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  • Offer Profile
  • At ecovium, we bring together experts from the fields of customs, warehousing, shipping, transport and hardware under one roof and offer our customers sustainable and economical solutions for their value-added processes. Based on many years of development, consulting and project management experience from twelve companies, our team faces the logistical challenges of tomorrow. Each individual benefits from the knowledge and skills of the others and has the chance to surpass themself. All this with a common goal in mind: logistics and beyond.
Product Portfolio
  • The world is on the move. Mobility shapes our lives.

  • People, goods and data are overcoming great distances in ever shorter times. Modern logistics IT provides the crucial connections for this.

    As a dynamic force, logistics meets the requirements of a future-oriented society with the help of technical innovations and efficient software and hardware solutions and drives its own sustainable development. Highly complex value creation networks demand particularly robust and intelligent solution strategies.

    At ecovium, we meet this challenge and combine economic, ecological and social goals to develop new strategies and products together with our business partners and customers.

      • Solutions

          • WAREHOUSE

          • Lean inventories, full transparency: With our warehouse management software, you manage your warehouse, control the internal flow of goods have an overview of your inventories at all times. As a result, you keep as many goods as necessary and as few as possible in stock.
          • SHIPPING

          • Get your goods to their destination easily: with our multi-carrier shipping software, seamless track & trace for you and your customers, convenient returns management and full freight cost transparency.
          • HARDWARE

          • We supply you with the equipment to digitize your business processes and support you in setting up and maintaining your infrastructure. As a full-service partner, we provide you with manufacturer-independent advice and offer a wide range of service solutions. This means you can rely on smooth processes - with solutions from a single source.

          • With Business Intelligence (BI), you make well-founded decisions based on company data for more growth and thus greater success in the long term. Our business intelligence software prepares all relevant data from your company in real time and summarizes it in statistical models.

          • With our consulting services, we help you optimize your logistics chain. Benefit from our expertise in logistics processes and our know-how of relevant trends in the IT and logistics industry. Our consultants work with you to identify optimization potential in your company and support you in implementing it.
        • Hardware

            • Barcode-Scanner

            • We offer a wide range of handheld barcode readers for office, warehouse and industrial environments. Our portfolio includes devices with and without cables for 1D-barcodes and 2D-codes, as well as other solutions for your specific requirements.
            • Hand-held Computer

            • Our mobile data collection devices enable you to work ergonomically in trade, warehouses and industry. All devices are particularly robust and can withstand everyday stresses and strains thanks to protection against water, dust and damage caused by falls.
            • RFID-Solutions

            • The stationary and mobile RFID solutions create inventory transparency throughout the entire company. The robust and interference-free RFID transponders can be read visually and without contact and thus work interference-free.
            • Label printer

            • Depending on the print volume, width and resolution, we offer label printers and the appropriate consumables. Additional options such as cutters, label rewinders and various interfaces are also included in our portfolio.
            • Industrial computer

            • The industrial computers also withstand harsh working environments such as in warehouses and production - for example, when used on forklifts.
            • Mobile workstations

            • With our mobile workstations, you can record data flexibly in the warehouse environment and work for several hours independently of a power outlet.
          • Industries

          • Whether transport and logistics, retail and e-commerce, manufacturing or healthcare: The logistics requirements of the various sectors of our economy are as diverse as they are. We know your industry and, with in-depth expertise and technical understanding, develop integrated software and hardware solutions for the optimal management of your industry-specific supply chain.
              • Transport and Logistics

              • The transport and logistics industry thrives on speed and transparent organization. Optimize your planning and scheduling decisions in real time: Our software solutions enable the digitalization of the entire process chain, with suitable modules and complete documentation for every transport and handling process.

                From the provision of goods and vehicle loading to delivery and returns handling, you are supported by an intelligent and secure IT system. Digitalized process optimization saves you time, costs and valuable resources.

              • Retail and e-commerce

              • Price, quality, availability and sustainability: consumer behavior is changing rapidly, manufacturers are constantly opening up new sales markets and expanding their range. Respond to the diverse requirements in the area of retail logistics with end-to-end digitalised flows of goods.

                Our solutions support trade and e-commerce with intelligent merchandise management systems and enable transparent tracking of products along the entire logistics chain, all the way to the shelf or to the end customer. International trade relations are also securely covered at all times through the integration of our customs software modules.

              • Manufacturing

              • The increasing complexity in manufacturing with its trend towards batch sizes of 1 poses great challenges for companies. With end-to-end networking and digitalization of your production processes, you can design the workflows to be flexible and yet plannable.

                Our logistics solutions for manufacturing ensure efficiency and traceability of processes in the manufacturing industry - from planning to final assembly. Incorrectly stored materials and components or inadequate quality controls during manufacturing can thus be prevented. While traceability of all goods movements is guaranteed at all times.

              • Healthcare

              • In the health sector, an efficient supply chain is essential. The entire supply and administrative process, as well as logistics services in this sector, are subject to stricter regulations and quality standards than in other industries. Realize an optimal implementation of your processes without security risks.

                Our integrated solutions for healthcare enable prudent and transparent management of the entire supply chain logistics. From raw materials to the finished product and its delivery, our software solutions also take into account specific requirements such as access control to inventory, special features in storage or short-term order peaks.