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  • Since 1991, BSS Materialflussgruppe has stood for intelligent intralogistics solutions and advanced material flow concepts. From new construction to upgrades and extensions for existing plants and systems, we offer the full spectrum from one source. With our competence in automation, we help customers who want to set the course for the future in their production chain.
Product Portfolio
  • Service range

    • Your intralogistics is in the best hands with BSS. From the first idea to first-class service after commissioning, we guide you in implementing your project as an experienced general contractor. Our portfolio also includes new construction such as upgrades and automation solutions that significantly increase your productivity. Whether it’s an automated miniload warehouse, high-bay warehouses, or smart picking solutions, we have the full range of intralogistics equipment at our disposal to help you meet your business goals. For this, if required, we offer the combined expertise of all the companies in the ROFA Group.
        • Consultation & Planning

        • Want to automate your intralogistics processes, expand or upgrade an existing plant, or build a completely new plant? We have multiple decades of experience in project development and implementation, and translate your wishes into a future-proof system. While you concentrate on your core business, we as a full-service provider take the weight off your shoulders: If requested, we will open calls for tender on your behalf for various trades; we analyze markets, perform evaluations, and sound out multiple scenarios to find the perfect solution for your material flow. Because only a thoroughly thought out logistics system can ensure your competitive advantage for years to come.

          We plan with you – for you!

          Safety in execution is everything when it comes to logistics – regardless of whether the plant is a big or small project. To ensure that everything is in the right place at the right time, we create simulations and emulations of your future logistics plant when needed.

          For simulations, we reproduce your logistics system in an animated 3D model to check the throughput performance and effects of different storage strategies in advance. This makes it easy to analyze and optimize technical processes. As a result, improvements can be identified and incorporated before the project starts. Another advantage of the simulation is that you can already see your future plant in full operation in animated pictures.

          A reproduction of the logistics plant that goes beyond the simulation in terms of detail and function, with all drive and technology specifications, is called an emulation. This model is designed with such precision that it – like the plant itself later on – can be connected to a PLC and be controlled with it. In this way, the PLC can be tested in virtually real conditions even before commissioning. Unlike in conventional software tests, with this, it is possible to dynamically observe the PLC for an entire work period. Errors can therefore be detected and rectified as early as in the run-up.
        • Implementation & System Integration

        • You have a vision for your productivity in the future – we make it a reality. Whether you envision building a completely new plant, want to get your existing plant into shape with a retrofit, or want to achieve a higher level of automation, We bring our bundled experience from numerous projects and design a plant that corresponds to your requirements 100%. We’re even happy to take on the control, organization, and management of your material flow and offer scalable solutions for these.

          We don’t just plan the inner workings of your warehouse for you, we’re also your experienced partner when it comes to constructing the building infrastructure that goes with it. We work with a team of architects and engineers to plan production and warehouse halls, offices, and automated warehouse systems for you. From small add-ons to erecting large logistics halls and centers, we offer all services from one source and are there to guide you, from the first draft to structural work, all the way to turnkey delivery.

          Naturally our biggest priority for extension projects is for running operation to be impaired as little as possible and carefully protect the renovation area. Our team leader will supervise your project throughout the planning and production stage, and be available to you as a consistent point of contact at all times. We’re glad to suggest resource-friendly and energy-efficient options to meet your sustainability requirements!

          Upgrading & extensions
          Intralogistics processes are prone to major changes. As new technologies and software solutions come onto the market, the distribution of goods becomes more demanding. This makes it all the more important to think about upgrade concepts and extensions early on to keep your system running strong, because a state of the art storage system is much more efficient, economical, and energy-saving. Retrofit measures can increase the lifespan of your existing plant by about 10 to 15 years. You’ll achieve the latest state of the art and profit from having a secure supply of spare parts. We work with you to plan the various steps or upgrading or building extensions and develop just the right concepts that can often be implemented during running operation.

