Company Profile

Innovative packaging solutions for our customers

As specialist for packaging technology we supply unique packaging solutions for the end-of-line packaging. This starts at a simple ECONOMYLINE carton erector up to complex robotic packaging lines. Our machinery programme can be described with the idioms \"erecting\", \"filling\" and \"closing\" for all industries.

For this we combine well-proofed standard modules with new smart ideas. Since they know the characteristics of their products very well often this ideas are the result of a close cooperation with our customers. We just adept our technique according to the product demands.

In order to be aware of the demands and trends and to be able to react in due time to this we keep a close dialog to our customers. By an active customer relationship management in combination with continuous developments we keep our strong position in the market.

One actual example of our innovation is our UNIROB robot cell. By this unique modular robot cell we offer our customers a flexible and high-performance end-of-line packaging concept. That we managed to be one step ahead by this development is confirmed by well operating installations as well as by satisfied customers.

Beside to our high-quality standard and our flexible packaging technology the continuation of our successful company history is based on high-qualified and high-motivated employees.