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  • LANG Technik is one of the world's leading manufacturers of 5-axis workholding and machine tool automation systems. Besides the patented Stamping Technology LANG offers numerous centring vices for any milling application. The product line is complemented by a matching zero-point clamping system and various automation systems. The perfect, combined package of workholding, zero-point clamping and automation, along with the stamping technology, helps the customers maximise their manufacturing processes and optimise manufacturing capacities.
Product Portfolio
  • Workholding and Automation – from one source! We leave a mark in your manufacturing

      • Stamping Technology

      • Patented form-closure technology providing highest holding power for 5-face machining worldwide

        The Stamping Technology, also called pre-stamping, is a patented technology where the workpiece is stamped outside of the machine tool with up to 20 tons of hydraulic pressure, before being clamped in the Makro-Grip 5-Axis Vice with a form-closure effect. Clamping scenarios that require high holding power, but where the danger of workpiece deformation exists, can be mastered with the stamping process. For 5-sided machining, where optimal accessibility has to be achieved, stamping technology in connection with the Makro-Grip 5-Axis Vice is almost predestined and the very best the market has to offer.

        Stamping units are available for work benches and on a trolley.
        There are two different sizes (clamping ranges of up to 245 mm and 355 mm) and two different stamping jaw types:

        1. Standard stamping jaws for material up to 35 HRC
        2. High-End stamping jaws for material up to 45 HRC

        At a glance:
        • Patented form-closure technology
        • External stamping of workpieces with up to 20t hydraulic pressure
        • Stamping of materials up to 45 HRC
        • Minimal prparator work required
        • Tremendous material savings due to minimal clamping edge requirements
          • Stamping Unit

          • Scope of delivery:
            • Stamping vice
            • Stamping jaws with 3 mm parallels
            • Pneumatic-hydraulic power multiplier (1-360 bar)
            • Gauging blocks to measure war of stamping jaws
            • Pneumatic switch for hand or foot operation
            • Scaled workpiece endstop
            • Protection shield
          • Mobile stamping unit

          • With the mobile stamping unit you stay flexible! You stamp the parts at the indended use area. Stamping can be conducted comfortably by hand operation. Alternatively stamping can be conducted by foot operation. Hence both hands can be used for handling heavy workpieces in an ergonomical manner.

            The mobile stamping unit and the mobile dual stamping unit are available with extended stamping vices only!

            Scope of delivery:
            • Stamping vice
            • Stamping jaws with 3 mm parallels
            • Steel plate 596 x 496 mm
            • Handy and rugged trolley
            • Pneumatic-hydraulic power multiplier (1-360 bar)
            • Pneumatic switch for operation by hand or foot
            • Gauging locks to measure wear of stamping jaws
            • Scaled workpiece endstop
            • Protection shield
          • Mobile dual stamping unit

          • The mobile dual stamping unit is perfectly fitted for stamping workpieces with excess width and clamping them in 2 centring vices subsequently. The steel sub-plate features marking bores (distance 25mm) in order to individually adjust the distance between both stamping vices. The marking bores are set according to the pitch of the Quick-Point grid plates and the Makro-Grip multiple clamping vice.

            Scope of delivery:
            • 2 stamping vices
            • Stamping jaws with 3mm parallels
            • Steel plate 596 x 496 mm
            • Handy and rugged trolley
            • Pneumatic-hydraulic power multiplier (1-360 bar)
            • Pneumatic switch for operation by hand of foot
            • Gauging blocks to measure wear of stamping jaws
            • Scaled workpiece endstop
            • 2 protection shields
        • Workholding

        • Makro-Grip - The very best in 5-axis milling

          From raw material to finished product - A fitting solution for all challenging clamping tasks. Unbeatable in 5-sided manufacturing. With its compact build, the 5-Axis Vice has ideal workpiece accessibility. In addition, this clamping package is completed with (multiple) clamping systems for profile and round parts (Avanti, Profile Clamping Vice, Ino-Grip chuck), along with the Vario Precision Vice for the machining of the 6th side.

          At a glance:
          • Best accessibility for 5-face-machining
          • Exceptional holding power with lowest clamping forces due to the patented stamping technology
          • High repeat accuracy for inserting workpieces without any endstops
          • Easy and flexible handling due to lightweight vices
          • Integrated zero-point interface
            • 5-Axis Vice

            • Makro-Grip 5-Axis Vice - Compact and unmatched holding power for the 5-face-machining of blanks and unfinished parts

              At a glance:
              • Best accessibility for 5-face machining
              • Exceptional holding power with lowest clamping forces due to the patented stamping technology
              • High repeat accuracy for inserting workpieces without any endstops
              • Easy and flexible handling due to lightweight vices
              • Integrated Quick-Point zero-point clamping
              • Available with three different jaw widths: 46 mm, 77 mm, 125 mm
            • Dual Clamping Vice