          Which plant components can we upgrade for you?
          • Steel construction
          • Materials handling technology
          • Control technology including sensors and drives
          • Warehouse management software
          • Interfaces to other systems
          • IT components such as mobile devices, scanners, etc.

          Dynamics, adaptability, and high speed in developing your storage processes are all part of a consumer world increasingly organized by digital means. It takes all components working together in perfect harmony to create the highest level of efficiency, increase output, and handle the growing variety in an efficient manner. We determine the right level of automation for you (semi- or fully automated warehouse) and implement the plants for you, with turnkey delivery, as a general contractor – with all the necessary facilities such as structural work, steel construction, roof and wall panels, building services, automation technology, computer technology, and assorted auxiliary services.

          BSS offers you a complete package with all the necessary hardware and software components for managing, controlling, and organizing your logistics processes. This includes warehouse management software, material flow controls, and plant visualization. Our BSS-WMS system is suitable for both small, semi-automated warehouses and high-performance logistics plants, and can be adapted over time based on growth and new processes. It can easily be configured and integrated into other systems.
          • BSS-L. The warehouse management software
          • BSS-M. The material flow computer
          • BSS-S. The warehouse control system
        • Service & Support

        • We provide you with guidance for the entire service life of your plant in order to guarantee consistent availability and safety of the installed system. Regular maintenance and installing original wear and spare parts will help preserve your plant’s value and prevent breakdown related to wear. We take on the job of performing the necessary inspections and repair work, both in the form of individual maintenance and as part of maintenance contracts with established intervals. The quality of our services is ensured by regularly training our staff. Our service packages, tailored to your wishes, also include access to our service hotline and remote services. With our service network and our proactive remote service, we’re able to offer you fast support in the event of problems.

          An overview of our service and support range:
          • Custom maintenance and service contracts
          • Up to 24/7 reachability, 365 days a year
          • Direct contact to our specialists
          • Fast reaction times: Immediate help via online access or through our BSS hotline
          • On-site service for fast, professional error analysis and troubleshooting
          • On-site guidance through a central point of contact
          • Documentation of all error messages and corrections
          • Customer-specific training packages
          • Spare parts service
          • Maintenance service Repair service

          SPARE PARTS
          The reliability of your plant is the key to your success. The timely availability of spare parts in this context is extremely important. Being able to identify the installed components easily allows us to quickly figure out which spare parts or conversion parts are needed, and bring them to you as quickly as possible. Use our service center to place orders for spare parts and send us what you need!

          Use our service section to order spare parts and send us your requirements!
 | Fax: +49 212 2356-300 

          With a comprehensive service offer, we ensure that your plant works safely and reliably for you throughout its lifespan. Our competent and qualified staff also perform essential checks and inspections in addition to repair work.

          Overview of our service module:
          • Module I – shelf inspection
          • Module II – DGUV V3 check
          • Module III – Profibus/Profinet measurement
          • Module IV – height rescue
          • Module V – technical cleaning
          • Module VI – maintenance and repair
          • Module VII – proactive monitoring

          To make sure you can operate our plants perfectly and be entrusted with the technical details, we will train your employees before each commissioning. Plant briefing is practice-oriented and given by our experienced specialists for optimum usability. The topics cover customer-specific operator dialogs, interfaces to the host and PLC, hardware, safety concepts and essential server processes, reports, accompanying documents, and statistics.

          The focal point of training is how to handle the plant if stacker cranes or conveyor technology break down. You’ll receive extensive documentation from us for each facility, which describes every process to the smallest detail.
      • Quality & Sustainability

        • Certified Quality
          Your satisfaction is our most important goal. That’s why our zero-error tolerance policy applies to both semi-automated logistics structures and high-performance plants for dynamic small parts and pallet storage.

          Even after the system has started operating, we stay on as your point of contact for all your questions about your plant’s efficiency and performance. With in-depth training sessions and excellent service, you can be sure you’ll get the best from your intralogistics solution for its entire lifespan. Read more about Service & Support in the Service Range section.

