Company Profile

psb intralogistics plans and implements integrated systems for the storage and flow of materials within the company in both production and distribution. All production steps are concentrated in a single location, the head office in Pirmasens. This creates transparency throughout the entire project in design, construction, production, assembly, IT engineering, picking, maintenance and service – all from a single supplier.

Over the course of the 130 years of the company’s history, psb intralogistics has developed into one of the leading companies in Europe’s intralogistics sector, with competent collaboration partners in the most important Western industrial nations.

The implementation of complex intralogistics systems demands well thought-through planning strategies and a broad range of systems in order to respond to the demands of customers in the best and most efficient way. The intralogistics systems from psb that are individually customised for every client go far beyond »off-the-peg« logistics systems in terms of both cost-effectiveness.

Product Range

  • Automated guided vehicles, general
  • Automated small part warehouse
  • Automation line performing product warehousing application
  • Automation line used in the field of warehousing and logistics
  • Automation line: Automated warehousing and distribution systems
  • Handling: Conveyor
  • High-bay warehouses
  • Logistics IT: IT Powered material handling
  • Logistics IT: Material flow systems
  • Logistics IT: Warehouse management software
  • Monorail system
  • Racking and shelving systems
  • Software for warehousing management
  • Sorting & order picking
  • Storage: Automatic Warehouse Modular System
  • Storage: Monorail vehicles
  • Storage: Shuttle systems
  • Storage: Small Parts Storage
  • Storage: Transfer vehicles
  • Third Party Warehousing Services
  • Warehouse modernization
  • Warehousing
  • Warehousing and storage containers, plastic
  • Warehousing and storage containers, steel
  • Warehousing Consulting and Management
  • Warehousing systems, general