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  • Shipping companies are proud of their tradition, but markets have changed and so has business. INTERSCHALT represents part of the future of the maritime industry as we have built a value chain of solutions and services around the needs of ship owners and managers to make their businesses fit for future challenges.

    But developing innovative solutions requires a lot of experience. INTERSCHALT has been engineering software products designed for the needs of our clients for 25 years. Another big asset is our in-depth knowledge of vessel technology – our original business lay in constructing engineering and automation solutions such as switchboards and consoles. We know the mechanical and electrical operation of a ship like the back of our hand.
Product Portfolio
  • Software Solutions

  • "We have built our value chain of smart shipping solutions and services around the needs of ship owners and managers which allow them to operate their fleet more efficiently." Robert Gärtner, CEO

    INTERSCHALT has been developing and delivering innovative software solutions to the shipping industry for over 25 years. We convert clients' ideas into products that benefit everybody in the industry. The efficient use of INTERSCHALT software solutions in the fields of vessel monitoring, fleet management, stowage planning, loading computer and trim optimizations helps ship operators and ship owners to optimize the costs of operating their vessels.

      • The Maritime Energy Efficiency Comprehensive Optimization Suite is the full package of maritime shipping solutions. MEECOS as we call it, contains all the planning and operation monitoring solutions you need for efficient and safe commercial shipping, on board as well as ashore.

        MEECOS consists of well-harmonized software products whose modules all interlock with each other. It offers you a suite covering important core areas of commercial shipping such as cargo planning and securing, monitoring operations, weather routing and fleet management issues. MEECOS – the future of the maritime industry, providing significant gains in efficiency and safety, as well as environmental benefits, to ship owners and shipping companies.
      • MACS3 Loading Computer

      • Cargo operations are a sensitive issue for every single vessel of your fleet. If vessel-specific stability and stress criteria are ignored when loading cargo, the ship might capsize, break up or twist. Protect your assets from damage or loss by choosing a loading computer that is type-approved and certified for on-board use by all major classification bodies. MACS3 has firmly established itself in the international market over the last 25 years with a market share of over 65%, offering solutions for all types of vessels.
      • Stowage Planning

      • Large shipping line operators use StowMan for their voyage cargo planning involving multiple ports. They benefit from our integrated systems on board (MACS3) and ashore (StowMan) using the same data to enable maximized cargo load while reducing planning time significantly. The well-established StowMan is under constant development to make cargo planning more efficient, e.g. in terms of planning time, idle times in port and cargo rotations. Thanks to already implemented modules such as our trim-optimization module (TROP), StowMan is today one of the most advanced stowage planning systems available in the market. It optimizes the vessel’s trim and replaces ballast water with cargo intake for increased vessel utilization.
      • Vessel Monitoring


        Bunker fuel prices have almost tripled during the last years. A ship owner who has online access to all relevant vessel data can react proactively and save money. To find out where, why and how much bunker fuel is being consumed is the key mission of BLUETRACKER. The primary function is to gain reliable data and generate relevant information to create performance indicators and optimization reports for each vessel and the whole fleet.

        And that is what BLUETRACKER does. It monitors and analyzes the performance of a ship by collecting data via interfaces from different sources (fuel counter, shaft power meter, alarm and monitoring system, motion sensors, weather data, loading computer, engine data, bunker management system, voyage data, navigational data, tank level gauging systems, etc.) and delivering them to the crew on board as well as to the ship owner at given intervals.
      • Route Planning


        Imagine your vessel is coming from India, heading for the Suez Canal. Your weather monitoring system shows a heavy storm coming up. Heavy weather can cause up to 20% more bunker fuel usage. With our route planning and optimization system, BLUEWAVE, you know what to expect. The crew can slow down to let the weather pass and make major fuel savings. BLUEWAVE also helps you to plan the most efficient route and calculate alternative arrival times in case of any incidents.

        BLUEWAVE, together with BLUETRACKER, can be used on board as well as ashore – for example as part of our FLEET OPERATION CENTER (FOC). It is also available as a stand-alone system, but we highly recommend the combination with BLUETRACKER.

        BLUEWAVE is a planning module of our comprehensive Maritime Energy Efficiency Comprehensive Optimization Suite (MEECOS)
      • Fleet Management


        You have the choice: Your crew can send you an e-mail with a checklist of onboard maintenance measures or annual records following the ISM Code. Your inspector can simply file the results away in the SMM. But can you be sure that your crew really conducted those checks? BLUEFLEET, our state-of-the-art ISM management system, enables you to have complete control over the planned maintenance procedures for every vessel in your fleet, complying with the highest safety standards that every ship owner has to rely on.
      • Fleet Operation Center


        A ship owner’s dream is to have maximum information via remote access to all vessels in the fleet. With the IS FLEET OPERATION CENTER (FOC), this is a reality. It combines our finest software solutions with advanced flat-screen technology to create a spaceship-like control center. Every DPA has unlimited real-time access to each vessel’s nautical data supplied by the Voyage Data Recorder, to ship’s data via BLUETRACKER, weather reports from BLUEWAVE and loading conditions transmitted by our Loading Computer MACS3 including the trim optimization module TROP. The result: you can resolve problems before they become critical.
    • Service

    • "Service means putting oneself in the position of a client and having the strength to say "Let’s go for it" even beyond the terms of a contract." INTERSCHALT President Ulf Hansen

      Service and support are the center of our strive towards sustainability. Our aim is total efficiency for your fleet and 100% customer satisfaction. We offer 24/7 availability and 360° service on board in addition to shore-based maintenance with flat fees and transparent reporting.
        • IS Service & Support

        • SERVICE & SUPPORT – IS CARE 360°

          The INTERSCHALT Service is as versatile as the customers we work for. Working with us means your challenges will be solved. Our approach is flexible, transparent and solution-oriented, wherever your vessels are. Supported by a worldwide coordination team together with more than 400 service engineers we will find a solution.

