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  • TGW solves its customers' supply chain challenges with highly automated, efficient and future-proof intralogistics systems. Every day, the vision of the autonomous fulfillment center gives us a renewed sense of motivation to give our best. In our core markets of Fashion & Apparel, Grocery and Industrial & Consumer Goods, we build on strong partnerships that include everything from planning to implementation to lifetime services. In the 2020/2021 business year, TGW generated a total turnover of 813 million euros.

    As a foundation company, we have an owner that enables long-term thinking on behalf of our customers and the more than 4,000 employees we have worldwide. Entrepreneurial action and social responsibility are inseparably linked at TGW. This is entirely in accord with our philosophy of "Focusing on People – Learning and Growing"
Product Portfolio
  • Technologies


    Our customers benefit from proven systems and high-quality products for their fulfilment processes as well as intelligent software solutions - including everything from goods receipt to storage and order picking to goods issue. Our solutions are based on standardised modules, which we individually evolve, implement and automate to the greatest extent possible. This ensures that they meet your requirements both today and in the future.

    Optimum goods flow and low costs per pick: We take a comprehensive view of projects over their entire life cycle - from design to manufacturing and implementation to Lifetime Services, with a constant focus on Total Cost of Ownership. Learn more about the ROI advantage in warehouse automation and our warranty period of up to 10 years, which is unmatched in the industry.

      • SYSTEMS


        As a system integrator, we design, manufacture, implement and maintain automated warehouse solutions from goods receipt to goods issue. The basis for this are our standardised fulfilment systems for the respective process step: In combination the perfect and individual Door2Door solution.

        The optimum degree of automation is crucial for the efficiency of your distribution network.
        • RETAIL | OMNI | DIRECT: one system for all channels
        • PEAKS: flexible adaptability
        • SHORT ORDER LEAD TIMES: fast throughput for later acceptance times
          • One-touch Receiving


            Instead of eight, only one manual touch is required for the receipt of cartons: With One-Touch Receiving, we have automated the entire goods receipt process.One-Touch Receiving combines our industry-leading material handling equipment into one system.

            THE PROCESS
            Cartons are placed directly from the trailer on an extendable conveyor belt. The fully automatic process then starts with quality inspection (weight, volume, carton contour) and scanning. After being received in the system, the delivery quantity is compared with the order quantity, and after a conformity check it is stored in a mini-load system. Goods that have not been cleared through customs can also be put away, but remain blocked for picking replenishment. Processes such as quality control, recall actions and repacking of damaged cartons are also supported by the system and can be carried out at designated workstations. The mini-load supplies all downstream processes (for example, picking and goods issue for purchase orders with whole cartons).

            • RAPID ROI by eliminating all manual intervention, personnel costs associated with touches can be reduced by up to 75%
            • FAST TROUGHPUT due to maximum automation of the individual process steps
            • SMALL FOOTPRINT due to maximum storage density (up to 25 m high)
            • GREEN LOGISTICS maximum reliability through energy-efficient and low-maintenance components
          • FlashPick®


            FlashPick® is our smart order fulfilment system for goods-to-person picking (GTP). It is able to address any distribution channel (E-Commerce, wholesale and retail) and is therefore ideal for omni-channel operations. The single-order management approach is raising the bar in terms of speed and flexibility.

            THE PROCESS
            FlashPick® combines our industry-leading material handling equipment into one system while the TGW Warehouse Software manages the individual processes as well as the entire material flow.

            SKU containers are stored and retrieved by shuttles and transported to manual or robotic picking workstations via the conveyor network. The SKUs and order totes/cartons arrive at the picking station perfectly sequenced. After the picking process, they are automatically restored in the shuttle system while the order totes or cartons are directed to the shipping area.

            • FASTER LEAD TIMES Opportunities for earlier delivery and/or later order fulfilment (approx. 15 minutes from order receipt to goods shipping)
            • UNBEATABLE FLEXIBILITY Particularly for business models with quick changes in SKU and/or product ranges
            • EASILY SCALABLE No limitation in system size
            • ZERO-TOUCH Smart combination of manual workstations (PickCenter One) and robotic workstations (PickCenter Rovolution) for zero-touch operation
            • GREEN LOGISTICS Top reliability and profitability thanks to energy-efficient and low-maintenance components
          • OmniPick®


            Reduce return handling and total operating costs with our smart pocket sorter system for omni-channel business models based on the zero-touch principle - both for PTG (Person-to-Goods) and GTP (Goods-to-Person) operations. Manual work steps are eliminated due to automatic loading, unloading and packaging. Our answer for supply chain managers who increasingly have to master unpredictable situations.

