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  • Hiab is a leading provider of smart and sustainable load handling solutions. We are committed to delivering the best customer experience every day with the most engaged people and partners. Hiab's premium equipment includes HIAB, EFFER and ARGOS loader cranes, MOFFETT and PRINCETON truck mounted forklifts, LOGLIFT forestry cranes, JONSERED recycling cranes, MULTILIFT skiploaders and hooklifts, GALFAB roll-off cable hoists, and tail lifts under the ZEPRO, DEL and WALTCO brands. As the industry pioneer, Hiab continues to make load handling smarter, safer and more sustainable to build a better tomorrow.
Product Portfolio
  • Loader Cranes - Highlights

  • Industry leading technology drives the superior performance and efficiency of your Hiab loader crane. World class safety features keep operators safe and in control, minimising risk to individuals or the environment. State-of-the-art design and build is covered by Hiab’s service and maintenance contracts that guarantee the longevity of your investment.

    Hiab loader cranes promise safety, cost efficiency and reliable performance.

    As a global player, setting the pace of innovation, reaching the highest heights, and responding to industry challenges is all in a day’s work. HIAB and EFFER loader cranes lead the way in professional equipment that gives your business the flexibility to handle any loading and lifting challenge that comes your way.

      • HIAB IQ.958 HIPRO


        HIAB iQ.958 HIPRO represents the best balance point between performance, everyday use and high level of innovation content. This 90tm range leader crane has been designed to fit an ‘allrounder’ use, delivering that vertical and horizontal lifting capability that suits different types of jobs on a daily basis.

        The 90tm loader crane ideal for everyday vertical and horizontal lifting
        • V12-Power
        • JIB
        • Compact for payload
        • Variety of configurations
        • “iQ” range of loader crane models are the step into the future of intelligent lifting equipment.


      • HIAB IQ.1188 HIPRO


        HIAB iQ.1188 HIPRO has been developed from the very beginning to excel in being an ‘allrounder’ loader crane, with - long outreach - lifting capabilities. Both the vertical and horizontal performances have been optimized, with the possibility to add the use of the specially designed JIB.

        The 110tm loader crane with exceptional reach

        Discover the many technological solutions that deliver the top performance of a 110tm range model that is competitive with bigger cranes and that comes instead with the benefits of a lightweight and compact frame of a 90tm type of crane.

        • V12-Power
        • JIB
        • Lightweight champion
        • Variety of configurations


      • EFFER 1000


        The new EFFER 1000 is the first crane in the 80-90tm segment range to offer a 9 boom structure with 6 JIB extensions designed to deliver the best vertical performance in its class, directly competing with that of cranes of bigger dimensions. 
        The crane was designed with the construction, rental and logistics sector’s needs in mind, specifically taking into consideration the load and lifting requirements that every day these businesses are challenged with, making the work safer, easier and performing.

        The best vertical reach for your business

        Reaching high and above, while lifting heavy loads is the everyday challenge your business encounters, with the EFFER 1000 you access the best vertical performance in its class while being able to maintain setup and installation costs to a 32t GVW truck, and having that extra payload always useful.

        • Best vertical reach
        • V10-Force
        • Payload
    • A loader crane for your needs

    • Shifting industry needs drive Hiab loader crane’s innovation and design - so your business can meet the demands of a changing society. All design elements have the working environment in mind.


        • Light-capacity (<12Tm)

        • Lift and move different types of goods or hold items in place as you work on them with HIABs range of small and lightweight loader cranes. Choose from stiff-boom or smaller knuckle-boom cranes to compliment your existing tools. Versatile and able to fit onto most small and medium sized vehicles.


        • Mid-capacity (12 - 30Tm)

        • Versatility is the name of the game with a variety of setups to choose from to give an optimal crane configuration. Strike a balance between crane and payload space by choosing from different setups including knuckle boom, longer extension and folding. These cranes make light work out of even the most complicated jobs.


