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  • Offer Profile
  • As an owner-managed company with 14 locations and more than 500 staff, we serve our customers every single day – and have been doing so for over 30 years. A consistent alignment with customer needs and an ongoing development of our LFS supply chain execution system is our recipe for success, all while keeping an eye on current market demands. Our combination of innovative spirit, pragmatic approach, and a wide range of experience from many complex projects has made Ehrhardt + Partner Group (EPG) the global leader and expert in logistics it is today.
Product Portfolio
  • Total Solution Provider in Logistics.

      • EPG logistics software

      • The EPG software suite is the supply chain execution system for all your logistics needs. Use the LFS software system to control your entire logistics operations and flow of materials: across all industries, and while taking advantage of our modular design.
      • Private Cloud Solutions

      • We offer a secure and transparent private cloud solution for all your logistics data. Ehrhardt + Partner Xtended (EPX) lends a hand as you enter the cloud. Get started now by optimizing your processes today, thanks to our
      • Logistics planning and consulting

      • Integrated approaches for sustainable and future-proof logistics solutions: strategically planned and strategically executed at all times. Ehrhardt + Partner Consulting (EPC) is your expert for custom warehouse and logistics strategies.
      • Warehouse hardware and infrastructure

      • We offer the hardware and equipment needed for managing your warehouse but, as an innovative logistics expert, we also develop custom solutions. What are your specific requirements? We would be happy to prepare an offer tailored to your needs.
    •  Logistics Software

    • EPG ONE™ Supply Chain Execution Suite.

      he EPG ONE™ Supply Chain Execution Suite is our supply chain execution system – a comprehensive solution for efficient logistics management. From warehouse management software to warehouse automation, transportation management, shipping logistics and all the way to workforce management and contract management: you actively control all of your logistics processes from within the EPG ONE™ Supply Chain Execution Suite. Your logistics processes will gain enormous efficiency, and you will save on time and costs. Benefit from the flexibility of our software solution, and take a look for yourself!

      Logistics 4.0: smart, connected, digitized.

      Modern IT systems today are the decisive competitive factor in logistics, and also the key to meeting the challenges of increasing market demands and the pressure of rising costs. Connecting your supply chain in a smart way becomes the order of the day, from machines to warehouse hardware and technology, to trucks, and all the way to the entirety of your electronic resources: smart logistics is the future. Get your supply chain logistics in shape for version 4.0!

      LFS is logistics 4.0-ready. The LFS IoT connector serves as the main communication interface, linking the various technologies used in the warehouse and making sure that all participatory systems interact in a smart way – from the smallest sensor to sophisticated materials handling technology and all the way to the technologies of the future, such as drones and robotics solutions. We continue developing LFS so that your logistics retain their competitive edge.

        • EPG ONE™ Warehouse Management System (LFS)

        • LFS is our warehouse management system for intelligently connected warehouse management, tailored to the requirements of a wide range of industries and developed to meet our customers’ needs.

          We help you to plan and control your entire flow of materials and information, and to manage operational planning of your staff and all available resources. Our EPG ONE™ Warehouse Management System (LFS) actively guides the movement of all manual and automated storage units, 100% safely and with maximum transparency – making it stand out against typical warehouse management systems.

        • Warehouse control system (WCS)

        • Material flow analysis, material flow planning, material flow control: EPG ONE™ Warehouse Control System (WCS).

          The level of automation in warehouses and distribution centers keeps rising, and smart control tools that efficiently monitor and analyze your entire workflow are gaining in importance. With EPG ONE™ Warehouse Control System (WCS), we are offering a manufacture-independent and future-proof software system that lets you control your material flow to precisely meet those new requirements.

          Your benefits of flexible material flow planning

          • Manufacture-independent connection of materials handling technology
          • Direct integration into LFS.wms
          • Installation on the same server as your WMS
          • Fully integrated 3D visualisation WMS
          • High uptime and availability
          • Dedicated contact person throughout the entire project duration
          • Flexible setup and control
          • Quick and easy training
          • Model and test your automated workflows before you buy
        • Tansportation Management Solutions (TMS)

        • Mobile, dynamic, efficient: EPG ONE™ Transportation Management System (TMS)

          In the era of digital orders, just-in-time and express deliveries are a routine part of logistics. That means fast reactions and rapid implementation are crucial to success when planning logistics processes.