            • HIGH DEGREE OF AUTOMATION fully automatic loading and unloading of pockets based on our cognitive robot Rovolution
            • FLEXIBLE can be applied to person-to-goods (PTG) or goods-to-person (GTP) operations
            • EFFICIENT RETURNS HANDLING can be used as buffer for order fulfilment without new order picking
            • HIGH THROUGHPUT due to innovative pocket sorter technology and powerful conveyor system for pockets and hanging garments
            • ERGONOMIC operator-friendly order picking at ergonomically optimised workstations
            • OMNI-CHANNEL flexible adaptation to changing order structures and handling of different product types
            • SCALABLE modular design allows flexible expansions for any system architecture
          • OmniStore®


            OmniStore® combines E-Commerce with the strength of retail stores. With this innovative fulfilment concept in their stores, grocers benefit from a fast, flexible and cost-effective omni-channel micro-fulfilment center.

            Retail stores are divided into a conventional shopping and a separate micro fulfilment area with storage and picking modules. Consumers are able to conveniently order online or shop in the store. Orders can be picked up around the clock at click & collect counters.

            • CUSTOMER JOURNEY true omni-channel experience for the end consumer: shop online, in-store or a combination of both
            • PICKING EFFICIENCY up to four times higher at lower costs (up 500 items/h per workstation)
            • ERGONOMIC WORKSTATIONS upgradable to robotic workstations (PickCenter Rovolution)
            • EFFICIENT UTILIZATION of existing floor space that enables a holistic omni-channel customer experience
            • IDEAL FOR EXISTING CONVENIENT STORES and only required a footprint of 1,000 m² or larger
            • IMPROVED LAST MILE STRATEGY due to 24/7 pick up-stations (click & collect) as well as faster home deliveries
            • FASTER ORDER FULFILMENT due to high degree of automation
        • Modules & Products


          For 50 years, we have been developing and manufacturing highly automated material handling products on three continents (Europe, China, USA). Our products and modules stand for a robust, pioneering spirit and help our customers become even better at what they do.

          Our products for conveying, storage and retrieval, order picking and (de)palletising of goods are the common denominator of our complete solutions, which make TGW one of the leading providers of warehouse automation.


          We produce the individual components and modules of our complete solutions at our own highly advanced manufacturing plants in Europe, the USA and China. This includes conveying, sorting and storage systems as well as robot solutions and high-capacity picking workstations. Experience and expertise – for more than 50 years.
            • Piece Picking Robot & Workstations

              Picking, in particular, is a critical interface in many distribution centres. Our PickCenter product range contains both manual goods-to-person and robot-supported workstations. Our manual workstations have a highly ergonomic, user-friendly design for minimal error rates and maximum efficiency. Our PickCenter Rovolution provides you with a fully automatic split case picking solution using robots for maximum performance.
                • Manual Workstations

                • WORKSTATIONS FOR YOUR DC
                  Get a handle on fluctuating order levels and the shortage of skilled workers while simultaneously promoting the health and well-being of your employees. Our extensive product range for workstations (unpacking/repacking, picking, VAS & packaging) can be implemented without a hitch. Our workstations also meet the highest quality standards in terms of safety and ergonomics as confirmed by external experts. One example is our PickCenter One, for which we earned the German "Innovationspreis Ergonomie 2019" (Innovation Prize for Ergonomics 2019).

