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  • Offer Profile
  • raumplus is a manufacturer of sliding doors, closets and partition systems. The family business was founded 1986 and attaches its importance to product quality and innovations. raumplus is one of the leading manufacturers of these products and distributes in more than 42 countries. Our creative team develops interesting ideas for our sliding doors and partition wall systems and keeps always in his mind to practicable it. The raumplus-team creates visions for living-situations and offices.
Product Portfolio
  • Sliding Door Series

  • Aluminum Frame Door

  • There doesn’t only exist one correct solution, that’s why raumplus provides a great variety of different possibilities. The diversity to choose from is reflected in various profile series but above all in the multitude of possible panels. Consequently, every customer is able to decide himself what goes with him and what he likes. Besides this diversity of designing it is also the great variety of functions that makes up the character of raumplus – the clever adaptability to the most different conditions as well as the elegant integration into the most diverse utilizations of space.
  • Wooden Door

  • The frameless wood-based material construction is realizable with many different surface versions. You can choose from surfaces veneer or varnished in semi-gloss look. The flush-mounted, embedded handle provides an even and smooth overall look and you are able to move the doors in front of one another.
  • C42

  • The elegant combination of aluminum and wood melamine gives the »C42-profile series« of raumplus coziness and charm. The C stands for composite, a composition of various materials. The solid aluminum system with a wide timber frame and horizontal braces can be equipped with innumerable panel material variants ensuring that housing dreams come true in all their variety.

  • Digital printing allows more poss- ibilities. Let yourself get inspired with the different door variants on the following pages. Cutting plotters (vector graphics, lettering etc.) which of colored foil are applied to the panel are also realizable. All glass panels are recommendable, but other panels are possible as well.
  • Interior Systems

  • Cornice

  • Cornice constitutes the premium interior system of raumplus which with its element widths of up two meters – all along with a filigree frame construction – provides not only an optical pleasure for the user. Perfection in design. Quality in the details – with excellently dovetailed materials and a lot of lovingly sophisticated and elaborated accessories this system provides your home a special touch. Whether as built-in closet, walk-in closet or corner solution, the system brings comfort in your everyday life.
  • Uno

  • Uno is the interior system that brings Italian flair into your living area. Additionally, this system – thanks to the elegant construction principle – fits easily and smoothly into any room situation and thus provides a high degree of functionality and adaptability. No matter which room with which conditions you would like to embellish with your desired application – thanks to its nearly infinite possibilities Uno makes it come true! Furthermore, this system offers many useful details and is available in a great variety of surfaces. It proves thus to be an ideal system for all those living rooms where you want to turn the lightness of being into a principle.
  • Legno

  • Legno is the qualitatively even higher and more exclusive version of the proven Ecoline system. While retaining all variation possibilities raumplus here emphasizes especially the elements design and individuality. Besides a wide range of surfaces the use of material mixes as well as of the high-quality, Italian design surfaces »Urban Structures« is also possible when it comes to Legno. A further argument for Legno is the high stability being reached by a thicker material thickness of the sidewalls and the shelves.
  • Ecoline

  • Ecoline is the classic interior system of raumplus enabling a markedly wide range of variant possibilities of variation. Flexibility and functionality are the essential elements of this system: Tailor-made and matching with any room situation, Ecoline with its drawers, pull-out shelves, hanging files and many more details provides any desired comfort. In addition, sidewalls, shelves as well as all accessories are a unified whole.
    Because of its modesty Ecoline is usable everywhere in the house – whether you have in mind an interior system under a roof pitch, whether you search for a built-in closet, a solution for the room corner or desire a walk-in closet: Ecoline helps you to make clever use of every room angle.
  • Rima

  • Rima is the clever solution thanks to which even the smallest alcove turns into a real storage space miracle. Combined with the Rima solid components – as built-in closet or walk-in closet – the closet units being movable in front of each other and having a load-bearing capacity of up to 260 kg per element provide for an optimal utilization of the newly gained storage space. In case you would like to combine Rima with the system Legno the former naturally provides a wide range of surfaces to choose from in order that the both systems harmoniously let your living room shine in new splendor. You can also try the one or other material mix – but this is only your personal design decision!

  • The »mobile« furniture system combines sliding door technology with a closet interior system to create an innovative interior design object. At its heart is a flat “pocket” from which sliding doors on the right and left sides can be pulled out to screen the closet interior. This means that »mobile« can fit perfectly into alcoves of all sizes.

