profile
  • Besides a comprehensive range of products always available in stock - pressure, vacuum & float level switches, flow indicators and switches, temperature switches, liquid level sensors, digital indicators - ELETTROTEC can also offer specific custom solutions, especially designed to meet particular requirements and a new series of smart sensors, including electronic pressure switches, pressure transmitters, regulators and electronic temperature switches, to come up with the market demand for the most accurate monitoring in industrial processes.
Product Portfolio
    • Pressure Switches

    • Vacuum Switches

    • ATEX Pressure/Vacuum Switches

    • Float Level Switches

    • ATEX Float Level Switches

    • Temperature Switches

    • Visual Flow Indicators

    • Flow Switches

    • Electronic Pressure Switches / Pressure Transmitters

    • Level monitoring system

    • Level Sensors

    • ATEX Level Sensors

    • Electro-optic liquid level sensors

    • Digital Indicators

    • Customized Products