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  • For a long time STILL has been one of the leading suppliers of forklift trucks, platform trucks and tractors plus the latest Intralogistics systems. With more than 7,000 employees, 4 production plants, 14 dealerships in Germany, 20 subsidiary companies abroad, plus a dealer network consisting of 246 dealers worldwide, STILL is successfully active on an international scale. With the highest quality, reliability and innovative technology, STILL is meeting, today and in the future, the requirements of small, medium and large companies.
Product Portfolio
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  • First class products – a basis for your success!

    For more than 50 years STILL has filled people with enthusiasm throughout the world about the development and manufacture of high grade industrial trucks with electric, diesel and LP gas drives. This is because we place particularly high emphasis on properties that make your work easier on all our trucks.

    In no way do our innovative services, such as STILL PartnerPlan, however, fall behind our technical innovations!

    You can also get all of STILL's best performers from us in used condition. Our Europe-wide system for second-hand forklift trucks and warehouse handling equipment guarantees a simple and reliable valuation:

    Three condition classifications, Gold, Silver and Bronze, come with appropriate warranty promises.
      • Electric forklift trucks, E-trucks

      • Electric forklift trucks from STILL are No. 1 wherever noise reduction and freedom from exhaust gas pollution are priorities. What's more, STILL's electric trucks are highly reliable, tough and very economical. Robust, powerful traction batteries with a high storage capacity and long service life provide ample energy for an 8 hour shift.

        In addition, the electric trucks from STILL offer a high level of working safety, comfort and functionality. For example, the driver has a free choice of driving characteristics on the RX 20, RX 60 and RX 50, setting completely new standards in the electric truck field.

        • Diesel and LP Gas forklift trucks

        • Economical and powerful: the IC engined trucks from STILL. From compact right up to powerful, the diesel and LP Gas trucks provide precisely the right machine for any application! Innovations make it easy for any driver: all IC engine trucks in the RX 70 range are extremely easy to operate - and to drive!

          Man and machine in perfect teamwork: STILL ensures that using the truck is untiring and safe. Thus, the wide steps are easily visible from above and the seat is designed to protect the back in accordance with ergonomic findings. Added to this, the intelligent cockpit electronics help the driver concentrate on his work without stress.

          • Hand pallet trucks

            • Warehouse trucks

            • Reach truck lifts -also known as sideways seat lifts due to the positioning of the operator's seat - are ideal for in-house transportation, lifting, stacking and retrieval as well as commissioning and picking.

              STILL reach trucks are characterized by their excellent efficiency, powerful drive and optimal driver visibility as well as operator comfort. These warehouse trucks have a load capacity of 1.0 to 2.5 tons and a lift reach height of up to 13 meters. .

              The wide variety of models offer the perfect solution for every need and area of use:

              The FM-X reach truck is the ideal lift for pallet transport. Its advanced technologies, reliability and efficiency are most impressive. The powerful, maintenance-free electric drive as well as its high level of driver comfort and simple operation guarantee optimized turnover rates. The FM-X may also be implemented as an automized reach truck.

              The FM-4W is perfectly equipped as a 4-way lift for the transport of long and bulky loads. The lift can be steered smoothly in all four directions and offers optimized driver comfort as well as maximized safety and stability.

              Due to its super-elastic tyres, the FM-X SE is suitable for operation both indoors and out. The tyres' large diameter, high ground clearance and fantastic traction properties provide for optimized turnover even on the most slippery or treacherous of surfaces.
              • Order pickers

              • STILL offers the right equipment for both low level and high-level order picking. But it doesn't stop at order picking, because our order pickers are also suitable for tasks such as horizontal transport or moving pallets into and out of stock.
                  • Horizontal Order Picker OPX 20-25 / OPX 20-25 Li-Ion

                  • Maximum capacity (kg):
                    OPX20 2.000
                    OPX 25 2.500
                  • Horizontal Order Picker OPX 20-25 Plus / OPX 20-25 Li-Ion Plus

                  • Maximum capacity (kg):
                    OPX 20 Plus 2.000
                    OPX 25 Plus 2.500
                  • Horizontal Order Picker OPX-L 12 / OPX-L 12 Li-Ion

                  • Maximum capacity (kg):

                    Maximum reach height (mm):
                  • Horizontal Order Picker OPX-L 16 / OPX-L 16 Li-Ion

                  • Maximum capacity (kg):

                    Maximum reach height (mm):
                  • Horizontal Order Picker OPX-L 20 / OPX-L 20 Li-Ion

                  • Maximum capacity (kg):

                    Maximum reach height (mm):
                  • Horizontal Order Picker OPX-L 20 S / OPX-L 20 S Li-Ion

