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  • Offer Profile
  • For more than 30 years, Hörmann Logistik is specialized in the design, development, implementation and installation of sophisticated warehouse and conveyor systems and customized intra logistics system solutions for many different industries and applications.

    We realize tailor-made innovative solutions for high-bay warehouses and small-parts warehouses ensuring the highest possible level of productivity and cost-effectiveness.
Product Portfolio
  • Automatic High-Bay Warehouse

  • Customized high-bay warehouses with fully automated storage and retrieval systems from receiving to shipping of goods for high-density storage of pallets, boxes, rolls, stacks, trays or cardboard boxes of all sizes and weights.
    High-performance warehouses for a wide variety of goods can be realized for single-deep or double-deep storage.
    Compact or channel warehouse systems for multi-deep storage with a high level of automation and efficiency are the perfect solution for space saving and efficient storage for articles with high stock. While special telescopic forks achieve storage in a depth of up to 4 pallets, channel warehouse systems are well adapted for even deeper storage. Wireless or wired state-of-the-art vehicles allow placing of measured pallets aligned in utmost precision at the predefined channel position.
    Our special technology allows highest flexibility in terms of performance and warehousing of different format sizes for storage and retrieval of up to three standard pallets in parallel or XXL single or paired pallets with only one S/R machine cycle.

    Rack systems
    • rack-supported construction
    • Built-in rack construction
    • Single-position systems
    • Multi-position systems

    Storage methods
    • Single-deep
    • Multi-deep

    Storage device
    • Pallets
    • Stacks without pallet
    • Special carriers

    S/R machines
    • 1-mast construction
    • 2-mast construction
    • 4-mast construction
    • Telescopic forks
    • Channel shuttle vehicles
      • Automatic High-Bay Warehouse

      • Automatic High-Bay Warehouse

    • Automatic Paper-Roll Warehouse

    • Hörmann Logistik specializes in the careful storage and handling of delicate paper and foil rolls. Our high-bay warehouse systems offer the highest level of flexibility for most different loading units and roll weights of up to 5 tons and even more, and of up to 40 meters in height. These storage systems allow fast access to any roll and handling with due care and caution to avoid damaging of the roll material.
      Our special concepts for storage and handling of supersensitive paper rolls in different widths, diameters and weights include not only individual conveyor system solutions, fully automatic roll handling systems and customized S/R machines, but also groundbreaking solutions for automatic truck loading and transparent data flow.
      Special Hi LIS_WMS features are monitoring the maximum total weight providing rolls for optimized utilization of the truck capacity. This storage technology is not only qualified for paper rolls, but also for coils, cable reels and other coiled goods. Hörmann Logistik realizes fully flexible high-bay warehouses for parallel storage of rolls and pallets in different sizes and weights.

      Rack systems
      • rack-supported construction
      • Built-in rack construction
      • Single-position systems
      • Multi-position systems

      Storage methods
      • Single-deep
      • Multi-deep

      Storage device
      • Rolls with system Pallet
      • Rolls without Pallet

      S/R machines
      • 2-mast construction
      • 4-mast construction
      • Telescopic forks
      • Channel vehicles
        • Automatic Paper-Roll Warehouse

        • Automatic Paper-Roll Warehouse

      • Automatic Miniload or Tray Warehouse

      • For a wide range of small parts with high turnover rates we realize customized automatic miniload warehouses (AKL) with all-inclusive conveyor system, picking spots, shipment buffer etc.
        Rack serving can be made with S/R machines and shuttle systems for picking “goods-to-man”, “man-to-goods” or combinations thereof, depending on individual requirements.

        The main focus is placed on ergonomic delivery to the order picker to achieve high picking performance and low error rates.

        Several state-of-the-art technologies like “pick-by-light”, “put-to-light”, “pick-by-voice”, handheld terminals and PC-terminals including Hi LIS_WMS online interfaces to different parcel services including label printing serve to support the order picker for best performance.

        Rack systems

        • rack supported construction
        • Built-in rack construction
        • Single-position systems
        • Multi-position systems

        Storage methods
        • Single-deep
        • Multi-deep

        Storage device
        • Container/Totes
        • Cardboard boxes
        • Trays

        S/R machines
        • 1-mast construction
        • 2-mast construction

          • Automatic Miniload or Tray Warehouse

          • Automatic Miniload or Tray Warehouse

          • Automatic Miniload or Tray Warehouse

        • AutoStore®

        • Stacking of containers for consumables for optimized space utilization, dynamics, energy efficiency, expandability, rack steel construction and picking makes AutoStore stand out of the crowd.

          Your advantages
          • optimal space utilization
          • highest dynamics and availability
          • plain and flexible integration
          • into existing building structures
          • modular structure
          • full scalability and adjustment of capacity
          • low consumption

          The self-supporting aluminium structure is organized in rectangular fields. Each field offers space for several containers to be stacked on top of each other.