          Our DIN ISO 9001:2015 certificate is proof that our products and services meet the international standard for quality management. In addition, BSS also meets the globally recognized requirements for an environmental management system in accordance with DIN ISO 14001:2015.

          At BSS, we believe that sustainability means multiple aspects largely based on the Global Compact’s sustainability model. Our goal is to balance economical, social, and environmental factors – in every project, through confident collaboration with our colleagues and cooperative partnership with our customers. Developing progressive technologies for intralogistics is our core business, but we’re also responsible for how these technologies impact the environment and people. You can read about how we do this in our sustainability model under Downloads!

          Conserve resources, save energy, minimize environmental impact – these are the requirements that more and more companies are demanding throughout the entire value chain. Not only in production, but in intralogistics as well. This is where BSS can make a meaningful contribution to the fulfillment of your company’s sustainability goals with energy-efficient conveyor equipment and systems. We’ve been bringing climate protection into harmony with cost cuts through intelligent intralogistics for over 15 years now. With our custom solutions, we provide you with active support in uncovering potential energy savings and then utilizing them! Talk to us – and learn about our Green Logistics approach in the Downloads section!


                    • Flowpicker

                      • With this patented, high-performance picking system, the ROFA Group is setting new standards. When your product range is broad and the further processing has to be promptly carried out, a highly individual assembly is required. This is when the FLOWPICKER® unfolds its strengths. This system is especially effective when dealing with fresh goods.
                            • FLOWPICKER®

                            • High-performance order picking
                              The FLOWPICKER® is a fully automated high-performance order picking system for whole packaging units (packages). It enables exceptionally fast and reliable processing of orders in ergonomic work conditions. The system is suitable for nearly all types of package, processes packages of different sizes and quality simultaneously, and without an additional transport base. There is no need to label or mark goods for processing with the FLOWPICKER®, because a special window technology is used.

                              Packages are processed in four steps:
                              • Incoming goods with automatic and/or ergonomic semi-automated depalletization
                              • Transport and storage into the ORM: Order Release Module
                              • Retrieval from the ORM in the proper order and transport to the packing station
                              • Dispatch load carriers set up and outgoing goods

                              System advantages:
                              • Highest order picking performance of up to several thousand picks per hour possible
                              • Shortest lead times for consolidating customer orders
                              • Reduced costs due to personnel deployment at stationary work stations; all transit time is eliminated
                              • No additional transport bases such as trays, etc., are needed
                              • No labeling or comparable markings required on packages
                              • Safe and gentle transport and storage procedures
                              • Automatic order picking with order packages output in proper sequence
                              • Packing patterns of dispatch load carriers optimized for volume and product
                              • Best ergonomics in work stations
                        • Warehouse management systems (WMS)

                          • With our warehouse control and warehouse management systems, you have access to solutions that are precisely tailored to your work processes and also enable the perfect interaction of all warehouse components. The smooth execution of warehouse processes is also facilitated though our systems‘ ability to be intergrated with SAP or interfaced with all common ERP systems.
                                • Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

                                • Our software systems for organizing, managing, and controlling logistics processes is easy to configure and connect to all common system environments on the market. The material flow system controls and coordinates the smooth interaction of all logistics elements. The warehouse management system is the warehouse’s long-term memory, chooses the right strategies, and manages the storage spaces. In turn, the warehouse control system moves conveyors and stacker cranes with millimeter precision, at the right time and at the right speed.
                            • Warehouse technology

                              • With individual storage concepts and complete solutions, we support you in realizing your goals. To this end we offer state-of-the-art technology and years of know-how. Our focus: to make your warehouse safer and more effective.
                                  • Body in white warehouse

                                  • ROFA-LEHMER Förderanlagen GmbH offers turnkey-ready warehouses including feed-in area as an intermediate buffer for body in white and paint. Continuous availability and fast access times play a major role in this. With our professional planning and many years of expertise, we develop your innovative automated bodywork warehouse, perfectly tailored to your requirements. More than just warehouse technology from one source, we also offer the conveyor systems to go with it, precisely coordinated with one another.
                                  • Stacker and mini-load cranes

                                  • The powerful “giants”
                                    Stacker and mini-load cranes are used for automated handling of goods in high racks. Determining the running time, costs, and energy consumption – with consideration for resources for later extensions – helps with the optimal design for units. Stacker cranes are aisle-bound, track-guided vehicles equipped with one or two load-handling attachment(s) that handle carriers in a pallet high-bay warehouse, tray warehouse, or small parts warehouse.

