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  • Offer Profile
  • viastore is a leading international provider of intralogistics systems, intralogistics software and support services. Our focus is on consulting and planning, together with the implementation and constant improvement of intralogistics solutions.
Product Portfolio
  • Industry (sector-specific) solutions

      • Vehicle Industry

      • Whether production buffers, assembly line supply, tool store or spare parts distribution - the intralogistics requirements of automobile and commercial vehicle manufacturers and suppliers present clear challenges:
        • integration of different production methods
        • zero-error philosophy
        • complex structures

        Our intralogistics systems have proven their worth at numerous leading manufacturers and suppliers over long periods of time - they will meet these challenges for you too. Guaranteed.

        This also applies in terms of software: From PLCs to ERP, your system will be fully integrated into your processes. Being the provider of the well-established viadat WMS and an SAP partner for over 20 years, we know what you are talking about.
      • Food & Beverage

      • In the food processing industry, it is important to react optimally and flexibly to the needs of wholesalers, the catering sector and consumers - sensitive and perishable goods need to be rapidly and reliably moved to where they are needed in varying quantities.

        This requires a high degree of efficiency and understanding for processes - especially in intralogistics.

        We supply energy efficient and process-secure cold and frozen storage systems.

        A WMS that can manage batch and serial numbers, as well as food expiry dates, so you can effectively track and trace each item all along the supply chain and pick your orders according to the FIFO or FEFO principles.

        This ensures inventory transparency even if there is a wide range of products to be managed.
      • Industrial Products

      • Whether production buffer, replenishment or spare parts supply - the prerequisites for being successful in the manufacturing industry include:
        • best possible availability of goods
        • highest possible transparency of inventories, master data and serial numbers, component assemblies etc.
        • accurate and on-time deliveries to internal and external customers
        • the right product range
        • complete integration into processes and manufacturing methods
        Our intralogistics systems help you meet these customer demands rapidly and flexibly.

        Our viadat WMS ensures optimum connection to production and shipping and keeps your inventories transparent - from semiconductors to machine components, from semi-finished goods to complex units.
      • Consumer Products

      • If consumers do not find the goods they are looking for on the shelf, they will buy something else. Effective intralogistics is required to avoid this.

        We offer the optimum intralogistics solutions to satisfy you and your customers' needs.
        • Our precisely customized hardware and software can handle even complex tasks such as demand-related supplies, without bottlenecks.
        • We offer efficient order picking solutions that allow fast and significantly varying movement rates and rapid change in the product range.

        Our viadat WMS keeps your inventories transparent and ensures that your customers get what they want, when they want it.
      • Wholesale and E-Commerce

      • Customer requirements in wholesale and e-commerce are straight forward:
        • best possible availability of goods with an ever-increasing range of SKUs
        • responsive and appropriate deliveries
        • absolute precision in order fulfillment
        • information about availability and delivery status must be available at all times
        • fluctuations in orders down to a batch size of one
        • large seasonality variations in order quantities

        All this increases the pressure on costs and requires a highly flexible and efficient intralogistics system.

        Our solutions enable you to react to your customers' requirements on short notice. This is ensured by a consistent control system concept with powerful software, intelligent order picking systems and optimum integration of the shipping area.
      • Health Science

      • Medical technology, pharmaceuticals and life science require transparent and stable processes as well as rapid and error-free deliveries to customers. Demographic change has produced enormous growth and an ever broadening product spectrum.

        This places huge demands on intralogistics systems. We have the solution:
        • a WMS that fulfills the requirements of even the strictest certifications and validations such as IFS and GAMP, and can manage batch and serial numbers and expiration dates
        • temperature-controlled systems down to -107 °F, for blood plasma, for example
        • proper storage of hazardous materials and sterile goods
      • Third Party Logistics (3PL)

      • Error-free processes and a smooth infrastructure with suitable transport systems and sufficient storage capacities play a vital role for third-party logistics (3PL) companies, i.e. logistics service providers. viastore offers solutions for the contract logistics business that are specifically designed for 3PLs and enable transport service providers to optimize their processes. These include manual and fully automatic storage systems as well as software solutions with multi-client and multi-warehouse capability, which ensure high process reliability and low return rates and thus a high level of customer satisfaction, the aspects of multi-user and multi-client capability being especially important.