                  • Maximum capacity (kg):

                    Maximum reach height (mm):
                  • Horizontal Order Picker OPX-D 20 / OPX-D 20 Li-Ion

                  • Maximum capacity (kg):

                    Maximum reach height (mm):
                  • Horizontal order picker COP-L 07

                  • Maximum capacity (kg):

                    Maximum reach height (mm):
                  • High level order picker EK-X

                  • Maximum capacity (kg):

                    Maximum reach height (mm):
                  • High level order picker EK-X 10

                  • Maximum capacity (kg):

                    Maximum reach height (mm):
                • Order picking stacker trucks

                • They promise to lift: our order picking stackers are industrial trucks with a lifting operating platform, and can be used both as order pickers and also for putting load units into and out of stock.

                  For this purpose, the lifting operating platform, the driver's cab, is integrated into the mast with the load handling equipment. In high warehouses these compact stacker trucks point the way with their innovative control technology.

                  • Low lift pallet trucks

                  • Not only does STILL provide class-leading order picker/stacker trucks, but pedestrian low-lift pallet trucks as well. Our low lift pallet trucks take their load and lift it clear of the floor for transport.

                    For pedestrian operation the low lift pallet trucks are tiller controlled. Want the driver to ride on the truck? No problem! For rider operation there are low lift pallet trucks with a side seat or driver's stand on platform.

                    • High lift pallet trucks

                    • Efficient stacking is always a question of level - in this case the highest of all! The STILL high lift pallet truck is master of its trade. From perfect racking service up to the efficient loading and unloading of lorries. Even difficult application conditions do not become a burden.

                      In short: STILL high lift pallet trucks gladly bear the responsibility.

                      • Platform trucks and tractors

                      • STILL fast, powerful electric platform trucks and tractors are very flexible in use. They are ideal for internal transportation over medium and long runs - with or without a trailer.
                        A typical application is the movement of materials between storage and production buildings (e.g. in the vehicle industry, at airports, on the railways or with the post office).
                        • Tugger trains

                        • Modern production processes increasingly require flexible material flow concepts. The material flow must be effective, demand-driven and at the same time resource-optimized. Following this trend the use of tugger train systems for material supply in manufacturing companies increases. They provide workstations time and space efficient with production parts.
                          Automation - Material Flow preprogrammed

                          For a continuous flow of material STILL tugger trains can be automated. The tugger train independently moves e.g. by magnetic point or magnetic tape navigation on fixed transport routes. The single stations such as loading and unloading, are thus automatically approached. The production employee only takes care of removing the charge.

                          STILL CX-T can easily be upgraded for the automated material handling. The installation of the route guidance depends on the desired navigation type. In automated material flow self-sufficient and standard E-and C-frame can be used both.
                          • Explosion Protection

                          • Quality tested reliability from STILL - for hazardous, explosive zones
                            Tried and tested serial technology forms the reliable foundation for explosion protected trucks.

                            Professional explosion protection from STILL

                            Guaranteed safety - from the truck all the way to repair and maintenance: STILL service technicians are trained especially for explosion protection and guarantee the highest possible level of safety in your company.
                            Comprehensive service for all STILL vehicles. STILL service offers complete coverage; also in explosion protection areas.

                              • Used forklift trucks

                              • It is clear from STILL's used truck classification system - Gold, Silver or Bronze - how attractive used trucks can be.
                                STILL offers a uniform, Europe-wide system that categorises used trucks in accordance with their features - equipment, warranty, paint, truck age and battery condition.
                                So you see, used trucks can be a very attractive proposition when they come with the STILL seal of approval: tested and reliable technology, fair prices and a clearly defined classification system.
                                  • Innovations made by STILL

                                  • A powerful lift truck is indispensible to meet today's requirements for lifting heavy loads or challenging outdoor applications. But which one is the best choice? Which type of drive is most powerful? Which is most reliable? Which is most economic? STILL, the leading supplier for intelligent control of intralogistics has been consistently focussing on the diesel-electric drive in lift trucks with internal combustion engines for several decades.
                                      • Mission: Zero Emission

                                      • Environmental responsibility is a topic of ever growing importance in our society
                                      • Blue-Q = IQ

                                      • The intelligent auto pilot for economy and ecologic responsibility.
                                      • Lithium-Ion Technology

                                      • Ability to combine efficiency and flexibility.
                                      • Hybrid Technology

                                      • Innovative drive technology with the lowest fuel consumption and the lowest CO2 emissions worldwide.
                                      • cubeXX

                                      • The cubeXX provides answers permitting a high degree of automation for intralogistic systems.
                                      • Fuel cell technology

