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  • Life is change - designing furniture means entering uncharted territory

    For Team by Wellis, the development and realisation of furniture and designer objects begins with the examination of values that endure through the ages. On the one hand this involves the pursuit of quality and perfection in detail. On the other hand, the glimpse of changing lifeforms is a challenge to enter uncharted territory and to anticipate the future with innovative ideas.
Product Portfolio
  • Living

  • Living means life
    Living is an expression of personality. The way a person lives is the most meaningful evidence of their lifestyle. Team by Wellis therefore creates objects that can be combined in a variety of ways and emphasise the occupants’ individual tastes. All the objects have a variety of purposes: relaxation, communication, enjoyment, sittin back, concentrating, representation, letting yourself go, wellbeing… of just simply living.
  • Side tables

    • Living

    • The art of pure unadulterated omission
      Simplicity produces the special charisma. Depending on its size, Living is either a saloon table or side table and features a persuasive combination of discreet lines and functionality.
    • SaMo

    • Big little ones
      SaMo stands for "Salontisch Mobil" ("Mobile Coffee Table"). And for good reason, because our little SaMo tables can be placed with the greatest of ease and spontaneity wherever you happen to need them: next to your sofa, your chair, your lounger, your bed - your decision. In two different standard maple colours. SaMo also comes in a fine 22.5 carat Gold leaf finish.
    • Rimo

    • The lounge table with a stunning rotary action
      Rimo is based on the same idea and principle as Giro: it seeks to break free from ossified forms. This new kind of lounge table serves as the perfect host by turning towards the guest. Rotating about a vertical post, the individual shelf elements occupy four levels and spread out like wings in all directions. Only the bottom shelf remains fixed in place to ensure stability and to offer a secure basis. The corners and edges are gently rounded, further accentuating Rimo's distinctive design.
  • Containers | Cabinets

      • e_serie

      • Iconic objects for everyday needs
        The term "container" sounds almost disrespectful, yet it hits the nail on the head: because our e_serie containers are ideally suitable for stowing and storing, displaying and presenting, selling and dreaming. Having acquired iconic status over the years, the e_serie today is not only found in private homes but also at opticians and jewellers, banks or representative offices - to name just a few examples. Thanks to various sizes and a multitude of material options, our containers offer an almost limitless range of uses. Various drawer heights, shelfs and pull-outs make the e_serie a true all-rounder.
      • MoDu-Solitaire

      • Timeless simplicity
        MoDu-Solitaire is truly unique, as the name implies. Its uniqueness comes from the slender, elegant design and the combination of a wooden base and a glass cube. A representative display object, for keeping beautiful things or even for both at once. Body in maple or lacquer glossy, cube in extra-white clear glass or extra-white frosted glass.
  • Media cabinets

      • Giro Media

      • Transformation by imagination
        Giro is an incredibly versatile, modular object comprising compatible elements that come in four widths. The flap doors with fabric cover, the perforated metal shelves, inside drawers and user-friendly apertures at the rear or fabric-covered back make great media units
      • MoDu-Media

      • Smart beauty
        With MoDu-Media we have created an aesthetically pleasing solution to a well-known problem: where to place all the audio and video equipment and how about cable management? MoDu-Media not only solves this problem elegantly, it also ensures that your equipment is aired and ventilated thanks to the fabric-covered front. Even a central loudspeaker can be hidden behind without noticeable loss of sound. Body in maple or lacquer glossy, fabric front cover black or silver-grey. Available in two different lengths.
  • Shelves

      • MoDu-Glass Shelf

      • Simply crystal clear
        With its open sides and printed front, our MoDu-Glass shelf is not just a highly individual design. It is also outstandingly suitable as a room divider with grat utility value.
      • VaRe

      • Endless variations
        Our VaRe shelf system can be configured in virtually any way without the need to cut back on aesthetic requirements. Available in two different depths and in various heights up to max. 1.60 m. Unlimited width extension. Highly individual interior with wooden or glass trays, drawers or pull-outs. With the new media insert. vaRe is also suitable for incorporating flat screens. On the front side, either sliding doors or hinged doors complete the fine image. VaRe is available in maple, oak or lacquer glossy.
  • Sideboards

    • Monolit

    • Innovation always implies an element of revolution.
      Monolit finds team by wellis sweeping aside conventions in sideboard design. With its unheard-of amounts of storage space, it offers a new approach to orderliness. And releases volumes for a new freedom.
    • MoDu

    • Timeless simplicity
      MoDu means simplicity staged to perfection. It can be integrated seamlessly into virtually any surroundings. As a wall/floor-console or wall-mounted. In maple or lacquer glossy. With back-lit opening slot or aluminium handle. With flap doors, tip-on hinged doors or drawers. Available as a 2, 3 or 4-part element.
    • Volare

    • Hanging, standing, sliding
      Volare stands for sliding, floating, flying thanks to sophisticated and extremely smooth-running angled sliding doors. Can also be operated from the top, highly user-friendly. Available as wall/floor-console or wall-mounted. In maple, oak, glass or lacquer glossy. Available as 2 or 3-part element or fully engulfed as a room divider. Variety of interior designs and combination with trays and drawers possible.
    • Giro

