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  • The BEUMER Group is an international leader in the manufacture of intralogistics for conveying, loading, palletising, packaging, sortation and distribution technology.
Product Portfolio
  • Conveying Technology: ALWAYS IN MOTION EVERYWHERE

  • BEUMER has been a supplier of systems and equipment for the transportation of bulk and piece goods around the world for many years. With success. Whether for the cement, lime or gypsum industries, for the chemical industry or for new markets such as the energy sector, BEUMER belt conveyors, conveyors for hot materials and high-capacity bucket elevators always offer the ideal solution for your specific transportation requirements.


    Long distances, extreme heights, high temperatures - the range of custom system solutions from BEUMER Group is as broad as the range of requirements in the conveying technology sector. Thanks to our vast technical expertise, we always find the right way to transport your products quickly, safely and efficiently from A to B.

    • Belt conveyors as closed (pipe conveyors) or open conveyors and in curved configurations
    • High-capacity bucket elevators as belt and chain bucket elevators
    • Hot material conveyors as apron conveyors with link plate chains or steel cable belts
    • Charging, metering and shut-off equipment
      • Belt Conveyor

      • Long distances, large heights, small radii - the BEUMER system solutions are as individual as the requirements in the conveying technology sector. We keep you satisfied with our technical expertise and always work with you to identify the right solution to transport your products quickly, safely and efficiently from A to B.
      • Apron conveyor

      • High temperatures, complex configurations, overcoming extreme heights - thanks to a comprehensive product range, BEUMER apron conveyors are ideally matched to the special demands involved in the transportation of hot materials.
      • Bucket elevators

      • Bucket elevators have proven themselves for vertical transport of many and diverse bulk materials for decades. As a market leader, BEUMER successfully established the belt bucket elevator technology in the market decades ago.
      • Pipe Conveyor

      • The Pipe Conveyor is an enclosed curve going transportation system for all kinds of bulk materials. At the loading and discharging points, the conveyor system is identical with open troughed conveyors. The difference starts after the loading point, where the belt is formed into its typical tubular shape by special idler arrangements over a certain distance and finally is led through idler panels with hexagonal cut outs and offset idler arrangement. At the discharging point, the belt opens automatically after the final idler panel and transfers the material to its next destination.
      • Alternative fuel handling

      • The required energy input causes about 40% of the production costs for the manufacture of cement. Therefore apart from standard combustibles like coal, fuel oil and gas the so called alternative fuels are of considerable interest, besides a useful waste disposal their utilization offers important economical advantages.
      • Grinding Units

      • We offer our customers system solutions for the design, construction and manufacture of complete grinding systems specially attuned to the respective application. Our experience in planning, designing and manufacturing allows us to offer turn-key or partially turn-key systems.
      • Silo Technology

      • Enexco is a pioneer in the field of silo feeding and storage. This applies to both silos with flat bottoms and silos with a central cone. Reference systems across the globe document Enexco's experience and expertise in the field of designing and delivering various types of silos. We offer our customers a wide product range of silo systems for all common materials in the construction and power generation industries.

        Enexco is a complete outfitter for silo systems. The product range includes airslides, manual and automatic gate valves, parallel distributors, weighing and aeration systems, dosing technology, throughput measuring devices and pipe lines, as well as the proper control technology for every application. Our expertise allows us to customise all systems specifically to the individual customers' specifications.
    • Loading Technology: PRECISE, SAFE AND CLEAN

    • Goods vehicles, railway wagons, ships or barges - there is no form of goods transport for which BEUMER does not offer an ideal loading and unloading solution. The actual loading machine remains the focus of attention. Customers select additional components to build complete loading systems to meet their precise requirements and BEUMER plans, manufactures and installs the complete system. BEUMER loading systems are characterised by efficiency, ease of use and superior performance.

      AT A GLANCE:
      • Equipment for the loading of loose and bagged bulk materials in heavy goods vehicles, railway trucks and vessels
      • Truck unloading equipment
      • Automated bag loading equipment for heavy goods vehicles and containers
        • Bulk material

        • Large quantities of bulk materials must be transported by road and by rail. These bulk materials, whether building materials, coal, grain, animal feed, mineral aggregate or products from the chemical industry, are frequently loaded at the production site and transported as mass bulk material to their sites of use by means of appropriate vehicles.
          It is essential to provide technical loading and unloading equipment designed for the handling of specific products and exactly adjusted to the assembly conditions. During the design phase the characteristics of each type of material to be loaded need to be considered, in par ticular with regard to the bulk density, product tempe rature and flow behavior.
        • Bag loading

