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  • Offer Profile
  • The Reifenhäuser Group is the most highly specialized as well as the most diversified provider of plastics extrusion technologies and components. In order to ensure that our customers receive Reifenhäuser quality, we develop and manufacture all core components in-house. With the most extensive product range in the industry, you can be sure of finding the right solution for your production.
Product Portfolio
  • Blown film technology

  • Reifenhäuser Blown Film develops and manufactures modular 3- to 11-layer lines for the production of blown film of 1000 mm to 4300 mm width. Thus, the complete spectrum of technologies is covered – from blown film for standard packaging applications to demanding technical films with barrier properties for food packaging to agricultural film with a maximum film circumference of 22 meter.
      • 3- to 12-layer blown film lines.

      • Our current EVOLUTION machine generation stands for high efficiency, quality and ease of operation. You can produce 3- to 12-layer blown films of the highest quality, for everything from basic packaging applications to highly complex barrier films and agricultural films. Our modular lines can process all customary raw materials, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyamide, EVOH, ionomers, PS, PETG or ethylene vinyl acetate.
          • EVOLUTION blown film lines

          • Quality. Cost-effectiveness. Efficiency.
            Produce 10 µm films for HDPE garbage bags today and 250 µm barrier thermoforming film tomorrow. EVOLUTION 3- to 11-layer blown film lines are suitable for universal applications. Stay flexible in the choice of your product range, but keep one thing constant: the quality.

            High-tech systems with modular design.
            Thanks to the modular design of the EVOLUTION systems, we bring out the best in blown film technology to meet the requirements of each product. For products with very high quality requirements, choose components from our EVOLUTION Ultra series.
          • EVOLUTION Ultra Fusion

          • Reduced costs for raw materials, improved product quality and more sustainable production: When it comes to the manufacturing of highly filled, non-transparent packaging film, the EVOLUTION Ultra Fusion technology fulfills three requirements in one go. This is made possible by the use of twin-screw extruders – a premiere in the field of blown film technology.

            Direct extrusion in blown film production.
            3-layer systems with EVOLUTION Ultra Fusion technology means: Compounding and film extrusion in a single step. You can process high filler content and powder like CaCO3 directly. You can lower the manufacturing costs and simultaneously increase the product quality. The technology is unique on the market.
          • EVOLUTION Agriculture

          • Agricultural film with circumference up to 22 m.
            Would you like it a bit bigger? All components of the modular EVOLUTION Agriculture blown film lines are fine-tuned to the special requirements of agricultural film. Your production can profit from powerful extruders, efficient cooling and unrivaled large film sizes.

            More layers for higher cost effectiveness.
            In production of food packaging, it has long become standard: 5-layer film. With the EVOLUTION Agriculture technology, we now also offer the 5-layer configuration especially for production of agricultural film and up to a die diameter of 2,500 mm.
          • Applications

          • From food packaging to surface protection films.
            Blown films preserve food, accelerate the ripening of field crops, hold industrial goods securely together and protect sensitive surfaces against damage. As plant manufacturers, we are intensely dealing with the broad spectrum of end applications to match our technology exactly to your requirements. Discuss your product ideas with us.
            • Industrial packaging
            • Consumer goods packaging
            • Agricultural film
            • Technical film
            • Hygiene film
        • Reifenhäuser Polyrema blown film

        • Produce narrow film tubes without cutting and welding, HDPE films and raschel nets, or use the technology for economic research and development. We can adapt our Filmstar blown film line series to your specific requirements. For a reliable production of blown film up to 3400 millimeter width.
            • Filmstar Blown Film Lines

            • Technology adaptable for a reliable production.
              Produce narrow film tubes without cutting and welding, HDPE films and raschel nets, or use the technology for economic research and development. We can adapt our Filmstar blown film line series to your specific requirements. For a reliable production of blown film up to 3400 millimeter width.

              Filmstar Micro
              Researching and developing or producing? Do both. Our Filmstar Micro blown film line is suited both for economic trials with results that can be used in practice, and for production of narrow-width film tubes in continuous operation. Line versions are available for mono up to 11 layers.

