Company Profile

DEIF was an abbreviation for "Dansk Elektro Instrument Fabrik" (Danish Electromechanical Instrument Factory) as what it was founded in 1933. We are today employing a staff of 120 at our headquarters in Skive in the north-western part of Denmark. DEIF's core-business originally was manufacturing of switchboard instruments. Our activities in that field have led to our considerable know-how within the field of measurements and control of electrical power. This know-how forms the basis of our three main business areas as illustrated by the pie below. Most of the products within the three business areas have since the 1970s been based on electronics. Therefore DEIF today develops as well as manufactures up-to-date electronics - every process safeguarded by our quality control system certified according to ISO 9001 - click for viewing Certificate of Approval and Certificate Schedule. In 1982 DEIF Norge A.S (Norway) became a subsidiary company. In 2000 DEIF GmbH (Germany) and DEIF (UK) Limited (England) started as subsidiary companies. The world-wide distribution is taken care of by a network of professional distributors.

Product Range

  • Control equipment: Control engineering
  • Control equipment: Control for automation line
  • Control equipment: Control for process control
  • Control equipment: Control for safety control
  • Control equipment: Control system for industrial applications
  • Control equipment: Miscellaneous Control
  • Control equipment: Power control unit
  • Control equipment: Voltage control
  • Controls: Electronic controller
  • Controls: Relay