            • Makro-Grip Dual-Clamping Vice - Retrofitting kit for 5-Axis Vices

              With the Makro-Grip retrofitting kit you can convert your existing Makro-Grip 5-Axis Vice into a Dual-Clamping Vice within just a few moments. The Makro-Grip Dual-Clamping Vice is perfectly qualified for batch production. The floating assembly of movable jaws allows safe clamping of workpieces with different lengths up to 2 mm difference (saw cut allowance). To increase the work area between the workpieces (which allows for a larger diameter tool size to be used) we now offer a wider centre jaw for the 77 mm and 125 mm vices.
            • Profile Clamping Vice

            • Makro-Grip Profile Clamping Vice - Your clamping system for all shaped parts!

              At a glance:
              • Precise positioning of add-on jaws with feather keys
              • Using different types of profile jaws on one vice body
              • Large-volume block realises insertion of multiple profiles in only one jaw
              • Manufacture your own add-on jaws! (drawings can be downloaded)
              • Base jaws can be used on Makro-Grip 5-Axis Vices
            • Automation Vice

            • Makro-Grip Automation Vice - The 5-Axis Vice for automated manufacturing

              At a glance:
              • Best accessibility for 5-face-machining
              • Exceptional holding power with lowest clamping forces due to the patented stamping technology
              • Compact design and low weight for easy and ergonomic handling
              • Integrated zero-point interface
              • Perfect conveying of swarf thanks to a smooth transition from vice to automation base tower
            • Makro-Grip Automation Dual Clamping Vice 77

            • The Makro-Grip Automation Dual Clamping Vice comes with a robust and corrosion-resistent steel body. On its side faces there are integrated automation interfaces for the handling gripper which can be used an ergonomic recessed grip as well. With the retrofitting kit the dual clamping vice can be converted into a 4-fold automation vice.
            • Universal Vice Avanti

            • Makro-Grip Avanti - The universal vice with great handling characteristics and unbeatable add-on jaw prices!

              At a glance:
              • Enormous set-up time savings thanks to quick jaw exchange system
              • High repeat accuracy of clamping set-ups due to patented jaw exchange system
              • Reasonable purchasing price of add-on jaws
              • Base jaws can be mounted to regular Makro-Grip 5-Axis Vices as well
              • Complete volume of add-on jaw can be used for profile clamping
            • Precision Vice Vario

            • Makro-Grip Precision Vice Vario - The convenient and highly precise clamping solution with the well-proven Vario-Tec system

              The 100.000 times sold Vario-Tec pin jaw technology - exclusively for LANG centring vices!

              The pins are blown out with compressed air row by row at high accuracy (±0,01 mm). Pins not needed are simply pushed back by hand. 45° and 90° angles are set up within seconds.

              At a glance:
              • Ideal for challenging machining of the 6th face
              • No parallels or endstops needed
              • Easy repeatability of clamping set-ups
              • High centring and repeat accuracy
              • No swarf clogging at the jaws
            • Ino-Grip 3-Jaw Chuck

            • Ino-Grip Compact 3-Jaw Chuck - The automatable chuck for milling round parts

              At a glance:
              • Wear-resisted coated aluminium base body
              • Hand-operated scroll chuck
              • Integrated adaptation for LANG automation systems
              • Equipped with clamping studs Ø20 mm for Quick-Point 96 zero-point clamping system
              • Clamping range of 5 - 160 mm
              • Optimized geometry for ideal accessibility
              • Clamping force of 1,8 t (at max. 70 Nm torque)
              • Available jaw types: Soft block jaws, hardened gripping jaws
          • Zero-Point Clamping System

          • Quick-Point Zero-Point Clamping System

            The modular mechanical Quick-Point zero-point clamping system can be retrofitted to almost all machine tables, making it a perfect solution for time saving change-over of vices, fixtures and workpieces. Whether vertical or horizontal machining, whether single or multi clamping plates, there is a model that fits your needs. One of the lowest systems world-wide (27 mm) and high positioning repeatability make it one of the best in its class.

            At a glance:
            • Enormous reduction in set-up times
            • Extremely flexible because of individual alignment on the machine table
            • One of the lowest zero-point clamping systems on the market (27 mm)
            • High process reliability with a repeatability of 5 µm and clamping forces of 6.000 kg
            • Easy mounting of clamping studs in workpieces, fixtures and other clamping systems
              • Quick-Tower

              • Quick-Tower - Zero-Point clamping system for horizontal machining centres

                A stable and low-vibration cast body is our solution for the adaptation of clamping devices in horizontal machining centres. Due to multiple clamping possibilities the running time of machining centres can be increased dramatically with the Quick-Tower, which is compatible with all of our workholding devices. Workpieces in clamping devices can be rotated quickly and precisely by 90 degrees, whereby one can now finish 5 sides instead of 3. Our low-weight clamping devices are perfectly fitted for a quick set-up/ shutdown in the Quick-Tower. Our Quick-Tower cast bodies are available in two sizes (668 mm or 860 mm height). They have a precise machined surface with plane parallelism of ± 0,02 mm on total height and are mounted to the machine tool table via 12 Quick-Point clamping studs (standard) or a individual mounting pattern.
              • Quick-Point

