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  • Offer Profile
  • Galler belongs to the leading European manufacturers of racking systems and installations for the storage of pallets and industrial goods.

    We appreciate to convince you of the precision and quality of our products, our customer-orientated and professional work, and to gain you as another new and satisfied Galler customer.

Product Portfolio
  • Storage of pallets

  • The professional storage of goods on pallet racks or in lattice boxes follows mainly the grade of room exploitation.
    With the OMEGA System all storage tasks can be solved precisely with highest quality and economically.
      • OMEGA Multi-position systems

      • OMEGA Multi-position systems are the European Galler-standards for the storage of goods on pallets or in lattice boxes.

        2, 3 or 4 pallets / lattice boxes are standing side by side in each racking bay. You can access each storage bay directly with the most space exploitation.

        The higher the rack is, the better is the exploitation of the existing floor space. The OMEGA System for high-raise trucks fulfills all considerable technical regulations and limits of tolerances in Europe with style.
      • OMEGA Single-position Systems

      • The OMEGA Single-position systems offer better possibilities for the optimal room exploitation by individual height positioning.

        The longstanding experience and the high quality demand are the points in favour for Galler's OMEGA single parts system.
      • OMEGA Drive-In and Drive-Through rackings

      • OMEGA Drive-In and Drive-Through rackings show the best room exploitation of the different systems for the storage of goods and pallets.

        In each single channel shown, up to 15 pallets and more are stored loss-free directly one behind the other in the depth. The principle of the Drive-In rack is to store and to take out of store from one side at the same time (First in - Last out). The principle of the Run-Through rack is to store only from one side and to take out of store from the other side (First in - First out). The single system parts and accessories are based on longstanding experiences and cover all possible uses with highest precision and quality.
      • OMEGA Systems for high-raise trucks and high-raise stackers

      • OMEGA Systems for high-raise trucks and high-raise stackers show the best space exploitation because of their partly very high construction height.

        The question with such high-bay silos is to obtain the most efficient warehouse construction. The most economic solution for warehouses with heights up to 10 m is the conventional warehouse construction where the racking systems are fixed later. For warehouses from 15 m up, it is mostly more economic not to built a self-supporting warehouse, but to fix the roof and the wall directly with the corresponding racking system, the so-called silo construction.
    • Dynamic Live Storage

          • Rack & Roll Run-Through racking

          • Rack & Roll is the successful formula for Galler racking systems with gravity roller bearings as Live Storage. With the Rack & Roll insertion racking the pallets are stored from one side, one behind the other in the channel system and restored again. Last in - First out principle.
      • Storage platforms

            • Unideck storage platforms

            • With the Unideck storage platforms, Galler is on a successful way to become the market leader. Used as intermediate floor or multilevel installation, the Unideck platform provides a valuable additional floor, e.g. as storage floor or commissioning floor.

              The Galler Unideck platforms are so successful because even with high load-bearings the construction remains light and variable and therefore is very economical.

              Each single system component has been developped customer-orientated in practice and corresponds to the latest state of the art of international platform technology.

              In the planning example the single-floor commissioning and storage platform is used as pre-area of a high-bay rack. Valuable space saving for the intermediate storage and the supply of the bulky and unwieldy warehouse articles.
        • Cantilever rackings

        • The Cantilever racking is the ideal storage solution for long, heavy and unwieldy storage goods.
          • Mobile racking systems

          • With mobile rackings you can nearly do without aisles between the rackings. A higher space-saving is difficult to reach.
            • Silo- und storage warehouse

                  • OMEGA High-Bay Silos

                  • Company Galler owes its international outstanding reputation especially to the OMEGA High-Bay silos.

                    As innovative and aesthetic industrial architecture, for our customers it means first of all a reliable and economic investment for the future.

                    The multitude of realised projects and the gained experiences let Galler become a valuable partner: for the customer and for all participating contractors.