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Company Profile

FINCANTERI is the IRI Group company where the skills and facilities of the oldest and most illustrious italian of the sector have met. It can boast an experience of over 200 years: More than 7,000 vessels have been built in its shipyards. FINCANTERI is today the most important and diversified shipbuilding group in the Mediterranean, and one of the largest in Europe. The company is able to design, build, and market any types of merchant, cruise, and naval vessels, offshore vessels, and is also active in the large conversion and shiprepair sectors. FINCANTERI counts around 11,000 employees, and its production value totalled over 3,500 thousand million Liras in 1996, with a net profit of 5O billion liras. The company includes two Divisions - Merchant Shipbuilding and Naval Shipbuilding - and has its own research and development company in the field of naval architecture and marine engineering, the Cetena. Fincantieri Group also includes some subsidiary companies, among them there is Grandi Motori Trieste, a manufacturer of large diesel engines for marine and industrial applications. In the last few years, FINCANTIERI has gained a pre-eminent position in the challenging and prestigious sector of large cruise ships. This success was made possible thanks to an innovative accomplishment, strongly characterized by a 'made in Italy' style both in finishings' and the architectural design.

Product Range

  • Carpentry work
  • Cruising ship
  • Electrical and electronic work
  • Fast Ferry
  • Gritblasting
  • Insulation work
  • Lenghtening
  • Mechanical work
  • Naval vessel
  • Passenger car ferrie
  • Pipe and boiler work
  • Seagoing ship
  • Shortening
  • Steel work
  • Tank cleaning
  • Tankcoating and anticorrosion work
  • Ultra high pressure hydroblasting