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  • The company and the team – competence in the field of material transport

    Telelift GmbH has been a household name in machine and system construction since it was founded in 1964. We rank among the leading manufacturers of conveyor systems for transporting light goods in-house. Approximately 100 employees now work at our site in Maisach, Germany. The company is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.
Product Portfolio
  • Products

      • MultiCar

      • MultiCar for flexible material handling in the industry

        MultiCar is the "big brother" of the UniCar and transports goods of higher payloads. Its low construction height allows for space-saving installation solutions. The system transports horizontally, vertically, and horizontally overhead. The vehicles are equipped with forward and rear drive. The technology is configured for simple and complex industrial applications. It is popular in modern libraries and hospitals thanks to its low-noise operation.
        • Horizontal to vertical transport without disruption
        • Horizontal and vertical buffering to compensate for fluctuations in production
        • Horizontal and vertical storage to save space
        • Horizontal and vertical loading and unloading stations
        • Rail switches for distribution of materials in multiple directions
        • Bidirectional transport with regulated speeds
        • Passive and active load-handling attachments
        • Network-compatible, modular control

        MultiCar - designed with sustainability in mind

        • Consumes energy only when transporting
        • Low stand-by costs
        • Brushless motor technology
        • High-quality materials and surfaces for a long service life
        • Extremely low wear and thus requiring fewer replacement parts
        • All system modules are recyclable should the production process change
        • Lead-free machine elements and electrical parts
        • UniCar

        • UniCar for hospital logistics

          The UniCar is the perfect solution for fast and reliable transport between operating rooms, pharmacies, laboratories, storage areas and wards in hospitals.
          • Logistics of medicines and medical supplies
          • Logistics of intravenous drugs
          • Logistics of blood samples and laboratory samples
          • Processing of patient records and documents
          • transport of sterile goods and surgical instruments

          Preventive hygiene - arguments for Telelift UniCar

          Whether blood or laboratory samples, sterile goods, medicines or IV bags, our specially designed transport containers ensure safe transport and meet the strict hygiene regulations in hospitals. With regard to function and design, basic transport processes are kept short. Locked boxes offer hygienic, safe transport from the delivery point to the destination with complete transportation documentation.

          UniCar Benefits - More time and patient safety

          • Time savings due to direct connection of the departments
          • 24 hours standby
          • Faster availability of laboratory tests
          • Reduce manual transport
          • Reduce transportation error
          • Increased safety in the workplace
          • Efficient material flow through automated and optimized transport system
          • reduction of turnaround times for surgical instruments
          • Contribute to quality assurance
          • fulfillment of strict hygiene regulations
          • UniSortCar

          • Transporting and sorting with UniSortCar

            UniSortCar is the newest system in the Telelift product family. It was primarily designed for use in modern libraries. UniSortCar makes itself useful as a system for transporting individual books. At the same time, it can be used as a sorting system from the automated book drop-off station to the open access and repository areas. Using this transport system saves time and increases the books’ availability to the users.
            • Solutions

                • Automated transport solutions for hospitals

                • Telelift solutions for hospitals

                  Internal logistics in hospitals depends on quick and dependable transport between individual wards. Typical transport goods which can be conveyed with UniCar systems include blood and laboratory samples, results, instruments, sterile goods, medications, and stored blood. The safe and hygienically flawless transport of these goods is especially important, since it makes a decisive contribution to patient safety. The use of a UniCar system improves material flows, supports hospital logistics, reduces costs, and frees up nursing staff from tasks which are not part of their profession.

                  Benefits of Telelift transport solutions at hospitals:
                  • Efficient and reliable transport of goods
                  • Integral part of hygiene measures
                  • Avoidance of cross-contamination
                  • Transport times are reduced and the system is available 24 hours a day
                  • Relieves staff so they can concentrate on their main activity
                  • High savings potential thanks to automated transport of hospital goods
                  • Reduces transport errors and prevents damage to goods
                  • Security transports with the security system
                  • Short payback time for the transport system
                  • High availability
                  • Robust system components
                  • Interface to central computer systems
                    • Automated transport solutions for libraries

                    • Telelift solutions in libraries
                      Our fully automated book transport systems serve as a quick connection between the repositories, open-access areas, drop-off, check-out, and reading rooms. Telelift offers individually adjustable systems – for collective and individual book transports alike. They can additionally be equipped with an automated loading and unloading function. Telelift systems are economical and save time. They free up library staff and increase the availability of the book inventory for the users.

                      Benefits of Telelift transport solutions in libraries:
                      • Protects media and prevents damage during transport
                      • The transport system saves work by automatically accepting media from the book return station
                      • Buffer potentials in the repository areas ensure that the media delivered are sorted away in a concentrated fashion
                      • Horizontal and vertical transport enable flexible and space-saving routing in the building
                      • High media availability thanks to spontaneous transports
                      • Improves image by lending the library a modern appearance
                      • Relieves staff of the burdens of manual transport so they can concentrate on assisting library users
                        • Automated transport solutions for security areas

                        • Telelift solutions for security
                          Banks, insurance companies, production facilities, government agencies, and administrations with high security status are confronted with the task of how to transport sensitive internal documents, data media, and valuables spontaneously, promptly, and safely. Banks, air cargo centers and offices with high security needs face an additional requirement whereby any risk of potential tampering during transport must be absolutely eliminated. Telelift systems are the ideal partners to handle all pickup and delivery services when it comes to valuables and confidential documents. The electromechanical safety locking in the container protects the cargo from unauthorized access. Every transport is monitored and documented without exception.

                          Benefits of Telelift systems for secured transports:
                          • Protection from theft
                          • Protects the transport goods from being damaged or lost during transport
                          • The transport system pays for itself quickly
                          • Efficient and reliable transport of goods
                          • Short transport times and 24-hour transport system availability
                          • Constant inspection and localization of every transport container over the entire route
                            • Automated transport solutions for industry

                            • Telelift solutions in industry
                              Automated rail transport systems offer solutions for all logistics applications in the field of small goods. They connect production areas with one another and link workplaces – or even several building complexes. This saves floor area for use as production and work space. In-house transport systems are economical and reliable. Our transport systems are easy to adapt to changing requirements – no matter whether the object is to achieve greater automation, a new kind of goods to be conveyed, or higher capacities.

                              Benefits of Telelift transport solutions in industry:
                              • Reduced space requirements in the plant area thanks to building-specific rail routing
                              • Safe and reliable transport of fragile and valuable goods
                              • Customer-specific solutions by adapting the base conveyor chassis with a great number of carrier, fastening, and container variants
                              • Low maintenance and operating costs
                              • Shortens production times and reduces storage costs by supporting production processes on time and in sequence
                              • High system availability and short troubleshooting times
                              • Material transport and supply to the assembly places
                              • Reliable support of cutting-edge production processes thanks to a modularly configured decentralized control unit in accordance with the international IEC 61131-1 PLC standard