                  • HEALTH & EASE OF USE ergonomic design of manual workstations ensures an ideal work environment (2019: Awarded the Innovation Prize for Ergonomics)
                  • FLEXIBLE USE suitable for wide-ranging work steps in goods receipt, picking, packing and goods issue processes
                  • MAXIMUM PRODUCT SERVICE LIFE and extremely low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) thanks to the use of sophisticated, proven technology highlights (e.g. KingDrive®)
                  • ONE WORKSTATION FOR EVERY LOAD such as cartons, totes and trays
                • Robotic Workstations

                  Fully automatic split case picking by robot: PickCenter Rovolution gives you an intelligent, self-learning and extremely flexible robot picking module. It is based on knowledge from the fields of cognitive robotics and machine learning. Unexpected events are corrected autonomously and without human intervention, which allows for uninterrupted operation around the clock – whether operating in the fashion & apparel, grocery or industrial & consumer goods segment. Decorated with the "Austrian Robotics Award" and "German Innovation Award", the PickCenter Rovolution ushers in a new age of warehouse automation.

                  • INTELLIGENT autonomous processes for correcting unexpected events make manual intervention unnecessary. The material flow is never interrupted, the completeness of the customer's order and correct inventory are top priorities.
                  • SELF-LEARNING thanks to findings from the fields of cognitive robotics and machine learning, Rovolution accumulates information with every pick and learns from it.
                  • FLEXIBLE picks a wide range of item types, from rigid to soft packaging, whether they are T-shirts in a polybag, a box of toys or canned food.
              • Automated Storage Systems

                Our automatic storage systems give you the benefit of a comprehensive range of products, to provide the best possible automation of the warehousing of your products. The focus of our shuttle systems and automatic mini-load warehouses is on maximum dynamics and optimal utilisation of volume while also ensuring easy maintenance and durability.
                  • Shuttle Systems

                    The powerful shuttle system for totes, cartons and hanging goods as well as part of FlashPick® – our split case order fulfilment system. Throughput performances up to 1,400 load carriers per hour can be attained. We place just as much value on high redundancy and sustainability to ensure maximum availability. Therefore, we equip all components with systems for energy recovery.

                    • MODULAR & FLEXIBLE SYSTEM an extensive product range allows for flexible system design
                    • HIGH PERFORMANCE up to 1,400 cartons/totes per aisle and hour. Using two load handling devices per shuttle lift or tote lift (up to 30 m high) enables maximum performance.
                    • LOW STORAGE LOCATION COSTS thanks to multi-deep storage with Stingray Wide Aisle Technology
                    • SUSTAINABLE, ENERGY-EFFICIENT SYSTEMS by equipping all components with energy management energy recovery systems
                    • USE EVEN UNDER EXTREME CONDITIONS leading shuttle technology for special requirements, such as freezer temperatures down to -30 °C
                    • OPTIMUM SPACE-SAVING thanks to slim clad rack structure due to the use of advanced steel and shelf construction
                    • SEAMLESS MAINTENANCE thanks to integrated maintenance concepts such as practical maintenance platforms, automated shuttle replacement and an intelligent diagnostic tool
                  • Mini-load Systems

                    As a pioneer in the development of automatic mini-load warehouses, we have created highly integrated, complete mechatronic concepts which consist of the software, hardware and mechanical system. On the cutting edge of storage and retrieval machines, more than 8,000 products are already being used around the world as part of different complete solutions. They store and transport millions of cartons and totes – reliably and at peak performance.

                    In addition to the powerful mechanical system, sophisticated control software and intelligent drive technology, our highly dynamic automatic mini-load warehouse modules set themselves apart with simple operations and extremely low maintenance.

                    Our comprehensive product modules for automatic mini-load warehouses, allow for flexible adaptation to your individual requirements. The highly dynamic storage and retrieval machines as well as load handling devices offer maximum flexibility, for a height range from 4 to 25 metres and a payload of up to 100 kilograms.

                    • SPACE-SAVING MODULE SOLUTION Thanks to multi-deep storage of different loads up to a payload of 100 kg
                    • CONSTANT OUTPUT full lifting load and dynamics in all height ranges
                    • ENERGY EFFICIENCY Thanks to optimised movement sequences and regeneration of brake energy recovery
                    • DURABLE TECHNOLOGY Thanks to decades of experience in development, maintenance and successful operation of systems
                    • EFFICIENT COMMISSIONING All main components are thoroughly tested in advance
                    • ROBUST Even suitable for use under extreme environmental conditions (e.g. freezer area)
                • Robotic (De)Palletisers

                  Our (de)palletising systems are semi- and fully automatic robot systems taking over the manual picking processes. They can be applied in extreme environmental conditions (e.g. freezer applications). They pick or separate products in cartons or totes, either onto or off roll containers or pallets.

