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  • Whatever your logistical challenge we have the answer. Besides your customized high-bay warehouse or economical system solution, we also supply intelligent 4.0-capable components produced in-house in Germany which feature modularity, top quality and durability.

    Our portfolio ranges from requirements analysis and professional consulting to the development of customized logistics concepts which guarantee high flexibility and transparency while at the same time, minimizing process costs.

Product Portfolio
  • Automated high-bay warehouses and customised materials handling

  • Configuring logistics processes to be efficient, quick and reliable.
    Whatever your logistical challenge – we have the answer. Besides your customised high-bay warehouse or economical system solution, we also supply intelligent 4.0-capable components produced in-house in Germany which feature modularity, top quality and durability.
    Our portfolio ranges from requirements analysis and professional consulting to the development of customised logistics concepts which guarantee high flexibility and transparency while at the same time, minimising process costs.

    Warehouse refurbishment and optimisation of logisticsprocesses
    With tailor-made refurbishment concepts, we turn your warehouse into a state-of-the-art facility with respect to performance, energy savings and efficiency. The systems installed as part of warehouse refurbishment frequently require new processes and often lead to optimisation of the material flows.
    With a large range of different refurbishment measures, we ensure that your plant availability is high and that your competitiveness remains unchanged.

    Professional service concepts
    Our comprehensive service is a flexible portfolio of professional services that you can avail of as required. From spare parts management to 24-hour, on-site service and full technical support for your facility: Each module contributes to error-free operation of your plant and relieves the burden on your staff.

    Single-source expertise
    As part of the Kardex Group, we can offer you all services and technologies from a single source. You benefit not only from our over 45 years of experience in the development of customised logistics concepts for diverse industry sectors, but also from the most modern components made by us in-house.
      • Total systems

      • Innovative warehousing logistics from a single source.

        No warehouse is like another. Whether consumer goods or hazardous goods, deep-freeze or pharmaceutical roducts: each industry has special requirements – as does each company. With individual concepts we ensure that all processes are optimally coordinated and the facility can from the outset be operated with the performance and capacity appropriate to your business.

        We offer you all services associated with the construction of a logistics facility from a single source, whether we asume responsibility for the entire project as general contractor or contribute our know-how as specialist in
        individual disciplines.
        Our competences range from the planning and project planning through the complete coordination and realisation of projects up to a complete range of services in ongoing operation. In addition to the personnel resources and
        an efficient infrastructure, we have access to our own manufacturing facilities in which we produce the most important components for your facility ourselves and optimise these for your needs.

      • Storage and Retrieval Machines

      • Should storage and retrieval machines (SRMs) be at the heart of your facility, then the overall performance of your plant will be largely dependent upon their speed and reliability. For this reason, we produce these major components ourselves and can therefore guarantee the highest levels of durability. For decades, our SRMs have been enjoying an excellent reputation.

        Each SRM is handed over to the customer following extensive quality testing during production and only after Kardex Mlog has successfully completed commissioning. Through on-going development and with our solutions for special sectors we are continuously extending our portfolio and enhancing competitive advantages, including the integration of our technology in the development of an standardised modular storage system.


        • More than 3,000 SRMs in use throughout the world
        • Modular and configurable
        • Maximum output with minimum energy consumption
      • Conveyor Systems

      • We do not compromise on the quality standards of our conveying equipment since ultimately this will maintain your material flow. We therefore manufacture all of the key components in-house to ensure reliable and smooth operation, even under adverse environmental conditions and temperatures.

        During the planning phase we focus on designing the optimum system layout whilst incorporating sophisticated material flow strategies for maximising the efficiency and reliability of your plant.


        • Products for every application
        • High load handling capacity
        • Outstanding energy efficiency
      • Storage Technology

      • MMove-CrossDrive:
        With MMove-CrossDrive, fast and safe around your warehouse.
        The innovative MMove-CrossDrive is the new universal transport platform for pallets and cages, etc. up to a weight of 1,500 kg. Thanks to its unique concept, the MMove-CrossDrive can be used in a variety of applications:
        • With storage and retrieval machines for storage at multiple depths
        • With distribution vehicles for distribution and intermediate storage
        • As a single transport system from A to B
        • Multiple MMove-CrossDrives in a single aisle
        • The MMove-CrossDrive can independently switch from one aisle to another

        The energy supply is provided by powerful energy storage devices (Powercaps)1 which enable 250 metre trips when fully loaded. The braking process is used intelligently for energy feedback. Via innovative and secure communication modules, the MMove-CrossDrive communicates with its environment and provides information on current orders and statuses.

        The MMove-CrossDrive transports your products quickly and safely. It grows to match your tasks - within the automatic warehouse or beyond. 1 Powercaps with 8 times the normal battery life.

        MSpacer - The space wizard:
        Create space in your warehouse - Approx. 10% space savings in your high-bay warehouse.
        The new MSpacer technology reduces the space requirement by approx. 10% compared to a conventional high-bay warehouse with double-deep storage. This is now possible with a new innovative telescopic fork which has been developed jointly with leading German research institutes. With MSpacer, you can store the pallets in the back row on the same level as those in the front row. This means that the additional blocks normally required at the back are no longer necessary. This reduces your costs and ensures more efficient use of your storage space.

        • Cost savings through storage volume reduction
          • roof, wall, floor panel
          • steel racking
          • energy costs
        • Performance increase through shorter distances
        • More storage spaces with the same warehouse volume
      • Turnkey System Solutions

      • Our turnkey system solutions are suitable for small and medium storage volumes and can be integrated into existing buildings. They even operate under challenging environmental conditions such as the storage of hazardous substances, frozen food or pharmaceuticals.