        • The concept of the three dimensionally adjustable bag loading machine with telescoping head for loading trucks and railcars can be traced back to a German patent issued to BEUMER Group several decades ago. In the meantime, BEUMER Group has supplied many loading machines, both standard and special models, for road and rail vehicles and, in addition to supplying individual machines, has equipped various packing plants worldwide with such equipment. Mechanized and semi- or fully automatic bag loading equipment has become a BEUMER Group speciality. Bag transport equipment, bag cleaners and devices for rejecting broken bags as well as the system controls expand the bag loading equipment into complete installations.
      • Palletising Technology

      • The end of a packaging line is the beginning of a new journey for a company's product - a journey through complex distribution channels carried out via multiple modes of transportation. Filled with risk, this journey carries the potential for significant but avoidable costs and unfavorable impacts to a business and to its customers.

        End-of-line packaging processes and technologies - particularly palletising and pallet packaging - play a critical role in safeguarding product in its highest value-added state for delivery to and use by customers, as well as in driving packaging line profitability. Poorly formed pallet loads, for example, can increase transportation costs and time-to-market. Similarly, non-optimized pallet packaging leaves pallet loads unstable, making them especially vulnerable to tipping, spillage, and damage. The financial costs can erode margins, while reputational costs can cut into a company's market share.
          • High level palletising

          • With the quality of business outcomes tied so closely to end-of-line packaging, it is imperative that a business understands what to look for in palletising and pallet packaging technologies...
          • Robotic palletising

          • Our mothers used to tell us, "eat your peas - they're good for you." They had good reason for doing so. They understood that careful attention to the right dietary inputs would contribute to better health - and to better personal performance...
          • And, if you're involved in end-of-line packaging, P's are critical to the health of your business and to successful customer outcomes. Three P's, in particular: Protection, Precision, and Performance.

            The foundation of an intelligent, sustainable platform for end-of-line packaging, 3P™ from BEUMER Group is an outcome-based approach to palletising and pallet packaging processes and technologies.

            3P focuses on the right inputs that contribute to better end-of-line packaging health - and to better business results - including superior product protection with unmatched precision in repeatability of quality, cost control, and operational predictability. All of which contribute to better performance for you and for your customers.
        • Packaging Technology

        • The end of a packaging line is the beginning of a new journey for a company's product - a journey through complex distribution channels carried out via multiple modes of transportation. Filled with risk, this journey carries the potential for significant but avoidable costs and unfavorable impacts to a business and to its customers.
            • Stretch hooding

            • With its market launch in 1989, the BEUMER stretch hood® system represents the state-of-the-art in transport packaging. Featuring class-leading control technology, modular design, and optimized packaging film handling, the BEUMER stretch hood® system offers an incomparable range of pallet packaging options across a broad range of pallet packaging challenges and requirements.
                • stretch hood® i

                • Operating mode:  fully automatic stretch hooding

                  Flexibility of handling automatically various load dimensions: yes

                  Film thickness: 40 - 120 μm

                  Capacity at a load stack height of 1400 mm:
                  117 loads/h (closed top)
                  140 loads/h (open top)

                  Max. load height including pallet: 2.400 mm

                  Load dimensions max: 1.320 x 1.320 mm
                • stretch hood® G

                • Operating mode: fully automatic stretch hooding

                  Flexibility of handling automatically various load dimensions: yes

                  Film thickness: 40 - 200 μm

                  Capacity at a load stack height of 800 mm:
                  130 loads/h (closed top)
                  160 loads/h (open top)

                  Max. load height including pallet: 2.400 mm

                  Load dimensions max: 2.500 x 1.250 mm
                • stretch hood® M

                • Operating mode: fully automatic stretch hooding

                  Flexability of handling automatically various load dimensions: yes

                  Film thickness: 40 - 200 μm

                  Capacity at a load stack height of 800 mm:
                  130 loads/h (closed top)
                  160 loads/h (open top)

                  Max. load height including pallet: 2.400 mm

                  Load dimensions max: 1.450 x 1.250 mm
                • stretch hood® S

                • Operating mode: fully automatic stretch hooding

                  Flexability of handling automaticly various load dimensions: limited

                  Film thickness: 40 - 200 μm

                  Capacity at a load stack height of 800 mm:
                  120 loads/h (closed top)
                  145 loads/h (open top)

                  Max. load height including pallet: 2.400 mm

                  Load dimensions max: 1.300 x 1.110 mm
                • stretch hood® W

                • Operating mode: fully automatic stretch hooding

                  Flexability of handling automaticly various load dimensions: yes

                  Film thickness: 40 - 200 μm

                  Capacity at a load stack height of 800 mm:
                  135 loads/h (closed top)
                  175 loads/h (open top)