    • Transformation by imagination
      Designed by Kurt Erni, Giro is an incredibly versatile, modular object comprising seventeen compatible elements that come in five widths and three heights. The drawers, doors and flaps simply need to be tapped to open. A state of the art mechanism allows the various modules to be slotted together, to be rotated and slid lengthwise and diagonally - they can even be made to overhang each other.
  • Chairs

      • Dining

      • Enjoy while seating
        With our Dining chairs, every meal becomes a pleasure. The clear, reduced lines of Dining are not just pleasing to the eye. At the same time, the backrest offers ideal sitting comfort even for longer stay. With optional armrest. Dining is aveilable in all Team by Wellis leather Smart colours.
      • Boculino

      • The laid-back canitlever chair with charm and character
        The contemporary look of Boculino is destined to become a classic, Boculino is a cantilever chair positively radiating youthful charisma. The design stems unmistakably from the successful BoCu armchair created by swiss designer Jörg Boner for Team by Wellis in 2005. Boculino shares BoCu’s distinctive traits and spark of originality. With its comfortable, ergonomic back and arm rests, the chair is perfect for laying back and taking it easy during those long evenings relaxing in good company.
  • Tables

    • ArEs

    • Designed for long stay
      ArEs is available in various lengths. The frame base made of extruded aluminium profile can be combined with tabletops in maple or walnut, or in leather.
    • ErQu

    • Designed for long stay
      ErQu with the distinctive L-shaped frame in aluminium can be enhanced with tabletops in sophisticated walnut or refined maple. Erqu also offers the option of an extendable tabletop for extension up to 3.20 m depending on the version.
    • Diverso

    • Design premiere: the first table that can be widened
      Diverso can be widened. Combing aesthetics and technical levels, Diverso is unique in its own field - it’s a table with two personalities. Firstly it presents itself an integrally veneered, closed surface. One opened, though, its distinctive scissors design appears. Diverso is a masterpiece of aesthetics thanks to the innovative, handcrafted technology it contains - it needs no extra panels, no additionals or accessories to achieve its greater width. To alter its appearance and size, a simple cranking action is all it takes.
  • Sleeping

  • No bedroom to go to sleep in
    More and more often, the bedroom is being reinterpreted. Moving away from a purely practical sleeping area and towards a meaningful island of relaxation and experience. Dressing areas and bathrooms are generously integrated into the room and this becomes a relaxation area that you can use all day long. The taboo area of the past is now a place for relaxing, an island of romance, a wellness oasis, a reading or music room or a movie theatre. It is open to living life to the full and yet at the same time offers an individual private sphere. Team by Wellis takes this trend on board and gives these varied demands a new dimension.
  • Beds

    • BoRa

    • Swivel Bed
      The BoRa swivel bed invites you to continually reinvent the bedroom as a place of relaxation and wellbeing. The bed rotates over a solid swivel plate. A gentle push changes its direction and generates a dynamic room experience.
    • Calmo

    • The first-ever upholstered bed from Team by Wellis
      Fully and comfortably upholstered, Calmo provides the perfect setting. Without headrest or with headrest 74 cm in leather of fabric, with headrest 109 cm in leather only.
    • Libero

    • Bed System
      Moods, relationships and life plans change and also have an influence on your sleep culture. Libero takes this dynamic on board to create a changeable bed system: As a single bed it’s a refuge of cosiness, as a double bed an island of joie de vivre.
    • Destro

    • A simple elegant bed in wood
      What’s striking about Destro is its delicate bed frame and finely tapered legs.
      Stability comes from the backset frame. The gentrly backward curving leather
      headboard is a comfortable support and leg, all in one. Fans of the unostentatious will opt for the bed frame on 4 legs without headboard.
  • Chests | Bedside Tables

      • Bellino

      • Clean, straight lines and not a handle in sight
        The great-looking Bellino cabinet stands out from the standard fare. Innovative thinking led the upper, neatly closing mitred drawer being equipped with a ‘tap-to-open’ mechanism. This ‘Tip-on-Automatik’ mechanism is actuated by means of discreet chrome-plated metal catches.
  • Wardrobes

      • Ampio

      • Tip-on-Automatik mechanism
        Designer Kurt Erni has equipped this practical and highly convenient wardrobe with a hinged door featuring our Tip-on-Automatik mechanism: shorn of any handle, it responds to a tap of the finger. A discreet little metal catch indicates where you have to press. The interior has no partitions, making it particularly flexible, and the LED lighting throughout the wardrobe is especially useful.
      • LeVa

      • Modular Wardrobe System
        The refined construction of the body creates a surprising new vision. The front surfaces slide to the side like the doors of a cable car. Behind them you find a spacious storage area, flooded with light and unimpeded by dividing walls.
  • Working

  • Work space is living space
    The way that rooms are laid out with a representative character provides information on values, corporate culture and personal style. Room dividers, armchairs, desk chairs and tables from Team by Wellis create an inviting atmosphere in reception areas, waiting rooms, conference rooms and other social areas. They achieve this thanks to their unobtrusive elegance and clear lines.
  • Desk

      • ErQu

      • Desk
        We almost spend more time working than in our private lives. That’s why it is important that your personal work place corresponds and can be tailored to your individual needs.