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  • Offer Profile
  • Founded in 1995, BYD is a listed company on Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange. We principally engaged in IT industry mainly related to rechargeable battery business, handset and computer components and assembly services, as well as automobile business including traditional fuel-powered vehicles and new energy vehicles while taking advantage of our technical superiority to actively develop other new energy products such as solar farm, energy storage station, electric vehicles, LED, electric forklift, etc... Currently, BYD has nearly 180,000 employees and 22 industrial parks in global with an area nearly 17,000,000 square meters.
Product Portfolio
  • BYD ebus

  • BYD ebus, designed for driver and passenger comfort with low noise and zero emissions, is the first Iron-Phosphate Battery powered electric bus in the world. It’s mature, reliable, and successful. The driving range available from the BYD ebus is better than any other comparable buses.

    The most reliable electric bus in the world

    The BYD electric bus has been certificated both by the ECWVTA and NHTSA. BYD has total 4 factories around the world. The capacity is more than 7,000 units per year. BYD has the most reliable electric bus in the world.
      • Features

          • Fe Battery

          • Battery power for the BYD ebus has been designed specifically to meet customer requirements for safety, energy density and low cost, making the BYD Iron-Phosphate Battery the battery of choice.
          • 0 Emission

          • Battery power for the BYD ebus has been designed specifically to meet customer requirements for safety, energy density and low cost, making the BYD Iron-Phosphate Battery the battery of choice.The BYD ebus has no tailpipe and therefore produces zero emission and helps improve air quality.
          • 130 kwh/100 km

          • The energy consumption of BYD ebus is around 130kwh/100km in urban conditions, saving up to 70% of fuel costs. The longer you drive, the more you save.
          • 5 hours

          • Thanks to fast charging technology, BYD ebus can be fully recharged in around 5 hours.
          • 250 km

          • The BYD ebus is able to run for 250km on a single charge in urban conditions.
          • Tailor-made

          • Working closely with our clients, we analyze their needs and design BYD ebus that best meets their market requirements.
        • Design

            • Fascinating at your first glance

            • With a distinctive appearance, the BYD ebus is in tune with the modern design style common in the public transport sector.
            • A comfortable way of driving and riding

            • All aspects and details in the driver’s cockpit and passenger compartment have been designed to maximize the driver and passenger comfort, like convenient entrance and exit, etc.
          • Services

                • World class customer support

                • World class customer support free you from worries
                  BYD is committed to supporting the electric buses with the highest level. 24-hour service support is provided by a team of highly skilled engineers located in Europe, providing swift response to service needs.
            • Models

                • 8-meters

                  • L × W × H (mm) 8800 × 2430 × 3220
                  • Range 200km
                  • Passenger capacity 49
                  • Battery capacity 160kWh
                  • Charging time 3h
                • 10.2-meters

                  • L × W × H (mm) 10200 × 2550 × 4400
                  • Range 240km
                  • Passenger capacity 81
                  • Battery capacity 340kWh
                  • Charging time 4h
                • 10.8-meters

                  • L × W × H (mm) 10850 × 2550 × 3300
                  • Range 260km
                  • Passenger capacity 78
                  • Battery capacity 320kWh
                  • Charging time 4h
                • 12-meters, 2 doors, 3 battery packs

                  • L × W × H (mm) 12000 × 2550 × 3360
                  • Range 300km
                  • Passenger capacity 68
                  • Battery capacity 380kWh
                  • Charging time 6h
                • 12-meters, 3 doors, 2 battery packs

                  • L × W × H (mm) 12000 × 2550 × 3360
                  • Range 210km
                  • Passenger capacity 87
                  • Battery capacity 270kWh
                  • Charging time 5h
                • 12-meters, 3 doors, 3 battery packs

                  • L × W × H (mm) 12000 × 2550 × 3360
                  • Range 300km
                  • Passenger capacity 68
                  • Battery capacity 380kWh
                  • Charging time 6h
                • 12-meters, 3 doors, 3 battery packs RHD