                  With our one-of-a-kind technologies for Full Case and Single Item Picking, we provide you with flexible modules for layer, in-line and mixed (de)palletising – which are already in use worldwide.

                  ROBUST COMPONENTS'
                  Our (de)palletising systems move products at maximum speed and repetition accuracy. Integrated into our door2door solutions or as subsequent system retrofits, our automation solutions help you to organise your warehouse processes even more efficiently.
                    • Palletising Robots - STAX

                      Stax is our product series for the semi-automated or fully-automated palletising of homogenous, in-line and layer-arranged pallets and roll containers, as well as mixed pallets and roll containers. The package products are packed fully-automated by robots according to a precomputed pattern and are made ready for despatch.

                      The result: Manual, arduous work steps in shop replenishment, often under extreme conditions (e.g. low-temperature refrigeration range), become obsolete.

                      • ZERO-TOUCH Thanks to full-automation, manual effort can practically be reduced to zero
                      • FLEXIBLE ADAPTATION to your requirements thanks to expandability from the semi-automated to the fully-automated module
                      • PROCESS OPTIMISATION thanks to direct palletising onto target loading equipment and subsequent completion using integrated foil winders, allowing individual process steps to be completely omitted
                    • Depalletising Robots - DESTAX


                      Destax is our product range for the semi-automated or fully-automated depalletising of large packages, such as loaded pallets. The products are loaded from the pallet, separated and despatched in the correct orientation. Our depalletising systems are primarily used in goods receiving and feature multiple, combined gripping mechanisms (vacuum and mechatronic) for the reliable and cautious unloading of pallets. Practical add-ons, such as tray loading components, inter-layer remover or alignment units complement the module.

                      • PROCESS RELIABILITY thanks to the gentle and simultaneously fast handling of articles (2,000 packages/hour)
                      • INDIVIDUALLY ADAPTABLE based on semi-automated and fully-automated variants as well as additional functionalities (alignment stations, tray loading, inter-layer remover, dimensioner unit, etc.).
                      • BROADLY APPLICABLE, even under the most difficult conditions, at temperatures down to - 25°C, in humid or dust-loaded environments.
                  • Conveyors & Sorters


                    We develop, design and manufacture our conveyors and sorters with the highest precision and quality. They are compatible with all systems, giving you the benefit of flexible solutions - for smooth and high-performance processes within your distribution centre. High-quality individual components ensure maximum efficiency and throughput. Conveying and sorting with state-of-the-art technology.
                      • KingDrive® Carton & Tote Conveyors

                        KingDrive® is our high-performance conveyor technology with applications spanning all intralogistics processes. An extensive range of modular products ensures seamless transport of totes, cartons, trays and polybags.

                        Gearless, maintenance-free motorised rollers, decentralised conveyor functions and an integrated 48-volt power supply make KingDrive® the leading technology in the conveyor system segment.

                        • LONG SERVICE LIFE (> 25,000 operating hours) and low total cost of ownership thanks to gearless 48-volt motorised roller.
                        • MAXIMUM SYSTEM AVAILABILITY thanks to redundancy - failure of one roller does not cause a standstill and the rollers can be replaced after operation.
                        • REDUCES ENERGY CONSUMPTION by up to 15% compared to other motorised roller technology available on the market. The gearless motorised roller, an intelligent system for energy recovery and "Drive-on-Demand" make it possible
                        • HIGH LEVEL OF ERGONOMICS due to low noise emission.
                        • SHORTEST INSTALLATION TIMES ensured by fully integrated architecture and 100% pretested and prewired modules.
                        • FLEXIBILITY provided by the scalability of the system (adaptation of the numbers of rollers, conveyor function, speed etc.)
                      • Shoe sorter

                      • SORTING SYSTEMS FOR CARTONS & TOTES
                        A central building block for implementing a wide variety of sorting applications – fast and precise. Our Natrix shoe sorter is designed for an output of 6,000 to 15,000 cartons/totes per hour.