        3PL service providers benefit from modular and scalable software with clear, customizable dashboards. Flexible templates ensure the fast integration of new clients, and that the connection to various ERP systems is straightforward. Further advantages for 3PL providers include the management of master data as well as the document design function, which enables users to create individual documents in the design of those of their clients and customers. The tool for individual billing of logistic services can also be implemented quickly and with ease.
      • Other Industries

      • To be successful as a modern company facing huge international demands in terms of quality and efficiency, all individual steps must be optimally harmonized. This especially applies to your intralogistics system.

        As one of the leading providers, viastore always finds the best possible overall solution for your warehouse, your production buffer, your assembly line supply, your distribution or logistics center, in order to create a work- and cost-efficient, space-saving storage option with short lead and turnaround times. Whether small components or bulk goods, hazardous materials or frozen goods - all your high-grade products are in good hands and managed perfectly using SAP or viadat.

        Economic efficiency and reliability that your customers will appreciate.
    • Consulting

    • With over 45 years of accumulated expertise and experience in intralogistics consultation and planning, we are the ideal partner for any project. As a consultant, planner and general contractor, we have implemented more than 3,000 warehouses and distribution centers in over 30 countries and carried out over 5,000 retrofits. Over 12,000 users work with our viadat warehouse management software. More than 3,500 SAP users rely on our SAP logistics solutions.

      Together with you we develop a customized solution for optimal material flow. Our warehouse consultants and planning specialists analyze the actual situation, and ascertain your goals and expectations. Using state-of-the-art planning tools, they then develop an intralogistics system that is meticulously custom-made according to your needs. A transparent, timely and cost-efficient process. Whether new installations, or extensions and the restructuring of existing warehouses and logistics centers: With viastore, your intralogistics system is in good hands.

        • Intralogistics Systems

            • By Task

                • Distribution Centers

                • Efficient processes, short delivery times and high flexibility, as well as effective and intelligent goods management, positioning and distribution are crucial in logistics centers and distribution centers. They are vital competitive factors for companies in trade and industry and also play a key role in customer satisfaction. viastore is an expert in the planning and implementation of customized warehousing systems and can provide you with the right solution no matter the requirements - turnkey, including warehouse technology, equipment, control system, warehouse management software, and all related construction work.
                • Production Supply Warehouses

                • Efficient warehousing and optimally coordinated processes are indispensable for reliable production and assembly supplies. By way of targeted logistics measures, viastore helps make your in-house processes more efficient, reliable and cost-effective, thereby improving your delivery performance and increasing your competitiveness. Instrumental in achieving this are just-in-time or just-in-sequence assembly supplies, which give you the ability to minimize warehouse inventories for assembly and save valuable storage space. By contrast, the reduction of work in progress and warehouse inventory in production supply will cut down on costs, accelerate throughput times and improve the economic efficiency of your entire business.
                • Spare Parts Systems

                • The demands on spare parts systems are high: Quick and accurate deliveries, top quality and constant availability of a wide and heterogeneous spectrum of goods are only some of the demands to be met. Responding to individual wishes worldwide in a flexible and reliable manner is imperative for guaranteeing a high level of customer satisfaction. We understand that waiting for the right spare parts is costly and aggravating.

                  Our innovative intralogistics solutions help you to bring even more efficiency to your spare parts supplies. SAP EWM or WM (LES/TRM) and our viadat warehouse software ensure maximum inventory transparency and optimal connection to the shipping department. In addition, intelligent order picking principles such as goods-to-person, pick-by-light or pick-by-voice reduce throughput times, keep errors down to a minimum and ensure optimized processes throughout the spare parts system.

                • Frozen Storage Warehouses

                • Cold and frozen storage systems must meet particularly exacting requirements, including an uninterrupted cold chain, high storage density and energy efficiency, short throughput times and minimal error rates during order picking and delivery. And all this in extreme working conditions with temperatures as low as -40°C. Moreover, the goods kept in stock are often sensitive so they must be stored very carefully and with full traceability.

                  viastore is a specialist in automated cold and frozen storage systems. All processes are controlled via the warehouse management system and performed by automatic warehouse and conveyor system technology. This means you can continuously monitor your logistics processes and stock. These systems ensure compact storage, closed and efficient cooling in the building, and optimized material flow. Benefits include higher storage volumes, lower personnel and administration requirements, reduced stocks and shorter product storage times. This not only eases the burden on your employees, but also results in significantly reduced stocks and lower energy costs.

                • Sortation Systems

                • Automated sortation systems from viastore help reduce labor costs, injuries, and the time to consolidate and ship orders for manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers. Our experienced engineers help you design a sortation system that reduces your cost of goods shipped. Our sortation systems can help you reduce the costs associated with receiving, order fulfillment (picking and packing), route delivery, palletizing, and shipping by increasing your current throughput and order accuracy.

