Company Profile

Napa Oy (Ltd) is an independent software house which develops and markets systems and services for naval architecture. Products The main software product of Napa Oy is NAPA, the Naval Architectural PAckage. NAPA is a CAE system for initial and basic ship design, comprising, among other things, hull surface definition, production-level fairing, definition of the ship's compartmentation and naval architectural calculations. The geometry definitions are based on a product model created by the system. NAPA can be used both for preliminary design and for the production of final delivery documents. It covers all applications needed in ordinary naval architectural design and can handle floating structures of any kind. NAPA Steel designates functions for defining the structural properties of decks, bulkheads and shell plating during the early design stages. NAPA Steel also contributes to calculations of weights and materials, and supports the space management needs of other disciplines, such as outfitting and machinery design.

Product Range

  • Naval architecture system