          The Transportation Management System (TMS) is a single system for dispatching, telematics and navigation and provides comprehensive support for the complex supply chains in trade logistics. Combined with our EPG ONE™ Supply Chain Execution Suite, you can manage your intralogistics and transport logistics centrally from a single suite. Simple and efficient – for optimum tour management.

          All benefits of LFS.tms at a glance
          • Can be used as a stand-alone solution or as part of our
          • Supply Chain Execution Suite with all the suite's synergies, Flexible connection via interface – externally or in the suite e.g. EPG's Contract and Billing (CnB) solution
          • Lean process flows thanks to innovative cloud architecture
          • Cost savings thanks to optimum route calculation and conduct
          • Paper-based receipts and documentation are made redundant
          • Integration with the EPG ONE app, e.g. with Checklist & Inspection
        • International Shipping System (LFS)

        • EPG ONE™ International Shipping System (ISS): the multi-carrier shipping system from the cloud for wholesaler.

          How can shipping logistics be managed efficiently and centrally? Who guarantees with the abundance of KEP and dispatch service providers, that you always work with the current and compliant shipping labels? And what happens if you or your customer wants to change a KEP or forwarding service provider? The International Shipping System (ISS) will answer your questions quickly and easily. With the high-performance solution, you benefit from fully managed services and up to 24/7 support for your shipping logistics. Freely connectable to any host system (ERP, WMS, OMS, store system), ISS ensures the handling of shipping logistics - simply, efficiently and always according to the current specifications of over 200 different KEP and forwarding service providers. Get started now - put your shipping logistics in pole position!

          ISS - the turbo for your shipping:

          • All-round carefree package for shipping for wholesaler with Full Managed Services
          • significant reduction of operating costs through private cloud solution
          • Open Web API - compatible with any higher-level system (ERP, WMS, OMS, store system, etc.)
          • flexible selection of KEP and forwarding service providers.
          • more than 200+ carriers with 2000+ service codes - always up to date
          • Support in any situation with 24/7 support
        •  Workforce management (WFM)

        • Demand-oriented and dynamic workforce management with EPG ONE™ workforce management system (WFM).

          Workforce management in logistics with WFM: Do you know when your warehouse employees are underutilised? Do you know all the working time agreements you have with your employees? Do you already have a very flexible roster? Are you sure that you are always efficiently allocating your available resources? Our workforce management software answers these questions.

          WFM monitors your order volume and your human resources – transparently, clearly and always with the latest information. WFM models the entire order and segments it into the necessary process steps, such as picking, packing and shipping. The system can also be adapted to your specific process requirements by customizing without substantial effort and uses your human resource and company requirements as the basis for workforce management with shift and duty rosters.

          The benefits of WFM at a glance.

          • Workforce management
          • Dynamic workforce planning
          • Continuous flow of information via mobile devices
          • Transparency for capacity utilization
          • Real-time monitoring of process flows and tasks
          • Discover potential for improvement in the warehouse
          • Early detection of bottlenecks
          • On-schedule order processing
          • Comprehensive reporting and analyses
        • Contract and Billing (CnB)

        • EPG ONE™ Contract and Billing (CnB) - The ‘Must Have’ Solution for Logistics Service Providers

          Do you really capture and invoice 100% of the logistics services you have provided for your customers? How much time is spent internally checking and creating monthly customer invoices? With EPG ONE™ Contract and Billing (CnB), we enable significant revenue and efficiency increases in the billing process thanks to integrated contract management, where individual customer agreements are created and then immediately linked to the logistics services provided. All services are recorded, documented and billed across systems (e.g. from ERP, WMS, TMS, etc.).

          Advantages at a glance.