                        Maximum integration of the respective subsystems is provided by our intelligent control strategy for maximum availability values. In addition, our sorter is extremely easy to maintain, because the sliding elements (shoes) can be replaced quickly and conveniently.

                        • MAXIMUM SYSTEM AVAILABILITY thanks to components that are perfectly matched to each other within the control software
                        • FROM A SINGLE SOURCE maximum integration of mechanical system and control software
                        • HIGHEST STANDARD OF SAFETY AND QUALITY based on intelligent and proven TGW concepts
                        • HIGH THROUGHPUT RATES of 6,000 to 15,000 loads per hour possible
                        • CUSTOMISED MODULAR SOLUTIONS drawn from a diverse and reliable product range
                        • LONG SERVICE LIFE thanks to the use of high-quality and tested components
                      • Conveyor technology for Soft packaging

                        Do you order online? Then you're probably familiar with them: polybags and paper bags are on a strong upward trend in the world of logistics and have caught on in various industries. The handy bags are very easy to deliver and save packing material and space. Yet this lightweight and pliable packaging also represents a major intralogistics challenge.

                        Standardisation and modularity allow for quick construction and flexible expansion of systems regardless of whether they are conveyor equipment for heavy pallets or for soft packaging (cartons, polybags, paper bags or cardboard envelopes). In order to remain able to meet our customers' requirements, we have added the soft packaging area to our conveyor equipment and sorter products in our core industries (Fashion & textile, Grocery and Industrial & consumer goods). The customer requirements in intralogistics include an increase in performance and flexibility in the types of the goods to be transported and the adaptation of the distribution centres.

                        TGW conveyor equipment and sorter products are compatible with all systems, allowing smooth and high-performance processes in your intra-logistics system. Thus, the conveyor equipment for soft packaging is just one part of the entire conveyor system. Learn more about our wide range of solutions and the individual products: KingDrive®, Natrix shoe sorter or Palet Handling.

                        • COMPREHENSIVE PRODUCT PORTFOLIO Matching overall conveyor equipment from goods receipt to goods issue.
                        • 50 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN INTRALOGISTICS Ideal partner for your system solution for the transport of soft packaging.
                        • FLEXIBLE GOODS HANDLING Mixed transport of containers, cartons and soft packaging such as envelopes, polybags and paper bags.
                        • SHORTEST INSTALLATION TIMES ensured by fully integrated architecture and 100% pretested and prewired modules.
                        • MAXIMUM SYSTEM AVAILABILITY thanks to redundancy - failure of one roller does not cause a standstill and the roller can be replaced after operation.
                        • FLEXIBILITY provided by the scalability of the system (adaptation of the numbers of rollers, conveyor function, speed, etc.)
                      • Unit Load Conveyors

                      • PALLETS - CONVEYING, LIFTING, ROTATING
                        Our customers benefit from a wide range of sophisticated and modular products for pallet handling. The modular construction makes individual adaptation possible. Whether the application is conveying, lifting or turning, the central elements are our high-performance roller, chain and accumulation conveyors.

                        • LOW NOISE EMISSIONS provided by the use of a duplex chain
                        • WIDE FIELD OF APPLICATION due to our many years of project experience, we can offer a solution for any pallet and pallet cage variant
                        • CUSTOMISED MODULAR SOLUTIONS based on a diverse and reliable product range
                        • CUSTOMISED MODULAR SOLUTIONS based on a diverse and reliable product range
                        • MAXIMUM SYSTEM AVAILABILITY through the use of technologies to check and verify loads
                        • MINIMUM MAINTENANCE EFFORT thanks to low wear and elaborate maintenance concepts
                      • Roll Cage Conveyors

                        Roll cages are part and parcel of the grocery market delivery cycle. We guarantee maximum automation with our robust and easy-to-use conveyor system. We have accumulated 30 years of experience in the area of grocery intralogistics. TGW conveyor equipment and sorter products are compatible with all systems, allowing smooth and high-performance processes in your intra-logistics system. Thus, the roll cage conveyors are just one part of the entire conveyor system. Learn more about our wide range of solutions and the individual products: KingDrive®, Natrix Shoe Sorter or Palett Handling.