                                      • The STILL fuel cell technology generates the electric energy directly on board of the truck.
                                      • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

                                      • Transponders installed in the floor locate trucks, navigate and optimise operational processes on the basis of the data collected.
                                      • IdentProLog

                                      • Experts forecast Radio Frequency Identification, RFID in short, a great future within logistics.
                                      • STILL PowerPlusLife Battery

                                      • In the past the battery was the limiting factor in especially challenging applications – now STILL offers full performance thanks to a new battery technology!
                                    • Services

                                    • STILL applies the whole of its knowledge and concentrated expertise to tailor-made partnership concepts - because we know the importance of a good partnership for a successful business relationship, which is why we provide you with everything which supports and deepens this partnership.
                                      What is behind it? A range of highly interesting service products
                                        • STILL Hire

                                        • Hire a Forklift!
                                          STILL offers you everything you need. Electric forklifts, diesel / LP gas forklifts, low and high lift pallet trucks, tractors and tugger trains: find what you need at STILL. More than 1500 rental trucks - 60 different types - are available. STILL has a truck for every need.

                                          3 Branches in the UK
                                          Nationwide coverage: London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Exeter, Southampton, Leeds, Cardiff, Cambridge, Milton Keynes, Newcastle, Glasgow, Sheffield, Leicester, Coventry, Bradford, York, Nottingham, Plymouth, Wolverhampton, Derby, Reading, Preston

                                          Maximum Flexibility
                                          STILL offers hire trucks for flexible periods. Whether for days, weeks or months, at short notice or in advance: you can count on STILL. This means you are always prepared at times of particularly high capacity, or should one of your machines fail.

                                          Full Service
                                          At STILL, we are very proud of our Service which guarantees you the functionality of your hire truck. Maintenance and service are included in the hire rate (see terms and conditions).
                                            • Long Term Hire

                                            • Long term hire - gives you more flexibility
                                              Long term hire is especially suited for middle and long term use of industrial trucks - in particular with hire lengths that are not possible by leasing - usually periods of less that 39 months.

                                              STILL long term hire offers:

                                              • fixed, reliable-planning installment rates for hire starting at 24 months
                                              • rates that are adjustable and economical
                                              • Services adjustable to your needs
                                              • Coverage of machinery breakdown
                                              • Possibilities of changing the contract - from rental to leasing or Basic Dynamic.

                                                • Financing

                                                • The Total Flexible Contract from STILL includes contract types for the transfer of use (Leasing, Hire Basic Dynamic) and for the automatic transfer of ownership (Hire Purchase).
                                                    • Running Time

                                                    • Timing is decisive for many things in life. This also applies to STILL running times.
                                                    • Basic Dynamic

                                                    • BasicDynamic offers you, for the first time, a direct relationship between truck utilisation and truck costs.
                                                    • Leasing

                                                    • Many customers go for Leasing – a medium to long term transfer of use.
                                                    • Purchase

                                                    • Whether you want to acquire a single machine or a complete fleet - with trucks from STILL you will be making an investment for the future.
                                                    • Hire Purchase

                                                    • Hire purchase with STILL is an alternative for when you want the most uncomplicated process possible for your investment financing.
                                                  • Fleet Data Services

                                                  • STILL is using Fleet Data Services to take another step towards transparency, flexibility and individualization. Fleet Data Services is the intelligent collection, analysis and online availability of vehicles and their operators. Whereas STILL began with FleetManager and STILLReport as individual products - Fleet Data Services is the combination of STILL's best software solutions. A common characteristic off all these products is that they are web based and that they all have one convenient and easy to use interface. The customer accesses the vehicle data online and can thereby get the most up to date information quicker. The software products FleetManager 4.x, STILLReport and STILLProActive are all parts of Fleet Data Services.
                                                      • FleetManager 4.x

                                                      • FleetManager 4.x offers STILL customers a controlled vehicle use, operator administration and development as well as maintenance management.
                                                        In order to control the use of the industrial trucks, the customer can predetermine who is allowed to operate which vehicles.
                                                      • STILLReport

                                                      • Organization, analysis and optimization of the forklift pool - this is what STILLReport has to offer. This web based STILL software makes it possible for the customer to maintain a quick and easy overview of the entire fleet. STILLReport is divided into three steps: Organisation, Analysis und Optimization.
                                                    • Service

                                                    • Having been in business as long as we have, we know what makes working with us a success: Our Service!

                                                      The special, individual and flexible service provided by STILL is aimed entirely at your requirement, which serves you better.