          • Increase in earnings due to accurate and complete invoices
          • Optimisation of invoice verification and error correction before invoices are sent to the client
          • Automated invoicing reduces administrative work to a minimum
          • Logistical services are recorded directly via mobile app or WMS activities
          • Replacement of error-prone "proprietary solutions" such as Excel or SQL
          • Certified billing system according to IDW PS 880
          Dock Management (DOCK)

        • More than just time slot management: EPG ONE™ Dock Management (DOCK) as link between transport and intralogistics.

          Delays, long waiting times and lack of capacity at cargo terminals can cause high costs. With EPG ONE™ Dock Management (DOCK) including web portal, we offer a solution with which logisticians not only plan, control and optimize their delivery and pick-up traffic to the warehouse, logistics or distribution center. Users also profit from the direct process integration of the dock management into a superordinated warehouse management system, like for example LFS - and thus from a significantly higher transparency and savings potential through the networking of both areas. Through the additional link to the web portal, forwarders achieve more planning reliability and have an overview of the order volume and the status of order processing at all times.

          The advantages at a glance:

          • All-in-one solution: time slot, dock and warehouse management
          • Ideal matching of transport and intralogistics
          • Transparent information exchange between suppliers/forwarders and warehouse operators
          • Saving internal costs through path and area optimization
          • Reduced downtimes thanks to seamless transfer to the loading ramps
          • Satisfied customers through more transparency and planning reliability
        • Dashboards (TIMESQUARE)

        • EPG ONE™ Dashboards (TIMESQUARE): The all-in-one dashboard for process monitoring.

          Which storage area is the busiest at the moment? Where is it possibly becoming critical and where is intervention necessary? EPG ONE™ Dashboards (TIMESQUARE) is the cockpit for process monitoring in logistics, with which you always have an overview of your current warehouse activities. In a clearly arranged dashboard your KPI's are displayed centrally. How? You define that yourself. The data is constantly updated. This gives you even more flexibility in your day-to-day logistics operations and allows you to react if necessary. By the way: For example, TIMESQUARE can be easily connected to SAP and any other WMS or ERP system. This enables you to pull data for TIMESQUARE directly from your existing systems and to bundle everything clearly in a dashboard - even beyond logistics. For even more transparency. Please contact us and we will develop a solution for your individual requirements!

          The advantages at a glance:

          • Centralisation of dashboards of the entire EPG logistics software suite
          • Cross-system, cross-location and system-independent
          • Maximum transparency through monitoring for each corporate division
          • Proactive reporting of critical situations and early recognition of optimisation potential
          • Definition of permissions for the creation of individual dashboards
          • Integration of data from external systems
      • VOICE

      • Smarter connected logistics with Lydia® Voice solutions.

        Lydia® Voice Solutions innovative workflow performance technologies are fully configurable and designed specifically for the high noise environment of warehouses, distribution centers (DCs), production facilities and similar industrial surroundings.

        The Lydia® Voice Solution offers a wide range of voice-guided systems for intralogistics, manufacturing, service and maintenance, and quality assurance. Stay flexible with this technologically advanced, world-leading voice system when using voice picking, check-by-voice, voice&vision, or when using Lydia® VoiceWear®. Find out here about our solutions, ranges of use, and example applications.

        Lydia® Voice vs. other voice solutions.
        Over the past decade the voice market has changed considerably, and customers are the real winners as voice technology offerings have made tremendous strides.

        Researching voice solution providers has become a more difficult task these past few years as there has never been such a strong field of available distribution center and warehouse voice options. But only two viable global voice solutions for the warehouse and distribution market have emerged from the pack – Lydia® Voice being one of them.

        Lydia® Voice Solution used by SIMBA DICKIE.

        • Lydia® Voice has provided an 11% improvement vs. previous voice solution (a nice surprise)
        • Transitioned to Lydia Voice in 2017 after using Vocollect Voice since 2010
        • 50% Lydia® VoiceWear (user choice), rest of users using a wireless headset
        • Over one-million voice picks per yea
        • rUsing SAP eWM with Lydia® Voice
        • New and seasonal workers no longer require voice template training (and eliminated monthly voice retraining)

          • EPG´s CLOUD from EPX: more security, more flexibility.