                        • APPLICATION IN DIFFERENT AMBIENT TEMPERATURES TGW roll cage conveyors work flawlessly in freezers with temperatures as low as -30° C and in warehouses with temperatures up to +40° C.
                        • 30 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE We have been developing, designing and producing roll cage conveyors for over 30 years. We ensure smooth intra-logistics operations and efficiency through high precision and quality.
                        • USER-FRIENDLY System operation is intentionally kept simple and does not require any special skills.
                        • CUSTOMER-SPECIFIC CONVEYOR EQUIPMENT The conveyor equipment is adapted to the different sizes of the customers' roll cages
                        • MIXED TRANSPORT OF ROLL CAGES AND PALLETS TGW's conveyor equipment is capable of transporting a combination of roll cages and pallets with a combined weight of up to 1000 kg
                        • DURABILITY OF CONVEYOR EQUIPMENT Our roll cage conveyors are robust, low maintenance and characterised by their extraordinary durability of up to 20 years.
                        • DIFFERENT ROLL CAGE BASES TGW's roll cage conveyors can accommodate roll cages with plastic or metal bases.
                    • IT Solutions & Services


                      Software solutions and services are critical competitive factors. With this background, our experts have been there for you for 25 years, providing expert advice, innovative software solutions and a strong service team, day after day. Our integrated IT solutions (TGW Warehouse Software, SAP Solutions and Digital Products & Services) control all your logistics processes and ensure ongoing operation of your supply chain. 500 customers with 25,000 users worldwide already rely on these solutions.

                      DOOR2DOOR SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS

                      Our comprehensive range of services, consisting of the TGW Warehouse Software developed in-house, SAP Solutions and Digital Products & Services, helps you to plan, control and monitor your intralogistics processes. Other add-ons make your everyday work easier and increase efficiency. We provide you with advice from the beginning, handle the implementation and continue to support you even after commissioning.
                        • TGW Warehouse Software

                        • WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE
                          We have developed the TGW Warehouse Software - our IT solution for planning, monitoring and optimising your intralogistics processes. The modular structure covers all relevant areas. These include everything from storage management and order fulfilment to material flow control and visualisation. Integrated seamlessly into your IT landscape, it is a powerful connecting link for your supply chain.
                        • SAP Solutions

                          With a dedicated competence centre for SAP logistics solutions, we support you in consultation, implementation and maintenance for SAP software solutions. Together, we create an IT infrastructure that makes you prepared for whatever may come in the future. By implementing SAP Extended Warehouse Management Software (SAP EWM) – the high-performance standard software system for storage management and control from SAP – we integrate industry-specific software solutions combined with comprehensive services.
                        • Digital Products & Services

                        • TGW DIGITAL SERVICES PLATFORM
                          The TGW Digital Services Platform is the interface between the heterogeneous data sources of a distribution centre and all of its users. The platform prepares and presents data as needed and thus enables you to make full use of the existing data. The machine learning algorithms let you draw entirely new insights from your data. For example, you can use the "digital twin" service to discover potential improvements in your order structure.
                      • Industries


                        In particular, customers from the areas of Fashion & Apparel, Grocery and Industrial & Consumer Goods industries trust our industry expertise. Your personal TGW contact person is an industry specialist and expert just like you. We work together to design, implement and maintain the intralogistics solution tailored to your needs.

                        Short lead times, smooth process sequences, durable and low-maintenance systems - and all this at acceptable costs. Not to mention a clearer view into the future to enhance the entire package. This is precisely why our customers value our specialised knowledge and expertise. The result is efficient and high-performance interaction among goods receiving, storage, order fulfillment and distribution of your goods as well as the people who are involved along the supply chain - and all this with consistency and reliability.

                        SMART DOOR2DOOR SOLUTIONS Our systems are perfectly designed to cope with the interaction of different distribution channels (direct, retail, omni) - from inbound to storage and order fulfilment (FlashPick® or OmniPick®) to outbound. Learn more about the perfect intralogistics solution, that fulfils your specific requirements and contact us!
                          • Fashion & Apparel

                          • MASTER THE UNPREDICTABLE
                            It is becoming increasingly difficult to predict consumers' purchasing behaviour. In order to stay competitive in the fashion & apparel industry, you need the optimum fulfilment solution: as it is all about Mastering the Unpredictable quickly and easily!

