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  • For a long time STILL has been one of the leading suppliers of forklift trucks, platform trucks and tractors plus the latest Intralogistics systems. With more than 7,000 employees, 4 production plants, 14 dealerships in Germany, 20 subsidiary companies abroad, plus a dealer network consisting of 246 dealers worldwide, STILL is successfully active on an international scale. With the highest quality, reliability and innovative technology, STILL is meeting, today and in the future, the requirements of small, medium and large companies.
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  • First class products – a basis for your success!

    For more than 50 years STILL has filled people with enthusiasm throughout the world about the development and manufacture of high grade industrial trucks with electric, diesel and LP gas drives. This is because we place particularly high emphasis on properties that make your work easier on all our trucks.

    In no way do our innovative services, such as STILL PartnerPlan, however, fall behind our technical innovations!

    You can also get all of STILL's best performers from us in used condition. Our Europe-wide system for second-hand forklift trucks and warehouse handling equipment guarantees a simple and reliable valuation:

    Three condition classifications, Gold, Silver and Bronze, come with appropriate warranty promises.
      • Electric forklift trucks, E-trucks

      • Insist in the best: The STILL electric forklift trucks base on nearly 100 years of expertise in electrics. Benefit from innovations that coin the industry, emission free propulsion and performance that is at eye level with diesel trucks - at substantially lower maintenance costs.

        Whether you decide to use modern lithium-ion technology or conventional lead-acid batteries: STILL electric trucks always stand out with long operation times, enormous reliability and individually adjustable driving characteristics. RX 20, RX 50 and RX 60 ‑ the electric forklift truck series from STILL are the most efficient and cleanest way to move loads weighing up to eight tons. And they all have one thing in common: They set the standards.

          • Electric Forklift Truck RX 50 1,0 - 1,6 t

            • up to 6070 mm
            • up to 1600 kg

            The greatest of the small

            • Extremely compact structure for tight working areas
            • Spacious, comfortable driver’s cab with individual set up
            • Individual control options: multi-lever, mini-lever, Fingertip or Joystick 4Plus
            • Ideally suited for combined indoor and outdoor use


          • Electric Forklift Truck RX 20 1,4 - 2,0 t / RX 20 Li-Ion

            • up to 7915 mm
            • up to 2000 kg


            • Highest handling performance of its class
            • Highest range with one battery charge
            • Best all-round visibility for high work safety
            • High agility and precise manoeuvrability


          • Electric Forklift Truck RX 60 2,5 - 3,5 t

            • up to 7540 mm
            • up to 3500 kg

            The Accelerator

            • Exceptional performance: highest handling performance of its class
            • Easily accessible: highest range with one battery charge
            • Ideal workstation: spacious cabin with STILL Easy Control on-board computer


          • Electric Forklift Truck RX 60 3,5 - 5,0 t

            • up to 7180 mm
            • up to 4990 kg

            For heavy work

            • Excellent visibility thanks to new mast concept
            • Powerful electrical drive has very low environmental impact and highhandling rate
            • Compact design and excellent mobility


          • Electric Forklift Truck RX 60 6.0 - 8.0 t

            • up to 8670 mm
            • up to 8000 kg

            Making light work of things

            • Compact design and excellent mobility
            • The powerful electrical drive unit has very low environmental impact and a high handling rate
            • Excellent visibility due to driver’s cab being set to one side and high seat position
            • Optional sprint mode and cooled PowerPlusLife battery for top driving speed of 20 km/h


        • Diesel and LP Gas forklift trucks

        • Powerful, efficient, low-emission. Fitted with state-of-the-art engine technology, the RX 70 diesel and LPG trucks from STILL provide clean performance in any situation.And we mean this literally:Virtually all the models are well below the legal requirements for emissions, even without soot particulate filters. And they offer the best possible performance in any load capacity class from compact to massive. STILL diesel and LPG trucks score in rough outdoor or heavy indoor applications with reliable turnover capacity. Thanks to capsulated components they are always ready, even in dusty or humid environments. And the diesel trucks present themselves as notably fuel efficient: They need up to 17 per cent less fuel than their best competitors. Perfect interaction between human and machine, based on well-thought ergonomics: Back-friendly seats, large access steps and spacious cabins promise comfortable work.
            • Diesel and LPG Forklift Trucks RX 70 1,6 - 2,0 t

              • up to 8065 mm
              • up to 2000 kg

              Manoeuvrable and economical

              • High availability, extended period of use and low operating costs through a diesel-electric drive with a powerful industrial motor
              • High energy efficiency due to Blue-Q energy-saving mode
              • High delivery volume at a low V-engine speed due to the electrically activated hydraulic pump
            • Diesel and LP Gas forklift truck RX 70 2,0 - 3,5 t

              • up to 7630 mm
              • up to 3500 kg

              Saving energy has never been easier

              • afety by nature – particularly stable driving behaviour due to truck’s low centre of gravity
              • Very low environmental impact and high handling rate due to an optimally coordinated STILL performance system
              • Excellent visibility, partly due to the narrow mast concept


            • Diesel and LP Gas forklift truck RX 70 4,0 - 5,0 t

              • up to 7180 mm
              • up to 5000 kg

              The benchmark for efficiency

              • High availability, longer service life and low operating costs thanks to diesel-electric drive
              • Individually adjustable: driving and lifting behaviour can be tailored to operational circumstances and driver preferences
              • Modern, easy-servicing DEUTZ industrial diesel engine complies with the emission standard with just an oxidation catalyst and no diesel particle filter


            • Diesel forklift truck RX 70 6,0 - 8,0 t

              • up to 8670 mm
              • up to 8000 kg

              Power intelligently defined

              • Maximum performance for optimum load handling thanks to diesel-electric drive with powerful industrial engine
              • Gentle, precise and safe load handling as well as direct feedback for the driver thanks to ultra-modern hydraulic technology
              • Best visibility due to high seat position and driver’s cab offset to one side


          • Reach trucks

          • The STILL reach trucks are not only outstanding because of their lift height of 13 metres. Also the fact that thanks to enormous residual capacities they are able to lift up to 1 000 kg up to this height is only a small stone in a large mosaic of added value. 