                  With our integration expertise, we expand our customers’ cost savings by designing systems that increase profitability and incorporate sub-systems such as label print and apply, parcel manifesting, and order packing automation. viastore offers solutions to improve your operation and reduce your costs.
                  • Conveyor Sortation System
                  • Air Assisted Sortation
                  • Pop Up Wheel Sorter
                  • Sliding Shoe Sorter
                  • Narrow Belt Sortation
                • Control Systems

                • Compared to past conveyor control systems with a simple setup, most systems of today are extremely complex. Forget independence – in order for conveyor systems to be efficient, they must be integrated. With a team of experienced control engineers, viastore is able to combine new technology with old machinery.

                  viadat allows all conveyor systems to be part of one network. That way, corporate and administration personnel can view essential productivity data.
                  • Software Development
                  • Fiber and CAT5 Ethernet Network Design/Installation
                  • PLC Programming
                  • Bar Code Scanning
                  • RF and Infrared Systems
                  • Label Printer/Applicator Integration
                  • Modem/VPN Access for Remote Support
                  • Field Wiring & Panel Building
              • By system type

                  • Unit-load Systems

                  • Automated unit-load systems allow for optimum use of the available storage space and ensure dynamic, quick and efficient intralogistics processes. For more than 45 years, we have been planning, developing and implementing innovative automated unit-load systems, rack-supported structures and turnkey automated pallet warehouses for our customers. As a full-range supplier, we offer overall systems with automated storage & retrieval systems (AS/RS) such as the high-performance viapal AS/RS, shuttles, conveyor systems, order picking stations according to the "goods-to-person" principle (for example, picking tunnels), programmable logic controllers (PLC), material flow system (MFS) or material flow computer and warehouse management software (WMS).

                    Our portfolio includes unit-load systems with overall heights of up to 45 meters. To ensure the unlimited lifetime of the steel structure, viastore uses high-grade materials with reliable corrosion protection. Intralogistics for the highest demands - in the true sense of the word.

                  • Mini-load Systems

                  • An automated mini-load system (MLS) allows for quick, flexible and reliable storage of goods in containers and cartons. It enables short access times, optimum space utilization and high turnover rates to be achieved and provides optimum access to small parts.

                    As a specialist for innovative intralogistics systems, viastore plans and implements automated mini-load systems for storing small-volume units such as plastic containers or cartons. We provide dynamic and energy-efficient storage systems that are tailored to your specific requirements. A range of different load handling devices ensures the optimum handling of containers and cartons and thus high storage density and space efficiency. Our viadat warehouse software and our SAP logistics solutions (SAP EWM) can manage, monitor and control all processes, thereby significantly reducing error rates. Moreover, the viaspeed AS/RS helps achieve high throughput rates and secures maximum flexibility in your mini-load system. Everything is transparent and energy-saving, and routes are as short as possible.

                  • Tray Warehouses

                  • Solid metal plates - trays - are used as load carriers in tray warehouses. Since the load units can vary in size and weight, a tray warehouse must meet correspondingly high demands. Automated tray warehouses from viastore offer maximum flexibility and functionality for storing containers, cartons and products of various weights and dimensions. Equipped with the ShelfMover load handling device, the viaspeed XL automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) forms the basis of such systems.

                    viadat warehouse software ensures automated, trouble-free and fast material flow and assists the order picker with an intuitive user interface. viastore tray warehouses store products automatically according to access frequency. This ensures short routes and therefore time, cost and energy efficiency.

                  • Manual Warehouse 4.0

                  • Reduce costs, generate growth

                    Automation of manual processes
                    When it comes to manual storage systems, the handling of goods is static – inbound, outbound and relocation processes are carried out by qualified staff according to the “person-to-goods” principle. Material retrieval is usually carried out without any automatic tools or equipment. Manual warehouses are readily scalable, and offer a high level of flexibility and low acquisition costs, which is why they are used by companies of all sizes and across all industries. At the same time, however, the running costs exceed those than in automated storage systems due to the higher demand for operators. viastore’s plug-and-play automation solution makes it possible to automate manual processes so as to reduce costs in the long term and create space for growth.

                    viarobot: Plug & play automation for manual warehouses
                    viarobot is easy to use and can be put into operation via plug-and-play functionality. The system is flexible and adapts to your existing storage and building structures. viarobot grows along with its tasks and can be used both in small warehouses with just a few racks as well as in large logistics centers.
                • By technology

                    • Shuttle Systems

                    • The demands placed on shuttle systems are high: They have to ensure exceedingly fast goods transport and quick access times, and need to be extremely dynamic and flexible in terms of capacity and performance. The shuttle systems from viastore are suited for various applications typically associated with automated mini-load handling - and they are especially ideal for companies experiencing fast growth and who have a complex spectrum of products.