        • Maximum capacity in minimum space
        • Perfect fit for special conditions
        • Configurable equipment
        • Highly reliable and economical
      • Material Flow Systems

      • Material flow control processes can be managed more rapidly and more efficiently with the Kardex Mlog Control Centre (MCC). From user administration through interface networking and visualisation of the entire facility to an intelligent energy management system, the MCC offers flexible solutions for your material flow system.

        Thanks to its high level of flexibility, different packages or individual modules can be integrated into the warehouse management system. In addition, the system can be individually tailored to meet your requirements.


        • Visualisation
        • Material flow control
        • Communication
        • Workplace module
        • Energy management
        • Warehouse management
      • Software MCC

      • Efficient and reliable software solutions for warehouse management are just as important for the productivity of modern warehouses as the hardware components.
      • Refurbishment

      • A modern, state-of-the-art warehouse is efficient, energy-saving and enables fast handling of goods. Incorrectly sized or obsolete facilities are prone to malfunction, are costly to operate, and restrict the growth of your company. Professional refurbishment will pay for itself very quickly.


      • Customer service

      • Service offerings ensure the availability and the long-term viability of your plant. Kardex Mlog offers you a flexible portfolio of professional service offerings.


    • Industries and References

        • Automotive

          • Platform strategy for high-bay warehouses - Twin warehouses in South Africa and the USA
          • Nothing is impossible – all-round modernisation at Toyota - Refurbishment by Kardex Mlog at the Cologne site
          • Refurbishment optimises scheduling - Automotive supplier enhances performance
        • Wholesale and Retail

          • Eight new aisles for Procter & Gamble - Expansion on the Marktheidenfeld site
          • Peak performance in the Swiss Alps - Extension of the Würth logistics centre in Landquart
          • Economical refurbishment at Würth - Refurbishment of the SRM´s at Künzelsau-Gaisbach
          • Enlarging the world of Playmobil: extension at geobra Brandstätter by Kardex Mlog - Five new storage and retrieval machines for Playmobil
          • Refurbishment accompanies new building - Putting the old and the new on the same footing
          • 35,000 catering products under one roof - A second high-bay warehouse for the Erwin Müller Group
        • Components

          • SEW drives their own project management - Extension of the SEW Eurodrive production in Graben
          • Precision timing for modernisation - Phased modernisation of the Renk high-bay warehouse
          • Open doors for high performance - GEZE: SAP integration via certified interface
        • Food

          • Buffer stock for the peak season - Twin warehouses at Eisbär Eis
          • Wagner Tiefkühlprodukte GmbH
          • Raising the bar for freshness - Modern technology for chocolate distribution
          • Flaky performance brought back into shape - Refurbishment at Kellogg’s in Bremen
          • Borderless inventory management - Construction of the new European goods distribution centre for Brüggen
        • Beverages

          • Warehouse automation in the beverage industry
        • Furniture industry

          • Häcker Küchen GmbH & Co. KG
          • Top speed in the TOPDEQ warehouse - Central warehouse expanded to become a logistics centre
          • Panel warehouse for quality kitchens - High-bay warehouse for nobilia
        • Dairy

          • Driverless shuttle between production and new high-bay warehouse
          • Temperature zones for dairy products - Extending SalzburgMilch’s refrigerated warehouse
        • Paper/Printing

          • Revolutionising Newspaper Manufacturing - Automated high-bay warehouse for the world´s largest printing centre
        • Frozen food

          • Buffer stock for the peak season - Twin warehouses at Eisbär Eis
          • Wagner Tiefkühlprodukte GmbH
          • Raising the bar for freshness - Modern technology for chocolate distribution
        • Pharmaceutical

          • Three-aisle storage for generic drugs: doubling production - New high-bay warehouse for TEVA Pharmaceuticals
          • Zero-Error Strategy in Pharmaceutical Logistics - Automatic high-bay warehouse from Kardex Mlog combines safety and efficiency
          • Supply bridge in Medical Valley - Highly dynamic conveyor system conquers height differences
          • New driving force for chemical production - Refurbishment at Evonik Goldschmidt
          • Pure air for easy breathing - Clean room warehouse for atomiser production
          • Consolidation through growth - Efficient production and logistics
        • Visual bearings views

          • Automatic High Bay Warehouse System
          • Automatic High Bay Warehouse System
          • Automatic High Bay Warehouse System
            Gerresheimer Horšovský Týn spol. s r.o.
      • Solutions

          • General Contractors

          • All from one Source

            As a general contractor with many projects we have already proven our competence in realising automated high-bay warehouses and customised materials handling systems. Our portfolio covers everything from planning to complete project supervision and from commissioning to customer-oriented services.
          • Special Solutions

          • Sometimes it's the little things that make the difference. We are permanently looking for new ways to improve your business. Every product is customized for its specific task. Our automated picking system attached to the storage and retrieval machine is just one example for the spirit of innovation that drives our research and development engineers. Among other applications, our equipment can be optimized for:
            • Extreme heavy or big loads
            • Very low or very high temperatures
            • Limited space
            • Or any other requirements you may have ...

            Beyond Standards

            We have proven our competence in realizing individual solutions for the most demanding industries in numerous successfully completed projects. Today, we are the leading provider of cold store and clean room solutions as well as storage concepts for hazardous substances.

            • Frozen or chilled food
            • Clean room industries
            • Hazardous substances