              Filmstar Compact
              Our Filmstar Compact blown film lines stand for high-quality film and customized design. For example, we can realize unusual construction heights through individual cooling solutions and various additional equipment. Despite the high flexibility in design, a consistently high quality is ensured by Reifenhäuser extruders, dual-port blown film dies, and proven technologies.
            • Components

            • Second hand components for extrusion Lines
              Blown Film Polyrema owns a large assortment of second hand machines. It is therefore not possible to list all parts. Should you request something special (machine parts or electrical parts) that are not listed, do not hesitate to call us. We can also provide you, for example with certified Reta thyristor controllers; Latron single and compact controllers, which may be mounted in your lines but are no more available on the market.
              • Extruders
              • Winders
              • Sizing cages
              • Dies & forming equipment
              • Downstream Equipment
          • Cast sheet coating technology

          • Cast Sheet Coating develops and manufactures complete cast film lines, sheet lines, extrusion coating lines and individual components, such as Extruders, dies and winders. Since all these units use similar technology, we can transfer a great deal of our experience and innovations from one process to the other. The result is many good solutions for your production.
              • Cast film lines

              • Production of cast films of the highest quality.
                The modular design of Reifenhäuser cast film lines allows us to match the technology precisely to your product requirements. From a broad range of individual components, we configure a line for your specific applications.

                High-quality films for flexible
                packaging, hygiene and industrial applications.

                CPP film
                CPP films are highly transparent and feature a good sealability and printability. Therefore, they are ideally suited for many types of packaging.

                Barrier film
                Barrier cast films meet the criteria which are crucial for the durability of fresh food: Outstanding barrier properties against aroma, humidity and air.

                Hygiene films
                Cast films are indispensable for the production of hygiene articles, such as diapers and fem care products.

                Cast PET film
                Excellent transparency, stiffness and good barrier properties: that is what characterizes non-oriented PET cast films. The reduced size and output of cast film lines make them a true alternative to classical BOPET lines.

                Surface protection films
                Sensitive and high-quality surfaces as well as demanding products such as highly transparent displays of mobile phones, are protected by films during transport and assembly.
              • Thermoforming Sheet Lines

              • Production of polished thermoforming sheet in utmost perfection.
                Reifenhäuser sheet lines can process all common polymers. Three coextrusion feedblock systems, seven different series of die-heads, and polishing stacks of horizontal, vertical and inclined extrusion direction enable an optimal configuration for every application.

                Rigid packaging sheets of high quality.

                Thermoforming sheets of PS and PP
                Extrusion lines from Reifenhäuser Cast Sheet Coating give you the flexibility to respond to market requirements. Change between PS and PP without having to purchase an additional screw.

                PET sheets
                High transparency, stiffness and good barrier properties are characteristic features of cups and trays of A-PET. Today, they are produced with a high content of post consumer recyclate, for example bottle reclaim.

                Barrier sheets
                Supermarket products are transported today over long distances. The necessary barrier properties are provided by a combination of different polymers processed into cups of up to nine layers.

                REIfill mineral filled sheets
                Expensive raw materials used in mineral filled sheets are replaced in part with mineral fillers such as chalk or talcum – with a positive effect on the quality of the end product.

                TPO Sheets for the automotive industry
                In a huge amount of middle- and upper-class vehicles TPO is used for the outer layer of door panels and dashboards. TPO has similar haptic and optic properties like leather and is increasing the passive passenger protection.
              • Sheet lines

              • Production of sheet in utmost perfection.
                Sheets from plastic materials can be found in wash basins, shower cabins, automobiles, and refrigerators. Highly transparent products are also used in the industry as protective coverings or for monitors. Thanks to the modular design of our lines we can meet varied requirements through individual configurations.

                Sheets for durable goods.

                Sheets of ABS, PS, PE and PP
                The surfaces of ABS, PS, PE and PP sheets can be embossed. Beside the classical applications as shower cabins or wash basins, nowadays they are also used for interior lining of automobiles.

                Highly transparent PMMA and PC sheets
                Sheets of PMMA and PC meet the highest demands placed on optical properties. They are used where crystal clear surfaces are required, but the use of glass is neither possible nor wanted.
              • Extrusion coating lines

              • Adhesive-free extrusion coating for high-quality composites.
                Create adhesiveless composites of high quality by combining films with other materials such as paper, textiles or nonwovens. The plastic film is produced and further processed on our extrusion coating lines in a single space conserving and energy efficient operating step.


