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  • IdentPro has specialized on material tracking solutions in intralogistics. We help tracking work-in-progress items in industrial production and pallets, paper reels and similar in warehouses. Our 3D Inventory Tracking System identplus® makes barcode scanning in lift truck operated warehouses obsolete. Every pallet is precisely located indoors and out, no RFID involved! We are looking for partners around the world.

Product Portfolio
  • Material Tracking Solutions

  • IdentPro supplies visibility to companies who want to always be informed of the whereabouts and status of their goods and assets. We help you find your stuff.

    We develop and implement standard solutions for automated identification and tracking of inventory in industry, production and intralogistics using auto-ID technologies like RFID, NFC, Barcode and our unique 3D Inventory Tracking System identplus® (RTLS). identplus® is based on laser technology (

    Your benefits: better information quality, optimized processes, less error and reduced cost.

    IdentPro tracking solutions can be integrated with any IT system. Get in contact now.

    Do you want to push your market? We are looking for visionaries who want to become a certified identplus® partner.

      • Inventory Tracking With Lift Trucks

      • The 3D Inventory Tracking System identplus® is a unique tracking and identification system for pallets, bins, paper reels, steel coils and similar goods/material handling units. It enables for directly finding and automatically identifying goods in a warehouse without the need for scanning barcodes.

        Some benefits of identplus® at a glance:

        • Automated finding and identifying of every pallet, container, paper reel, steel coil etc. (load) by means of x,y,z coordinates – scanning of barcodes becomes obsolete.
        • Automated tracking of every movement a load makes, even when it is cleared away or put down in an aisle.
        • Automated monitoring of transportation orders with regards to correct load and correct target location to avoid wrong shipments.
        • Optimized allocation of transportation orders to the lift truck fleet/overhead cranes with automated acknowledgement to a WMS or similar system (no barcode scanning).
        • Real time visualization of all lift truck positions and goods on a warehouse map.
        • Statistics on the usage of all lift trucks.
        • Maintenance free laser localization for quick and easy implementation. Preserves the flexibility in the usage of the storing space. No constructional work required.
        • The only solution in the market for continuous tracking of lift trucks and goods indoors and out with a single technology.

          • Asset Management

          • If you want to keep track of your valuable tools and machines finderbox® is a perfect solution. finderbox® tells you the location and the user. And it reminds you of maintenance dates and enables for paperless documentation of the executing of a maintenance. Use your Smartphone and NFC tags or barcode to easily identify every tool and machine. Actually finderbox® can manage any type of asset like computers, office furniture and other assets.

            All data is stored centrally and every user always works with identical data as finderbox® runs in a cloud. There is no need for local software installation on your desktop or laptop. Just sign in to finderbox and start using it. You just need to install the free finderbox® App on your Android or Apple smartphone/tablet and a connection to the internet.

            finderbox® is also used for container management in monitoring washing cycles of containers. And customers use it for counting usage of hanging equipment in a hot-dip galvanizing process.

              • Work-In-Progress

              • For the German market IdentPro offers solutions for automatically tracking goods in a production process. We have specialized on UHF RFID technology that allows for short and long range reading as well as for bulk reading where required. UHF RFID virtually has become a standard in the automotive industry.