                      These agile vehicles offer the huge advantage of being easily scalable; more devices can be added at any time. Moreover, they offer a wide range of opportunities. Whether used for highly dynamic workstation supply, as buffer storage or for the synchronized provision of goods in production and assembly: viastore shuttle systems are efficient helpers. They can be used in a variety of industrial sectors and ideally complement automated storage and retrieval systems or storage carousels.

                    • AS/RS Systems

                    • Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) move goods and service the rack locations in unit-load systems. The rail-bound vehicles can work at great heights and ensure narrow aisles and the optimum utilization of space and areas - whether in pallet warehouses, automated mini-load systems (MLS) or tray warehouses.

                      As a manufacturer of automated storage and retrieval systems, viastore has manufactured and installed several thousand manual and automated storage and retrieval systems since 1970. They can be found in all types of storage systems, cover all size and speed classes, and can be used for single, double or multiple-depth storage.

                      Our viaspeed AR/RS is designed to facilitate high throughput rates and maximum flexibility in your mini-load system. It helps you save time and costs and secures significant competitive advantages. The high-performance viapal AS/RS can lift pallets and wire boxes weighing up to three tons. It can also be equipped to handle other goods and access types.

                    • Storage Carousels

                    • Vertical storage carousels, also referred to as "paternosters" or "shuttle systems", are space-saving automated storage systems in which goods and articles of all kinds are stored on trays. Compared to conventional storage in racks, these storage carousels offer a number of advantages, including full utilization of the room height due to the "goods-to-person" principle, increased safety for warehouse staff and easier warehouse management thanks to suitable warehouse management software and appropriate warehouse management systems.

                      In the context of our tasks as a leading system integrator, upon request we integrate storage carousels from our partner Hänel Storage Systems into your overall concept. Thus, you will benefit from compact and ergonomic storage with minimal space requirements. Using our viadat warehouse management system or our SAP EWM add-ons (SOAP interface), we also undertake the integration of existing carousels, paternosters or shuttle systems into your IT structure - regardless of which manufacturer provided them.

                    • Conveyor Systems

                    • More than 20 years expertise to build and design custom conveyors.

                      viastore SYSTEMS has more than 20 years of experience implementing stand alone conveyor systems and sortation systems. We can design custom conveyor solutions including but not limited to:
                      • Stainless Steel Conveyors
                      • Powered Roller Conveyors
                      • Servo Gapping Conveyors
                      • Belt Conveyors
                      • Chain Transfers
                      • Chain Driven Live Rollers
                      • Non Contact Controlled Case Rotators
                    • Order Picking Systems

                    • Order picking systems enable goods to be consolidated quickly, flexibly and without errors for all orders so that they will reach your customers right on time at the required date of delivery. To achieve this, the systems need to be very powerful, efficient and, above all, intuitive and ergonomic to use. To make sure that these requirements can be met, viastore offers high-performance picking stations that allow the highest possible pick rates for every item and order structure to be continuously achieved.

                      The fully automated viapick picking system is designed for slow- to average-moving products. The autonomous system replaces the order picker by grabbing into the storage bin at the picking station and sorting the products into the order container or shipping carton (pick and pack) according to specification.

                      The HPPS picking system represents the latest technology for highly efficient and paperless order picking. Packages and shipping units are calculated in advance; picked products are placed directly into the shipping unit.

                    • Robotics

                    • Automatic picking is ideal for products with high access rates and must be fast, reliable and error-free. As an expert in innovative intralogistics, viastore offers you fully automatic picking systems and robotics solutions, including options for automatic palletizing and de-palletizing as well as container stacking and de-stacking. These can be optimally integrated into your material flow. The automatic picking solutions are not only extremely powerful, they also relieve your staff of heavy physical work and monotonous and tiring activities.

                      Our fully automated viapick system places products into the order container or shipping carton (Pick'n'Pack) - if necessary around the clock, continuously. viastore is also the right partner when it comes to integrating an automatic container stacking, de-stacking or palletizing function in your storage system.