            Beyond great economic feasibility, the powerful drive and the excellent driving characteristics you will benefit from many unique features that are only available for STILL reach trucks. This includes the Active Load Stabilisation (ALS) thanks to which you will already be handling the next load while others are still waiting for their mast swinging to calm down. The waiting times in front of the rack will be reduced by up to 80 per cent! 

            Also the dynamic and smooth mast transition in unreached quality is something you will never want to miss again. This is made possible by an optical height measuring system, which also allows automatic lift height pre-selection or a precise indication of the current lift height in the digital display. If you need to move long and bulky goods, you will quickly learn to appreciate the benefits of the four-way FM-4W truck. And the FM-X SE with its Superelastic tyres will give your indoor and outdoor load handling additional reach.

              • Driver Seated Reach Truck FM-X

                • up to 13000 mm
                • up to 2500 kg

                Top-level precision

                • 13-metre lift height with high residual load capacity
                • Active load stabilisation (ALS)
                • Holistic ergonomics concept
              • Driver Seated Reach Truck FM-X SE

                • up to 8000 mm
                • up to 2000 kg

                Driver Seated Reach Truck with Superelastic Tyres.

                • For combined indoor and outdoor use thanks to superelastic tyres
                • Precise and exact hydraulic control with Fingertip operation or
                • Joystick 4Plus
                • Holistic ergonomics concept
              • FM-4W 4-Way Reach Truck

                • up to 9650 mm
                • up to 2500 kg

                Fully functional in all directions

                • Optimised view in all situations
                • Holistic ergonomics concept
                • Extensive standard equipment
            • Order pickers

            • Hardly any field in logistics is more diverse than order picking. STILL offers you a broad range of innovative horizontal and vertical order pickers, that allow you to solve any task efficiently. Whatever your application profile: at STILL you will find the order picker that optimally fits your requirements. 

              With our vertical order pickers you will be able to pick loads from up to 12 metres in a spacious cabin, you will still be able to pick comfortably from the first level with our OPX, and you will be able to move loads of up to 2 500 kg at speeds of up to 14 km/h. The STILL iGo neo CX 20 even follows every step of its operator - it is the first autonomous order picking truck

              Whatever your needs: double deck operation to handle fragile goods, or especially long forks to move bulky goods: Thanks to the modular system and the great range of variants, you will have a customised truck available that precisely matches you tasks. In all order pickers from STILL you can rely on state-of-the-art technology which will take your order picking to the next level.

                • Horizontal Order Picker OPX 20-25

                  • up to 130 mm
                  • up to 2500 kg

                  Thrillingly dynamic

                  • High handling performance thanks to load capacity of up to 2,500 kg
                  • Simultaneous steering, lifting and driving without changing grip using the STILL EASY Drive steering wheel
                  • High availability due to optionally available lateral battery change and Li-Ion technology
                • Horizontal Order Picker OPX 20-25 Plus

                  • up to 130 mm
                  • up to 2500 kg

                  Thrillingly dynamic

                  • High handling performance thanks to outstanding driving dynamics
                  • Unlimited robustness thanks to solid build and metal covers
                  • Outstanding ergonomics thanks to optional pneumatically-damped driver’s station and adjustable EASY Drive steering wheel


                • Horizontal Order Picker OPX-L 12

                  • up to 700 mm
                  • up to 1200 kg

                  Thrillingly dynamic

                  • High load capacity of up to 1,200 kg for heavy loads
                  • Ideal for even the narrowest aisles thanks to compact vehicle dimensions
                  • Maximised operator safety and low-impact transport thanks to the raising of the load guard mast lift actuation


                • Horizontal Order Picker OPX-L 16

                  • up to 700 mm
                  • up to 1600 kg

                  Thrillingly dynamic

                  • High manoeuvrability when transporting two pallets
                  • Back-friendly picking of up to 1,600 kg
                  • Pallets can be lifted lenght- or crossways thanks to short support arms and long forks


                • Horizontal Order Picker OPX-L 20

                  • up to 800 mm
                  • up to 2000 kg

                  Thrillingly dynamic

                  • Shorter picking routes to pallets to enhance picking performance and ensure back-friendly picking thanks to the special vehicle design
                  • High driving dynamics in curves with an optimised centre of gravity
                  • Optional raisable driver's station for order picking in the first level


                • Horizontal Order Picker OPX-L 20 S

                  • up to 700 mm
                  • up to 2000 kg

                  Thrillingly dynamic

                  • Back-friendly order picking of two pallets
                  • Transportation of long goods
                  • Maximised operator safety thanks to standard load guard
                • Horizontal Order Picker OPX-D 20

                  • up to 1580 mm
                  • up to 2000 kg

                  Thrillingly dynamic

                  • High handling capacity when transporting non-stackable pallets of up to 2,000 kg
                  • Compact dimensions ensure maximum manoeuvrability
                  • Maximum safety thanks to optional intelligent LED daytime running lights


                • iGo neo CX 20

                  • up to 130 mm
                  • up to 2000 kg

                  The smart way

                  • Autonomous system increases picking performance by up to 30%
                  • Saves manual energy: goods only require transportation by hand over short distances
                  • Bespoke order picking: truck adapts easily to specific operator preferences


                • VERTICAL ORDER PICKER OXV 07

                  • up to 2800 mm
                  • up to 700 kg

                  Next Level Order Picking

                  • Efficient and straightforward order-picking due to low entry point of only 145 mm
                  • Easy access to pallets due to forks welded to the truck
                  • Order-picking even in the most confined spaces due to compact design
                  • Intuitive working thanks to STILL Easy Drive steering wheel and optional STILL Easy Move additional lever for raising the driver platform
                • VERTICAL ORDER PICKER OXV 08

                  • up to 2800 mm
                  • up to 800 kg

                  Next Level Order Picking

                  • Back-friendly order picking due to standard auxiliary lift
                  • Flexible transport of a wide variety of load carriers thanks to adjustable forks
                  • Picking on the first and second rack levels up to a reach height of 2,800 mm
                  • Maximum safety when order-picking thanks to two-handed operation of the auxiliary lift
                • High level order picker EK-X

