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  • The BEUMER Group is an international leader in the manufacture of intralogistics for conveying, loading, palletising, packaging, sortation and distribution technology.
Product Portfolio
  • Conveying Technology: ALWAYS IN MOTION EVERYWHERE

  • BEUMER has been a supplier of systems and equipment for the transportation of bulk and piece goods around the world for many years. With success. Whether for the cement, lime or gypsum industries, for the chemical industry or for new markets such as the energy sector, BEUMER belt conveyors, conveyors for hot materials and high-capacity bucket elevators always offer the ideal solution for your specific transportation requirements.


    Long distances, extreme heights, high temperatures - the range of custom system solutions from BEUMER Group is as broad as the range of requirements in the conveying technology sector. Thanks to our vast technical expertise, we always find the right way to transport your products quickly, safely and efficiently from A to B.

    • Belt conveyors as closed (pipe conveyors) or open conveyors and in curved configurations
    • High-capacity bucket elevators as belt and chain bucket elevators
    • Hot material conveyors as apron conveyors with link plate chains or steel cable belts
    • Charging, metering and shut-off equipment
      • Belt Conveyor


        BEUMER open troughed belt conveyors are suitable for conveying any type of material that must be transported quickly across vast distances through rough terrain. With extremely tight curve radii and large centre distances, these systems enable very high throughput and high mass flows of robust and heavy materials.

        Different materials can be conveyed in the upper and lower strands at the same time. This makes troughed belt conveyors particularly flexible and efficient. In addition, low investment costs and the short amortisation time ensure high costeffectiveness.

        AT A GLANCE:

        • Centre distance: BEUMER troughed belt conveyors: up to 20 km

        Curve radius:
        • BEUMER troughed belt conveyors: > 400 m for horizontal curves, vertical curves depending on the application

        Conveying capacity: up to 10,000 t/h, e.g. iron ore

        Conveying speed: up to 6.5 m/s

        Angles of inclination: up to 15° depending on the material to be conveyed


        Our highly heat-resistant apron conveyors, using either a belt or chain, transport hot materials such as clinker safely – even in case of high temperatures, complicated routings and large conveying heights. This permits a choice of cell widths ranging from 500 to 2,000 mm, centre distances of up to 250 m and conveying capacities of up to 1,540 m3/h. Various designs enable possible inclinations of up to 60°, with a speed of up to 0.6 m/s.

        AT A GLANCE:
        • Ideal for hot materials with temperatures of up to 600 °C and higher
        • Angle of inclination up to 60°
        • Conveying speeds up to 0.6 m/s
        • Conveying capacities of up to 1,255 m3/h
        • Cell width reaching between 500 mm and 2,000 mm
        • Conveying capacities up to 1,540 m3/h
      • Bucket elevators


        Over the course of multiple decades we have introduced numerous innovations in vertical conveying. This experience and pioneer spirit has allowed us to become a leader in the design and manufacturing of bucket elevators. The high quality and high capacity systems we build have proven themselves under the most demanding conditions, for instance heavy duty applications in mining or cement production..

        AT A GLANCE:
        • Vertical transport of fine bulk material and coarse bulk material
        • Product properties ranging from sticky to highly abrasive
        • Conveying heights up to 200 m and more
        • Conveying capacity up to 2,000 m³/h and more

      • Old tyres, shredded tyres, plastics and other oil-based mineral products – large volumes of alternative fuels are available at low cost and can be safely disposed of using the high-temperature process in the rotary kiln systems in cement works, leaving no residues.

        Our systems enable these alternative materials to be stored, separated, weighed, metered out and transported efficiently and without harming the environment. It is also possible to change fuel types.

        These plants thus ensure that kilns in cement works are operated and fuelled much more economically. At the same time, the ash from the alternative fuels is added to the mineral components of the cement clinker and thus reduces the volume of additives needed.

        AT A GLANCE:

        • Economical energy recovery
        • Low-cost waste disposal
        • No unacceptable environmental impacts
        • Fuel types can be changed
        • Precisely metered combustion processes


        Mobile conveyor belts help with one of mining's most significant challenges that's rooted in the process of extracting ores, coal, and rocks from the ground: While excavating raw materials on-site in a mine or a quarry, the distance from the point of excavation to the overland conveyor increases with every cubic ton that's mined. Moving the raw materials across the excavation site by truck is costly, time-consuming, and potentially dangerous to the miners. However, mobile conveyor belts can be adapted to the ever-changing on-site requirements by adding or removing individual modules, thus allowing for safer, more efficient transportation.