        • Heavy-capacity (30 - 100Tm)

        • When your primary business needs a crane, look no further. Outstanding performance, power and finesse all rolled into versatile and reliable packages. Custom a knuckle-boom, short-boom or long-boom to suit complex manoeuvring, construction jobs, or tricky rescue and salvage operations.


        • Super heavy-capacity (>100Tm)

        • Industry super heavyweight champion EFFER have built in maximum reach and lifting performance, with an incredibly light design for their power. Engineering balance between performance and payload is unrivalled and inhouse package designs add extra stability where others fail.


      • Forestry Cranes

      • Forestry lifting without compromising

        When you work in the forest, Mother Nature is your best friend, and your foe. A LOGLIFT forestry crane is designed to withstand the toughest conditions, combining tough construction with smart solutions that give a competitive edge in productivity and reliability. Industry revolutionising technology offers unrivalled safety levels that also elevate payload and efficiency. Quality equipment and digital solutions are guaranteed and backed up by Hiab's global service network that keeps your equipment working at peak performance day in, day out.

        Shifting industry needs have driven rapid design and operating changes that have improved overall reliability and productivity.  LOGLIFT forestry cranes can tackle any conditions and loads in forest harvesting and timber transport. All design and construction elements have the working environment in mind.

        • Full-length precision
        • Cut-to-length
        • Making forestry smoother

        With a LOGLIFT forestry crane, you can take your timber moving business to the next level. Each forestry crane can be designed to meet specific working conditions, from weighing systems to grapples, giving the ultimate kit that makes light work of heavy harvesting and delicate energy forestry. Today's global forestry industry demands more, just to remain competitive today’s operators need to produce ten times the volume needed 25 years ago. To achieve this, the equipment must be able to meet increasingly tough business demands



        • Recycling is a serious business that is at the sharp end of sustainable waste management. When you use a JONSERED lift you are guaranteed smart, efficient and safe operations. By incorporating the latest in design and build technology with sturdy and durable materials, a JONSERED can support your business to work harder. All backed up by industry leading warranty and service support to keep you lifting wherever your business takes you.

          A recycling crane for every job

          Rising consumption and urbanisation are creating sustainability challenges that need to be addressed. Recycling is not a fringe-sector, but a critical part of a sustainable future. JONSERED has the future in mind with cranes that are designed and built that make recycling operations faster, quicker and more sustainable.

          • Waste and recycling
          • Heavy recycling
          • Construction work
          • Stationary cranes for industry


            • JONSERED 1200RS

            • JONSERED 1200RS is a combination of strengths, taking the tough, reliable and durable characteristics of JONSERED cranes in combination with the safety, speed and precision of a HIAB crane. 12 tm capacity S-boom crane with 8.9 meter outreach.


            • JONSERED 1500RZ

            • JONSERED 1500RZ is an effective and well adapted recycling crane for speedy operation. Constructed for heavy duty recycling, with a Z-boom system, 13,8 tm capacity and 9 meter outreach.

            • JONSERED 1250RZ

            • JONSERED 1250RZ is a 12 tm capacity recycling crane equipped with a Z-boom system and n meter outreach.


            • JONSERED 1620RZ

            • JONSERED 1620RZ is a rugged recycling crane for the heavy applications. 16 tm capacity Z-boom crane and 9,3 meter maximum outreach.


            • JONSERED 1300RS

            • The JONSERED 1300RS is a crane especially designed to help you move things along in the recycling value chain as efficiently, sustainably and safely as possible. The efficient hydraulic system in combination with the S-boom system gives you long outreach in combination with power, speed and excellent control properties that allow you to work fast with safety and precision.


            • JONSERED 1100RS

            • JONSERED 1100RS is an excellent choice for handling of scrap and recycling waste.
              11 tm capacity S-boom crane with n meter outreach.


          • Hooklifts, Skiploaders and Hoists

          • Always fast, safe and effective

            The right equipment can change the course of your business. With the perfect hooklift or skiploader on the back, you can increase daily productivity. Incorporating the best safety features, smooth and fast operating with a solid build structure, a MULTILIFT will help you start and finish each job efficiently and on time. On and off-loading capabilities are maximised for the truck payload as well as the working environment. Quality equipment and digital solutions are guaranteed and backed up by a global service network that keeps your equipment performing at optimum levels all year round.