              • Products:
                • Quick-Point Plates
                • Quick-Point Adapter Plates
                • Quick-Point Multi Clamping System
                • Quick-Point Support Plates
                • Quick-Point Tri-Top
                • Quick-Point Twin Base
                • Quick-Point Automation Base Tower
                • Quick-Point Automation Support Pallet
                • Quick-Point Zero-Point Pallet
            • Automation

            • Simple and attractive introduction to automation!

              To utilise the highest machine capacity and guarantee an improvement on spindle runtime, it is imperative to have a reasonable degree of automation adapted to your manufacturing processes. Our flexible automation solutions cover the need for single piece production to large batches and can be retrofitted to almost all machine tools. Simple and uncomplicated controls combined with a quick return on investment makes this attractive for small companies and those just starting out in automation.

              At a glance:
              • Can be attached to almost all machining centres
              • Side of front loading of machine tool possible
              • Small space requirements, flexible positioning towards machine tool
              • No additional medium inside of the machine tool necessary
              • Simple and user-friendly functional principle
              • Favourable purchase pricing, quick amortisation
                • Eco-Compact 20

                • At a glance:
                  • Minimal space requirements: 20 pallets storage capacity at a footprint of 2.00 x 2.00 m
                  • Max. handling weight 40 kg
                  • Long travel of handling system (up to 1,200 mm) allows loading of large machine tools
                  • Angenehme Bestückung des Speichertisches durch große Beladetür per Hand oder Kran
                  • Convenient loading of storage table by hand or crane
                  • Loading arm can be shifted and fixed in an angle of 9° or 18° in order to load machine tables that are hard to reach
                  • Right or left loading position can be chosen
                  • Linear guides or pivot device available to assure accessibility to machine tool when loading through the front door
                  • Colour of corner cappings, operation panel frame and window stickers can be chosen individually
                • Eco-Compact 10

                • At a glance:
                  • Ideal for small lot sizes and workpieces with long running time
                  • Loading the storage table with pallets is possible at any time
                  • Parts with excess width can be automated by loading every other pallet
                  • Favourable purchasing price, quick amorisation
                  • Optionally linear guides are available to move the system away from the machine tool
                • Eco-Tower 60

                • At a glance:
                  • Ideal storage/footprint ratio
                  • Increased efficiency thanks to low purchasing and operation costs
                  • Very simple and user-friendly functional principle
                  • Manual operation of machine tool remains possible
                  • Simple communication with machine tool via max. 2 M-codes
                  • Various set-up options to utilise floor space efficiently
                • Universal Gripper Kit

                • Universal Gripper Kit for handling systems and industrial robots

                  Gripper - At a glance:
                  • Pneumatic gripper with locking system for secure handling of pallets
                  • z-Axis for positioning of pallets in the Quick-Point automation base tower
                  • Solid back plate allows individual assembly to different robots by using existing M8 counterbores (Pitch 135x135mm) or inserting additional holes
                  • Pneumatic interface for actuating Quick-Point automation base tower
                  • Including connecting hose and electr. wires

                  Automation Base Tower - At a glance:
                  • Pneumatic interface for clamping and unclamping the automation base tower, raised position for best accessibility
                  • High clamping forces due to the patented wedge closing device
                  • Grinded, even surface, very easy to clean
                  • Guide rails guarantee trouble-free loading with pallets - independent of the weight
                  • Adaptor device for manual operation of the base tower. It can be conducted with an air pressure pistol or even more convenient it can be connected to a pneumatic hose
                • Makro-Grip Mobile Storage Unit

                • Space-saving stocking solution for vices, pallets and fixtures

                  Your vices anf fictures are always in reach!

                  At a glance:
                  • Non-corrosive galvanised sheet steel
                  • Powder coated coolant collecting tray with integrated drain screw
                  • Ideal for transport on Euro pallets (footprint: 1200x800mm)
                  • Convenient handle for pushing and pulling the unit
                  • Easy moving of the storage unit with rubberised casters
              • Clean-Tec Chip Fan

              • Automatic in-prozess cleaning of workpieces and fixtures!
                • Peferctly fitted for cleaning pallets and workpieces prior to their automated removal
                • Stored like a common tool and selected automatically via CNC program
                • Can be clamped in every common shank Ø20 mm (or 19,05 mm = 3/4")
                • By revolving the machine spindle the wings will (un)fold
                • Available in sizes: Ø 160mm, Ø 260mm, Ø 330mm