        • Reduces operating costs
        • Increases labour safety on site
        • Contributes to making mining less environmentally harmful




        Tight turns, steep inclines and long distance - pipe conveyors transport bulk material across challenging terrain. A pipe conveyor is actually a conveyor belt shaped into a tube, the closing of the belt helps to reduce contamination and spillage: protecting bulk materials from the sun, rain and wind - and protecting the environment at the same time. This is important when transporting sensitive materials, such as waste products for instance, close to or even through public areas. There are no unpleasant smells, no material loss, and equally as important, there are no adverse effects to the surrounding environment.


        • Ideal for long distances
        • Long centre distances
        • Great flexibility
        • High-temperature bulk goods can be transported
        • Highly economical with low investment costs
        • Low-wear construction with a lengthy service life even with highly abrasive materials

      • We develop screw conveyors to precisely supply the exact dosage of alternative fuels in the cement works and for the loading of ships in the port. Shredded car tyres, waste wood, textiles, paper and plastics - screw conveyors simplify the transportation of a wide variety of goods. The helical screw conveyor rotates in a U-shaped pan or tube, transporting the bulk materials out of the silos. With low failure susceptibility, low costs and a flexible screw pitch, makes the screw conveyor advantageous for short distances. Versions with double auger or with weighing capabilities can be adapted to suit your needs.


        • Feeding speed 30 tons per hour
        • Bulk densities from 0.08 to 0.8 tons per cubic meter
        • Control ratio 1:20
        • 1 to 2 percent feed accuracy with automatic calibration
        • Completely closed auger scale to protect against dust



      • Our central chain bucket elevator was developed expressly for maximum conveyor performance; depending on design, sizeable centre distances can thus be achieved, and conveyed volumes can reach 1,900 m³/h depending on bucket width.

        Their full strength comes to the fore with hot, abrasive or granular bulk material, as in milling operations in the cement industry, for instance. A range of chain types is available to ensure the best possible use. Our central chain bucket elevators are in the field of high permanent temperatures of the material, e.g. for hot clinker.


        • Conveying capacity up to 1,900 m3/h
        • Centre distances up to 70 m and more
        • Vertical transport of hot bulk material with grain size up to 100 mm
        • Different chain sizes with breaking forces up to 2,500 kN available

      • Shiftable conveyors in opencast mines as well as numerous belt conveyors within handling systems require a hopper cFAM hopper cars ensure a controlled centered feeding, which is particularly important because of the straight run of the belt.

        Depending on the design, two types are possible:

        • Hopper cars with a rail chassis, with and without its own drive
        • Hopper cars with a crawler chassis.

        For easier lifting and guiding of the belt in the upper strand, usually articulated roller stations are used, which can better absorb the shock from the falling feed material thus protecting the top cover of the belt.

        ar that is capable of distributing material along the entire conveying length.


    • Loading Technology: PRECISE, SAFE AND CLEAN

    • We provide the perfect solution for loading and unloading any vehicle, from trucks to railway cars to ships. At the centre is the actual loading machine. From there, we design, manufacture and install entire loading systems, tailor-made to your requirements and the products to be conveyed.

      Our loading technology provides economic efficiency, easy operation and high capacity. We have pioneered in this field for decades. Our loading technology portfolio includes:

      • systems for loading loose or bagged bulk material into trucks, waggons, and ships
      • unloading machines
      • automatic bag loading machines for trucks and containers
        • Bulk material

        • Efficient, reliable and safe bulk material transport
          The right loading technology is crucial for efficient and safe delivery of your products to your customers: We are one of the leading providers of systems for bulk material loading. We offer our customers a high degree of availability and economical operation through our many years of experience, high-quality products, extensive know-how and the continuous development of the loading technology for bulk material.