            Since 2021, Galfab Inc is part of Hiab and Cargotec Corporation. With a complete waste equipment portfolio, established presence in the United States of America, combined R&D excellence, complementary sales and service network and strengthened after-sales capability, we will be able to serve our customers even better.


              • Multilift

                • Lifting Capacity 2 T to 22 T


              • Skiploaders (Multilift)

                • Lifting Capacity 8 T - 18 T


              • GALFAB

              • Safety is our top priority, and we understand that your operators need to be confident that they're working with a machine that's safe and reliable. That's why we've equipped the Series with a range of safety features, including automatic overload protection, safety chains, and safety props, to ensure that your operators are protected at all times.

                Productivity is also a key value for us. We understand that your operators need to be productive to ensure that your business is successful, which is why we've designed the Series to be a highly efficient and user-friendly machine. With its intuitive controls and easy-to-use features, your operators can work more efficiently and effectively, minimizing the risk of errors and downtime.
            • Truck Mounted Forklifts

            • MOFFETT truck mounted forklifts promise safety, cost efficiency and reliable performance

              MOFFETT’s commitment to solution driven design is reflected in the versatility and functionality of each truck mounted forklift. Innovative design delivers simple and efficient load and unload of the forklift itself and it’s cargo. Go where the work is with ease with durable and tough construction that is still light and maneuverable. All backed up by a global service network with the expertise to keep your investment working day after day, year after year.

              MORE WITH MOFFETT A MOFFETT truck mounted forklift is the ideal productivity tool for delivering more in your business – and for gaining more. More precision, more versatility, more profitability and more competitive edge. The truck mounted forklift fits conveniently at the rear of your truck or trailer, taking up none of your precious load space. You can transport more goods and earn more profits.

              MOFFETT truck mounted forklifts are available for a wide and diverse range of applications, across different environments and spanning all kinds of delivery requirements. What they all have in common is their ability to deliver more – quickly and efficiently.

                • MOFFETT E-SERIES

                • The first all-electric truck mounted forklift

                  The comprehensive model range has constantly been extended over the years paving the way for another technological landmark - the world’s first Lithium-ion powered electric truck mounted forklift.
                  The benefits of this unique load handling device are now available to a wide range of new application areas. The MOFFETT E-Series models are setting new standards in placing environmentally responsible technology on the back of your truck or trailer, while signifi cantly reducing the total cost of ownership.

                  • Lifting Capacity (kG): 1200 - 3500 Kg
                  • Engine Type: Electric
                • MOFFETT E4 NX

                • A highly agile machine with a low unladen weight, built for industrial and commercial applications, where machine size, weight and manoeuvrability are crucial.

                  • Lifting Capacity (kG): 1500 - 2700 Kg
                  • Engine Type: Electric



                • MOFFETT LR

                • The forklift specifically designed for handling poultry modules, with lift capacities up to 3.500 kg

                  With the ability to work in tough environments, the LR promises smooth operation, delivering agile and reliable performance. Designed in collaboration with leading poultry businesses worldwide, it is unrivalled in terms of efficiency, load handling and operational features.


              • Tail lifts

              • Efficient operations decide the profitability of a company. We develop our product and solutions to meet and exceed the needs of our customers and their delivery. Depending on your market or industry there may be a need for extra payload, more frequent stops, additional safety, faster operations, more stable operations, tilting and much more.

                The tail lift product range is shaped around you; the end user and your delivery needs.

                  • ZEPRO SERIES

                    • Lifting Capacity (kG): 500 - 2500 Kg
                    • Engine Type: Electric
                  • DEL SERIES

                    • Lifting Capacity (kG): 150 - 1000 Kg
                    • Engine Type: Electric
                  • WALTCO SERIES

                    • Lifting Capacity (Lbs): 1000 - 5000 Lbs
                    • Engine Type: Electric