                  • Modernization

                      • Reorganization of Warehouses

                      • The reorganization of warehouses plays an important role in the success of a company, as markets are constantly changing and the demands on material flow are increasing continuously. For example, batches are becoming smaller and smaller, whereas product ranges are ever larger and more complex. In order to remain competitive in the long term, you need a warehouse that adapts to such requirements and can respond to changes as quickly as possible. Powerful intralogistics is a crucial factor in this regard.

                        viastore SYSTEMS creates the optimal foundations for warehouse reorganization: a clear, efficient structure based on reliable, state-of-the-art technology. Through careful analysis and the expertise of our intralogistics experts, we help you decide which components can remain in place and which need to be upgraded to the latest standards. Together we will find the solution that best suits your needs and then successfully implement it using our innovative technology.

                      • Expansion of Storage Systems

                      • When your business is growing, the warehouse needs to keep up with the development. There are many possibilities for expanding storage systems: They range from the extension of racking aisles to the connection of additional aisles and the installation of new or additional conveyor system extensions, robotics elements or picking stations. As an intralogistics expert, viastore has many years of experience and comprehensive expertise in reconstruction, modernization and retrofitting projects. The expansion of warehouses ensures higher output as well as increased volume and throughput rates. Our experts optimize and modernize not only logistic systems from viastore, but also the warehouse logistics of third-party providers.

                        We set up the systems and then put them into service outside your production times. This allows you to continue your work uninterrupted and without restrictions. In the start-up phase, we train your employees and are there for you whenever you need help later. Your intralogistics system is accordingly well-prepared for future challenges.

                      • Warehouse Control

                      • Warehouse control is the heart of a modern intralogistics system. As a rule, it is handled via a programmable logic controller (PLC). Keeping this component up-to-date at all times is of particular importance. Regardless of whether S5 or S7, when the PLC has passed its prime, the availability of a storage system will inevitably decrease. Processes are stalled or delayed, spare parts are no longer available. The consequences of obsolete controllers and mechanical equipment are unscheduled downtimes, delivery failures - and, most important, angry customers.

                        viastore SYSTEMS upgrades your control systems step by step. Usually, the new and old system work in parallel, with clearly defined fall-back strategies. A special advantage is that the conversion or modernization of the control technology can also be carried out during the weekend, factory holidays or during on-going operations - without affecting daily work processes.

                      • Relocation of Storage Systems

                      • The relocation of storage systems or distribution systems within the company premises or to another location is often very complex and requires careful advance planning. In order to keep the limitations and system downtime for your company as low as possible, it is important that the relocation of the warehouse equipment proceeds without errors and, above all, expediently.

                        viastore SYSTEMS handles everything related to your relocation. Our offer ranges from comprehensive advice on the professional dismantling of your racking systems, AS/RS, conveyor systems as well as your software and control systems, all the way to packaging, transport, assembly and commissioning at the new site. Based on our long-standing experience, we can offer you especially prompt and reliable service when it comes to moving your warehouse equipment. While you're looking after your customers, we'll be looking after you.

                      • Retrofit – Warehouse Optimization

                      • Warehouse optimization is a useful undertaking if your control technology was installed a long time ago. In this case, servicing or maintenance are often no longer sufficient. The consequences of an obsolete system: Spare parts are no longer available, there are delays and the availability of the entire system decreases. To prevent this, viastore supports you in keeping your intralogistics system up to date at all times for optimized performance of your entire warehouse.

                        The first step in warehouse optimization consists of thorough planning based on a retrofit analysis. On this basis, we define your goals, pinpoint potential for optimization, and create a concept that is tailored to meet your specific needs. The modernization of your control system, drive technology and warehouse equipment can bring about sustainable improvements in your system. This increases the availability of your facility and significantly reduces maintenance and repair costs.

                      • WMS Retrofit

                      • With the WMS retrofit offered by viastore, you remain competitive in the long term. Only a modern and high-performance warehouse management system (WMS) can ensure efficient and reliable material flow. Up-to-date intralogistics needs capabilities such as serial number management, batch management, multi-client capability, multi-system management, multi-lingual applications, paperless picking and forklift control systems.

                        As an intralogistics expert, we support you in retrofitting your warehouse management system according to your needs and upgrade it to the most up-to-date technological level. In addition to our powerful viadat warehouse management software, we also specialize in SAP-based technologies and add-ons for warehouse logistics as a consultant, service provider and supplier with viastore SAP Intralogistics Supply Chain Execution. No matter whether it is SAP EWM, SAP LES or SAP EWM on HANA, our retrofit solutions are meticulously tailored to your requirements.

