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  • Georg Schlegel GmbH & Co. KG developes, produces and sells control units, pilot lights and terminal blocks.

    Since its foundation the family enterprise has won more than 80 Design Awards and has also been nominated for the »Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland« (Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany).

    The company Georg Schlegel GmbH & Co. KG is a renowned manufacturer of control units, pilot lights and terminal blocks for electrical controls.
Product Portfolio
  • Control Units

    • RONTRON-RJ-Edelstahl

    • Their round shape and low height gives the actuators a look of elegance. They are mainly used in applications setting high standards in quality and design. Using noble and robust stainless steel material even enhances the high-quality apearance and elevates it to a new level. The choice of the LED colour allows to customise the ring illumination of the actuators while offering a wide array of individual control panel designs.
    • RONTRON-RJ-Exclusive

    • The high-quality, ultra-flat actuators of the Rontron-R-Juwel are now available with various surface decors. We supply the pushbuttons in burl wood or carbon decor as a standard, customer-specific designs are also possible. The colour of the ring-shaped LED illumination can be coordinated to harmonize with each particular decor.
      The remarkable shape makes the actuators of the RRJ-Exklusiv series very noble operating elements for first-class and optically demanding applications.

    • These flush-mounted actuators are a good alternative to keypads. The external shape of the front bezel underlines the flat design which combines elements of circle and square. The mature detail design supports the formal originality of this product line. RONTRON-Q-JUWEL is a versatile modular system providing umpteen combination possibilities for many fields of application.
    • RONDEX-M

    • The well proven RONDEX series has been given a face-lift. The new chrome-plated front bezels are an optical enhancement and give the actuators an elegant appearance while meeting the highest technical requirements. Moreover, we offer the option to select the colour of the lower part of the front bezel individually, thus, providing inumerable possibilities to design your control panels.

    • These flush-mounted actuators are a good alternative to keypads. The external shape of the front bezel underlines the flat design which combines elements of circle and square. The mature detail design supports the formal originality of this product line. RONTRON-Q-JUWEL is a versatile modular system providing umpteen combination possibilities for many fields of application.
    • RVA made of stainless steel

    • Control units for exclusive applications in a rough area. Stainless steel makes these series noble, robust and corrosion-proof. Coloured base rings offer individual design options. A colour screen ensures the lighting function of illuminated pushbuttons. An excellent tactile contact feedback increases the operating comfort. The great variety of contact blocks and the ease of assembly ensures high flexibility for each application.
    • RX

    • Optimum exploitation of surface, smallest space requirement, robustness to all kinds of machines and utmost ease of assembly. State-of-the-art design which has won multiple design awards. Technically identical to the QUARTRON series but with round actuators.
    • RX-JUWEL

    • The RX-JUWEL series with brandnew design belongs to the product family QUARTRON, QUARTRON-JUWEL and RX. The round actuators have a very flat border of only 2 mm height. This range features a very small space requirement, robustness and suitability to all kinds of machines and ease of assembly.
    • S16

    • The maintained and momentary switches are equipped with a snap-action switching mechanism and can be assembled with 1 or 2 contact elements.Each contact element can optionally be used as N/C or as N/O or as change-over switch.
      Each switching element has 4 tin-plated solder connections, each of them being absolutely soldering-agent-tight.
    • RONDEX

    • Round, nice shaped actuators. This range has won national and international design awards.
    • OKTRON-R

    • Technically identical to the OKTRON range but with round, nice shaped actuators.
    • Quartron-Juwel

    • Square actuators allowing chequered side-by-side assembly. The borders of the actuators are only 2 mm high. This makes very flat arrangements of user-interfaces possible featuring an excellent design which has won multiple awards, high robustness to all kinds of machines, small space requirement and utmost ease of assembly. The contact blocks are simply snapped onto the actuator.
    • Quartron

    • QUARTRON is the classic but also modern range, which provided the basis for our market leadership in 16 mm control units. The QUARTRON series combine the robustness of large control elements that have been designed most suitable for machines with optimum exploitation of surface and smallest space requirements of 16 mm units. Square actuators allowing chequered side-by-side assembly.

