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Company Profile

Konga Mekaniska Verkstad AB is a major Swedish manufacturer of material handling solutions for the European market. We always base our solutions on the needs of our clients, and integrate new technology and new design into our environmental work, all in the best interests of the customer. Our modern and highly automated machinery together with a well-trained and highly-motivated workforce ensures that we deliver 100% quality to our customers.

We can provide the products that your company needs

Our standard range of more than 1000 products includes various trolleys, roll containers, pallet frames, wire baskets, wheelbarrows, sack trucks and warehouse trolleys.

Customised solutions

In addition to our standard range, we also offer customised solutions in order to help you with direct improvements in your business.

We always provide maximum service

Our wide network of dealers helps us to consistently provide the best service for our customers. Our goal is always to be able to supply the product within two days.

Quality and the environment

Konga Mekaniska AB stands for high quality, environmental responsibility, reliable deliveries and flexibility.