          Seven INTERSCHALT locations and more than a hundred partners secure our local presence in a steadily growing number of ports in more than 30 countries. There we perform routine inspections as well as emergency repairs to save you precious time and unnecessary costs.

          Our vision is to be virtually present on board your vessels through the technology we install. As soon as our monitoring solutions report malfunctions, we solve the problem.
        • IS Shore Based Maintenance


          To raise service quality to an advanced level and avoid off-hire times are reasons to hand shore-based maintenance over to INTERSCHALT. Another one is to delegate the responsibility for on-board quality to us as your partner. We offer you individually customized modular services that can be combined into contract packages. These range from mandatory annual surveys to full maintenance contracts covering all maintenance and repairs to navigation and communication equipment.

          Your major benefit is a condition-based flat rate for your fleet. Consistent and transparent reporting fleet wide, monthly, quarterly or annually, gives you complete control over the costs and performance of each item, each ship and the entire fleet. On this basis, we serve you in optimizing efficiency and safety on board. The owners of more than 3,400 ships already place their trust in us.
        • Worldwide


          A tightly knit network of INTERSCHALT locations and partners guarantees a 24/7 service worldwide.Seven INTERSCHALT service centers and more than a hundred service partners with 400 service engineers in over 30 countries are ready to support your vessels with maintenance services, inspections and spare parts – around the clock, 365 days a year. A very close cooperation between our worldwide coordinators, our own IS-branches and on site service partners guarantees high service quality. Service engineers are thoroughly trained and certified before they work on board.
        • Satellite Communication


          Steady access to vessel data enables you to receive all information to monitor the performance of vessel and crew. A reliable satellite communication system is the basis of our integrated vessel monitoring system BLUETRACKER and our fleet management system BLUEFLEET.

          In cooperation with our hardware partners, we offer you complete satellite communications solutions including installation, implementation of hardware and software, support and airtime.
      • Training

      • "The ECDIS Training was marvelous; a friendly, helpful and patient instructor was able to answer our questions before we asked them" Piers Edward Duncan Boileau-Goad, Second Officer in the service of Oceania Cruises and 2500th ECDIS course participant

        The seamless operation of hardware and software, combined with human excellence, makes the difference in commercial shipping. In our Maritime Education & Training (MET) facility, professionals train your staff in amazingly real simulators and situations – so realistic that trainees forget it’s just a simulation.
          • Training Facilities


            Investment in crew skills never stops; for trainees or trainers. That is why INTERSCHALT steadily invests time, money and creativity in keeping our MARITIME EDUCATION & TRAINING CENTER (MET) a unique, state of the art training location. Good training is not only the best way to prevent accidents. It also enables crews to operate your ship safely and efficiently thanks to training on our bridge simulation facilities.
          • Courses


            We offer a wide spectrum of tailor-made courses and training for bridge and engine room simulation; resource management, crisis management as well as standards such as ECDIS. Our training sessions for your staff on board or ashore will be accompanied by highly qualified instructors. What’s more, professional service personnel will take care of accommodation and hotel-transfer. Please find an overview of our courses here.
          • Events


            Being captain for a day and taking control of a huge container vessel is a dream for many people. You can make this dream come true for your guests. Let them start a voyage as a captain and crew on our 270° simulator bridge from Hamburg to Shanghai – a truly unique experience for you and your staff in our Maritime Education & Training Center.

            The MET is not only an advanced nautical training center for maritime professionals, but also an extraordinary location for anniversaries, company events, conferences or meetings. Our MET offers space for up to 50 people with spacious, air-conditioned and versatile meeting rooms equipped with modern audio and video technology, as well as a top class catering service.
        • Systems

        • "We continuously work on optimizing ship operations with software and service solutions. Shipping will become even safer and more efficient." Robert Gärtner, CEO

          Once we were known for our expertise in maritime switchboard technology. Today, our hull mark is the seamless cooperation between our systems and software solutions. An example: more than 4.000 commercial vessels worldwide sail with our voyage data recorder technology.
            • Voyage Data Recorder G4[e]


              A VDR has been mandatory since 2002. So why not make the most of it? Our development engineers turned a simple data collector and storage device into a smart data provider for third parties and a real-time monitor with off-track alarm on board and ashore. Detection of non-conformity between the real-time position and the corridor data will alert those in charge such as the DPA (Designated Person Ashore). The corridor tracking tool enables you to plan safe voyages and receive notifications in critical situations. For passage planning, a corridor within which the vessel is permitted to sail can be defined for the whole route. If the ship leaves the corridor, the online monitor transmits an automated alarm. In addition, our VDR functions as a data provider for our Fleet Operation Center, providing more safety for your vessels. Important information about radars, alarms, the position on the electronic chart, engine data, conning display and helm data is available at given intervals.
            • Monitoring & Control


              Although INTERSCHALT’s core business is moving towards software and service solutions, we still offer smart hardware devices which are often enough essential to a vessel’s safety and efficiency.
            • Diesel Electric Propulsion


              Since 2008 we have been planning, constructing and implementing diesel-electric propulsion systems on river cruise vessels. Our biggest asset is our in-depth knowledge of energy distribution on all types of vessels. That is one of the reasons why our DEP systems run smoothly on the ships we have equipped with our system. Our DEP systems are built in Germany to meet the highest standards of efficiency and safety in power management, fit the space required and deliver around-the-clock working.

              In the near future, more than 60 vessels will sail on Europe’s major inland waterways with our diesel-electric propulsion system on board. They will be served and inspected by INTERSCHALT specialists.