            The private business cloud will be an integral part of the future. So why not start optimizing your processes today, and start using our virtual solution? Ehrhardt Partner Xtended (EPX) has developed CLOUD with you in mind, providing you with exactly the features you actually need. It’s flexible and transparent, and easy on your investment budget.

            Benefit from

            • Flexibility when adapting your warehouse infrastructure
            • Outsourcing your server infrastructure
            • Accessing your EPG ONE™ Supply Chain Execution Suite directly from within the partner cloud
            • Adapting the computer power required quickly and easily when adding new sites or clients

            The benefits of the CLOUD are impressive.
            • Increased flexibility, availability, and security when using LFS
            • Includes 24/7 on-call support for our hosting services
            • Additional sites/subsidiaries and new clients can easily be integrated
            • No internal resources need to be tied up for server management
            • Personalized configuration of our high-performance hosting offering – to your exact needs
            • No need for costly investments in your own IT structure and in the technical expertise which might be required
            • CLOUD scales with your business: adjust your capacities according to customer demand

              • Neutral and manufacturer-independent logistics consulting.

                Ehrhardt + Partner Consulting (EPC) is the Ehrhardt + Partner Group’s manufacturer-independent logistics consultantOptimize your entire supply chain with Ehrhardt + Partner Consulting, comprehensively and independently. As a neutral partner, we are by your side throughout your project – from consulting through planning to implementation. Our consulting approach always keeps an eye on the bigger picture with excellent specialist knowledge for implementation. The goal of logistics consulting from us is to deliver a successful project with lasting and future-proof solutions from a single source.

                Services provided by Ehrhardt + Partner Consulting.
                • Planning and implementation of complete logistics systems
                • Comprehensive planning – inside out
                • Material flow planning, capacity planning and space planning
                • Preparation of specifications for logistics systems and IT systems
                • Project management in all phases of implementation
                • Planning and performance of commissioning and acceptance procedures
                  • Logistics planning

                  • Customized logistics planning - A holistic view of your logistics.

                    Diligent logistics planning is the basis for every successful logistics project. Starting with a logistics concept that is designed to select the most cost-efficient and customized solution, we lay the foundation for our customer's project to succeed. The logistics consulting specialists at Ehrhardt + Partner Consulting are intimately familiar with the requirements of companies for efficient logistics planning. That is why we consider all possible applications and uses - both proven and new technologies - in the concept phase to find the best solution. We also include current strategic trends, such as Logistics 4.0. Logistics planning is always manufacturer-independent and neutral with a view to finding the most economically appropriate solution. For the customer, that means maximum transparency for the individual components of the system – whether material flow, storage technology or the degree of automation.
                  • Virtual reality warehouse planning

                  • Warehouse Planning 4.0 – the virtual reality tour of your warehouse.

                    We bring your warehouse to life – even before construction starts. Right at the logistics planning stage, we use virtual reality software to actively involve you in the design of your logistics processes and to incorporate actual material flow data into a virtual warehouse tour. By identifying bottlenecks early on, we can implement cost savings and avoid mistakes in the planning phase. Our 3D visualization system improves planning reliability and delivers efficient process workflows. You too can benefit from Logistics Planning 4.0 with Ehrhardt + Partner Consulting. Let us help you plan your logistics processes, proactively and accurately.

                  • EPG-Holodeck

                  • Into virtual reality with the EPG HOLODECK.

                    You want to experience logistics planning not only on paper? You want to experience it up close? We invite you to explore an innovative and immersive logistics experience with us. We show you the next level of logistics planning and material flow visualization, exclusively in the HOLODECK of the Ehrhardt + Partner Group.

                    With the development of the world’s first virtual reality (VR) CAVE system for logistics, the Ehrhardt + Partner Group has reached the next level of logistics planning and consulting. The unique 5-sided CAVE with active stereo projection provides an immersive experience in a virtual environment. Up to 12 visitors can experience the three-dimensional simulation, emulation and visualization of logistics processes in the HOLODECK – without using VR glasses. The unique dive-in experience of this technology enables a better understanding of logistics processes. According to the principle: in the fray instead of being kept at bay.

                  • Online Optimization Platform

                  • EPG Consulting Suite - the online optimization platform for logistics.

