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All from one Source
That's our philosophy. Project planning up to the start of operation is one seamless process with us. A strong team of experienced technicians guarantees a high-standard machine-constructionally optimal solution for every handling task.

The optimal solutions for many palletising tasks have already been developed by us. If we cannot fall back on standard solutions, our developers are ready to face new challenges.

The control concept and consequently the user friendliness of the control are the most important decisive criteria for a robot. In 1999, the PC-based control system PARO-Control was developed, which today has grown to be a mighty, user friendly system. A simple, self-explanatory navigation as well as a sophisticated auto-diagnosis are standard.

machine types:
palletising robot PARO®, special robots, special machine building, gripping systems, packaging machines

industry sectors:
chemicals and pharmaceutical industry, food, beverages, non-food, refinery-, power plant-, medicine-, production-, packaging-, casing-, measurement- and testing technology.

national / Europe-wide