                  • L × W × H (mm) 12000 × 2550 × 3360
                  • Range 250km
                  • Passenger capacity 68
                  • Battery capacity 320kWh
                  • Charging time 4h
                • 18-meters

                  • L × W × H (mm) 18100 × 2550 × 3435
                  • Range 170km
                  • Passenger capacity 150
                  • Battery capacity 270kWh
                  • Charging time 3h
              • BYD e6

                  • Features

                      • Fe Battery

                      • Battery power for an electric car must meet the necessary requirements in terms of safety, energy density and low cost. The BYD Iron-Phosphate Battery does just that.
                      • 0 Emission

                      • Battery power for an electric car must meet the necessary requirements in terms of safety, energy density and low cost. The BYD Iron-Phosphate Battery does just that.Because it drives without an engine, the e6 has no tailpipe and therefore produces zero emissions and helps improve air quality.
                      • 10 years

                      • After 4000 charge cycles, capacity retention of the battery is more than 75%.

                        The e6 will have a similar lifecycle to a gasoline powered car.
                      • 2 hours

                      • Coupled with small and fast charging points, the e6 can be fully recharged in around 2 hours.
                      • 300 km

                      • An all-electric car with a mileage of 300km in a single charge is undoubtedly amazing. It means you can drive the car in typical working day without thinking about recharging.
                      • 140 km/h

                      • The top speed of the e6 is over 140 km/h
                    • Exterior

                        • Gallery

                        • Front grille

                        • The distinctive front grille gives the e6 all-electric car a look that’s just a bit different.
                        • Alloy wheels

                        • The e6 comes with stylish seven spoke sports alloy wheels.
                        • LED daytime running lights

                        • The simple LED daytime running lights establish presence during day and night time driving.
                        • Exterior rearview mirror

                        • The outside mirrors are electrically adjustable and manually foldable.
                      • Interior

                          • Driver Control System

                          • All four doors and windows can be controlled from the console on the driver's door trim.
                          • 6-way Adjustable Leather Seat

                          • It’s so easy to find your optimal driving position. Seat and waist-rest forwards and backwards positioning, and seat incline are manually adjustable. The ergonomically designed leather seats provide all-round support and comfort to both driver and passengers.
                          • Keyless Start-Stop

                          • The smart key allows for keyless entry, one-button start, and electric anti-theft alarm, bringing drivers even more convenience.
                          • TFT Combination Dashboard

                          • The 4.3 inch TFT combination dashboard has been designed to allow easy viewing of vehicle data for safer driving. For example, the electricity consumption and available driving distance can be provided instantly.
                        • Safety

                            • ESP, ABS+EBD

                              • ESP
                                ESP continously monitors vehicle directional stability and tyre traction. If the system senses the car is about to skid and risks spinning out of control, ESP automatically intervenes to apply the brakes over individual wheels to prevent the loss of directional control.
                              • ABS+EBD
                                ABS uses four channels and four sensors to assure all wheels are controlled independently EBD automatically increases the rear braking force to reduce stopping distances regardless of load and road conditions.
                            • Six airbags

                            • The e6 comes with six airbags: dual front airbags for the driver and passenger plus dual front seat mounted airbags and dual side curtain airbags which offer additional protection against side impacts.
                            • Park assist

                            • The reversing monitoring system clearly displays conditions behind the car on the screen and shows the distance to obstacles. The six reversing sensors at the back of the car alert you to the presence of objects, providing more accurate reversing and parking.
                            • Front seatbelt with pretensioner and force limiter

                            • To further ensure driver and passenger safety, the front seatbelt with pretensioner and force limiter will be activated when a strong impact is detected during a frontal collision. Pretensioners enhance the effect of occupant restraint performance while force limiters mitigate the impact applied to the chest, to achieve excellent occupant restraint performance.
                          • Specification