                                    Stacker cranes for curved tracks have a custom shape, and can serve multiple rack aisles or an entire warehouse by means of a switch system. In contract to the classic, aisle-bound variant, this shape is significantly more cost-effective, but provides less power.

                                    If exceptionally high storage/retrieval capacity is needed for automated small parts warehouses – e.g., in connection with “goods-to-person” picking stations, as buffer storage, or for providing goods to production, assembly, or dispatch in precise order – shuttle systems are an ideal choice. They can also be integrated as an add-on into stacker cranes in an automated small parts warehouse.

                                    Stacker and mini-load cranes characteristics:
                                    • Height: between approx. 3 m and approx. 45 m
                                    • Switch system: aisle-bound or multi-lane (for curved tracks)
                                    • Load weight: from 1 kg to 11,000 kg
                                    • Speed: up to over 300 m/min

                                    • High throughputt
                                    • Economical
                                    • High energy efficiency if energy recovery options are used
                                    • Reliable

                                    Alternative terms:
                                    • „stacker crane“
                                    • „storage and retrieval machine“ (S/R machine)
                                  • Shuttle systems (pallets/mini-load)

                                  • Agile, scalable, high-efficiency
                                    Shuttle systems offer outstanding scalability in power and excellent extension options for storing and retrieving containers, boxes, and trays. They guarantee the highest handling capacity with short access times.

                                    In a shuttle system, fully automated vehicles take on transported the stored goods. Unlike stacker cranes, multiple vehicles per aisle can be used on top of each other simultaneously. Installing multiple vehicles per channel level also provides improved system performance.

                                    Shuttle systems (pallets/mini-loads) characteristics:
                                    The shuttle vehicles are either autonomous and drive with an integrated battery, or connected to a handling unit via an electrical link.

                                    System advantages:

                                    • High throughput
                                    • Outstanding scalability and layout flexibility
                                    • High energy efficiency
                                    • Optimal warehouse compression
                                    • Extremely low space requirement, even suitable for low heights
                                    • Optimal use of room volume High inventory security
                                    • Easy operation and easy maintenance

                                    Alternative terms:
                                    • Satellite vehicle
                                    • Shuttle vehicle
                                • Intralogistics System

                                  • Efficient intralogistics systems consist of a multitude of components that must harmonize with each other – whether it is a high-bay warehouse, an automated small-parts warehouse, sorting systems or picking solutions. To meet the requirements, we plan and develop individual solutions based on innovative ideas and state-of-the-art technology. Our intralogistics experts ensure that your project is a technical and economic success. Discover your possibilities!
                                      • High-bay warehouses

                                      • High-bay warehouses offer high utilization of space in warehouses for storing pallets, special load carriers, heavy loads, or lattice boxes. They are transported within the warehouse manually or by means of stacker crane and managed through a warehouse management system.

                                        High-bay warehouses consist of a steel construction with rows of shelves and aisles; wooden variants are also possible, but extremely uncommon. Goods can be stored one or two rows deep. In new constructions, they are frequently built in silo form – the shelves are used as a supporting element – but can also be integrated into an existing building.

                                        High-bay warehouses characteristics:
                                        • Can be operated manually by forklift or automatically by stacker crane
                                        • Made up of individual lanes
                                        • Can be combined with picking stations
                                        • Can be connected to a conveyor system
                                        • Height: between 12 m and approx. 50 m
                                        • Capacity: from a few thousand spaces to several hundred thousand
                                      • Automated mini-load or small parts warehouses (ASPW)

                                      • Automated mini-load or small parts warehouses (ASPW) are for efficiently storing small parts in containers, boxes, or trays and guarantee short access times, high handling performance, and optimal use of space.

