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  • Offer Profile
  • As an experienced supplier of Factory Automation the Autec Group provides assembly an testing systems for a wide range of applications. For the most efficient manufacturing of your product: Autec offers solutions for diverse production procedures both fully and semi automated, whether for separating, connecting, measuring, testing or labelling your materials or components. We have our own patented assembly and feeding systems which enable us to individually adapt and optimise our tried and tested designs and systems to fit your requirements.
Product Portfolio
  • Combined Expertise for your Success

  • The interests of our clients are the main focus of our work. From the very beginning of the project planning and development phases we orientate ourselves to your specific requirements and specifications. This means that we can develop a system concept specially for you so that:
    • The price of the system is as low as possible
    • The efficiency of the system is as high as possible
    • A consistently high production quality is maintained
    • Energy and other operating costs incurred are kept to a minimum
    • Potential problems can be eliminated in the early stages
    In order to best fulfil your requirements Autec assembly concepts utilise the following technologies and systems:
    • Rotary indexing tables
    • Linear systems (pneumatically or cam-controlled)
    • Robot assisted systems
    • Linear transfer lines with specifically developed flexible assembly cells
    Our customers already begin to profit in the conception phase: It goes without saying that you receive comprehensive customer consultation from Autec- both for the purchase of new machines and also when re-engineering your present production systems.

    Autec Sondermaschinen GmbH in Amberg, Germany provides automatic assembly systems for the medical, automotive and electrotech industries, as well as for a wide spectrum of further applications.
      • The think tank

      • We at Autec have set our sights high: to develop and create the best possible standardised innovative problem solutions for daily production automation. Factory Automation may be a distant goal for some, in the Autec Group it is a daily reality.

        The benchmark of our activities is absolute customer focus, in addition to maximum flexibility and quality in both our systems and the products which you manufacture. In this way Autec ensures that you are best equipped to deal with the challenges of a globalised business world and an intercontinental delivery network.

        The employees of Autec Group are not only excellently trained, they are also closely interlinked. All sectors are in direct communication with each other, the development, design, production, assembly and service departments collaborate with one other. Their technical expertise in Factory Automation, paired with their high motivation build the foundations of our success.

        Present us with new challenges and see the abilities of our company for yourself. Visit us and we will show you „Automation live“.
      • Design - an Idea becomes Reality.

      • The combined experience gained from over 20 years in project planning, development and production of assembly and testing systems for diverse tasks is incorporated into Autecís designs.

        The best possible flexibility and reliability of the planned system is our approach and absolute customer satisfaction is our aim.

        Our development principles are:
        • Individual problem solutions
        • Outstanding service
        • Utilisation of the latest 3D-CAD technology
        • Close collaboration with the client
        In times of increasing globalisation it is a matter of survival for every company to launch new products onto the market before their competitors. Autec assists you in shortening the realisation period of your products.

        We provide a concept, tailor-made for every requirement and in accordance with the 3D design, and drawings and parts lists generated. During this process FMEAs are held regularly with our clients within the framework of reliability management to ensure that all relevant aspects are taken into account as early on in the development phase as possible.

        Our predominant aim is to shape your idea in a price-conscious, efficient way and if necessary with unconventional approaches to solutions. The standard to which we aim is high: Autec - we advance Automatic Assembling.
      • Programming

      • Production know-how and creative potential for the efficient realisation of your goals: This also includes the in-house programming of controllers by Autec. The possibilities for visualisation of sequences on our automatic assembly systems ranges from simple text display up to fully graphic portrayal- including formulation management and analysis of all relevant production data.

        As standard we use Siemens and Beckhoff controllers whose practical capabilities are tried and tested.

        Thanks to the monitoring of all relevant assembly steps in the main computer appropriate test programs can be implemented in order to ensure adherence to all customer specifications. Classifications as well the precise tracing of individual batches via the main computer are all realisable on Autec assembly systems.

        An additional core feature is electro-planning with WSCAD or EPLAN, which are among the most well-known CAE systems. We of course also provide the necessary control cabinets for full integration of the controller into your Autec assembly system.

        Do you want to prevent high cost servicing and reduce reaction times to error messages? Every one of our systems is equipped for remote maintenance (VPN or modem) which allows remote operation via user interface and programming environment. The key word is remote diagnosis which enables access to the complete system controller. We can even control the camera system via remote diagnosis to detect and quickly resolve mechanical errors.
    • Process

    • Extract from our processes
        • Processing

          • Palletizing
          • Beading
          • Clips
          • Grease
          • Pressing
          • Flood
          • Cut
          • Stamping
        • Welding

          • Laser Welding
          • Friction welding
          • Ultrasonic Welding
          • Resistance Welding
        • Measuring & testing / Marking

          • Mechanical testing
          • Image analysis
          • Leak test
          • Torque test
          • Force-time measurement
          • Resistance test
          • Labeling
          • Laser marking
          • Embossing
          • Pad Printing
          • Inkjet Printing
      • Covering a wide Application Range

      • We provides automatic assembly systems for the medical, automotive and electrotech industries, as well as for a wide spectrum of further applications various.
          • automotive

          • Diverse products used in and on vehicles, from the delicate to extremely robust components.
          • electrotech

          • Electronic and electro-mechanical components for a wide range of applications in modern devices and systems
          • medical

          • Pharmaceutical and medical-technology products, produced in line with strictest standards.
          • various

          • From cosmetics to mobile communications: Additional applications for Autec assembly and testing systems.