                Coating of nonwovens and textile materials
                High-end composites are used in the construction, automotive and hygiene industries. Benefit from the competence of the Reifenhäuser Group, especially in the field of manufacturing of composites based on nonwovens.

                Coating of paper and film
                High-quality packaging made of paper, aluminium foil and BOPP or BOPET film are combined into a highly functional single- and multi-layer composite using the extrusion coating method. We can draw on long-term experience in extrusion.
              • Single-screw extruders

              • Top performance at a favourable price.

                Reifenhäuser single-screw extruders form the basis for high-quality plastic products. Our portfolio includes technical solutions ready for use in many applications. However, we also develop for you individual screws and specific screw geometries, depending on raw material and product requirements.

                Extruder for every purpose.

                Reifenhäuser single-screw extruders allow you to process all common raw materials into a homogeneous melt, reliably and especially economically. All of our extruders are designed both for continuous and discontinuous operation mode.
              • Reitruder

              • The co-rotating twin-screw extruder.

                Use the Reitruder for the compounding of heat-resistant polymers and recycled PET flakes, or for direct extrusion in extrusion lines – to save raw materials for production on a high-quality level.

                Smart compounding, easy direct extrusion.

                Reitruder technology uses co-rotating screws. We have adopted this twin-screw technology for use in direct extrusion lines, mainly for inline compounding, and so combined several processing steps into a single one.
              • Bitruder

              • The counter-rotating twin-screw extruder.
                With Reifenhäuser Bitruders, you can produce pipes, profiles, sheets, pellets, and many other high-quality products very economically. Bitruders are the first choice when gentle material processing is required.

                Gentle material processing.

                Bitruders are operated with counter-rotating, intermeshing screws that enable the direct processing of powder. The technology is especially appropriate when it comes to the processing of temperature-sensitive compounds like PVC recipes.
              • Components

              • Thought out down to the last detail.
                In Germany, we develop and manufacture all core components on our own that are essential for the product quality. That gives us end-to-end control over the quality of our lines and enables us to develop customized line concepts for your individual product requirements.
            • Spunbond technology

            • Forward-looking ideas, a flow of ongoing development and fascination for perfect nonwovens – that’s RF5. Our latest machine generation delivers nonwoven quality never seen before. It is the most productive, most reliable and most efficient line technology we have ever engineered. And above that: with its all new digital tools it paves the way for intelligent production.
                • RF4 Spunbond lines

                • Producing unrivaled light nonwovens.
                  Produce spunbond fabrics of high quality – even with low basis weights and at high production speeds. With REICOFIL® technology we provide the most energy efficient and stable process on the market.

                  The RF4 process
                  Because it works.

                  In the REICOFIL nonwoven process, polymers are transformed into endless filaments by melting and stretching, and then deposited on a wire mesh belt. The conversion of granulate into nonwoven takes place in a single production step.

                  RF4 lines
                  Type overview

                  We distinguish between three different types of spinbonding lines: the one-, two- and three-beam lines. The biggest difference is the greater line speed and thus the extra output capacity that extra beams provide.
                • RF4 Meltblown lines

                • Production of nonwovens from microfibres.
                  They are seven times smaller in diameter than a human hair. The microfibres of a meltblown fabric are perfectly suited for use in filtration, as wipes or as barrier layers in composite products. Whatever you wish to produce: We supply the right technology.

                  Two technologies
                  Meltblown production without compromises.

                  Absorbent, elastic, or very high filtration and barrier properties? We offer technologies for all properties. With our REICOFIL® meltblown singlerow and multirow technology you will always be able to produce the right meltblown fabric for your application.

                  RF4 Singlerow meltblown technology
                  Optimum barrier and filtration properties.

                  Multirow meltblown technology
                  Perfect elasticity and absorption properties.
                • Composite lines

                • Fulfilling quality standards in the hygiene and medical industries.
                  What spunbonded fabric and meltblown alone cannot achieve can be reproduced by composite nonwovens. Produce nonwovens with the outstanding barrier properties and excellent coverage of meltblown combined with the high mechanical strength of spunbonded fabric - inline in a single production step.