                                        The entire system works by the goods-to-person principle and consists, among other things, of a shelf system, stacker crane with load-handling attachment, materials handling technology, and control system. The goods are stored in steel shelves, on wall clips, or on shelves. A prerequisite for operating an ASPW is a suitable warehouse management system.

                                        ASPW Characteristics:
                                        • Stores containers, trays, or boxes
                                        • Made up of individual lanes Storage one or two rows deep
                                        • Operated by means of a fully automated stacker crane for each lane
                                        • Can be combined with picking stations
                                        • Connected to materials handling technology
                                        • Flow rack channels can be integrated
                                        • Height up to approx. 25 m
                                        • Load up to approx. 300 kg
                                      • Picking systems

                                      • One of the core functions of a logistics system is efficient and optimal order picking. This involves consolidated individual pieces or packaging units of products by individual order. The entire range of goods stored in the warehouse must be able to be accessed in as short a time as possible in order for this to happen.

                                        The best order picking concept for your company will be chosen based on the particularities of its operations and products. Size, weight, sensitivity, and number of products are also critical, as are the order picking output required and the available space.

                                        The warehouse management system BSS-L supports all common and special order-picking principles for optimally fast and error-free order consolidation.

                                        The possibilities:
                                        “goods-to-person” picking:

                                        • picking guided by screen dialog or LED pointer and put-to-light
                                        • Multiple picking possible with multi-picking station for best efficiency

                                        “person-to-goods” picking:
                                        • purely manual via order-picking pallet truck or cart
                                        • As a zone-to-zone picking system or pick-to-belt system with the help of sophisticated conveyor systems
                                        • With manual or automatic replenishment
                                        • Picking guided by pick slip, handheld, pick-by-light, or pick-by-voice
                                      • Materials handling equipment (MHE)

                                      • Conveyor and warehouse systems for pallets, trays, containers and boxes
                                        Conveyor systems for containers, trays, pallets, or special load carriers are coordinated perfectly with the range of products and entire system. They come with automation and drive technology included.

                                        Conveyor systems can be combined with picking stations and can be connected to an automated warehouse.

                                        • High throughput capacity
                                        • Non-contact accumulation of load carriers
                                        • Retraceable transport gentle on products
                                        • Low energy requirement
                                        • Easy operation and easy maintenance
                                        • Can be used as a buffer line
                                      • Deep freeze warehouses

                                      • Fully automated deep freeze warehouses mean relieving a huge burden for warehouse personnel. For suppliers, building such plants with sub-zero temperatures is a special challenge: materials handling and warehouse technology are exposed to enormous stress. Implementation requires as little loss of cooling as possible, especially in transition areas that need to be guaranteed to maintain the cold chain without disrupting it. Technologies and materials are used that have been specially designed for the requirements in a deep freeze warehouse or meet them, as well as heated components.


                                        • Less stress on personnel with goods-to-person order picking
                                        • Optimal use of space and corresponding lower energy costs
                                        • Accelerated processes
                                      • Sorting systems

                                      • Automatic sorting solutions for pallets and packages of all kinds can be used in both production and retail, generally wherever productivity, throughput, or dispatch capacity should be increased.

                                        They serve to consolidate orders from homogeneous incoming goods into individually consolidated pallets, for example, or to create homogeneous order pallets.

                                        Possible solutions include:
                                        • buffer or sequencial warehouses (ASPW, HBW)
                                        • FLOWPICKER®
                                      • Production buffers

                                      • Automatic production buffers serve to uncouple different process stages and guarantee the highest production rate possible. Avoiding costly disruptions in operating processes is a particular challenge; a buffer system must therefore have the highest availability rates and redundancy values.