                  • up to 12000 mm
                  • up to 1200 kg

                  The new dimension in order picking

                  • Optimum use of storage space: picking heights of up to 12 metres
                  • Large and spacious cabin for maximum freedom of movement
                  • Optimally adjustable to any warehouse: customised solution thanks to modular design


                • High level order picker EK-X 10

                  • up to 6350 mm
                  • up to 1000 kg

                  The new dimension in order picking

                  • Optimum use of storage space: picking heights of more than 6 metres
                  • Large and spacious cabin for maximum freedom of movement
                  • Optimally adjustable to any warehouse: customised solution thanks to modular design


              • Low lift pallet trucks

              • The compact electric low lift pallet trucks from STILL get your horizontal load transport moving. Even in tightest spaces they convince by precise manoeuvring. Whether you are looking for a pedestrian low lift pallet truck or require a stand-on platform or a cabin to cover long driving distances: STILL offers a perfect model for any application. To not only move goods, but to order pick in healthy working conditions there are models with variable working heights that can be adapted to as much as 760 mm.

                All series convince with the intuitive arrangement of the controls. This way, you can fully concentrate on moving up to 2.5 tons of load, instead of caring about the pallet truck. In addition, there are many features that are only available from STILL like the innovative OPTISPEED tiller or the modern STILL lithium-ion technology.

                  • Pedestrian low lift truck CiTi One

                    • up to 125 mm
                    • up to 500 kg

                    Innovative – for urban goods supply

                    • Kerbs and thresholds up to 70 mm are easy to negotiate thanks to the climbing runners
                    • Can be used on any flooring thanks to profiled solid rubber drive wheel
                    • Both operator and environment benefit from extremely quiet operation
                  • Low Lift Pallet Truck ECH 12

                    • up to 110 mm
                    • up to 1200 kg

                    Ready to go

                    • Unrivalled compactness: Small size allows for operation even in the most confined spaces
                    • Li-Ion battery guarantees ultimate availability and flexibility
                    • Innovative powerhouse: Effective goods handling thanks to a lifting capacity of up to 1,200 kg
                  • Low lift pallet truck ECU 15 C

                    • up to 115 mm
                    • up to 1500 kg

                    Powerful Energy Pack

                    • Impressive goods handling: 1500 kg capacity and incredibly low service weight make it possible to take on any transportation task anywhere
                    • Outstanding flexibility: compact size allows for operation even in the most confined spaces
                    • Easy handling: move goods electrically without strain, on-board charger included


                  • Low lift pallet truck ECU 15 C

                    • up to 115 mm
                    • up to 1500 kg

                    Reliable companion

                    • Can be manoeuvred in confined spaces: creep speed switch on tiller head
                    • Impressive goods handling: lifting capacity of up to three tonnes
                    • Safe and efficient due to optimum view on tip of the forks
                  • Pedestrian low lift pallet trucks EXU 16-22

                    • up to 675 mm
                    • up to 2200 kg

                    Compact all-round truck for challenging applications.

                    • Always safe on the move due to OPTISPEED: speed adapts to the tiller angle
                    • Maximum performance due to powerful, reliable and low maintenance rotary current drive
                    • Always available due to lateral battery change and Li-Ion technology
                  • Pedestrian low lift pallet truck EXU-H 18-20

                    • up to 675 mm
                    • up to 2000 kg

                    Compact all-round truck for challenging applications

                    • Always safe on the move due to OPTISPEED: speed adapts to the tiller angle
                    • Maximum performance due to powerful, reliable and low maintenance rotary current drive
                    • Always available due to lateral battery change and Li-Ion technology


                  • Low lift pallet truck EXH 25-30

                  • up to 3000 kg

                    • Highest turnover efficiency due to a lifting capacity of up to 3,000 kg
                    • Best manoeuvrability and ergonomics due to electric steering and OPTISPEED tiller
                    • Always available due to Li-Ion technology and battery capacities of up to 500 Ah
                  • Low lift pallet truck ECU-SF

                    • up to 135 mm
                    • up to 2000 kg

                    Precision and manoeuvrability

                    • Fast and safe: Optional side guards can be opened and closed using just one hand
                    • Perfect ergonomics: Stand-on platform is just 170 mm high, allowing operators to easily mount and dismount
                    • High pallet reloading rate: compact size allows for quick and safe operation


                  • Low lift pallet truck EXH-SF / EXU-SF Li-Ion

                    • up to 130 mm
                    • up to 2000 kg

                    Swift and Compact

                    • Superb handling performance: top speed of 14 km/h and maximum lifting capacity of 2,500 kg
                    • Back-friendly: air-cushioned stand-on platform adjustable to individual weight with adjustable side arms
                    • Powerful driving on ramps: hydraulically sprung support wheels for best tractio
                  • Pedestrian low lift pallet truck EXU-S 22-24

                    • up to 130 mm
                    • up to 2400 kg

                    Robust and efficient.

                    • High pallet reloading rate, with a top speed of 12 km/h and compact dimensions
                    • Increased service life: battery capacity of up to 620 Ah or optionally with lithium-ion battery of up to 410 Ah
                    • Fast and safe: fully electric steering with electronic filtering of unwanted steering movements
                    • Excellent manoeuvrability on ramps due to the slanted chassis
                  • Stand-on low lift pallet truck SXH 20

                    • up to 125 mm
                    • up to 2000 kg

                    At home in narrow aisles

                    • Top performance: High load capacity (2.0 t) and high driving speeds (up to 12 km/h)
                    • Maximum availability: Battery capacities up to 500 Ah and optional Li-Ion technology
                    • Flexible control concept: Steering unit optionally on the left hand or right hand side
                  • Low lift pallet truck FXH 20-25 N

                    • up to 125 mm
                    • up to 2500 kg

                    At home in narrow aisles

                    • Top performance: Strong lifting capacity (2.5 t) and high speeds (up to 12 km/h)
                    • Maximum precision: Joystick 4Plus and clear view of the prongs
                    • Comfortable ergonomics: Height-adjustable foot plate and cushioned driver’s seat for fatigue-free operation
                  • Low lift pallet truck FXH 20-25