          The containers, the so-called „bins“, are available in two different heights and allow for a maximum payload of 35 kg per bin. Beside the standard bin an antistatic version is also available.

          Wheel pairs arranged in X- and Y-direction allow movements in two directions to reach any position within the grid for collection, transportation and deposition of bins.

          Consignment modules
          Consignment modules can be installed at any side of the AutoStore system for nonstop robot supply. The consignment output is between 180 and 500 positions per hour.

          HiLIS AS warehouse management system
          The AutoStore control system executes the transport jobs for all robots automatically, but without knowing the content of the bins.
          The superordinate warehouse management system HiLIS AS is designed to close this gap:
          Hörmann Logistik’s system is customized for AutoStore’s requirements and will be linked to the customer’s HOST systems.
          HiLIS AS provides all necessary storage and picking informations at the ports, visualizes all operator functions and allows for operator interventions.
          • Picking Systemss

          • A variety of different picking methods and tools allows the integration of picking systems into automated processes, such as pick-by-light or pick-by-voice

            Picking methods
            • Man-to-goods
            • Goods-to-man

            • Pick-by-light
            • Put-to-light
            • Pick-to-belt
            • Pick-by-voic
            • Handheld Terminalsls
            • PDA
            • Tablet PCs
            • Forklift guidance systems
              • Picking Systems

              • Picking Systems

            • Conveyor Systems

            • We design state-of-the-art conveyor systems adjusted to the requirements of your goods and the required throughput rate.

              Our Services
              • Conveyor for pallets, pallet cages, stacked corrugated cardboard or rolls
              • Conveyors for containers or cardboard boxes
              • Conveyors for trays, workpiece carriers, or other items
              • Roller conveyors, chain conveyors, plastic chain conveyors, steel plate conveyors
              • Distribution carts
              • Vertical conveyors
              • Overhead monorail conveyor systems
              • Ground conveyors
              • Driverless transport systems
              • Remote-controlled forklifts
              • Automatic truck loading systems for rolls including special trailers
                • Conveyor Systems

                • Conveyor Systems

              • HiLIS AS warehouse management system

              • The AutoStore control system executes the transport jobs for all robots automatically, but without knowing the content of the bins. The superordinate warehouse management system HiLIS AS is designed to close this gap: Hörmann Logistik’s system is customized for AutoStore’s requirements and will be linked to the customer’s HOST systems. HiLIS AS provides all necessary storage and picking informations at the ports, visualizes all operator functions and allows for operator interventions.

                  • HiLIS

                  • The Modular Intralogistics  software

                    HiLIS features customized processes from basic warehouse management to complex intralogistics control systems.

                    Free parameterizing offers highest flexibility and adjustment to the customer’s individual business processes.

                    Redundant Cluster and RAID hardware configurations as well as Windows-based software solutions guarantee the highest level of system performance and data integrity. The HiLiS Hörmann intra Logistics System controls and optimizes operational processes in a warehouse.

                    The HiLiS Hörmann Intra Logistics System controls and optimizes all operating spheres online. Flexible interfaces and intelligent strategies ensure highest transparency and plant availability. The Fraunhofer-Institute for Material Flow and Logistics certified the Hörmann Logistik Warehouse Management System HiLIS 5.2 with its highly sought-after validation stamp.
                      • HiLIS LINK

                      • Host Connections

                        Flexible interfaces allow easy integration into existing ERP systems
                        • SAP
                        • Oracle
                        • Baan
                        • Pro Alpha
                        • Navision
                        • Others
                      • HiLIS WMS

                      • Warehouse Management Systemem
                        Warehouse Administration / Inventory Management
                        • Integration of manual areas
                        • Multi-client capability
                        • Inventory management by client, by article, by unit, by charge, by loading device, by expiration date
                        • Delivery block acc. QA status, by article, by charge
                        • Equal distribution of articles
                        • Distribution of loading device
                        • Capacity calculation
                        • Flexible handling of big trays
                        • Partitioning of warehouse zones
                        • Supply management / minimum inventory
                        • management
                        • Odd time management
                        • Fixed storage location management
                        • Re-traceability
                        • High precision assignment of storage channels
                      • HiLIS MFC