                                        Intermediate buffering of goods allows for quick replenishment if disruptions or short-term changes occur in the process sequence. A special feature of buffer warehouses is that the products are generally not assigned to fixed storage spaces and are only in the warehouse for a short time.

                                        • Optimization of lead times in production
                                        • High availability
                                        • Provisioning in precise order
                                        • Replenishment security
                                      • Logistic and distribution centers

                                      • Logistic and distribution centers are virtually indispensable at this point for many companies in the age of globalization. A well planned, customized logistics center helps to significantly increase the performance and efficiency of logistics processes in the company and ensure competitive ability.

                                        • Reduced delivery times
                                        • Lower costs
                                        • Centralization
                                        • High product availability
                                        • Shorter transport distances
                                        • Optimal use of space
                                      • Customized solutions

                                      • Customized solutions are an exciting challenge. They meet very specific requirements and are custom made.

                                        BSS is your competent and reliable partner for the optimal implementation of your requirements.
                                        We’re glad to advise you, get in touch with us!

                                        Examples include:
                                        • Heavy load warehouses
                                        • Plants for special load carriers
                                        • Plants with special environmental conditions
                                        • Refrigerated and freezer warehouses
                                        • Hazardous goods warehouses
                                    • BSS INDUSTRY FOCUS

                                      • As a globally operating provider of conveyor systems, intralogistics, and the construction of special machines, we work for customers from many industries. The automotive industry has traditionally been an important pillar for our company. But in the many decades of our existence and with the growth of the ROFA Group, our areas of expertise have continued to develop. Whether hospitals or food logistics, e-commerce or mechanical engineering: We will find the right answers for your challenge and for macro-trends such as increasing efficiency, networking, or handling an increasing variety of products and goods.

                                        Which industry do you feel at home in?
                                          • Automotive & Commercial vehicles

                                          • The ROFA Group grew with the automotive and commercial vehicle industry. This area is still an important focus throughout the whole group of companies today. We are one of the top suppliers of materials-handling technology, more than 5,000 reference projects worldwide and 50 years of industry experience speak for themselves. All the manufacturers we work with are well-known, and we keep setting new standards on the market with numerous patents and innovative product developments. The increasing electrification of course also affects the production lines. In these times of change, we accompany our customers to successfully master this fundamental change in mobility.

                                            The high process reliability and availability of our systems, our well-developed supplier network across the globe, and precise knowledge of manufacturer-specific requirements makes us stand out. Here, where production processes run in 3 shifts, and so in 24 hours, the principle of zero error tolerance applies. With our solutions we cover all production areas from body in white construction to final assembly, including suitable transport solutions from a single source. In our strong group there is a suitable expert for every task and every technology. We also live by the motto “one face to the customer”.
                                          • Chemical & Pharmaceutical

                                          • There are strict regulations in chemistry and pharmacy, and the requirements for efficient processes are high. As a full-service provider for intralogistic transport solutions, we have the right answers to these challenges. Our driverless transport systems are constructed exactly to the required cleanliness levels or are designed so that they meet the GMP and FDA regulations. But not only is the hardware tailored to customer needs, integration into the overall system is also one of our strengths. The control software solutions developed by us are compatible with all common storage systems and fit seamlessly into the existing IT landscape. Third-party vehicles and external conveyor elements can be easily integrated. Besides individual transport solutions, the ROFA Group also offers holistic intralogistics concepts for production, storage, and order picking in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The requirements are especially high in the pharmaceutical industry. With the boom in online pharmacies, efficient, secure solutions are more in demand than ever. Sensitivity to light and temperature play a role in the storage of sensitive products, as does the complete traceability of every batch within the entire supply chain. Because patient safety comes first! We provide you with convincing answers for this through our company BSS.
                                          • Healthcare