                                                      You determine which of our services you want to call on from repairs, Thorough Examination checks, Maintenance, Full Service, Driver Training or Machine Insurance.

                                                      STILL has a Europe-wide network of factory branches, subsidiary companies, dealers, contract workshops and depots with over 2000 service technicians. In Germany alone, 750 service vans provide daily proof of what a close working relationship with our customers means. For this reason, STILL's customer service is highly regarded throughout the world. Our special diagnostic system for example, is simply unbeatable for repair work.

                                                        • Repair

                                                        • STILL has developed a special diagnostic system (including the necessary diagnostic technology) which drastically reduces the testing process when fault finding.
                                                        • Thorough examination

                                                        • At least once a year – as required by law – forklift trucks must undergo a thorough examination check in accordance with the Industrial Trucks Regulations.
                                                        • Maintenance

                                                        • Whether chassis, drive unit or mast – each mechanical and electrical component of a forklift truck must function perfectly.
                                                        • Full Service

                                                        • Yet another interesting offer from STILL: We are offering you special Full-Service contracts – again with particularly favourable conditions
                                                        • Drivers Training

                                                        • What use is the most innovative technology if it cannot be handled properly? Only someone who masters his working equipment perfectly can work effectively and safely.
                                                        • Machine insurance

                                                        • With the STILL machine insurance you will have no financial surprises from unusual events.
                                                        • STILL Rack Inspection

                                                        • According to the German Ministry for Labor and Social Affairs, racking and storage systems are work equipment and subject to the regulations for industrial safety and are, therefore, the responsibility of the employer and operator.

                                                        • Operator Training

                                                        • What use is the most innovative technology if it cannot be handled properly? Only someone who masters his working equipment perfectly can work effectively and safely. This is why STILL has developed a special forklift truck driver training concept for its customers.
                                                        • Full Service from STILL

                                                        • Yet another interesting offer from STILL: We are offering you special Full-Service contracts – again with particularly favourable conditions, including any repair work necessary. STILL takes on responsibility for risk of repair and guaranteed the constant availability of your fleet. You simply pay a fixed rate which covers all services, replacement parts, maintenance, etc.
                                                        • Accessories

                                                        • Forklifts are used in a wide variety of environments and situations. This means that each company has its own set of individual needs and demands on how its vehicles are to be equipped. Sometimes even the smallest of details can make all the difference.
                                                        • Retrofitting

                                                        • The demands on your vehicles often change throughout its lifetime. This may be due to a different area of use for the forklift or new demands on the entire fleets' workplace safety or cleanliness standards. Efficiency and steering other are common reasons for wanting to optimize intralogistic processes.
                                                        • Commitment - Service Charter

                                                        • With the STILL machine insurance you will have no financial surprises from unusual events.
                                                        • Workplace Safety in the Warehouse

                                                        • Modern intralogistic processes require the use of more and more vehicles and employees. STILL Safetylight provides a visual warning system and helps to make their workplace processes safer.

                                                      • Special Subjects

                                                            • Body vibrations

                                                            • Body vibrations are all mechanic vibrations affecting the body caused by any kind of machinery including vehicles.
                                                            • Total Cost of Ownership

                                                            • Total Cost of Ownership, or TCO, is a recognized expense calculation model with which a company is able to better estimate the real, total costs related to a planned investment.
                                                        • Intralogistic Systems

                                                        • There is no simple solution to complex problems. At first sight, the interaction of intralogistics processes with a large number of interlinked systems seems to make it difficult to optimise processes in the warehouse. However, for us exactly this combination of the individual processes is the ideal basis to make use the full potential.
                                                          Our warehouse trucks, products and services harmonise with each other so that we are able to offer you a comprehensive, tailored and highly flexible solution. On top of this, all components are flexible enough to adapt perfectly to existing structures and systems.
                                                            • Intralogistic Solutions

                                                                  • STILL – the leading supplier for the intelligent control of intralogistics

                                                                  • Many have visions, but only few implement them. STILL managed to do this and has been doing so for more than 90 years. STILL develops specific solutions for every industry controlling of the internal flow of material and the respective data processing in the best possible way, providing solutions that are individually tailored to the demand of our customers. This makes a comprehensive offer with many individual components, altogether ensuring maximum efficiency.
                                                              • Intralogistic Services

                                                                    • STILL intralogistics services

                                                                    • STILL does not only convince by its products but also with a broad range of services, and we are very proud of this. It is exactly what makes the offer of STILL so unique: we cover issues like analysing the flow of material and the utilisation of the warehouse trucks, the planning and implementation of complete logistics systems just as well as furbishing complete warehouses. The speciality in this is that the all components we use for any of the warehouse processes do not just harmonise perfectly but they are also excellently designed to fulfil their tasks.