                    • up to 125 mm
                    • up to 2500 kg

                    At home in narrow aisles

                    • Optimum comfort due to the extra spacious driver workstation with comfort seat
                    • Maximum availability with battery capacities of up to 625 Ah and Li-Ion technology
                    • Top performance: Strong lifting capacity (2.5 t) and high speed of up to 12 km/h
                  • Rider seat low ioft pallet truck FX 33

                    • up to 115 mm
                    • up to 3300 kg

                    Top Performance in Record Time

                    • Effective goods handling due to simultaneous transport of three pallets (3.3 t)
                    • Fast transport of goods even over long distances thanks to travel speeds of up to 20 km/h
                    • Optimal driver’s seat ergonomics and visibility of the fork tips thanks to high seat position
                    • Precise, safe lifting and lowering of load due to proportional valve technology
                • High lift pallet trucks

                • With the STILL high lift stackers you will always have both hands on the organisation of your warehouse. Even in the smallest aisles, you will easily move up to two tons with these compact trucks. And more: Thanks to high residual capacities, you will be able to densify your warehouse to make best use of the available space. Benefit from storage heights of over five metres. Models with air-suspended platforms and top driving speeds of up to 10 km/h guarantee swift and healthy pallet transport also over long driving distances.

                  But the electric high lift pallet trucks are not only fast and strong - they also exceptionally intelligent. For example, the optional load capacity diagram on the EXV shows you at one glance how high the current load can be lifted. Besides this, there are smart assistance systems like Curve Speed Control. This system automatically controls cornering speeds, so that you will always travel fast and safe. Just smart.

                    • High Lift Pallet Truck ECV 10 C

                      • up to 1867mm
                      • up to 1200 kg

                      Lifting Made Easy

                      • Flexible right down to the tips of the forks: Be it light stacking tasks up to 1,867 mm the use as a mobile workbench
                      • Our most compact pallet stacker: Because of the extremely small front end it impresses even in the tightest working areas
                      • Extremely high levels of safety: Low chassis frame and speed reduction based on lift height
                    • High Lift Pallet Truck ECV 10

                      • up to 3227 mm
                      • up to 1000 kg

                      Lifting made easy

                      • High turnover performance: Lifting capacity up to 1,000 kg and lift heights up to 3,227 mm
                      • Ultimate availability: Built-in charger enables easy charging
                      • Manoeuvrable and compact: Small front end enables excellent manoeuvrability and usage in narrow aisles
                    • High Lift Pallet Truck EXV 10 - 14C

                      • up to 5316 mm
                      • up to 1400 kg

                      Power meets innovation

                      • Optimum utilisation of storage area: high storage compaction due to high residual load capacity
                      • Always safe with OptiSpeed: Travel speed adapts to tiller angle
                      • Impressive reloading of pallets: fast operation due to compact dimensions


                    • High Lift Pallet Truck EXV 14 - 20

                      • up to 5466 mm
                      • up to 2000 kg

                      Power meets innovation

                      • Optimum utilisation of storage area: high storage compaction due to high residual load capacity
                      • Everything in view, all the time: colour display with a range of language-independent symbols shows you all of the important functions at a glance
                      • Always available: battery capacities of up to 375 Ah enable long periods of operation
                    • High Lift Pallet Truck with Stand-on Platform EXV-SF 14 - 20

                      • up to 5466 mm
                      • up to 2000 kg

                      Power meets innovation

                      • Optimal utilisation of storage area: high storage compactiondue to very high residual load capacity
                      • Protects the back: air-cushioned stand-on platform which can beadjusted to individual driver’s weight
                      • Everything in view, all the time: colour display with a rangeof language-independent symbols shows you all of the importantfunctions at a glance
                      • High handling rate due to high driving speedsof up to 10 km/h
                    • High lift pallet truck FXV 14-16 N

                      • up to 5316 mm
                      • up to 1400 kg

                      Aiming high in narrow aisles

                      • Best performance: maximum lifting height of 5316 mm and driving speeds (up to 10 km/h)
                      • Maximum precision: Joystick 4Plus and clear view of the forks
                      • Maximum availability: lateral battery change and and optional Li-ion technology
                    • High lift pallet truck FXV 14 - 16

                      • up to 6216 mm
                      • up to 2000 kg

                      Aiming high in narrow aisles

                      • Unbeaten handling capacity: lift heights up to 6216 mm and maximum driving speed of 12 km/h
                      • Precision in perfection: pedals and Joystick 4Plus for precise manoeuvring
                      • Always available: battery capacity up to 625 Ah and optional Li-ion technology


                    • PEDESTRIAN FORKLIFT TRUCK EXV-CB 06-16

                      • up to 4224 mm
                      • up to 1600 kg

                      Flexibility meets innovation

                      • Secure goods transport: mast tilt for easy and secure handling of load carriers
                      • Maximum flexibility: different pallets and attachments can be used
                      • manoeuvrability and ergonomics thanks to electrical steering unit and OptiSpeed tiller


                    • HIGH LIFT PALLET TRUCK EXP 14 - 20

                      • up to 5466 mm
                      • up to 2000 kg

                      Flexibility meets innovation

                      • Highest flexibility: different pallet types and accessory equipment usable
                      • Optimum utilisation of storage area: high storage compaction due to very high residual load capacity
                      • Everything in view, all the time: colour display with a range of language-independent symbols shows you all of the important functions at a glance


                  • Double Stacker Trucks

                  • With the STILL double stacker trucks, you move more in less time. Move loads up to 2,000 kg easily in double stacker mode. Ideal for sensitive goods or goods that cannot be stacked, like fruit, vegetables, or fragile goods. With driving speeds up to 12 km/h, the trucks are not only powerful, but fast as well. The double stacker trucks are not only good to move material - they also play out their strength when loading or unloading lorries, in light order picking applications, or to stack goods up to 2.8 m high.