          Product overview of our loading technology for bulk material

          Bulk loading heads:
          • for bulk transporter vehicles
          • with an integrated filter
          • with fill level indicator

          Loading systems:
          • for bulk transporter vehicles
          • for open vehicles
          • for trains
          • for ships
          • dispatch automation
        • Bag loading

        • The concept of the three dimensionally adjustable bag loading machine with telescoping head for loading trucks and railcars can be traced back to a German patent issued to BEUMER Group several decades ago. In the meantime, BEUMER Group has supplied many loading machines, both standard and special models, for road and rail vehicles and, in addition to supplying individual machines, has equipped various packing plants worldwide with such equipment. Mechanized and semi- or fully automatic bag loading equipment has become a BEUMER Group speciality. Bag transport equipment, bag cleaners and devices for rejecting broken bags as well as the system controls expand the bag loading equipment into complete installations.

          The BEUMER autopac® 3000 is an economic and efficient system for simultaneous loading and palletising of bagged material, such as, cement, lime, gypsum, grain, flour, sugar, plastic granules, food and fertilisers, or similar products. The BEUMER autopac® 3000 is available in mobile and stationary designs and is therefore suited for various applications. These alter - native designs allow an optimum utilization of the dispatch capabilities. Loading and palletising as one operation - this is the proven BEUMER autopac® 3000. Open trucks are automatically loaded with bags directly from the packer onto the loading layers at an hourly capacity of 3.000 bags.

          The BEUMER autopac® 3000 is moved into its initial loading position by remote control. The number of rows and layers as well as the total number of bags are stipulated. The reafter loading runs automatically. The BEUMER autopac® 3000 is constructed entirely of electro - mechanical components. The drives and machine parts are clearly arranged and easily accessible. This design offers decisive advant - ages even under extreme ambient conditions through its high availability and outstanding efficiency in operation.
      • Filling Technology


        The round peg must fit into the square hole! Or how does cement actually get packed into the cement sack? With the help of free-flow technology. Not only is mortar, plaster and cement poured into sacks. Free-flow filling systems are also used for building materials, chemical and mineral industries also pour free-flowing bulk goods into receptacles. Powerful filling systems help to pack the substances in large quantities. We, the BEUMER Group, guarantee reliable filling machines based on decades of experience, which we are constantly developing further - in Germany and also worldwide.

            • BEUMER FILLPAC® FFS


              BEUMER fillpac® FFS forms bags from prefabricated PE tubular film and fills them both reliably and carefully. The bags are then automatically sealed. The BEUMER fillpac® FFS can form, fill and seal up to 2,600 bags every hour. An integrated weighing system ensures that filling is accurate to the last gram.


              • Bag forming, filling and sealing in one system
              • Capacity of up to 2,600 bags per hour
              • Compact, space-saving design
              • Robust low-vibration technology
              • Intuitive operation with an ergonomic HMI
        • Palletising Technology


          Automated palletising technology helps to get large quantities of your product from the factory to the customer. Palletisers gently and quickly stack cement sacks, cardboard boxes or containers of liquid on top of one another. Thanks to the first-class stacking quality, all packaged units reach the retailer undamaged. For over 40 years we have been developing palletising technology that can be seamlessly integrated into your manufacturing process. Whether you produce materials for the building industry, for the chemical industry or supply your customers with food, with automatic palletising you will stay competitive in the future.


          High-performance palletisers that even under extreme conditions work reliably accelerate the production process. The quality of the palletising technology is demonstrated by its long service life. The modular design can be expanded as required. For bagged products, i.e. those packed in sacks, the packer technology implements all commonly used packing patterns. At the push of a button, the palletisers react flexibly to changes in size and material. Thus the packed pallets are loaded into the truck without delay and reach your customer on time. Our BEUMER robotpac® palletising robot packs dimensionally stable and unstable goods. We have developed the BEUMER paletpac® palletising system for stacking bags. 

            • High level palletising


              Does the market demand higher throughput? No problem: The BEUMER paletpac® high-performance palletiser could be your answer. Our palletisers and palletising systems can stack exceptionally high quantities of robust, bagged products onto pallets and then move them carefully, safely and economically. Take the opportunity to increase your production with an automated palletising process.