    What makes »mobile« special are the system concept and high flexibility, meaning that the series can be assembled without any structural construction work being required. This relocation-friendly furniture can also be added to; re-configured and the closet interior can be fitted out in many different ways. Options include drawer elements; shelves; extendable clothes frames and a table top. »mobile« can thus be continuously adjusted to fit new interiors perfectly.
    Eight selected door panels and four different front panels allow you to put together your own personal »mobile« piece.
  • Wall Partitioning Systems

  • S1500

  • The raumplus sliding door and wall partitioning system is a flexible and variable room structuring system consisting of wall partitioning components, sliding doors, folding doors and hinge doors. It can be used ceiling-high as partitioning or sliding panel or as room-in-room system independent from the ceiling. The system can be supplemented or reconstructed anytime without any great effort. Its construction and materials used are predestined for the individual and design-oriented interior decoration. The use of glass in combination with the filigree raumplus aluminum-profile frame system generates transparency and a spacious room atmosphere. The wall partitioning system S1500 is optimally supplemented by the use of sliding doors and built-in closets from the raumplus portfolio, for this can already be taken into consideration when it comes to planning and construction.
  • Individual Doors

  • RP50

  • The hinge door constitutes the classic complement to the sliding doors; for this, too, the raumplus world of products keeps available many different solutions. Embedded in an aluminum profile the carcass-bound hinge doors provide a great variety of panel variations.
  • Swing Door

  • The raumplus Swing door commonly describes a classic room door. Whereby the description “classic” doesn’t fulfill the conditions of the Swing door, for the door – based on the aluminum profile principle – follows the modern system philosophy of raumplus in many points. This especially implies the individual flexibility of dimensions and designing but at the same time high demands on design and the quality of workmanship. A likewise positive aspect is the designing freedom of the panels. Glass and wood, but also veneer and varnished panels may be used. Concerning design and quality the door is impressive because of its markedly clear and cut design vocabulary as well as its elegantly functional details such as door handle – naturally lockable – and rotary suspension. The possibilities of use include the private living room, the office, doctors’ office, studio and representative interiors of companies. Choosing appropriate panel material, aluminum door and aluminum frame are also suited for the use in wet rooms like bathroom, sauna and wellness areas.
  • Folding Door

  • The folding door mechanics represents a useful alternative especially when it comes to small door openings – this because the guiding of particularly narrow sliding doors is not optimal. At this point the folding door with its decent guiding in the top track – without bottom track – offers an elegant solution.
  • Room Solutions

  • Walk-In Closets

  • It’s an open secret: Every woman dreams of having a walk-in closet in her bedroom. With a huge variety of design options for floor-to-ceiling sliding doors and flexible interior systems raumplus can make sure that this personal interior design dream becomes reality – creating generous storage space that brings bedrooms with life.
  • Fitted Closets

  • It is one of the timeless elements of sophisticated living: the fitted closet. The elegant, harmonious interaction of the sliding doors and interior system allow raumplus to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary, providing a stylish feel. Choose from five different interior systems, all of which guarantee practical tidiness thanks to their wealth of accessories. The wide choice of sliding doors means that there are panels and colours for every taste; an undoubted aid towards a harmonious living atmosphere.
  • Sloped Ceilings

  • It’s pretty edgy: Attic floors offer a unique living environment but at the same time require special considerations for the furnishings, namely because of the angles. How can the space beneath be fully utilized? Here the sliding doors by raumplus demonstrate their high adaptability. Whether it’s a flat or steep inclination – the doors always slide along and thus create a nice interplay of parallel lines. You decide on the surfaces. Simple or patterned, bright or muted tones – discover your preferences.
  • Corner Cupboard

  • A demonstration of the versatility of raumplus practical applications: clever use of space around every corner and into the last nook and cranny. This is where the advantages of our sliding doors really come into their own – their colour and design can be varied according to your own personal taste. In addition to the generously designed sliding doors, our interior systems can also be designed as corner solutions – a small miracle of space.
  • Room Dividers

  • The raumplus sliding doors can also serve as practical room dividers and partition off different areas of activity. You can open and close them just according to your needs: turning one room into two, and then into one again. Quarrel about the use of the bathroom, the living-room or the kitchen? Well and truly over. The sliding doors of raumplus can also be combined with wall partitioning elements. Thus you find the fitting solution for any room situation.
  • Office Solutions

  • The raumplus system offers solutions of fixed panels and sliding doors, pure fixed panels installations (with permanent openings) and pure sliding door solutions, allowing you to freely organize your space. For combinations of fixed panels and sliding doors raumplus offers a lot of different profiles to choose from. One of these integrates the frame element for the fixed panel. All of these profiles can freely be combined. Upon request we are also able to offer custom finishes. For a system like ours lives on its possibilities and deeply impresses with the solution no one has started to think about before.