                    Smart ergonomics: the STILL variants offer all-round comfort including ergonomic tiller control concepts, large seats for the driver as well as air-suspended stand-on platforms. Thanks to the smart pallet positioning aid, two pallets can be easily and precisely stacked. With the Curve Speed Control assistance system, the trucks run safely at all times. The system automatically controls cornering speeds.
                      • Double Decker High-Lift Pallet Truck EXD 18

                        • up to 2024 mm
                        • up to 1800 kg

                        Double the load – half the time

                        • Precision storage on two decks owing to the unique pallet adjustment aid
                        • Always safe on the move with the STILL OPTISPEED tiller
                        • Increased product handling capacity because of different driving programmes
                      • Pedestrian high lift pallet truck EXD 20

                        • up to 2924 mm
                        • up to 2000 kg

                        Double the load – half the time

                        • Precision handling due to the electrical steering unit
                        • Optimum availability thanks to high battery capacity and Li-Ion technology
                        • Comfortable on the ramp: Hydraulic support wheel suspension for optimum traction


                      • Pedestrian high lift pallet truck EXD-SF 20

                        • up to 2924 mm
                        • up to 2000 kg

                        Always two loads ahead

                        • Speeds of up to 10 km/h and a maximum lifting capacity of up to 2,000 kg enable high handling rates
                        • Fatigue-free and comfortable working thanks to air-cushioned stand-on platform with integrated compressor
                        • Convenient on ramps: hydraulically dampened support wheels for optimal traction


                      • Pedestrian high lift pallet truck EXD-S 20

                        • up to 1580 mm
                        • up to 2000 kg

                        Always two loads ahead

                        • Maximum driving comfort thanks to the cushioned driver’s standon platform
                        • Ideal operator and goods protection thanks to the automatic speed reduction when driving round corners (Curve Speed Control)
                        • Handles power-intensive drives up ramps thanks to the specially designed chassis contour


                      • Stand-on double deck high lift pallet truckSXD 20

                        • up to 2124 mm
                        • up to 2000 kg

                        Double load - Easy Transport

                        • Powerful and compact: Lifting capacity of up to 2,000 kg and narrow chassis with a width of only 770 mm
                        • Powerful movement on ramps to increase handling capacity and high level of safety because of optional chassis counterbalance
                        • Intuitive operator guidance as the control unit can be attached on the left or right operating side
                      • Rider seated high lift pallet truck FXD 20 N

                        • up to 2864 mm
                        • up to 2000 kg

                        Double load - Easy Transport

                        • Performance and comfort: Speed up to 10 km/h and ergonomic driver’s seat
                        • Maximum precision: Joystick 4Plus and clear view of the prongs
                        • Ergonomic down to the finest detail: Height-adjustable foot plate and variable operating concept for fatigue-free operation
                      • Double deck high lift pallet truck FXD 20

                        • up to 2844 mm
                        • up to 2000 kg

                        Double Load - Easy Transport

                        • High reloading performance: Lifting capacity up to 2,000 kg and speed up to 12 km/h
                        • Optimum comfort due to the extra spacious driver workstation with comfort seat
                        • Maximum availability with battery capacities of up to 625 Ah and Li-Ion technology
                    • Platform trucks and tractors

                    • You intend to buy, lease or rent a tractor? Then look at the capacity of the powerful and smart electric tractors and platform trucks from STILL. Shipyards, aircraft and automobile makes as well as the supplying industries to these companies have been trusting the benefits of STILL tractors and platform trucks for many years. Just as many international train stations and airports

                      No wonder: With and without trailers, the tractors and platform trucks are ideal to move material internally over medium and long distances. Whether you need to tow up to 25 tons or move up to eight tons on the platform: You will be hooked on by the driving characteristics, capacity and efficiency of these trucks. Innovative features will make a notable difference in your work. For example the STILL Camp Indicator which informs you in real time about the current gradient you are driving on. 

                      STILL platform trucks and tractors are developed to make your work as easyeconomic, and safe as possible.

                        • Electric Tractor and Platform Truck LTX 20 / LTX-T 04

                          • up to 2000 kg
                          • up to 400 kg

                          Intelligence at work

                          • Ease of work: low entry and large foot space
                          • Suitable for compact working areas: very agile and compact (600 mm vehicle width)
                          • Multi-functional: available as tractor or transporter
                        • LTX 50 / LTX-T

                          • up to 5000 kg

                          Intelligence at work

                          • High handling capacity thanks to maximised towing load of up to 5,000 kg and speeds of up to 14 km/h
                          • Best ergonomics thanks to optional pneumatically-damped driver’s station and adjustable STILL Easy Drive steering wheel
                          • Suitable for narrow aisles thanks to compact dimensions


                        • Electric Tractor and Transporter LTX 70 / LTX-T 08

                          • up to 7000 kg
                          • up to 800 kg

                          Intelligent pulling

                          • Low access step and spacious footwell
                          • LED daytime driving lights – low energy consumption, high safety level, long durability
                          • Pedestrian operation provides efficient production supply


                        • Electric tow tractor R 07

                          • up to 25000 kg
                          • up to 300 kg

                          Efficient transport from A to B

                          • Real powerhouses: the R 07 pulls and transports loads of up to25 tonnes, while the R 08 transports up to 2 tonnes on its truck bed
                          • High speed for high transport capacity
                          • Highly manoeuvrable – ideal for use in restricted spaces
                        • Electric platform truck R 08

                          • up to 2000 kg
                          • up to 2000 kg

                          Efficient transport from A to B

                          • Real powerhouses: the R 07 pulls and transports loads of up to25 tonnes, while the R 08 transports up to 2 tonnes on its truck bed
                          • High speed for high transport capacity
                          • Highly manoeuvrable – ideal for use in restricted spaces


                        • LTX-FF 05-10

                          • up to 1000 kg

                          Two in One

                          • All in one: Towing, stacking and tugger train operations with one device
                          • STILL Easy Drive steering wheel: Intuitive operation of all functions without changing grip
                          • Compact dimensions: Precise work in the narrowest aisles
                          • Tractive power of five tons, load capacity of one ton, and a top speed of 13 km/h


                      • Hand pallet trucks

                            • Hand pallet trucks HPS / HPT

                              • up to 800 mm
                              • up to 3000 kg

                              Simply moving more.