              Highlights of BEUMER paletpac® series

              • Output range: up to 6,000 bags/hour
              • Careful bag handling
              • Precise stacking
              • Software automation for all common packing patterns
              • Simple operation
            • Robotic palletising


              The BEUMER robotpac® system sets the standard in robot palletising – our technology palletises and depalletises any package. Thanks to our specially developed sector- and task-specific gripping elements, a BEUMER robot palletiser is the modular solution for packing your bagged goods, cartons, boxes, crates and canisters onto pallets carefully and quickly with its articulated arm. The robot palletisers' adaptation control ensures a continuous and smooth workflow on all production lines, even when things get more complex with changing goods and packing patterns. Discover BEUMER robotpac® robot palletising system for your palletising process.

              Highlights of BEUMER robotpac® series
              • Simple switching between packing patterns at the touch of a button or fully automated via barcode recognition
              • Interchangeable grippers that can handle a variety of packaged goods
              • Optimal safety, even at maximum loads
          • Packaging Technology


            Who stacks bricks on pallets? Does champagne run through pipes into the supermarket? Is granulate filled into sacks with a spoon? All products need packaging - especially for transportation. Whether in the retail, building materials or the chemical industry, after production all products have to make their way to the end user. Stable packaging preserves the value of your product. Safe palletising prevents accidents and sustainable packaging saves natural resources and money. But are you also ready for smart packaging technology at top speed? Complete packaging lines give your filling and packaging process the competitive productivity boost.


            Filling bulk goods into bags is the first step in the packaging process. The filling and sealing of those bags is done fully automatically by machines with the intention of filling and shaping the bags for easy stacking and palletisation. The weight of the packaged goods is also measured and adjusted on a continuous basis. The Form-Fill-Seal or FFS process stands for forming, filling and sealing. Irregular flow behaviour and high temperatures are often to be expected with chemical products. We have designed the comprehensive BEUMER fillpac® FFS system for gentle filling. The machine forms precisely fitting bags from a PE tubular film, fills them and seals them automatically. The machine processes up to 2,600 bags per hour. An integrated scale automatically checks the precise product quantity. 

                • Stretch Hood® A

                • The BEUMER stretch hood® A offers maximum load stability due to the combination of vertical and horizontal contracting forces of the film. The high-flexibility film allows different product sizes to be packaged on the same pallet.

                  PACKAGING FOR PALLETS

                  The BEUMER stretch hood® A also scores on sustainability: the packaging process uses no heat and consumes very little power, while also minimising the fire risk. Only the exact amount of film required is used, in just a single layer. The sturdy, watertight film and the high level of stability of the packed pallets guarantee outstanding performance for outdoor storage.

                  Ease of handling is provided by automatic recognition of the pallet dimensions and precise selection of the film format. The system can also be operated simply and intuitively via the touch panel, with explanatory video covering the more technical functions.


                  • High load stability
                  • Excellent display qualities
                  • Protection against environmental impacts and interference
                  • Low power and film use
                  • Fully automatic pallet and package recognition
                  • Film length automatically calculated using ultrasound
            • Airport Baggage handling systems

            • The BEUMER Group provides fully integrated automated high-speed airport baggage handling systems for small, medium, and large airports worldwide. This includes producing and integrating systems for security screening, storage, sortation and transportation of departure baggage from check-in to departure gate, as well as transportation of transfer and arrival baggage.

              Our solutions are tailor-made according to the specifications of the client and include the entire process from concept analysis and design to long-term service & support including operations and maintenance.
                • Check-in systems

                • The check-in area is one of the few interfaces between the passenger and the baggage handling system and thus an important factor for passenger satisfaction. Check-in systems integrate perfectly with the airline and airport information systems to accommodate special airport requirements.

                  Even small changes to the check-in process can deliver major operational advantages and a modern baggage handling system often offers the potential to increase the check-in and bag-drop capacity significantly. Today, the efficiency that is achieved through automating the baggage handling process is not limited to sortation and transport. Automation can also reach upstream into never-before automated areas at the check-in process.


                  • Higher check-in capacity in less footprint
                  • 100% read rate and tracking from check-in
                  • Higher percentage of conveyable items
                  • Baggage updates to passengers’ mobile phones
                  • Improved passenger flow and passenger experience
                  • Significant increase in manpower productivity
                • Baggage Conveyor Systems


                  The CrisBelt® conveyor system combines cost-effective baggage handling with reliable operation, easy maintenance and low energy consumption.