                              • Dimensions & Weight

                                • Length / Width / Height mm 4560 / 1822 / 1645
                                • Wheel Base mm 2830
                                • Track (F/R) mm 1585/1560
                                • Min. Turning Radius m 6
                                • Min. Ground Clearance mm 150
                                • Curb Weight kg 2380
                                • Tyre 235/65 R17
                              • Motor & Range

                                • Max. Power kW 90
                                • Max. Torque N•m 450
                                • Top Speed km/h 140
                                • Urban Range km 300
                              • Brake & Suspension

                                • Brake (F/R) Ventilated Disc / Disc
                                • Suspension (F/R) Independent dual cross arm / Independent dual rocker-arm
                              • Recharge System

                                • Type AC charging box
                                • Power kW 30
                                • Time h 2
                            • BYD Qin

                                • Exterior

                                • Great Innovations in Style

                                  2 styles which combine advanced technology and Chinese traditional elements in perfect harmony. Not only planned to be a new energy car, but also to lead the latest automotive design and styling. The car lives up to its name in both style and power.
                                    • Gallery

                                    • Signature LED Headlights

                                    • Smooth and Distinctive Front

                                    • 17 inch Bi-color Aluminum Alloy Wheels

                                  • Interior

                                  • Great Innovations in Dynamic Design

                                    The interior will fill you with energy.
                                    It's concise and fluent, full of movement and vitality.
                                    It's even more graceful thanks to the lighting design.
                                    The careful choice of materials and the design processes further enhance the whole sense of advanced science and technolog
                                      • Back Row Center Armrest

                                      • Leather Multifunction Steering Wheel

                                      • 12.1 inch Super Vision TFT Combination Dashboard

                                      • Ample Storage Space

                                    • Charge

                                          • Great Innovations in Charging.

                                          • Don't worry. It's easy to charge.

                                            As a Plug-in hybrid car, you can charge QIN by two ways: 3.3KW on-board charger +3.3KW wall-mounted charger for charging in 4 hours 2.0KW on-board charger
                                            +1.6KW charger for charging in 6 hours
                                            In the future, QIN can also be charged by a community pedestal charger or even from other fast chargers.
                                      • Power

                                      • Great Innovations in Technology

                                        QIN applies BYD’s second generation power system (namely DM II), which is world-leading high technology. DM II is equipped with TID engine and 6-speed dual-clutch transmission.
                                        T-turbo: Stronger Power
                                        I-injection: Less consumption
                                        D-dual-clutch: Smoother shift
                                        With the advanced DM II system, you have the option to accelerate from 0 to 100km in 5.9s or drive 100km on only 1.6 litres of gas. Additionally, you can choose four driving modes any time you want.
                                          • Dual Mode Driving System

                                          • Four Driving Modes

                                          • EV+ECO/ EV+SPORT/ HEV+ECO/ HEV+SPORT
                                          • Advanced BYD Iron-Phosphate Battery

                                          • Battery Capacity: 13kWh
                                        • Safety

                                        • Great Innovations in Safety
                                          Relying on BYD 5-star safety concept and standard design;
                                          Tested in largest domestic automobile test base;
                                          BYD QIN is equipped with super intelligent safety protection devices, which deliver best-in-class safety performance
                                            • 360°

                                            • Panoramic Imaging System
                                            • EPS

                                            • Electric Power Steering System
                                          • Intelligent

                                          • Great Innovations in Entertainment

                                            Inheriting the family design style of BYD the QIN is fully equipped with a variety of electronic configurations.
                                            You can enjoy a transcendent symphonic and pampered experience inside your car every minute of the journey.
                                              • Automatic A/C

                                              • Driver Seat and Front Passenger Seat with Electric Heating

                                              • EPB Remote Control Driving

                                              • Remote Control Driving
                                            • Specification