                                          • In healthcare, strict regulations regarding hygiene, process safety, documentation and system availability apply. The medical staff is in high demand and must be able to rely on smooth processes in order to handle everyday clinical work. With our flexible, secure solutions in the transport sector, we have significantly improved processes in many medical facilities around the world. Whether transporting dishes, bedding, sterile goods or medication: Our goods transport systems contribute to optimal hygienic supply and disposal and improve workflow across the departments. The intelligent vehicles use existing elevators and move independently on different floors. In this way, everyday clinical practice is organized even more efficiently, and staff have more time for what’s important: the patient.
                                          • Trade & E-Commerce

                                          • In times of digitization and omni-channel business, online trade is constantly growing. Today’s customers want to be able to do almost all purchasing immediately online. They expect the desired goods to be available and to be delivered promptly. This places high demands on logistics. Demands have also changed in traditional retail. For reasons of cost and space, stores and markets increasingly use just-in-time delivery, often several times a day. For this very reason, in view of the increasing variety of products and capacity constraints, many companies must now completely realign important sub-areas of their intralogistics. Shortened process times, increased flexibility and the need to be able to react quickly to seasonal fluctuations are increasing.

                                            In this fundamental change we are on the side of our customers. As a full-service provider, we plan and implement the optimal material flow for existing and new warehouses and develop the appropriate, turnkey solution, on request from construction in the countryside. We are experienced automation experts and stand for scalable solutions that are future-proof – even where the space on offer is limited. We have already proven our maxim “What does not exist, we invent” many times and welcome every new challenge.
                                          • Food & Beverage

                                          • The food industry is characterized by a constant price war and changing customer requirements. The challenges are particularly enormous in terms of freshness: The quickly perishable and sensitive products must be delivered to the markets in defined requested quantities just in time. Cold storage solutions are also important because the sensitive goods sometimes need to be stored in defined temperature zones. The pet food sector has very similar requirements and is equally growing rapidly. Standards are increasing, the variety of products is continuously developing. This leads to a need for more storage capacity and optimized intralogistics. When it comes to beverages, special topics such as protection against leaks, fall protection and easy maintenance of the system always play a role in the projects – we always take this into account when planning and flexibly adapt the delivery solution to the respective requirements.

                                            For a large amount of different articles, which only need to be temporarily stored, the ROFA Group, with the participation of the companies BSS, DLS and ROFA AG, has developed a unique solution on the market: the Flowpicker®. This fully automatic, high-performance order picking system enables efficient handling of a wide variety of packaging types, from plastic containers through cardboard boxes to vegetable crates or retail trays. The smart flow storage system warehouse sorts the incoming products in such a way that they are put together just in time for the mixed pallets requested by the customer. The system also sets new standards in ergonomics. Depalletizing and palletizing is done by simply moving. The difficult process of picking up, carrying, and resetting the goods is a thing of the past. A health-friendly solution that is also interesting in terms of staff recruitment.

                                            Find out more about our customized solutions! Upon request, we accompany you from construction of your warehouse or distribution center to adequate shipping or production logistics. And always have the right conveyor system ready.
                                          • Tool industry & Fastening technology

                                          • German tool manufacturers are strong and there has been steady growth in the industry due to the increasing popularity of the DIY sector and excellent order situation in the construction and trade industries.

                                            This requires increased capacities in the area of shipping logistics and order picking. The intralogistics solutions offered here are an exciting challenge for the entire ROFA Group and especially for the intralogistics expert BSS. Numerous tool manufacturers are traditional medium-sized companies with their own, mostly older production and storage halls. It is now important to make them fit for future challenges.
                                          • More industries

                                          • As a special machine and plant manufacturer, our motto is: “Nothing is impossible.” Our procedural know-how, our quality standards, and our flexibility in implementation are transferable to all industries. Whether it is a question of modernizing an aging plant, increasing the degree of automation, putting up a new plant or optimizing the workflow through smart intralogistics. We are good at uncovering optimization potential in the value chain and making companies of different types and sizes fit for the challenges of the future and Industry 4.0. To do this, we combine a solution-oriented mentality with in-depth technological knowledge. We bundle the exact skills you need for your project from all the companies in the group!