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  • More than a century ago, USM was known as a pre-eminent producer of iron works and window fittings. In 1961, Paul Schaerer, grandson of USM founder Ulrich Schaerer, chose to take the company in a new and dramatic direction by transforming the factory from a large, manually-oriented metal production plant into a modern, industrial enterprise.

    Nowadays the Swiss furniture company counts about 400 employees worldwide. Head office and production are still in Münsingen, Switzerland. USM Modular Furniture is also distributed worldwide in more than 50 countries with a network of more than 410 qualified sales partners. USM has established a prominent reputation and international presence with flagship showrooms in Bern, Berlin, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, London, Munich, New York, Paris, Stuttgart and Tokyo offering both cultural spaces and support platforms.
Product Portfolio
  • USM Haller

      • USM Haller System

          • USM Haller System: Versatile, customisable, enduring

          • Make your dream office a reality. Design bespoke shelving, storage and display systems that elevate your workplace.

            Sustainability and quality
            These values are recorded in the USM DNA. From the highest quality materials to the manual assembly of furniture, our production process is guided by the desire to offer the best product quality in the greatest respect for the environment.

            Modularity and adaptability
            The heart of the USM Haller modular system is its ball-and-tube chrome frame, offering infinite design possibilities. Our team helps you to design furniture with a unique versatility. Contact us to create the ideal furniture for your offices.

          • Colours, dimensions and accessories

          • Design your furniture to the dimensions you want and select the features you need. Choose from 14 USM colours. Made-to-measure for your workplace!
        • USM Haller E

        • The latest evolution in our iconic modular system, the USM Haller E introduces in-built lighting elements that allow you to display things in a whole new light.
            • USM Haller E

            • Cast your office in a whole new light with the latest evolution in USM’s iconic modular furniture system.

              Built-in lighting

              Hidden as part of the furniture, lighting elements are built discreetly into the frame.

            • Cable-free

            • The core of the USM Haller system is its modular ball-and-tube frame. With the USM Haller E, refinements to the ball, connector and tube allow power to flow safely through the furniture’s very structure.

              In addition to lighting elements, you can purchase e-USB-Chargers for mobile devices and dummy elements designed to subtly hide the empty slots.

          • USM Haller desks

          • Durable, classic, iconic
              • USM Haller desks

              • Create the perfect desk for every worker, then sit back and watch them flourish.

                The USM Haller Advanced Desk incorporates the versatile adaptation points of the Plus Desk, adding a sliding table top to allow for easy access to a cable tray beneath - perfect for an executive office.

              • Colours, surfaces and dimensions

              • The iconic stylistic core of the USM Haller system - chrome-plated steel tubes - form the desks’ legs. Beyond that, every desk is built with precision to your specifications.
            • USM Kitos table

            • Adaptable, timeless, reliable
                • USM Kitos table

                • Decades since it first went on sale, the USM Kitos table remains effortlessly modern to this day. Proving again that original is best.
                • Made-to-measure

                • The classic original in the collection, every USM Kitos table is built to order for your business with the best materials and finest craftsmanship. Choose its shape, size, colour and finish to suit your office perfectly.
              • USM Kitos M table

              • Adaptable, timeless, reliable
                  • USM Kitos M

                  • Equip your business with the best resource for responding to change: dynamic worksurfaces that respond to emerging needs.
                  • Dimensions, finishes and colours

                  • Every USM Kitos M desk is built to order to your requirements. We work with you to design the perfect desks for your office, with your choice of colour, finish, dimensions and features.
                • USM Kitos E

                • Adaptable, timeless, reliable
                    • USM Kitos E

                    • Make your office a truly agile working environment. The USM Kitos E’s electronic height adjustment feature makes hot desking, desk sharing and ergonomic sensitivity a reality.
                    • Ergonomics and height adjustment

                    • USM Kitos E offers a fast, smooth electronic height-adjustment to set the desk’s working height with ease. It doesn’t need batteries or any other additional components – plug it straight into a power outlet. With easy height adjustment, the desks allow users to sit or stand and to change between the two fluidly. You can get the best of both worlds.
                  • USM Haller Table

                  • Release your workforce's creativity, encourage collaboration and empower decision-making with stylish tables, customised your way.
                      • USM Haller Table

                      • A table for every purpose
                        The perfect meeting place for you and your colleagues or clients. Elegant, robust, and available in sizes up to 3 metres in length.