                                                • Dimensions & Weight

                                                  • Length / Width / Height mm 4740 / 1770 / 1480
                                                  • Wheel Base mm 2670
                                                  • Track (F/R) mm 1525/1520
                                                  • Min. Turning Radius m 5.3
                                                  • Min. Ground Clearance mm 125
                                                  • Curb Weight kg 1720
                                                  • Tyre 205/50 R17
                                                • Engine

                                                  • Engine Model BYD476ZQA
                                                  • Engine Type Turbocharger/ Direct
                                                  • Injection/Fuel Stratified /VVT/All-Aluminum
                                                  • Alloy Engine
                                                  • Displacement L 1.5
                                                  • Rated Power kW/rpm 113/5200
                                                  • Max.Torque Nm/rpm 240/1750-3500
                                                • Motor

                                                  • Power System BYD Iron-Phosphate Battery
                                                  • Battery Management System Distributed
                                                  • Battery Management
                                                  • Battery Capacity kWH 13
                                                  • Max.Power kW 110
                                                  • Max.Torque Nm 250
                                                • Overall Performance

                                                  • Total Power kW 217
                                                  • Top Speed km/h 185
                                                  • 0~100km/h s 5.9
                                                  • Fuel consumption L/100km 1.6
                                                  • Fuel Tank L 50
                                                  • EV Range km 70
                                                • Brake & Suspension

                                                  • Brake (F/R) Ventilated Disc / Disc
                                                  • Suspension (F/R) McPherson strut type/ Torsion beam type
                                              • Technology and Innovation

                                                  • Iron-Phosphate Battery

                                                        • Iron-Phosphate Battery

                                                        • The battery that powers BYD cars, buses, and forklift trucks
                                                          Why the BYD Iron-Phosphate Battery?
                                                          The BYD Iron-Phosphate Battery has been developed to power its cars, buses and forklift trucks. Utilizing years of experience in battery technology, the BYD Iron-Phosphate Battery is safe, stable, environmentally friendly and ensures a longer lifetime.
                                                    • AC Power-Interface

                                                    • BYD offers multiple charging solutions, such as 7kW and 40kW AC charging for the BYD e6, 80kW charging for the BYD ebus, and 40kW AC charging. The 200kW pantograph is under investigation. The BYD charging infrastructure is easy to install, use and maintain.

                                                      The BYD AC on-board charging system is small and light, easy to operate and suitable for various locations. The BYD AC Power-Interface adds a DTU module which monitors the charging process, collects the vehicle charging information, and uploads all information automatically to the service centre.
                                                          • AC Power-Interface BYD ebus Charge System

                                                          • 80kW
                                                            • 400*200*690 (mm) Dimensions
                                                            • 30kg Weight
                                                            • 400V Rated Voltage
                                                            • 2 * 40kW Max. Power
                                                            • 126A Max. Current
                                                            • IP55 IP Grade
                                                            • 3m Cable Length
                                                            • 2 Plugs
                                                          • AC Power-Interface BYD e6 Charge System

                                                          • 40kW (7kW)
                                                            • 400*200*690 (mm)  (400*600*1900 (mm)Dimensions
                                                            • 28kg (150kg) Weight
                                                            • 400V  (220V) Rated Voltage
                                                            • 40kW  (7kW) Max. Power
                                                            • 63A  (32A) Max. Current
                                                            • IP55  (IP55) IP Grade
                                                            • 3m  (3m) Cable Length
                                                            • 1 (1) Plugs
                                                      • Vertical Charging Carrousel

                                                            • Vertical Charging Carrousel

                                                            • The difference for an electric taxi driver is having to change from a refueling to a charging habit, and learning to solve any charging issues. The BYD specially designed Vertical Charging Carousel makes charging an electric taxi very easy and convenient. Moreover, at least 12 units of the BYD e6 can be charged at the same time in only a 42m2 space.


                                                              Space Utility
                                                              12 electric vehicles can be charged at the same time in a 42 m2 circulating charging area.

                                                              User Convenience
                                                              Easy to operate for even a new driver, including entering and exiting the carousel.

