Company Profile

Canada Steamship Lines is rich in history and tradition. The history pre-dates Canada itself, with the company tracing its lineage back over 150 years. The tradition is just as significant, with CSL setting a name for itself early on as trend setters in automated unloading equipment. From the introduction of its first dry bulk self-unloader in 1926, CSL has been pushing the development of cargo-handling technology over the years. Today, CSL operates the most advanced fleet of self-unloaders on the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Waterway, offering customers in steel, power generation, agriculture and construction industries versatility and reliability. Headquartered in Montreal, CSL is part of the CSL Group, which includes CSL International of Beverly, MA. Together, the two companies control the largest fleet of self-unloading vessels in the world and handle annual bulk cargo movements totaling 27 million tonnes.

Product Range

  • Bulk carrier
  • Self unloader