    • The QUARTEX-R-JUWEL series distinguish by their flat construction. The coloured rings underline the formal originality and are a striking feature for communication and operation.

    • Square actuators with round keys. The coloured rings facilitate communication and operation.

    • OKTRON-JUWEL stands for input keys and signalling units for a mounting grid of 25 x 25 mm. The most flat design means a good alternative to keypads. This range features a generous arrangement of the keys, tactile actuation travels, mechanical properties as well as the manifold options to exchange single components.

    • Large-scale, flat and nicely shaped actuators.
    • DUX-Basic

    • The new control units of the DUX-Basic series fits a mounting diameter of 22.3 mm. The velvety-matt and noble metal surface of the front bezels grades up the appearance of each control panel.
      The units feature a harmonic design and individual colour combinations. This allows user-specific design options for the operator interface of a machine or installation.
  • Emergency Stops & BUS Technology

    • Patented, self-monitoring emergency-stop contact blocks

    • Even redundant, safe emergency-off chains are ineffective unless the contact block is accurately connected with the emergency-off button. The patented, self-monitoring emergency-off contact blocks by Schlegel Elektrokontakt are the response to this danger that may occur e.g. as a result of a negligent assembly or a mechanical damage. In such a case they ensure immediate activation of the emergency-off signal and switching-off of the installation, which can be restarted only after successful trouble-shooting. The contact blocks are available with screw connections or Faston terminals and do have positive opening contacts acc. to IEC60947-5-1. They can be supplied with one or two channels as well as - when combined with the appropriate emergency-off button - in a foolproof version acc. to EN60947-5-5 and EN13850.
    • AS-Interface

    • Schlegel makes it possible: due to the new AS-Interface specification, version 3.0, up to 8 illuminated pushbuttons can now be operated in the extended address mode using only a single A/B address. This allows an extension of up to 496 illuminated control and signalling units at one AS-i network (496 inputs and 496 outputs)!
      The AS-Interface operating units do have the S-7.A.7.A profile and require a AS-Interface Master M4 for setting into operation. If this is not available, an option would be to download a functional module from the PLC.
    • CANopen

    • The CANopen module is suited for the modular arrangement of keyboards or control panels.
      Max. 16 key modules, each with 4 actuators, can be connected to one Canopen module.
      According to the intended number of key and indicator functions, the necessary number of key modules is attached. The first key module is directly fitted on the fieldbus module. All other key modules are connected via a 4-pole line.
  • Terminal Blocks & Controls

    • Terminal Blocks

    • Schlegel terminal blocks are standard terminals for industrial application, particularly for electrical machine controls, for switchgear, distribution and measuring systems as well as for the lift and apparatus construction. They are suitable for both heavy and low current at DC and AC.
    • Pedal Switches

    • In a robust light metal casing. Operation through a red anti-slip pedal(corrugated) covering the whole pushbutton. A protected oil-tight and chemical-resistandt rubber membrane seals reliably against dust and humidity, according to IP65. The integrated stroke limitation makes the unit insensitive to mechanical overloading.
    • Control panels up to 500 x 500 mm

    • These control panels are custom-made, whereas nearly all customers' wishes can be realised. Each panel can be supplied both, for on-wall or in-wall mounting.
  • Enclosures

      • Enclosures

      • Schlegel and DUX enclosures offer much space inside safeguarding your control units and terminal blocks to an optimum. The enclosures are made of plastic or aluminium alloy casting.
        The varied types allow to find the right enclosure for every application.
  • Customised Solutions

    • Pushbuttons with LED's, for laboratory equipment

    • Machine control panel with

    • Flat pushbutton with user-specific design

    • Pushbutton for lifts, user-specific design

    • Pushbutton with special night lighting