                  Max. load height including pallet: 2.400 mm

                  Load dimensions max: 1.000 x 1.000 mm
              • Other Packaging Technologies

                  • Shrink hooding

                  • Goods of all kinds are reliably protected for storage and transport by placing a film hood over them and than shrink the material to the shape of the product. The concept is based on more than two decades of experience in the manufacture of film packaging systems.
                  • Palletless packaging

                  • In 1989 BEUMER delivered the first transport packaging solution for bagged products without using a pallet as carrier. Pallets no mater if they are reusable pallets, disposable pallets, recycled pallets, pooled or consignment pallets it is avoidable cost which may can be eliminated.
                  • BEUMER fillpac I/R

                  • The BEUMER fillpac is the result of years of experience in designing and manufacturing bagging systems, which has been designed to operate under the most difficult conditions and in every working environment.
                  • Big Bag Filling Systems

                  • The big bag filling systems of Enexco are suitable for filling reusable 2- or 4- loop big bags, with a capacity ranging from 500 to 2,000 kg for free flowing materials like cement and carbon black.

                    The systems can be supplied with motorised roller conveyors to transfer the filled bags onto any downstream conveyor or take-away post. Alternatively, the bags can be loaded directly onto trucks by the use of fork-lift trucks or monorail hoists.
                • Airport Baggage handling systems

                • International and regional airports are experiencing steadily rising passenger volumes. A powerful baggage conveying and distribution system from BEUMER can help them to continue providing fast, safe and flexible baggage handling.
                  Whether in a central sorting facility or in locally controlled, target-programmed transport vehicles, the individually tailored BEUMER concepts have proven themselves worldwide. System controller, process computer and associated peripheral devices complement the system's range of features, enabling distribution rates of up to 10,000 suitcases per hour.
                  Baggage handling systems from BEUMER make it easy to cope with rising passenger volumes. For passengers they mean reduced waiting times when checking in, careful baggage handling and faster transfer times.
                    • Check-in systems

                    • As one of the few interfaces between the passengers and the baggage handling systems, the integration of the check-in counter and conveyors is of great importance. Crisplant, part of BEUMER Group, supplies check-in systems which are integrated with airline and airport information systems, and are designed to accommodate the special demands.

                      The Crisplant and BEUMER Check-in systems feature:
                      • Robust modular design
                      • Choice of belt types and widths
                      • Fully integrated scale and control system
                      • Optional front guard light
                      • Easy installation and commissioning
                      • Safe and secure operation
                      • Low noise level
                    • Baggage Conveyor Systems

                    • Crisplant and BEUMER supply the CrisBelt baggage conveyor system to airports worldwide.
                      The CrisBelt conveyor system combines cost-effective baggage handling with reliable operation, easy maintenance and low energy consumption.

                      The inherent flexibility of its modular design allows CrisBelt to help airports of all sizes incl. major air-traffic hubs and regional airports, to meet their objectives for cost-effective and reliable baggage transport.

                      By combining standard, off-the-shelf modules with the flexibility to specify features such as the belt width, belt type, drive locations and inclines, CrisBelt provides a fast, easy and cost effective transport system for carrying all types of baggage between the arrival, transfer and departure baggage systems.

                      The modular approach enables the CrisBelt baggage conveyor system to combine fast installation with robust, reliable and quiet operation and a minimal spares inventory.
                    • High Speed Transportation Systems

                    • Crisplant and BEUMER design, build, and integrate high-speed baggage transport and sortation systems. These high speed baggage handling systems play a vital part in securing a fast and accurate transfer of baggage from terminal to terminal for shorter connection times and optimised passenger flow.

                      Crisplant and BEUMER offer the CrisBag® integrated tote system and the autover® independent carrier system (ICS) as proven high-speed baggage transport and sortation solutions.

                      Both systems achieve rates of 10 m/sec, which plays a vital role in securing a fast and accurate transfer of baggage from terminal to terminal in major airports around the world.
                    • Early Baggage Storage systems

                    • Crisplant and BEUMER offer the CrisBag® tote system and traditional conveyor storage solutions for airports and airlines seeking early baggage storage (EBS) solutions.

                      EBS allows passenger bags to be checked in hours before flight time with the flexibility of retrieving the bag automatically at any time. An EBS system also manages peak volumes and reduces labour requirements considerably.
                    • Make-Up Systems

                    • Crisplant and BEUMER supply automated and semi-automated solutions as well as lifting devices for loading and unloading of baggage in the make-up area. The Crisplant and BEUMER loading and unloading solutions reduce costs, improve handling efficiencies and provide a safer working environment for the ground handling teams.
                    • High Capacity Sortation Systems

                    • Crisplant and BEUMER design, produce and install high-speed tilt-tray baggage sortation systems that meet critical airport and airline needs. The tilt-tray high-speed loop sorters feature the highest layout flexibility with reduced installation and commissioning time. The tilt-tray sorters are high capacity systems, which quickly and accurately sort baggage to the right destination on time.
                    • Reclaim systems

                    • Crisplant and BEUMER design and integrate CrisClaim® carousels for smooth and quiet operation implementing security and customs screening. The carousels offer high flexibility and reliability under the extreme demands of high passenger density.