                            SMART DOOR2DOOR SOLUTIONS
                            Our systems are perfectly designed to cope with the interaction of different distribution channels (direct, retail, omni) - from inbound to storage and order fulfilment (FlashPick® or OmniPick®) to outbound. Le
                          • Grocery

                          • THE PERFECT RECIPE
                            TGW's intralogistics solutions as a competitive factor: Design the processes of brick-and-mortar retail and online shops in a smart and cost-effective manner – all while focussing on increasing the quality of service for consumers.

                            Changes in purchasing habits, new shop concepts and an increasing variety of items require an efficient omnichannel supply chain.

                            Our experts talk with you to figure out which intralogistics solution and which automation degree are best for your company. Renowned, satisfied customers already trust in our expertise.

                            Our individualised Door2Door solutions are optimally tailored to companies from the sectors of FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), e-commerce and grocery stores. All temperature zones are covered (ambient, fresh, chilled, frozen) to ensure the optimum product quality of sensitive goods at all times. We think long-term and consider each project over the entire life cycle: from planning to implementation and ongoing operation, as well as adjustments and expansions to be made later on.
                          • Industrial & Consumer Goods

                          • ANYTIME ANYWHERE IMMEDIATELYA high level of quality, exceptional services and the fastest possible deliveries are also required in the industrial and consumer goods sector. Our solutions ensure maximum system availability and minimal downtimes as well as optimum goods availability with the greatest possible transparency.

                            CUSTOMISED SOLUTIONS FOR...
                            FlashPick® and OmniPick® - our smart piece picking systems - are the heart of many TGW solutions. They map any fulfilment combination of retail, wholesale and e-commerce without any problems. Where workflows cannot be fully automated, ergonomics plays an important role when designing picking workstations. Our customers benefit from intelligent Door2Door solutions that cover the entire material flow and are supported by our TGW Warehouse Software.

                            Each market has its own laws and challenges - this includes fulfilment strategies. We work together with you to design the most suitable solution for your requirements and then to implement it. Our expertise for the Industrial & Consumer segment in an overview...
                            • VEHICLE AFTERMARKET
                            • INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY
                            • CONSUMER ELECTRONICS
                            • COSMETICS & HEALTHCARE
                            • DIY & HOME
                            • BOOKS & MEDIA
                            • GENERAL MERCHANDISE
                        • Services


                          Expert knowledge and industry expertise – including everything from systems design and manufacturing to implementation and maintenance - whether it's upgrades, expansion or retrofitting: Welcome to the world of our high-performance fulfilment solutions.

                          We bring many years of expertise and experience to the table, both as a provider of entire systems and manufacturer of mechatronic subsystems. In addition, customised concepts for service, maintenance and genuine parts management also guarantee maximum productivity of your intralogistics system.

                            • Integrated Systems

                            • AUTOMATED WAREHOUSE SOLUTIONS
                              Our complete solutions ensure fast and efficient flow of goods in your distribution centre, both in partially and fully automated configurations. Intralogistics from a single source, including everything from storage, order picking, packaging, and goods issue.

                              Each individual module within the entire system is highly dynamic and features outstanding high performance. We implement customised, future-oriented intralogistics with standardised and extensible TGW products –individually tailored to your needs.
                            • Mechatronic Subsystems

                            • POWERFUL MATERIAL HANDLING EQUIPMENT
                              As a manufacturer of material handling equipment, we network the flow of materials within the facility with automated and high-performance solutions. Around the world, system integrators count on the strengths of the TGW Distributor Business Unit as a reliable business partner of high-quality subsystems. Our range of services includes the entire life cycle of a system, including everything from planning to implementation to Lifetime Services.
                            • Lifetime Services

                            • FOR HIGHEST SYSTEM AVAILABILITY
                              Do you expect your material handling solution to provide continuous high performance, availability and low total operating costs? With us, you are on the safe side 24/7... for smooth operation of your system. We provide various levels of proactive care and maintenance packages as well as assistance if any problems should occur. Genuine parts services, system updates and training sessions are also available.