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  • Offer Profile
  • Dynamobel is a Spanish company of family origin whose main activity is focused on research, design, production and marketing of products (partition, ceiling, chair and furniture) associated with the world of office and public spaces.

    At Dynamobel we discard rigid structures and opt for flexible and dynamic solutions. Our products are truly customized solutions because we believe that good ideas deserve more than a massive solution. We break the established paradigms in order to enable creators to make the workspaces of the future a reality.

    To achieve this, we have a great team and a production capacity based on flexible technologies, which allows us to achieve results that meet the individual needs of our customers' space configuration.

Product Portfolio



        • ACCOUSTICS

              • Wall panels

              • Offices are often places with a lot of distracting or annoying noise. This may even affect their users’ health. It is, therefore, extremely important to fit the walls and ceilings of workspaces out with suitable sound absorption systems.

                Each project requires a tailor-made technical installation and that is where Dynamobel comes in with its solutions for customised acoustic comfort based on the Acoustic panelling system.

                The wide range of colours and sizes in the Acoustic range means that its functional design can be adapted to the needs of the space in question, resulting in a sustainable product which facilitates the creation of different compositions on walls, partitions, columns and other surfaces.