                                                                      With STILL you have a strong partner for your intralogistics – starting with project planning, including the implementation, to servicing an operating system.
                                                                • MMS Material and data flows management

                                                                • Use the STILL warehouse management system (WMS) to control and effect every movement of material in the warehouse individually, including goods received, warehouse control and order picking just as well as tour planning and despatch. In these processes every information such as load carrier information and information about the article like batch number, best-before-date and serial number and the respective storage strategies are considered in order to provide material punctually, according to the demand and to make best use of the space inside the warehouse. Besides all of this the system allows to administer empties and annual or permanent stock taking.
                                                                    • MMS Transport/Truck Control System

                                                                    • Learn from experience - MMS transport control with the self-learning truck control system.
                                                                    • MMS Information System

                                                                    • Maximum transparency – keeping an eye on all relevant data.
                                                                    • MMS Hardware

                                                                    • From the STILL Touch Terminal to wireless equipment.
                                                                    • Intelligent System Architecture

                                                                    • We make integration easy.
                                                                  • Automation - STILL iGo

                                                                  • Thanks to its comprehensive product range STILL iGo helps to automate nearly the entire material flow in a warehouse, regardless of whether its newly designed or already being used. The range of solutions and expansion possibilities allows not only for tailored improvements to existing conditions such as narrow or wide aisles, but the total automation of vertical and horizontal transport as well. Automated STILL vehicles cover the entire in-house material flow at your warehouse - from the receipt of goods to final shipment to your partners.
                                                                      • iGoSystems

                                                                      • Automation at the highest Level - whether vertical or horizontal.
                                                                      • iGoEasy

                                                                      • Automated Individual Vehicles.
                                                                      • iGoRemote

                                                                      • Semi-Automated Vehicles with Remote Control.
                                                                      • Automated standard STILL trucks

                                                                      • Guaranteed savings. Automation on highest level.
                                                                      • STILLPalletShuttle

                                                                      • Optimum use of storage space.
                                                                      • Use case

                                                                      • Here you will find a video about the STILL automation systems.
                                                                    • Driver Assistance Systems

                                                                    • STILL driver assistance systems is a term referring to additional equipment on warehouse trucks to support the driver in certain situations. They elevate the degree of automating by assuming individual tasks freeing the operator respectively.

                                                                      Often safety aspects are at the focus here, but also improving the performance of the truck transporting material or to improve performance of the operators. Depending on the driver assistance system used, different types of sensors are deployed.
                                                                          • STILL RFID-Systems

                                                                          • Invisible technology, visible progress.
                                                                          • STILL OPTISPEED

                                                                          • Increasing the performance of the truck and the operator.
                                                                      • STILL racking

                                                                      • STILL rack systems are an elementary component of intelligent intralogistics. High efficiency is best achieved by an effective layout of the warehouse.
                                                                        As a full range supplier of industrial racking STILL offers a broad range of products including static installations such as pallet, drive-in or cantilever racks and dynamic systems, e.g., drive-through and moving racks as well as moving platforms.
                                                                          • STILL Warehouse planning

                                                                          • In the beginning there is a plan - in the end there is a complete warehouse.
                                                                          • STILL Pallet racks

                                                                          • Just as variable as your requirements.
                                                                          • Drive-in and drive-through racks

                                                                          • For compact storage.
                                                                          • STILLPalletShuttle systems

                                                                          • For maximum turnaround speed.
                                                                          • Cantilever racks

                                                                          • Tidy and easy storage of bulky goods.
                                                                          • Push back and flow-through racks

                                                                          • For optimised turnover of goods
                                                                          • Sliding racks

                                                                          • Maximum density in small spaces.
                                                                          • Shelf racking

                                                                          • The solution for unpacked goods and small parts.
                                                                          • Platforms

                                                                          • Efficient and individual use of high building spaces.
                                                                          • Rack inspection

                                                                          • STILL rack inspection - be on the safe side.
                                                                        • Fleet management / FleetManager™

                                                                        • It is always important to maintain an overview; especially for larger fleets. OM STILL can help with fleet monitoring and offers long term fleet management. Using precise analysis, we calculate savings potential and create an individual concept to optimize your fleet and ensure availability.
                                                                              • STILL Fleet management

                                                                              • STILL fleet management is the solution to long term optimization and cost reduction. You concentrate on your business and we'll take care of your vehicles.
                                                                              • FleetManager™ 4.x

                                                                              • Using STILL's FleetManager™ 4.x, you decide who can use which vehicles, record information regarding deployment, accidents or workloads and utilization of the vehicles.