                  By combining standard, off-the-shelf modules with the flexibility to specify features such as the belt width, belt type, drive locations and inclines, CrisBelt provides a fast, easy and cost-effective transport system for carrying all types of baggage between the arrival, transfer and departure baggage systems.

                  The inherent flexibility of its modular design allows CrisBelt to help airports of all sizes incl. major air-traffic hubs and regional airports, to meet their objectives for cost effective and reliable baggage transport.


                  • Robust, modular design with the flexibility to fit very compact footprints
                  • Choice of belt types, belt widths, configurable drive locations, inclines and many more features.
                  • Approved by international airport consultants
                  • Manufactured in a BEUMER Group factory


                • High Speed Transportation Systems


                  High speed and high capacity sortation systems quickly and accurately sort and transport baggage to the right destination on time. Baggage handling systems also play a vital part in securing fast and accurate transfer of baggage between terminals for shorter connection times and a better passenger experience.

                  • CRISBELT® CONVEYOR SYSTEM
                • Early Baggage Storage systems

                • The design of baggage storage systems (EBS) can fulfil operational performance requirements beyond allowing passengers' bags to be checked in hours before flight time. Today's dynamic baggage storage designs also have the ability to support baggage peak volumes with an aim to optimise the use of the baggage make-up area.


                  When selecting the optimum baggage storage configuration and design, it is important to also focus on the end-to-end operational baggage handling requirements. By designing a multi storage function, the system can offer several options for handling of transfer and outbound baggage that can lead to increases in baggage handling efficiencies and operational cost savings through staff and equipment optimisation.

                  With no two airport requirements being the same, evaluation of baggage capacity, peak, volume and terminal space is required to find the right baggage storage design solution and technology.


                  • Storage capacity
                  • Operational handling requirements (batch building, baggage-on-demand, single bag access)
                  • Flexible design and modularity in terms of building height and storage size
                  • Need for storage clearance and fall back operation
                  • Baggage tracking, bag access and cycle times
                  • Maintenance access requirements


                • Make-Up Systems

                • AND UNLOADING SYSTEMS
                  In the baggage hall there are a number of automated and semi-automated solutions available for optimising the loading and unloading of baggage.
                • High Capacity Sortation Systems

                • We design, produce and install high-speed tilt-tray baggage sortation systems that meet critical airport and airline needs. The tilt-tray high-speed loop sorters feature the highest layout flexibility with reduced installation and commissioning time. The tilt-tray sorters are high capacity systems, which quickly and accurately sort baggage to the right destination on time.

                  The high-speed baggage sortation line includes the energy-efficient LS-4000E tilt-tray sorter as well as the LS-4000econ sorter.

                  The LS-4000 sorter family delivers real environmental benefits with reduced carbon dioxide emissions and increased energy efficiency to provide the lowest product life cycle cost (PLCC).
                • Reclaim systems - CRISCLAIM® RE-CLAIM CAROUSELS

                • Effective baggage reclaim will leave a lasting impression on the passenger and with modern carousels the airport can secure reliability, exceptional appearance and operation under the extreme demands of high passenger density. The customised and modular re-claim carousel design further enables a high layout flexibility and trouble free installation.


                  The CrisClaim® carousels are low noise carousels based on a customised modular concept that offers both convex and concave solutions to use available space more effectively. CrisClaim® carousels offer passenger interface from both flat and inclined versions and the tailor-made cladding can be integrated to fit into the architectural environment. When in operation, the carousels have very low maintenance needs and thus total life-cycle cost is at an absolute minimum.

                  FACT SHEET:

                  • New running and steering wheels
                  • Backwards compatibility
                  • Upgrade possible during routine maintenance
                  • Kit replacement options for various sorter types
                • Airport - Software Suite


                  The BEUMER Airport Suite is a proven software solution in the industry, known for its high performance, and has been installed at – and recognised by – major airports worldwide.

                  Behind the mechanical baggage handling system (BHS) muscle lies an intuitive set of advanced IT & Controls modules. The system software is essential for the successful management of baggage handling systems and inside the Airport Suite, BEUMER Group combines some of the industry’s most advanced BHS High Level Control (HLC) aces to introduce new levels of ease and efficiency to the baggage handling process.


