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  • Offer Profile
  • transprotec GmbH, based in Hamburg, Germany, specialises in individual, customised energy and data transfer solutions for mobile consumers. Apart from crane systems, we also offer extensive product- and application solutions in the area of hoisting equipment, such as electric rope winches, electric chain hoists, pneumatic chain hoists, pneumatic rope winches and hydraulic hoisting equipment. Depending on the requirements of our customers, the products are projected for each case of application and then manufactured. 
Product Portfolio
  • Energy Transfer

      • Cable Trolley Systems

      • Cable and hose systems from transprotec are available in various different industrial applications as supply lines. They are only conceived for flat and round cables. To transport liquid and gaseous media, the round cables are replaced by hoses.
        The main application areas are crane construction, general materials handling, raining and washing systems as well as feeds for various types of non-stationary machines.
    • Rope Winches

      • Hoists

        • Tool Holder

          • Crane Systems

              • Underslung Cranes

              • The practical modular system provided by transprotec meets the demands for customised solutions that make the most of the available space. Architectural obstructions such as protrusions or pillars can be bypassed by means of bridging components. The crane systems (light cranes/underslung cranes) can be expanded by means of branch lines to meet customer-specific requirements. Optionally, the crane systems can be equipped with curved tracks. With optional conductor rails in the crane profile, the crane system can also be build into a electric overhead monorail system. The crucial advantage is, next to the compact design, that the interfaces between crane rail and energy supply are reduced.
              • Jib Cranes

              • Column-Mounted and Wall-Mounted Jib Cranes
                Customer-specific requirements need suitable solutions. We offer jib cranes and wall-mounted jib cranes with different boom lengths and load capacities. Jib cranes, available as articulating crane respectively handling crane or wall mounted jib crane in ex-version - the product range covers an enormous range of application areas. If desired, we offer complete solutions which also include, next to the delivery, the assembly of the crane and the provision and commissioning of hoisting equipment and load suspension devices. Of course we also offer the required acceptance of the jib cranes by a crane specialist of the Employer's Liability Insurance Association as a service.
              • Aluminium Gantry Cranes

              • Load Capacities of up to 3.000 kg | Optional Moveable Aluminium Gantry Crane
                Aluminium cranes are available as quick-mount gantry cranes or frame cranes. Because of its low weight due to the aluminium construction and the sophisticated, push-fit assembly technique, the aluminium crane can be mounted or demounted easily. Special tools for mounting are not required. Load capacities up to 3.000 kg or beam lengths up to 8.000 m enable an enormous flexibility regarding the usage conditions.
                The aluminium crane is available for stationary use and as variants moveable under load. Each aluminium crane can be adjusted in height and clear width. There is an even wider range of applications for the aluminium cranes due to the folding side frame. The double beam variant has a maximum clearance due to the overhead carrier.
              • Tripods

              • Our tripods can be delivered with or without winch.
                In both cases, the tripod is characterized by its low weight due to the aluminium construction. Depending on the version, load capacities up to 1,000 kg are possible. Due to the telescope feature, the tripod is easy to transport. In its standard version the tripod has spikes.
            • Load Handling Equipment

                • Lifting Magnets

                • Lifting magnets are optimal load-handling devices for applications where it is necessary to move parts with various shapes fast, safely and flexibly. Especially in areas where loads without handles have to be moved, e.g.:
                  • Jig construction
                  • Warehouses
                  • Transport
                  transprotec supplies lifting magnets with a max. recommended load of up to 20 t. The magnets can be used vertically or horizontally, depending on the design.
                • Vacuum Lifting and Transport Devices

                • Vacuum lifting and transport devices are designed for work with heavy and / or unstable loads. Loads with
                  grafted surfaces can also be transported using vacuum lift technology without the risk of damaging
                  materials and surfaces.These vacuum devices are designed for continuous use. The devices are strictly
                  developed to meet the demands and specifi c requirements of the customer. The aspect of safety remains our utmost priority for all new developments and for every device we deliver. That is why we use only
                  high-quality components and materials. Ensuring ergonomic handling and an unobstructed view of the load are fundamental considerations we make during the development of each device.
              • Rubber- / Cellular Buffers

              • To complete its product range, transprotec supplies both rubber buffers with steel plates or threaded bolts, and cellular buffers with base plates made of plastic and steel, depending on the size, as well as rubber-to-metal elements.
                  • Rubber Stop Buffers

                  • With Steel base plate, 1 threaded bolt, 2 threaded bolts, internal thread
                    Rubber stop buffers from transprotec are distinguished by a vulcanised steel plate and / or embedded, twist-free threaded bolts. They are chiefly used to absorb impacts.
                    transprotec provides rubber buffers in the following specifications:
                    Steel base plate
                    • With 1 threaded bolt
                    • With 2 threaded bolts
                    • With internal thread
                  • Vibration Absorbers

                  • Rubber-to-metal elements (also known as vibration absorbers) from transprotec are used to insulate dynamically loaded components. Natural rubber is used by standard and offers high elasticity and tear resistance as well as non-ageing. The operating temperatures lie within
                    the tolerance range of -30°C of +80°C.
                  • Cellular Buffers

                  • Resistant against grease and oils, ozone, petrol, UV radiationCellular buffers from transprotec are characterised by long compression lengths and high energy absorption capacity. The result is good deceleration values and low final forces.
                    Cellular buffers from transprotec are manufactured from cellular polyurethane elastomers. The normal
                    quality has a volumetric weight of 0.53 g/cm³.
                    In contrast to rubber stop buffers, cellular buffers are:
                    • Resistant against grease and oils
                    • Resistant against ozone
                    • Resistant against petrol
                    • Resistant against UV radiation