                    The Consulting Suite is the first online optimization platform for logistics. The web application gives customers the unique capacity to optimize their existing logistics and warehouse processes themselves in an attractive interface - anytime and anywhere. For more flexibility, quick suggestions for optimization and long-term results.

                  • Logistics optimization

                  • Customized logistics and warehouse optimization: For greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

                    Measures for warehouse optimization: Do you really know whether you are fully exploiting thepotential of your logistics infrastructure? Do you know the potential savings you can make within your existing storage capacities? We always keep an eye on the big picture when it comes to optimizing a warehouse. For optimizing your logistics or warehousing, we are the first call you should make to get maximum efficiency and quality. Together, we analyze your existing processes according to your requirements and put them through their paces. We discover hidden costs and unexploited potential as the basis for creating a concept and defining measures to set you up for the future. We support you from strategy to implementation of your project and beyond. Together, we make sure that you stay competitive, following a neutral and manufacturer-independent process. What are you waiting for?
                  • E-Commerce Consulting

                  • E-Commerce Consulting: Making online retail ready for the future

                    Have you noticed systems and processes in your logistics landscape are reaching their limits and can no longer keep up with the current growth of online retail? Then e-commerce consulting from EPG Consulting is the right way to kick off long-awaited change, with process-optimising solutions. B2C needs different logistics processes than B2B. We support you through implementation of omni-channel logistics. As a neutral partner, we are at your side throughout the project – and along the entire supply chain. From dispatching customer orders to the warehouse to order picking and the shipping process, we give advice based on years of expertise from a range of successful projects and never lose sight of the big picture. Let us work together to take your e-commerce logistics to a whole new level with permanent and future-proof solutions.
                • AVIATION

                • Software solutions for aviation.

                  Is the aircraft going to land on time? How many passengers are on board? Are there enough personnel on site for baggage handling? What other services need to be provided for the aircraft to take off again on time? The aviation industry is made up of a large number of complex processes involving many different service providers. For everything to work together perfectly, you need software systems that significantly reduce the complexity of airport logistics and ground handling. Our aviation software delivers solutions for all parts of the chain, so that you can increase the efficiency of your processes and plan your processes. We also make sure that you really do bill for all the services you have provided, quickly and in full – so at the end of the day you are earning more money.
                    • Ground Handling System (GHS)

                    • Bill more and increase your turnover with the Ground Handling System GHS.

                      EPG's Ground Handling System GHS meets all the requirements of airports and ground handling operations for efficient contract and billing management. The features include preparation of handling contracts, end-to-end (mobile) activity recording, invoicing and billing for all ground handling services that are provided. Billing is based on contracts between ground handlers and airlines, which cover the ground handling services, as well as on additional services defined in the contract (additionals). All services that go beyond the original contract are recorded as ad hoc services and will be billed based on the Published Tariff. Nothing is forgotten – and you increase your turnover.
                    • Cargo Handling System (CARGO)

                    • Smart air cargo handling in compliance with the highest quality standards.
                    • Resource Management System (RMS)

                    • Greater efficiency in workforce planning - with our Aviation Resource Management System RMS.

                      Flight delays and cancellations at short notice, staff absences due to illness and holiday scheduling and individual shift planning - when it comes to the dynamic environment around ground handling at airports, reliable workforce deployment is crucial for smooth operations. With EPG's Aviation Resource Management System RMS, you benefit from efficient and flexible task allocation that automatically considers personnel qualifications and availabilities. Whether at the check-in counter, in baggage handling or refuelling an aircraft, our Aviation Resource Management Software lets you create workforce and shift schedules quickly, without errors and based on the stored employee master data, including qualification profiles. All increasing efficiency by up to 20 percent. Do you want to see for yourself? Talk to us!
                    • Airport Billing System (AIRPORT)

                    • WFor all airport requirements: Billing management with AIRPORT.