                      The CrisClaim® carousels are designed for smooth and quiet operation. The CrisClaim® carousels offer high layout flexibility and reliability, exceptional appearance and operation under the extreme demands of high passenger density.

                      As part of increased security in airports, Crisplant and BEUMER design and implement security and customs screening of the bag before it is handed over to the passenger.
                    • BHS management systems

                    • Software and controls is of the essence for a successful integration of baggage sorting and transportation equipment. Crisplant and BEUMER have in-house developed control and management software including SAC and MICS/SCADA as well as baggage reconciliation (BRS) that offers improved level of security and aids prevention of short-shipped and misrouted bags.

                      For a high capacity baggage handling system it is vital that the software managing and controlling the baggage handling system successfully integrates all the sorting and transportation equipment and provides an intuitive user interface. Crisplant and BEUMER have many years of experience in achieving just that and use system simulation and emulation to verify all software and hardware minimising valuable project site time and costs.
                  • Logistic systems

                  • We have the experience - you enjoy the benefits.
                    As a global leader in the manufacture of products for intralogistics in the fields of conveying, loading, palletizing, packaging, sorting and distribution technology, we know all about goods and products that need transporting, and we know exactly what is needed to transport them.
                    In the service and production industries, the demands placed on modern sorting and distribution systems are constantly increasing. Complex material- flow technology, flexibility when it comes to sorting, adaptation to local requirements, and economical production to order - each and every one of these are important. With its brilliantly conceived designs, BEUMER offers you individual system solutions with intelligent software that boast efficiency, speed and precision.
                    Years of experience in identifying systems to suit applications, and continuous research and development work are reflected in BEUMER's expertise. In our R&D centre, we regularly test a wide range of applications and develop new solutions in fields such as ergonomics, noise development and infeed procedure.
                      • Cross-belt sortation systems

                      • The BEUMER Group portfolio of cross belt sortation systems includes the BEUMER Belt Tray Sorter and the Crisplant LS-4000CB Cross-Belt Sorter. With a large number of installations worldwide, BEUMER Group sortation equipment and software are critical components of today's most sophisticated and highest throughput automated material handling systems in various industries.
                      • Tilt-tray sortation systems

                      • The BEUMER Tilt-Tray Sorter is the basic building-block of our range. These mechanical tilting elements enable goods to be discharged on either side, in a guided, two-dimensional process. That means the item glides out of the tray without any 'catapult effect', and has a much lower speed when it leaves the tray than in other comparable systems. This enables large letters, small packages, parcels and any other sorted items to be transported safely and discharged exactly in the right place.
                      • Conveying systems

                      • BEUMER Group offers a full range of case- and pallet-handling conveying systems and conveyor control systems for warehouses, distribution centres, postal and parcel services and manufacturing facilities worldwide.

                        Conveyors delivered by BEUMER Group are designed with performance, durability and reliability in mind to meet the accumulation, transportation, sortation and storage needs of virtually any manufacturing or distribution environment.
                      • Sorter Controls

                      • An industrial PLC (BEUMER Sorter Control - BSC ) controls every function related to the machinery. This real-time system, incorporating worldwide maintenance service, executes each of the control commands for all of the mechanical components of BEUMER Group sorters and their peripheral equipment (induction units, scanners, destinations) and processes the signals from various sensors and monitoring units. The BEUMER sorter control contains decentralised input and output devices that are networked using a standardised fieldbus. The BEUMER Sortation System (BeSS) is a Windows server that forms part of the upper control level of the sorting process.
                      • AUTOMATIC PARCEL SINGULATOR

                      • The Automatic Parcel Singulator transforms a bulk flow of parcels into a uniformly separated, spaced and aligned flow, before the in-feed to the automated induction of a high-speed loop sorter.

                        The Automatic Parcel Singulator is able to handle a wide variety of postal items and provides a single system for handling parcels, flats, totes and sealed bags from the collection and distribution sorting areas. Cyclical operation enables the Automatic Parcel Singulator to adjust the speed of the parcel flow in response to changing levels of demand at the induction to the sorting system. As a fully automated system, the Automatic Parcel Singulator minimises the need for manual handling and supervision during normal operation.