                      • Material Flow Control

                        The integrated Hi LIS material flow control coordinates and optimizes manual and automatic warehouse, conveyor and transport systems for effective process cycles.
                        Depending on operational requirements all material flow streams can be customized and adjusted in any functional areas.s.
                        • Separation of global transport orders into trade-specific partial orders
                        • Assignment and supervision of individual sub-systems
                        • Optimized S/R machine cycles (double cycles, distribution drives, collection drives, pre-positioning)
                        • Algorithmic track optimization (shuttle vehicles, conveyors) and evaluation matrix
                        • Evaluation of alternative routes in case of faults
                        • Sequencing (order picking and dispatching)
                        • Parallelization of activities for several equal picking stations
                        • Monitoring of availability of switch-on areas (static and dynamic)
                        • Derivations for storage and retrieval strategies
                        • S/R machine power management (reduced speed targets for currently low warehouse throughput)
                      • HiLIS PLC

                      • SPS Communication

                        Hi LIS uses programmable logic controllers (PLC) for S/R machines and conveyor systems. The system identifies tolerances, and the integrated teach-in function allows continuous optimization of highly-precise control.
                        • Communication with Hi LIS_MFC
                        • Communication with intelligent periphery (Profibus)
                        • Communication with actuators / sensors (AS-i-Bus)
                        • Conveyor control (Siemens S7)7)
                        • Shuttle vehicle control (Siemens S7)
                        • S/R machine control (Siemens S7)
                        • Camera controlled S/R machine fine positioning
                        • Teach-in mode for rack fine positioning
                        • Barcode axis positioning system
                        • "Floating" feature for S/R machines and transfer cars
                        • Electronic feedback control for drives
                        • Energy recovery system
                        • Variable acceleration values according to equipment capacity/utilization ratio
                        • Algorithmic track optimization
                      • HiLIS Mobile

                      • Mobile Systemsms
                        • Wireless LAN
                        • Use of PDA units, tablet PCs
                        • Graphic operator interface
                        • Paperless picking
                        • Track optimization
                        • Automatic supply activation
                        • Inventory
                        • Stacker guide system
                        • Pick-by-light
                        • Put-to-light
                        • Pick-by-voice
                      • HiLIS APP

                      • Concept

                        Since 30 years Hörmann Logistik is realizing innovative high-bay warehouses and storage solutions for small parts including conveyor systems for many different trades and applications. The well-proven warehouse management and control system HiLIS “Hörmann intra Logistics System” guarantees highest transparency and plant availability. The new HiLIS APP comes with a dashboard display and allows for flexible configuration of important plant information to be provided. Additional features support day-to-day plant operation.

                        Special featureses

                        • interactive customizable dashboard
                        • storage jobs in the course of the day
                        • retrieval jobs in the course of the day
                        • current percentage of finished picking jobs [%]
                        • current filling degree rate [%]
                        • current availability of plant areas
                        • health check
                        • percentage of tours released [%]
                        • live images (transmitted from cameras installed at the S/R machines)
                        • barcode reader
                        • statistics (selectable time slots)
                        • storage, retrieval
                        • loading performance
                        • picking performance total / individually
                        • availability
                        • filling degree
                        • push messages (configurable)
                        • on/off
                        • limits per message adjustable
                        • reporting frequency adjustable (h/min)
                      • HiLIS VISU

                      • SCADA-System

                        Hi LIS_Visu allows real-time visualization of all functional plant areas.
                        The ergonomic graphic display supports the operator with easy man-machine dialogues.
                        Direct access to all levels allows fast diagnosis and elimination of system errors.
                        • ZENON / Win CC
                        • System monitoring
                        • Multi-user system
                        • Graphic display
                        • Plant and plant condition monitoring
                        • Power up / power down of all areas
                        • Detailed data per conveyor position and S/R
                        • machine
                        • Failure indication / correction
                        • Central error logging
                        • Failure analysis / statistics
                        • VPN remote maintenance (Virtual Private
                        • Network)
                        • Data export to Excel
                      • HiLIS Dashboard

                      •  The HiLIS DASHBOARD provides visualization of operations statuses, statistics und KPIs at a glance. System performance and status information as well as distinct warning und error states are displayed in configurable GUIs according to user preferences. Quick and sustainable decision-making by warehouse logistics operators, plant management and service staff is supported.
                        • storage/retrieval and order processing performance statistics
                        • storage fill levels
                        • subsystem availabilities and error statistics
                        • critical operational states
                        • priority orders
                        • stock shortages and critical expiration dates
                        • issues in communication to external systems
                      • HiLIS ECO Powermanagement

                      • The Hi LIS_ECO Power Management system can reduce the power consumption of S/R machines by up to 25%. The so-called intermediate cycle technolgoy (connection between horizontal driveway controller and vertical lifting controller) allows energy exchange between traction inverters for mutual utilization of regenerative braking energy without complex feedback. Tailored control of drive systems optimizes the engery-saving effect remarkably.

