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  • Offer Profile
  • The Worldwide Provider of Performance Systems for Large Combustion Engines
    To achieve peak performance, you need to rely upon ideal interactions between components. MWH uses the latest technologies to design and produce every component that makes up a cylinder head performance system to achieve those ideal interactions. MWH is always improving cost of ownership, reliability, fuel consumption, and emissions performance of our customers’ engines.
Product Portfolio
  • Performance Systems

  • Performance Systems include every component in a cylinder head, such as valve spindles, guides, seats, springs, rotators, clamping cones, seals, and cages as well as the cylinder head housings. MWH manufactures all these parts and is the industry’s only firm that conveniently provides every component required to assemble a cylinder head in one ergonomic, well-organized, reusable package or kit. Our precision manufacturing assures the highest quality parts for you each and every time.
    • Two Stroke Exhaust Valve System  

    • Four Stroke Cylinder Head  

    • Four Stroke Inlet & Exhaust Valve Cage System  

  • 2-Stroke

  • 2-Stroke Performance Systems
    MWH manufactures superior quality 2-stroke engine performance systems that include valves, seats, housings and drives. Each system component is produced with precision to achieve optimal quality and reliability, even under extreme load conditions.
    • Valve Spindles

    • Valve Seats

    • Valve Guides

    • Valve Housings

    • Valve Drive

  • 4-Stroke

  • 4-Stroke Performance Systems
    MWH manufactures superior quality 4-stroke engine performance systems. These include valves, seats, springs, guides, valve rotators such as the MWH Turnomat®, and related components. Each systems component is designed to excel under the most rigorous load conditions. All components are offered individually or packaged as customized kitting solutions in color-coded, reusable containers. 
    • Valve Spindles 

    • Valve Seats 

    • Valve Guides 

    • Valve Rotator Turnomat 

    • Valve Springs 

    • Valve Cage 

  • 4-Stroke Cages and Kits

  • MWH offers customers the option of purchasing individual valve cages or complete cage units that are ready to mount on your engines. The advantages of purchasing completed cage units include saving time and money, reducing the inventory you are required to keep on hand, and significantly improving logistics. Our inventory management process assures that either bare valve cages or completed cage units always are available when you need them.