                      • Customised to your office

                      • In production for over 45 years, the USM Haller table embodies timeless elegance. Choose from a range of 37 finish and colour combinations to compliment your table's iconic chrome-plated frame. Adapt it to your needs with a range of smart accessories.
                    • USM Kitos meeting Table

                    • Adaptable, timeless, reliable
                        • USM Kitos meeting

                        • The meeting table is where collaborations are born and partnerships are forged. Put your best foot forward with USM’s solution for future-proof conferencing.

                          Ergonomics and height adjustment
                          Quickly turn a seated meeting into a standing one. Height adjustability makes the USM Kitos Meeting ideal for businesses with changeable conferencing requirements.

                          Our patented manual height-adjustment system is incredibly fast, extending to full height in a matter of seconds. The USM Kitos M Meeting uses a tension spring concealed in the table frame and legs, it's impressively robust, ensuring a very long operating life. While guaranteeing almost total freedom of movement.

                        • Dimensions, finishes and colours

                        • The USM Kitos Meeting provides a reliably robust, elegant and functional surface for even the most important meetings. Tailor it flawlessly to your business by selecting the perfect size, finish and colour for your tastes and identity. Choose from a range of 18 unique finish and colour combinations, including wood veneer, MDF, linoleum and laminate. Select a perfectly-proportioned table for your meeting room or boardroom. The USM Kitos Meeting is available in three standard sizes.
                      • Modular partitions

                      • Flexible, robust, stylish
                          • USM Privacy Panels

                          • Create office zones, give teams their own unique identity, provide workers with a secluded work space and minimise noise with our ingenious felt-covered privacy panels.

                            A single solution for multiple needs
                            USM Privacy Panels provide a single, simple solution for a number of office needs, from control of acoustics to visual zoning.

                            Each panel, no matter how big, is made up of individual pieces which you can reconfigure or add to with ease. Sturdy metal bases make Privacy Panels perfect free-standing room dividers at almost any height.

                          • Colours and dimensions

                          • Choose from a range of five specially-designed colours, from a subtle light grey to a bold yellow. Select bicolour panels for additional personalisation and variation.

                            Precision-built and quality-assured
                            Each panel piece consists of two coloured layers of pressed polyester fleece halves separated by a tubular cross-piece.

                        • Libraries / bookcases

                        • Some of the best interior experts show you how to create perfectly proportioned bookcases, allowing you to find the right home for all of your books, documents and keepsakes.
                            • The library is open

                            • There’s no such thing as the single perfect bookcase. The ideal bookcase for you depends on all sorts of factors, including your aesthetic tastes, your storage needs and the space you have available.
                            • Walls and walls of books

                            • Floor to ceiling, wall to wall or in the middle of a room, a bookcase with storage.
                            • Limitless libraries: designing the perfect home library

                            • A good home library is so much more than a storage space for books.
                            • An on-the-shelf solution: bespoke living room shelving

                            • Display your books and treasures in the stylish setting they deserve.
                            • An acute sense of design

                            • Having worked in the fashion industry his entire career, Craig Ford is a man with an acute sense of design.
                            • When styles collide: a mixture of the old and new

                            • Traditional and classic spaces don’t necessarily have to be furnished with traditionalist or classical pieces.
                          • Meeting rooms

                          • The right interior design sets the tone for success in your boardrooms and meeting areas. Get inspired by some of the best examples we’ve found.
                              • Meeting in style

                              • Spending time on your feet during the working day can help improve your health.
                              • Always ready to meet