                        • Reduced horizontal acceleration at longer vertical driveways
                        • Reduced sinking speed at longer horizontal driveways
                        • Short vertical movements not before decelerated horizontal drives
                        • Hi LIS_ECO Power Management avoids power peaks for reduced transformer connection input.
                        • S/R machine job allocation considering the maximum allowed total power inputut
                        • Deferred vertical drive control at longer horizontal strokes for maximum energy re-use.
                        • For heavy loads: weight-related acceleration and speed parameters
                      • HiLIS Technologies

                      • Redundant Hardware Technologies

                        • Cluster RAID systems
                        • Dual power supply
                        • Dual blower
                        • Double backup systems
                        • Disaster recovery solutions

                        Software Technologies

                        • Architecture: Intranet
                        • Network: Ethernet
                        • System Software Server: Windows 2008
                        • System Software Clients: Windows 7
                        • Database: Oracle 11g
                        • Programming Language Dialogue: JAVA
                        • Service Link to Hörmann: Logistik
                        • VPN site to site (IPSec Tunnel)
                    • Services

                        • Scope of Services

                        • Customized intralogistics solutions

                          Our goal is our client's success by providing optimized internal material flow solutions.
                          We design and realize customized turnkey intralogistics systems for warehouse logistics, production logistics and distribution logistics.
                          Avail yourself of our expert know-how in the design and development of new facilities, or in the modernization or upgrade of existing systems.

                          Our Services:

                          •  Design and development, realization, training and service from one single source
                          • Single point of contact until turnkey delivery
                          • Ideal flow of goods, transparent communication,
                          • high performance and reduced inventory
                          • Best cost-effective solutions with full transparency on costs
                          • State-of-the-art technology ensures optimal operation

                        • New Plants

                        • We have the overall responsibility

                          Our goal is our client's success by providing optimized internal material flow solutions.

                          Our Services:

                          • Prime contractor
                          • Operational responsibility
                          • Performance responsibility
                          • Fully integrated project management
                          • Cost and progress control
                          • Vendor rating
                          Your benefits
                          •  One single point of contact
                          • Most cost-effective solution
                          • Optimal synergy of components
                          • Operational and budget security

                        • Retrofit

                        • We will bring your plant in line with the newest technologies. You are already using conveyor systems or a high-bay warehouse?

                          Mechanical components, hardware and software of your logistics system are no longer up to date thus causing high maintenance and failure costs? The software you are using is not maintained anymore? Then your plant is ready for re-engineering.

                          Our Services:

                          • Analysis of the necessary steps to warehouse restructuring
                          • Detailed planning of solutions
                          • Modernization of mechanical systems
                          • Modernization of control and sensor systems
                          • Upgrade of computer systems
                          • Migration to latest software programs
                          • Expert project management
                          Your benefits
                          • Modernization during ongoing operations of the plant
                          • Plant optimization for increased efficiency
                          • Improvement of plant performance
                          • Increased plant availability
                          • Ensured maintainability and serviceability
                          • Guaranteed state-of-the-art plant performance

                        • Production Logistics

                        • Just-in-Time and Just-in-Sequence

                          Order-related, customized production and provision of goods require continuous, intelligent and flexible workflow concepts. We realize highly redundant production logistics systems for a wide variety of different industries thus ensuring remarkable increases in productivity and efficiency. Complex emergency management processes always guarantee just-in-time and just-in-sequence supply.

                          Our Services:
                          • Production systems
                          • Assembly systems
                          • Machine interlinking systems
                          • Handling systems
                          • Production buffers
                          • Sequential buffers
                          • JIT and JIS processes
                          • Process control and emergency management
                          • processes
                          • Traceability
                          • Redundant systems to ensure highest availability
                          • and performance
                        • Distribution Logistics

                        • Highest supply availability

                          Dynamic markets require sophisticated warehouse strategies to ensure fast and direct availability, flexible manufacturing systems and a good route grouping in dispatch.

                          Thanks to our modularized system, we provide customized and cost-effective solutions and in different levels of automation for your individual requirements, such as customized automated high-bay storage systems, conveyor systems, or customer-specific picking systems.
                        • Costumer service

                        • Quality and engagement

                          The Hörmann Logistik service team is available any day, at any time, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

                          Permanent system maintenance and update services ensure highest plant availability and performance. In the event of a fault or breakdown, we provide immediate hotline support, and if necessary, will send out an expert service team to your site.

                          Our fault database records any hotline call and is visible online any time. The analysis of these thoroughly evaluated statistics allows us to develop appropriate measures for fault prevention.

                          Our services

                          • 24/7 hotline
                          • Preventive system maintenance and update service
                          • Individual maintenance concepts
                          • Spare-parts management
                          • Remote maintenance for software and control systems
                          • Online access to fault database

                          Your benefits

                          • Highest plant availability and performance
                          • Online access to fault database
                          • Optimized total costs
                          • Single point of contact for the lifetime of your solution