                              • High manoeuvrability due to large steering angle
                              • Easy crossways loading of pallets thanks to loading rollers under the tips of the forks
                              • Ergonomically optimised tiller shape for fatigue-free operati


                        • Tugger trains

                        • STILL tugger train solutions set efficiency standards. They allow incredibly lean production supply. Let your production facilities benefit fromreliable and precisely clocked deliveries. The patented transport and retrieval system for trolleys (load carriages) scores with maximum flexibilityunique handling comfort and the lowest rolling resistance in the industry. Added to this are innovative tow tractors that base on over 70 years of experience in electric tractors.

                          Our tugger train solutions are just as individual as the warehouse worlds of our customers are. Their common ground: they reduce your internal traffic tosave money and increase safety. Together, we develop the concept that precisely matches your production's requirements and highest demands. On request including full automation of individual steps in the process or the complete tugger train deployment. Rely on aninnovative, customised and cost-efficient solution. 

                            • STILL LiftRunner

                            • In modern and lean production logistics, it is impossible to imagine an efficient flow of materials without tugger trains. They supply the places of demand, such as assembly stations, with materials in various load carriers and small batch sizes as required. This not only reduces costly logistics space in production, but can also reduce inventories and energy consumption and reduce the risk of accidents by reducing the volume of traffic. With the LiftRunner tugger trains, STILL offers a complete tugger train system that can be optimally adapted to individual operating conditions.

                              Our LiftRunner meet the highest demands for functionality and quality. The patented trolley removal system provides unique ease of use and the lowest rolling resistance in the industry. The different variants of frames and trolleys offer an optimal solution for your individual application - even a demand-specific construction of frames and trolleys is possible. We will be happy to advise you.

                            • STILL BaseRunner & RackRunner trailer system

                            • BaseRunner
                              The STILL BaseRunners are your smart access to lean production. The spring-suspended coupling system allows to connect the STILL BaseRunner quick and easy to assemble a train with up to 5 trailers. This moves large load carriers with a total weight of up to 3,000 kg.

                              The STILL Rack Runner provides quick and easy access to the goods at any time. Each level can be variably filled with standardised small load containers. The foot guard on the load wheels increases safety. Beyond, this power pack convinces with impressive track stability and a narrow turning circle.
                            • Our trolleys

                            • Trolleys are the carriers for the load carriers to be moved. Different load carriers handle different types of load ranging from small parts to complete components. In most cases, the trolleys are deployed with the STILL LiftRunners in the tugger train. The LiftRunners can be loaded and unloaded by hand or automatically.

                              Thanks to many equipment options, the range of available trolleys is very broad. The trolleys are combinable with different frames adapting them to different load carriers with varying dimensions, for example.
                            • Consultation on Tugger Trains

                            • Tugger trains are an integral part of modern intralogistics. Most of all in lean production setups, they are indispensable helpers. With tugger trains, internal transport can be designed highly efficiently - right up to fully automated supply.

                              Our LiftRunner® system fulfils the highest demand in functionality and quality. The patented ejector system for the trolleys allows maximum operator comfort and offers the lowest rolling resistance in the industry. The different frame versions and trolleys offer an optimum solution for your individual applications - it is even possible to individually adjust the design of the frames and trolleys to your needs.

                              We will be happy to consult you on these and other topics:

                              • Tugger train applications
                              • Possible combinations of tugger train components
                              • Material flow concepts and automation
                            • Trolleys

                            • Targeting to make logistics processes more efficient by automation, STILL deploys automated Tugger Train solutions. These solutions allow to fully automate the flow of materials right up to the production line and make clocked supply to production facilities even smarter and more economic.

                              Advantages of fully or partially automated systems at a glance:

                              • Loads can be moved ergonomically in the factory regardless of the physical condition of the employees
                              • In automated tugger trailers, all loads can be loaded and unloaded simultaneously
                              • Substantial traffic calming compared to material supply by forklift truck
                              • Reduction in space requirements and greater safety in handling the load carriers or trolleys.
                            • Individual products

                            • Work processes and organisation are different in every company. Many individual aspects need be observed to ensure frictionless operation in the long run. Individuality is the keyword here - and the topmost requirement of the customer.

                              The partnership with STILL offers solutions that align with your concrete needs. The focus is on the products that offer best customer benefit with respect to process reliability, cost efficiency, safety and ergonomics.

                              To meet the high requirements of industrial applications, we consistently develop new products or adjust existing products individually. This allows our customers to sustainably optimise their intralogistics processes.

                              Let us find your solution together and contact us now.

                            • Catch the train

                            • Do you already rely on a tugger train? Do you want to make your processes even more efficient and flexible? Then you can benefit now from the LiftRunner-upgrade and swap your E-Frame for a B-Frame.

                              Your benefits at a glance :

                              • more flexibility: loading and unloading from both sides
                              • more convenience of operation: automatic raising and lowering when getting on and off the tugger truck
                              • more efficient: saves space and time
                              • future-proof: the B-Frame enables the introduction of dynamic route train processes - software-supported or automatic

                              Catch the train and make your tugger train fit for the future. Find out now about the next evolutionary stage in your production supply.

                          • Explosion Protection

                                • Safety first

                                • Guaranteed safety - from the truck all the way to repair and maintenance: STILL service technicians are trained especially for explosion protection and guarantee the highest possible level of safety in your company.

                                  Comprehensive service for all STILL vehicles. STILL service offers complete coverage; also in explosion protection areas.

                            • STILL Rental / Used Trucks

                                • STILL Rental

                                • Rent a Forklift

                                  Rental Inquiry Choose Truck - Calculate Price - Request Offer

                                  Covering peak production output, material handling at major events or replacing failed trucks: There are many good reasons to flexibly rent forklift trucks or warehouse equipment. With a rental fleet of 33 000 trucks in over 70 different categories across Europe and a large range of special equipment and attachments STILL offers a solution matching any challenge.
                                • Used trucks

                                • Used trucks and warehouse equipment  - quality assured

                                  The STILL direct sales organisation guarantees you professionally refurbished and overhauled used forklift trucks and warehouse equipment at prices below the prices for new trucks. Also with our used trucks you will get the premium quality STILL is known for worldwide. Many means of financing and services offer an additional plus in flexibility and security.