                              • The perfect conference table immediately creates an air of professionalism around you and your visitors - from clients and associates to interviewees and potential collaborators.
                              • Stand up for your meeting

                              • Become the perfect meeting host by providing your guests and colleagues with the finest environment, filled with style and comfort.
                            • Open plan

                            • Draw inspiration from our favourite office designs, which take into account the flow of noise and people as well as aesthetics and access considerations.
                                • Create a co-working space

                                • Shared workspace is now a common place, many companies are using this phenomenon to set up their staff in co-working spaces. It also allows contractors and freelancers not to be isolated, and encourages interaction and flexibility of schedules.
                                • Our favourite open plan offices

                                • Open plan offices have been trending for the past 10 years and are now becoming the norm in workplace design.
                                • WD-40

                                • Employee wellbeing is at the heart of WD-40’s ethos and formed a key element in our project brief and so was designing a space that would provide positive and lasting memories.
                                • Fitter, happier and more productive

                                • Many of us are spending more and more time at work - in fact, some now spend more time at work than anywhere else.
                                • Ideas for an agile working environment

                                • Hot desking, desk sharing and collaborative working areas are no longer a myth of office design. For all sorts of businesses all over the world, they’ve become the norm - and for good reason.
                                • New ways of working in open plan offices

                                • We all benefit from a variety of spaces that are specifically designed for the different tasks we undertake over the course of the day.
                              • Reception areas

                              • First impressions are lasting impressions. Use our collection of stories and galleries to find out how to put your best foot forward with beautifully customised reception area furniture.
                                  • Protective screens

                                  • Top priority has been given to hygiene and protection measures for employees and general public which is more important than ever.
                                  • A colourful reception

                                  • Wherever customers and clients are involved, an eye-catching introduction is worth its weight in gold.
                                  • How to create an outstanding reception area

                                  • The reception area presents an opportunity: to shape how prospective customers, clients and business partners see your company, putting your best foot forward with an environment that represents your company’s brand, style and ethos.
                                • Private offices

                                • Careful design lets you take control of the impression your private office makes on visitors. Learn how to get it right by taking a look at some of our favourites.
                                    • Iconic desks for traditional office environments

                                    • Traditional office environments call for furniture that reliably meets users needs with a quiet elegance.
                                    • The suite life of an executive

                                    • Whether you want it to or not, your executive office’s decor will form a permanent impression for every person who walks through its door.
                                    • Manage your own space: perfect private offices

                                    • What`s your management style? The design and feel of your private office will inevitably affect how your colleagues, clients, customers and business partners answer that question.
                                  • Breakout / lounge

                                  • Draw inspiration from some of our favourite breakout and lounge spaces.
                                      • Breakout in style

                                      • The term “breakout area” doesn’t even begin to cover the ways in which modern workplaces make use of nontraditional spaces.
                                      • Multimedia sideboards

                                      • These days, no office is complete without multimedia functionality: the ability to show presentations on a big screen and to keep guests entertained with the news while they wait for an appointment.
                                      • Mazen Studio

                                      • The interior designers at Mazen Studio know just how much effort can go into seemingly effortless design. The studio specialises in work spaces that emulate that kind of homegrown elegance.
                                    • Workstations / desking

                                    • Stylish, customised and ergonomically adaptable: discover the best office workstation designs, handpicked by us.
                                        • Three creative ideas for designing workstations

                                        • Shared workstations are by now a well-established feature of many large offices. Their benefits are clear: they encourage collaboration and the free flow of ideas, which in turn boosts creative thinking and speeds up problem solving.

                                        • Create shared workstations

                                        • Shared workstations are by now a well-established feature of many large offices. Their benefits are clear: they encourage collaboration and the free flow of ideas, which in turn boosts creative thinking and speeds up problem solving.
                                        • Fitter, happier and more productive

                                        • Many of us are spending more and more time at work - in fact, some now spend more time at work than anywhere else.