                  The RF4 process
                  Because it works.

                  Two in one: The REICOFIL® composite process combines the proven REICOFIL spunbonding process and the meltblown process in one line. With its high production speeds, outstanding production properties and a reliable process, it is setting today's market standard for nonwovens in the hygiene and medical industries.

                  RF4 lines
                  Type overview.

                  REICOFIL composite lines are available in configurations of four to seven beams. The mixture of spunbonded fabric and meltblown beams is customized to the product in question. In every line configuration, the meltblown nonwoven is enclosed in at least one layer of spunbonded fabric.
                • Downstream components

                • Directly influence product properties.
                  Long gone are the times when spunbonded fabrics were always smooth. Nowadays, with the right downstream components, very different nonwovens can be created: Thin, smooth, fleecy, water-resistant, hydrophilic. The new properties make spunbonded fabrics interesting for industrial use, as geotextiles, and in this way as an alternative for carded nonwovens.

                  Smooth nonwovens with high strength

                  Voluminous with great strength

                  Needle punching
                  Felt-like nonwovens with high strength

                  Very voluminous nonwovens

                  Hydrophobic becomes hydrophilic

                  Essential after humidifying
                • Applications

                • The right line for every application.
                  REICOFIL® nonwoven lines are designed and manufactured in accordance with individual customer requirements. Their possible area of application therefore is correspondingly wide. We have compiled both classical and new areas of application as examples.
              • Highly wear-resistant bimetal barrels and screws for injection molding and extrusion.

              • Highly wear-resistant screws and barrels raise the productivity of your production lines and improve the quality of the end products. With know-how, experience and the right technologies we reliably protect your components against abrasion, adhesion and corrosion.
                  • Reiloy screws

                  • Armoured flights, through-hardened, and with treated surface.
                    Highly wear-resistant screws will not just extend the service life of your plant. They will also improve the quality of your products. We can offer you all kinds of screws for extrusion and injection molding: 3-zone screws, multiple thread screws, barrier screws, vented screws, or highly complex twin screws.

                    Reiloy Screws
                    Always of the highest quality.

                    Screws with armoured flights
                    The flight is the area of the screw that is exposed to the highest loads. Armouring this area with alloys improves its wear and corrosion resistance. The armouring alloy is applied by using plasma powder welding. The armouring layer has a thickness of 1.5 to 2 mm. The entire screw surface is ion nitrided in order to protect the screw root and the flights. The surfaces of the screw root and the flights can also be hardchrome plated.

                    Screw diameter 40 mm - 350 mm
                    Length max. 9000 mm

                    Through-hardened screws
                    Through-hardened screws are available as finished components according to drawing in 12379 quality or in a PM-HIP version.

                    Screw diameter: 14 mm - 70 mm
                    Length: max. 2500 mm
                  • Reiloy barrels

                  • Armouring alloys for bimetal barrels.
                    Reiloy top alloys for bimetallic barrels provide optimum protection against wear and corrosion in your production. The blanks are absolutely torsion-free because they are manufactured on inductive centrifugal casting plants with integrated process control developed inhouse.

                    From blank barrel to finished product.

                    Blank barrel
                    • Bore finish honed to H7
                    • Outside diameter and length with machining allowance

                    Semi-finished barrel

                    Bore finish honed to H7
                    • Outside diameter and length machined to measure (if desired including feed opening)
                    • if needed with shrink sleeve on the discharge side

                    Finished barrel
                    • Finished product according to drawing
                  • Twin barrels

                  • Perfect for high-performance extrusion.
                    With a combination of different bimetal alloys, we apply our wear protection exactly where it is needed in your production process: heavy-duty wear protection for the high-load areas of the barrel, more affordable wear protection for less heavily used areas. A tight fit between the bimetal sleeve and the outer body improves the temperature control of the twin barrel.

                    Cost-effective regeneration of the wear protection

                    Different wear protection layers wear down at different rates. Our modular system allows you to exchange only the worn area of the barrel instead of the entire bimetal sleeve. We offer you this service for all common barrel builds.

                    • Reduced maintenance cost
                    • Longer service life
                    • Higher productivity