              • Logistic systems

              • We have the experience - you enjoy the benefits.

                As a global logistic systems development and integration leader within conveying, loading, palletising, packaging, sorting and distributing, we know all about goods and products that need transporting, and we know exactly what is needed to transport them.

                No logistic centres are alike and our solutions reflect this. By carefully considering your specific business needs, we design, build and integrate sortation and logistic systems to achieve your objectives most efficiently and preferably even exceed your expectations.

                Our systems handle peaks with ease and are readily scalable to keep pace with changing business requirements. With BEUMER Group, you get a leading edge and seamless, cost-efficient operations - and a quick return on Investment.
                  • Cross-belt sortation systems

                  • Cross-belt technology lets the sortation system handle almost all types of items and opens for the possibility to automate the handling of polybags and other difficult item surfaces in a high-speed, automated system. The BG Sorter CB introduces features which increases efficiency, flexibility and safe handling of items.


                    • High-capacity sortation with the widest mix of items
                    • Modular design with flexible belt configurations and drive system options
                    • Energy-efficient drive system
                    • Optimized operation with intelligent communication
                  • Tilt-tray sortation systems

                  • The BG Sorter ET introduces innovative tilt-tray features which all help increase the level of efficiency, throughput and flexibility for high-capacity automated sortation. Our Tilt-tray sorter offers the highest possible availability and flexibility to optimise capacity, while a new intermediate deck design brings greater item safety to the sortation process.


                    The BG Sorter ET’s closed-deck tray technology can help ensure the highest quality of sortation and safe handling of items. The system features allow almost all items to be automatically handled resulting in higher efficiency and later cut-off times for customers. The closed-deck tray technology and real-time wireless communications help to ensure the highest quality of sortation and safe handling of items.


                  • Conveying systems


                    The conveyor belt is used in a wide range of industries for the efficient transport of goods and materials. Whether over a few feet or many miles, steep inclines or gradual declines, conveyor belts are used to solve a variety of logistical challenges. Conveyor belts are used to transport raw materials such as limestone from the quarry over great distances to a cement plant. In distribution centres, conveyor belts ensure the automated sorting of shipments. Baggage handling at airports also runs on conveyor belts, and even at the supermarket checkout we pack our groceries onto a conveyor belt

                  • Sorter Controls

                  • AT A GLANCE

                    BEUMER Group software controls is used for system-wide optimisation. The ability to combine precise control of individual machines, with system-wide visibility of work flows, allows the system to be continually optimised to avoid bottlenecks and achieve faster throughput and higher productivity.

                    BEUMER Group’s software system integrates three levels of controls:
                    • Embedded software on the controller boards for each sorter
                    • BEUMER Group Machine Controller system to keep track of items on the sorters including scanning information and sort positions
                    • BEUMER Group System Controller to adjust and optimise the sortation process for each individual sorter.

                    The system control can integrate with
                    • SCADA
                    • PLC controlled conveyors
                    • Barcode scanners
                    • Line sorters
                    • Conveyor belts
                    • Automatic print and apply stations


                    The Automatic Parcel Singulator transforms a bulk flow of parcels into a flow in which each parcel is uniformly separated, spaced and aligned before the in-feed to the automated induction of a high-speed loop sortation system.

                    The benefits of integrating a fully Automatic Parcel Singulator into a new – or existing – sortation system include enhancing both the capacity and the efficiency of the parcel handling process and adding control of the upstream and downstream parcel flows. This means that the system’s capacity and energy consumption are continually adapted and optimised to manage changes in the parcel flow and demand. Improvements in the ergonomics of the work environment due to the reduction in manual handling, ease of maintenance, low maintenance costs and low energy consumption are also key advantages.


                    • Transforms a bulk flow of parcels into a singulated flow for high-capacity sortation
                    • Specifically designed for automatic induction units and loop sortation systems (Pull system)
                    • Optimized integration into a new or existing facility with efficient use of available space
                    • Power-saving efficiency through variable-speed drives and sleep mode
                    • Compact design with a minimum number of moving parts for less wear and tear
                  • BG Line Sorter

                  • Next-Generation Line Sorter Technology
                    The BG Line Sorter sets new benchmarks for mid-size-volume material handling by combining the simplicity of a line sorter with the handling capabilities of a high-speed cross-belt sorter.