                                  Across Europe, a huge selection of over 25 000 used forklift trucks and warehouse equipment awaits you. In Germany alone about 1 000 trucks are permanently available. And the best of it: Our premium trucks are immediately available. If you wish, they are on their way to you tomorrow.

                                  Our quality promise: All available used forklift trucks, pallet trucks and warehouse equipment is thoughtfully checked by our service technicians and carefully refurbished with genuine STILL Spares and then categorised in a uniform system applying to the whole of Europe. This gives you a transparent overview of the condition of the used forklift trucks and warehouse equipment on offer at a single glance.

                                  Your benefits:

                                  • Premiumquality
                                  • Refurbished trucks
                                  • Attractive warranty
                                  • Instant availiable
                              • Innovations made by STILL

                              • A powerful lift truck is indispensible to meet today's requirements for lifting heavy loads or challenging outdoor applications. But which one is the best choice? Which type of drive is most powerful? Which is most reliable? Which is most economic? STILL, the leading supplier for intelligent control of intralogistics has been consistently focussing on the diesel-electric drive in lift trucks with internal combustion engines for several decades.
                                  • Mission: Zero Emission

                                  • Environmental responsibility is a topic of ever growing importance in our society
                                  • Blue-Q = IQ

                                  • The intelligent auto pilot for economy and ecologic responsibility.
                                  • Lithium-Ion Technology

                                  • Ability to combine efficiency and flexibility.
                                  • Hybrid Technology

                                  • Innovative drive technology with the lowest fuel consumption and the lowest CO2 emissions worldwide.
                                  • cubeXX

                                  • The cubeXX provides answers permitting a high degree of automation for intralogistic systems.
                                  • Fuel cell technology

                                  • The STILL fuel cell technology generates the electric energy directly on board of the truck.
                                  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

                                  • Transponders installed in the floor locate trucks, navigate and optimise operational processes on the basis of the data collected.
                                  • IdentProLog

                                  • Experts forecast Radio Frequency Identification, RFID in short, a great future within logistics.
                                  • STILL PowerPlusLife Battery

                                  • In the past the battery was the limiting factor in especially challenging applications – now STILL offers full performance thanks to a new battery technology!
                                • Services

                                • Your business depends on reliable intralogistics - the highest possible availability of your trucks is a primary requirement.

                                  Minimising outage times requires permanent availability as well as fast and personal attendance - STILL is close to you 24 hours a day. Our technicians are your experts. Standardised repair processes for each truck ensure efficiency and a high service quality.

                                  The STILL Service offers a complete portfolio - from maintenance, repair and Full Service to a digital overview of all service data.

                                  Our services ensure the availability of your fleet. Please get in touch with us for your customised service concept.
                                    • Diagnostic and Repair

                                    • Get rid of coincidence! 

                                      Service is only good when your vehicle is fully operational and ready for use again quickly. Our highly trained and qualified STILL service technicians are fully committed to guaranteeing exactly this. Alongside the technicians' vast experience and technical knowledge, STILL training programs at our production facilities ensure that their high quality service know how is always up to date. STILL engineers have created optimized repair processes for each vehicle type, ensuring that your lift or machine is ready for operation again in the shortest time possible.

                                    • Spare Parts

                                    • for forklifts and warehouse technologies 

                                      High availability, efficiency and user friendliness are not only characteristics of STILL vehicles - we demand the same of our forklift and warehouse technology replacement parts as well. STILL Original Parts® are always at the leading edge in safety, technology, life span and fitting accuracy. And only STILL Original Parts® guarantee quick repair at the manufacturer's standards of quality!

                                    • Accessories and Retrofitting

                                    • Forklifts are used in a wide variety of environments and situations. This means that each company has its own set of individual needs and demands on how its vehicles are to be equipped. Sometimes even the smallest of details can make all the difference.

                                      With original STILL accessories you can equip your forklift so that it is exactly as you want it - and you do not always need the assistance of a STILL service technician. Use our broad range of accessories to increase your vehicles' productivity.

                                      The demands on your vehicles often change throughout its lifetime. This may be due to a different area of use for the forklift or new demands on the entire fleets' workplace safety or cleanliness standards. Efficiency and steering other are common reasons for wanting to optimize intralogistic processes.

                                      STILL will help you face these new challenges and adjust to new needs. We offer a wide range of retrofittings which our service technicians are able to mount expertly according to your requirements.

                                    • Maintenance and Full Service

                                    • Maintenance and service are the guarantors for the unlimited availability of your fleet. STILL therefore supports a continuous maintenance, which is tailored to your needs. Here we have the timely execution of security checks always in sight and you always have perfectly maintained vehicles! Repair periods and costs become predictable and you have a clear head for your core business.
                                    • Trainings

                                    • What use is the most innovative technology if it cannot be handled properly? Only someone who masters his working equipment perfectly can work effectively and safely.
                                    • Safety

                                    • Safety covers all inspections of forklifts, accessory devices, loaders, batteries, and shelving units in accordance with governmental or insurance regulations and manufacturer recommendations. These inspections all have varying timeframes and scopes which are discussed in more detail in the following area. 

                                      The aim is the greatest possible degree of safety for your vehicles, drivers / staff, warehouse and goods. If you like, scheduling can be handled completely by STILL. We make sure that all regulations are complied with. Inspections can often be combined with maintenance, saving both time and expense.

                                    • Financing

                                    • The right offer for any demand - that is not only a brand mark of the STILL product range but also of the wide portfolio of STILL Financial Services. Independent of the financing alternative you opt for.

                                      Be it a short, medium or long term solution that you are looking for: To finance trucks, STILL offers you many flexible alternatives which will all pay off for you. STILL Total Flexible Contract – one partner, innumerable possibilities.

                                      STILL gives you many options to use warehouse equipment or forklift trucks without having to buy them. This is made possible by the Total Flexible Contract with its variants Rental, Leasing, BasicDynamic® or Hire-purchase. It could not be more flexible.