                      Whether airport fees, charges for take-off and landing, security and parking fees on the apron or other services, billing management with EPG's AIRPORT is specially designed to meet the requirements of airports and separate airport departments. Whether private or business, the system automatically determines the fees for the airport operator using the defined fee schedule for using the airport and includes all the additional services that have been provided too. These include all standard charges, as well as price adjustments, such as surcharges for night flights and flights on public holidays. AIRPORT also differentiates between aircraft types based on the stored master data, automatically using the data to calculate the correct costs. Would you like to take a look at our system? We would be happy to help!
                  • AREAS OF APPLICATION

                  • Smart warehouse management with branch-specific requirements.

                      • Automotive and Spare Parts

                      • Always just-in-time: LFS for the automotive and spare parts industry.

                        Error-free logistics is essential for business. This is especially true of the automotive and spare parts industry. Trucks deliver a wide range of spare parts and production parts to authorized car repair shops and dealerships several times a day – which is the only way to ensure that defective vehicles are repaired quickly and efficiently. LFS manages and controls the processes associated with such sophisticated logistics operations. Our warehouse management system can even cope with the multitude of the various parts and variations, from the smallest electronic component to large structural body parts, and always finds the most appropriate HU. With LFS, you get to take advantage of this perfect interplay between production and logistics.

                        Automotive & Spare Parts

                        • Multi-order picking using transport equipment
                        • Just-in-time/just-in-sequence processes
                        • Maximum order processing speed
                        • Webstore integration

                        LFS.wms includes a variety of modules for the automotive and spare parts industry.
                        • Transportation Management Solutions LFS.tms
                        • Multi-order picking: 2-stage work packages
                        • Integrated shipping system: connection of CEP providers
                        • Freight capacity calculationSlot-Management
                        • Shop Orders
                        • Cross-Docking
                      • Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and Healthcare

                      • Maximum quality and maximum safety: the LFS software suite for chemical, pharmaceutical, and healthcare applications

                        Logistics in the healthcare industry saves lives. A wrong or delayed shipment can have serious consequences on a patient’s health, which is why all logistics processes must be perfectly in sync. With our LFS software suite, we are offering a tried-and-tested solution to handle perishable and temperature-sensitive products in an optimal way – all while keeping an eye on the constantly-evolving framework conditions within the industry.

                        Chemical, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

                        • Supply of the production
                        • Batch traceability
                        • Prohibition of banning
                        • 1.000 point rule
                        • Dangerous goods thresholds
                        • Access to pharmacies
                        • Hospital Logistics

                        Our warehouse management system offers a variety of modules for use in the healthcare industry.
                        • Serial number handling (various options)
                        • Handling of hazardous goods
                        • Quality certificates/labels
                        • Multi-order picking: 2-stage work packages
                        • Bes Before Date Handling
                        • Pick-to-Light
                      • Electronics

                      • A wide range of products with many variations, plus maximum availability: these are the requirements of the electronics industry

                        From light switches to cable reels to electrical cabinets: the electronics industry requires both a broad product portfolio and various price ranges to be managed. The orders received are just as manifold, with branch stores, contractors, trade operations, etc. having a wide variety of needs, ordering different quantities, and requiring the products at specific times. Many orders involving small parts necessitate extreme flexibility on the part of the Warehouse-Management-Systems employed, and perfectly synchronized processes are essential to guarantee success. This is where LFS comes in. The system handles specific functions such as cross docking, serial number handling, and cable reel management in an optimized fashion. With LFS, you’re on the safe side – especially when it comes to high-cost items.

                        • Managing cable reels and cut/trimmed wires
                        • Avoiding unnecessary waste
                        • Reducing returns by maintaining a high level of quality
                        • Optimized path management inside the warehouse
                        • Cross docking function for small-part and time-critical deliveries
                      • Trade, E-commerce & Fashion

                      • Reliable, even when the pressure is on: LFS for trade and e-commerce.

                        If you want to be successful in trade, you will have to be a jack of all trades. Be it omni-channel with wholesale and retail operations, or e-commerce: behind every great variety of sales channels there always also is a sophisticated logistics operation. Only a robust logistics software allows for error-free, same-day and/or express delivery, even during seasonal peaks. Value added services (VAS) and efficient returns management are, in addition to maximum speed, the key factors of success. Why not benefit from the versatile applications offered by our warehouse management system? LFS.wms lets you take your warehouse performance to the road.