                    The introduction of BEUMER Group’s unique slat-belt technology enables the BG Line Sorter to extend the handling mix by sorting the widest possible range of items whilst its modular design provides the flexibility to optimise the use of space and ensure the scalability to support future growth.

                    • Active slat-belt technology handling polybags, parcels, flats, totes, sacks, sealed bags, fragile and high-friction items
                    • Capacity: 1,500-10,000 items/hour
                    • Maximum item width: 800 mm (32”)
                    • Maximum item length: 1500 mm (59“)
                    • Maximum item weight: 25 kilos (55 lbs) single belt, 50 kilos (110 lbs) if occupying multiple belts
                    • Benefits:
                    • Modular design with high space efficiency and scalability
                    • Reliable and precise sortation across the widest mix of item shapes and sizes
                    • Easy installation with the scalability to meet future changes in capacity
                    • Low-friction components ensure endurance and high system availability
                    • Lower maintenance costs than conventional line sorters

                    • Modular design with high space efficiency and scalability
                    • Reliable and precise sortation across the widest mix of item shapes and sizes
                    • Easy installation with the scalability to meet future changes in capacity
                    • Low-friction components ensure endurance and high system availability
                    • Lower maintenance costs than conventional line sorters
                  • BG Sorter CB


                    The BG Sorter CB is particularly powerful due to its completely driven surface and wider cross belts. It transports items with widely varying characteristics, with lengths up to 1,550 mm, weights up to 50 kg, at a speed of up to 3 m/s. Each carriage can be equipped with three cross belts, which means you can transport up to three items per carriage or one large item on three cross belts. Compared to traditional cross-belt sorters, the BG sorter CB provides:

                    • increased safety at same throughput
                    • larger package dimensions at same throughput
                    • higher throughput at same package dimensions
                    • increased accuracy at same throughput


                    Real-time communications on the BG Sorter CB enable contactless, reliable and error-free data transmission for the precise control of the cross-belt sorter drives. The system control can communicate with all sorter components and adjust the working sequence at top speed. Item monitoring at the induction ensures precise positioning and alignment of the item on the cross-belt sorter.

                  • BG Sorter ET


                    The BG Sorter ET offers great sustainability: you can choose between a BEUMER OptiDrive® system and a linear synchronous motor (LSM). This allows for electrical efciency of up to 85 %, reduces the power consumption and CO2 emissions. The gearless drives at the induction units are also an important contributing factor for energy efciency. The wheels and runners have also been specically designed for an energy-saving and quiet operation. Maintenance also gets the green light: intelligent diagnostic tools and status monitoring allows you to detect errors early on and plan maintenance work proactively. The BG Sorter ET is also easily accessible and low in wear and tear due to its contactless energy supply system and double-joint carriages..


                    • Robust steel construction
                    • You can select between two energy-efcient drive systems: BEUMER OptiDrive® and linear synchronous motor (LSM
                    • Contactless energy supply
                    • Reliable real-time communication
                    • Gentle handling of the items
                    • Maximum item weight per tray: 60 kg
                    • Wide item range: lengths up to 1,000 mm (one-tray item) or 2,000 mm (two-tray item), widths up to 1,000 mm
                  • Order Picker


                    The BG Line Sorter sets new benchmarks for mid-size-volume material handling by combining the simplicity of a line sorter with the handling capabilities of a high-speed cross-belt sortation. Its modular design provides the optimal use of space efficiency, while highly durable belts ensures ultra-low maintenance.


                    The BG Line Sorter is a unique solution that combines the simplicity of a line sorter with the handling capabilities of a high-speed cross-belt sorter. By use of slat-belt technology, a BG Line Sorter solution makes it possible to extend the handling mix to the widest possible range of items. The modular design of the BG Line Sorter provides the highest level of space efficiency while ensuring the scalability to support future operational growth.


                    • Active slat-belt technology enables new handling capabilities
                    • Modular design with high space efficiency and scalability
                    • Ultra-low maintenance
                    • Field-proven belt and motor technologies