                                                              This Vertical Charging Carrousel is designed with resistance to strong earthquake (8 of Ritcher Scale).

                                                              Based on the various sets of the charging machine, multiple combinations can be chosen.
                                                        • Two Way Charging-Discharging Solution

                                                            • Vehicle to Grid

                                                            • During the off-peak hours, BYD EV users can expect to charge the vehicle from the grid and store energy in the internal battery. While during peak hours, the user can opt to transmit power from the internal battery back to the grid as an emergency power source, which can help the grid to achieve load shifting and pressure reducing.
                                                            • Vehicle to Vehicle

                                                            • This function can help to realize the"inter-charging"between two electric vehicles in an emergency situation in case one vehicle has run out of battery capacity. In the event of power blackout, one EV (internal battery) can be charged via another.
                                                            • Vehicle to Loads

                                                            • When the EV user is isolated from the power grid, an electric vehicle can supply A/C power (i.e. single or three-phase) to any electric appliances under 15kW.
                                                          • Energy Vehicles Technologies

                                                              • A New Level of BYD Advanced Technology

                                                              • The wheel-hub motor provides BYD ebus with greater efficiency, as well as saving space.
                                                                BYD's self-developed wheel-hub motor is adopted in the BYD ebus. It is installed in the rear drive axle together with regenerative braking technologies. Compared with a normal motor, the rear drive axle system in the BYD ebus has no gear box, no transmission shaft, and no differential mechanism. The power from the motor is directly transmitted to the wheels, so that significant improvements are achieved in transmission efficiency and reductions in noise and vibration. In addition, the bus weight can be cut by 300kg, and interior space is greatly saved.
                                                              • BYD wheel-hub motor tech specs

                                                                • Motor type Permanent magnet synchronous motor
                                                                • Max. Power 90 KW(*2)
                                                                • Max. Torque 350N.m(*2)
                                                                • Rotation speed 0~7500 rpm
                                                                • Rated operational voltage 540 V
                                                                • Speed ratio 17.7 (top speed: 70km/h)
                                                                • Cooling type Water-cooling
                                                              • Electric or gasoline?

                                                              • The motor controller with integrated on-board charger controls the function of battery and motor, allowing the driving motor to run in reverse, changing DC (direct current) to AC (alternating current), and regulating the vehicle speed. The distributed Battery Management System consists of the signal collector and controller, which can inspect every cell’s working status.
                                                              • Regenerative Braking System

                                                              • The Regenerative Braking System converts part of the kinetic energy into electricity and stores it in the battery to give additional driving range. The vehicle range can be increased accordingly with lower noise by adopting such a regenerative system.
                                                            • Dual Mode System

                                                                • The BYD Dual Mode (DM) system

                                                                • allows drivers to switch from all-electric mode (EV mode) to plug-in hybrid electric mode (HEV mode).
                                                                  With the DM system the car can be switched to either pure electric or plug-in hybrid, at the preference of the driver. The car in HEV mode is mainly electric powered and the engine only has an assistive function. Given that fact, this hybrid distinguishes itself from other hybrids and can be called a strong hybrid. The DM system is more energy-saving than gasoline only and more powerful than all-electric ones.
                                                                • The Advantages of DM System

                                                                • Unlimited Range
                                                                  When the car runs out of electricity, you can charge it or simply switch to HEV mode to extend your drive.

                                                                  Save Money
                                                                  You can choose to always drive the car in all electric mode, with the gasoline as a backup.

                                                                  Charge at Home
                                                                  The DM system can be charged directly from a household power outlet.

                                                                  Environmentally Friendly
                                                                  There is no tailpipe emission from the car while in EV mode.
                                                                • Improves efficiency, power and energy-saving

                                                                • The DM system was first adopted in the BYD F3DM, which was introduced in 2010. In 2012, the DMII system was launched with the BYD Qin, offering improvements in efficiency, power and energy-saving.