                    • Intralogistic Software

                        • SAP Logistics Solutions

                        • With SAP Intralogistics Supply Chain Execution (SAP ISCE), viastore SOFTWARE offers you high-performance SAP logistics solutions (SAP EWM) and substantial professional expertise:

                          As a leading international supplier of turnkey intralogistics systems for industry and commerce, we are consummate professionals not only in warehouse technology, but also and particularly in terms of material flow control, as well as the connection and management of technologies and processes in the standard SAP software solutions (SAP EWM).

                          As a consultant, service provider and supplier of SAP-based intralogistics solutions, with SAP ISCE viastore specializes in technologies and add-ons for warehouse logistics. viastore connects its SAP-certified warehouse management system viadat directly to SAP, or implements warehouse management and warehouse control completely in SAP EWM, EWM on HANA, and in the future also using the latest ERP suite generation from SAP: S/4 HANA. We are also a competent partner for established SAP WM technologies (SAP LES/TRM) and offer you a comprehensive range of solutions and services.

                          With SAP-based intralogistics solutions from viastore, you will benefit from

                          • lower logistics costs thanks to reduced stocks and better use of resources in the entire network of your intralogistics
                          • easy handling of complex processes thanks to greater transparency, effective cooperation and dependable compliance
                          • satisfied customers, since the right products are in the right place at the right time
                            • viadat

                            • Warehouse Management System viadat

                              Intuitive warehouse management system with more than 2,500 logistics functions as standard

                              With the viadat warehouse management system, viastore SOFTWARE offers a warehouse management system (WMS) that helps to significantly lower the cost per unit shipped, and reduces inventory and work-in-progress inventory by taking over and optimizing the management and control of the entire intralogistics. The software package is implemented very quickly due to pre-configuration, is fully scalable in function and performance and highly effectual with over 2,500 standard logistics functions.

                              Warehouse management software for a wide range of applications

                              Our state-of-the-art high-performance and future-proof warehouse management system is just as suitable for small systems with low turnover rates as for huge distribution centers with several thousand order lines a day. It can be used both for conventional manual and forklift-operated systems and unit-load systems, as well as for automated systems, order picking systems and distribution and logistics centers. viadat also integrates various picking processes, such as pick-by-light, pick-by-voice or pick-by-vision.

                                • Intralogistic Services

                                    • Customer Care

                                    • The best logistics system is only as good as the maintenance and service it receives. Therefore viastore offers you a diverse selection of services, customized to your specific needs.

                                      These include our hotline and continuous condition monitoring as well as the preventive maintenance of your system, plus inspections according to all the relevant rules and laws. Breakdowns of your warehouse and conveyor systems - and resulting expensive shutdowns - are therefore reduced to a minimum.

                                      And if your system ever does run into trouble, our service hotline is there to help you out - 365 days a year, around the clock. In such a case, instead of just hearing a friendly recorded message, you will be able to speak to IT, control systems, warehouse equipment and spare parts specialists who are there waiting to take care of your problem.

                                      Our services - your benefits:
                                      • Permanent availability via hotline
                                      • Minimal response times
                                      • Max. 1 hour downtime (optional)
                                      • Increased system availability
                                      • Preventive online maintenance
                                    • On-Site Services

                                    • viastore can take care of the entire servicing and maintenance of your intralogistics system - with specially trained, customer-specific local service teams. Whether it comes to warehouse technology, control systems, software or processes, viastore experts safeguard the smooth running of your system and are available as contacts for your warehouse staff at all times. This ensures optimum availability and delivery capacity, and leaves you free to take care of what matters most - your customers.
                                    • Service Network

                                    • From Germany to Brazil, from China to the United States: Our customers operate around the globe - and we are right there wherever they need our support. To this end, viastore maintains a comprehensive and close-knit international service network with skilled staff available for you around the clock. Our specialists are by your side, providing advice and help, and they are there to assist you within a minimum of time. This reduces shutdown times and increases the availability of your intralogistics system. The power of delivery is yours - we take care of that!
                                    • Training

                                    • As full-range provider in intralogistics we supply not only efficient and customized solutions that are tailored to your specific requirements - we also ensure that our customers are perfectly proficient in handling these systems. Our skilled and specially trained coaching staff supports your operators during the commissioning phase, during operations, maintenance and servicing your system - individually as required, comprehensible and - naturally in their own language. Get the most out of your intralogistics. We show you what matters.