                                  • Intralogistics Systems

                                  • Manage with more intelligence, work with more efficiency 

                                    There is no simple solution to complex problems. At first sight, the interaction of intralogistics processes with a large number of interlinked systems seems to make it difficult to optimise processes in the warehouse. However, for us exactly this combination of the individual processes is the ideal basis to make use the full potential. Our warehouse trucks, products and services harmonise with each other so that we are able to offer you a comprehensive, tailored and highly flexible solution. On top of this, all components are flexible enough to adapt perfectly to existing structures and systems.

                                      • Diagnostic and Repair

                                      • Straight to the point.

                                        Goal-oriented solutions for your challenges
                                      • Racking Systems

                                      • A great setup for every requirement 

                                        STILL rack systems are an elementary component of intelligent intralogistics. High efficiency is best achieved by an effective layout of the warehouse.

                                        As a full range supplier STILL offers a broad range of industrial racking systems including static installations such as pallet, drive-in or cantilever racks and dynamic systems, e.g., drive-through and moving racks as well as moving platforms.

                                      • Automation Systems

                                      • STILL iGo
                                        Intelligent automated / autonomous truck solutions

                                        Thanks to its comprehensive product range STILL iGo helps to automate nearly the entire material flow in a warehouse, regardless of whether its newly designed or already being used. The range of solutions and expansion possibilities allows not only for tailored improvements to existing conditions such as narrow or wide aisles, but the total automation of vertical and horizontal transport as well. Automated STILL vehicles cover the entire in-house material flow at your warehouse - from the receipt of goods to final shipment to your partners.

                                        Benefit from STILL iGo and optimize your internal logistics processes with extra safety, process excellence, availability and economic feasibility.

                                      • MMS Material and data flows management

                                      • Perfectly suited for complex requirements 

                                        Use the STILL warehouse management system (WMS) to control and effect every movement of material in the warehouse individually, including goods received, warehouse control and order picking just as well as tour planning and despatch. In these processes every information such as load carrier information and information about the article like batch number, best-before-date and serial number and the respective storage strategies are considered in order to provide material punctually, according to the demand and to make best use of the space inside the warehouse. Besides all of this the system allows to administer empties and annual or permanent stock taking.

                                      • Fleetmanagement

                                      • Optimizing your fleet

                                        The more extensive, older or diverse a fleet is, the higher its optimization potential; as is the desire to outsource it or its management so that you can concentrate fully on the challenges of running your actual business. The Solution: The FleetManager made by STILL

                                        Fundamental Goals:

                                        • Inexpensive modernization of the fleet
                                        • Calculation of savings potential
                                        • Creation of an individualized fleet management concept
                                        • Fleet optimization
                                        • Optimization of the fleet's structures and the integration of ground conveyors in the flow of materials
                                    • Solution Competence

                                    • Together we will lead you to success. 

                                      Our clients include global players as well as small and medium-sized companies from various sectors. Each of our customers faces different challenges that require custom-made solutions. Each customer has his very own success story - with us as an experienced expert for intralogistic solutions at his side. Our many years of experience, our expertise and, above all, our claim to ourselves with regard to the conception and implementation of innovative technologies ensure that we find the right solution for your business.

                                        • Industry Applications

                                        • Customised intralogistics for your industry 

                                          There are many solutions. But only one that suits you best.
                                          Our customers are global players as well as small and medium-sized companies from all industries. Logistics, automotive, mechanical engineering, retail, services, chemistry. And they all have one thing in common: STILL as an innovative and reliable partner. For nearly 100 years, we have been experts for the industries and together with our customers we face the upcoming challenges. We know the individuality if the industries, and together we develop the best solution for your company. The interaction of customised components that works best for you is what counts for us.
                                        • Innovations made by STILL

                                        • You need to be prepared for the future to make your company a success. That applies to us as well. Being a step ahead is our claim. And that is why we steadily work on solutions for the future of intralogistics. 

                                          So what does that mean? We share responsibility for people, environment and economy. It means to develop and apply innovative ideas that fulfil global standard based on sustainable action directed by common values. That is what we stand for as a team, and it is what our solutions aim to do.

                                        • Digital Solutions from STILL

                                        • Keep it simple and smart

                                          As one of the most important megatrends of our time, digital transformation is changing the way we live and work. It opens the door to completely new ways of creating value. This applies in particular to intralogistics: new business models, ground breaking products and services, flexibly automated processes and complex networked systems revolutionise the intralogistics playing field. No doubt: anyone who wants to make the pace in a rapidly changing market has to master a multitude of new challenges at the same time. In such times, it is good to know a strong partner by your side: In a time of ever faster progress, STILL supports you as an experienced pioneer of intralogistics digitisation. On the transition to Logistics 4.0 we lead the way together with you.

                                        • Use Cases

                                        • Customized intralogistics practically implemented.! 

                                          Here you can find lots of our use cases, customer reviews and global success stories.

                                        • STILL LI-ION TECHNOLOGY

                                        • The perfectly harmonised power system 

                                          Premium electromobility from STILL
                                          STILL has always been a pioneer in electromobility. Our electric trucks convince the market and the STILL Li-Ion technology underpins our claim. STILL Li-Ion technology offers you an optimally harmonised overall solution including the truck, the Li-Ion battery and the charger. Our premium philosophy guarantees full satisfaction and top quality.
                                        • IFOY Award

                                        • IFOY Award 2020 Our nominee 

                                          On April 20 the time has come again: The coveted IFOY Award (International Intralogistics and Forklift of the Year) will be presented during HANNOVER MESSE. The winners will be chosen by an international jury of 27 logistics journalists. Among the finalists in the category "Counter Balanced Truck": The STILL RX 60-25/35. Already a few months ago our high performer made a "premiere that makes you sit up and take notice" in the independent forklift test f+h. The result of the jury of the independent truck test: "With the high performance version from the RX 60 series STILL sets new standards in the segment of electric counterbalanced trucks. Never before in our long test history has a truck with electric drive been so productive".

                                        • conneXXt

                                        • Premium Magazine on Intralogistic Systems 

                                          conneXXt is the premium magazine by STILL - for our STILL customers and all interested readers, who are enthusiastic about current intralogistic topics. 

                                          The magazine adresses latest challenges and future trends of this sector, informs about STILL news and provides a surprise or two.