                        • Never out of stock (NOOS)
                        • Acceleration of order processing through intelligent order consolidation
                        • Same Day delivery and express delivery
                        • Omnichannel
                        • Efficient return management
                        • Value Added Services
                        • Pick-and-Pack

                        Our warehouse management system offers a variety of modules for use in trade and commerce.
                        • Multi-order picking: 2-stage work packages
                        • Pick-and-pack principle
                        • Integrated shipping system: connection of CEP providers
                        • Resource management
                        • Transport control system
                        • Returns handling
                        • Consolidation
                      • Industry & Manufacturing

                      • LFS in sync with industry: maximum intersection of production and logistics.

                        Just-in-time and just-in-sequence processes have become part and parcel of every industrial and production company’s daily operations. This also has a significant impact on logistics processes: here, precision is key. Processes that are perfectly in sync both in time and in place are the most important factors of success. It is crucial to remain flexible and avoid downtimes. Our warehouse management system provides you with the perfect solution. Let LFS help you to efficiently connect logistics and production.

                        Industry & Production

                        • Efficient production supply for your economic success
                        • Avoidance of downtime
                        • Connection of various bearing types
                        • Just-in-time-/Just-in-sequence process
                        • Connection of various conveying techniques
                        • Control of Routes

                        Our warehouse management system offers a variety of modules for use in industry & manufacturing.
                        • Handling of parts lists
                        • Handling of hazardous goods
                        • Asset management
                        • Transport control system
                        • RFID
                        • Automated systems communication (integration of materials handling technology)
                      • Food & Beverage

                      • Quality and freshness under one roof: Food & beverage.

                        Strict guidelines are part and parcel of the daily operations of food and beverage wholesalers and retailers. End-to-end batch traceability, handling best-before dates and bulks, and integrating a wide range of picking methods such as pick-by-voice all form an integral part of the LFS solution. In addition, our logistics software also allows you to quickly adapt to new customer specifications and legal regulations. Take a look for yourself and find out more about the high level of transparency and efficiency offered by our warehouse management system, which will put you one step ahead of the competition.

                        Food & beverage

                        • Handling of empties and recyclable packaging
                        • Pick-by-voice up to -30°C (-22°F)
                        • Temperature zone management
                        • Managing aging/ripening periods
                        • Warehouse strategies (FIFO, FEFO, etc.)
                        • Multi transport handling
                        • Intelligent outgoing goods space management

                        LFS.wms includes a variety of modules for the food & beverage industry.
                        • Best-Before-Date (BBD) handling
                        • Batch handling
                        • Multi-order picking: 2-stage work packages
                        • Pick-by-Voice
                        • Bulk handling
                        • Quality certificates/labels
                        • Beverage logistics
                      • Logistics services

                      • As multifaceted as our industry maximum flexibility for logistics service providers, thanks to LFS.

                        Logistics service providers need to be able to serve a whole host of customers who each have a wide range of requirements. To be successful in the marketplace, therefore, flexibility and customer focus are the most important criteria. All processes need to be synchronized – not only in the warehouse but also during transport on the road. In addition, outsourcing partners face new and constant logistical demands from trade and industry. Our LFS warehouse management system is designed as modules, multi-client ready, and offers a wide range of features. As a result, LFS provides the flexibility and reliability needed to gain a game-changing advantage in this highly competitive environment that is logistics services.

                        Logistic Services

                        • Flexible adaptations to changing requirements
                        • High transparency and central access to all connected sites
                        • Gapless article management right up to the end customer
                        • Platform independence
                        • Multinational and corporate capacity
                        • Available in 16 languages
                        • Connection of various ERP systems via a certified interface
                        • Independent connection of new clients

                        LFS.wms includes a variety of modules for logistics services.
                        • Billing of logistics services
                        • Shipment tracking – log trace
                        • Multi-order picking
                        • Value Added Services
                        • Integrated shipping system: connection of CEP providers
                        • Platform independence
                        • Freight capacity calculation
                        • Freight cost calculation
                        • Yard-Management