Company Profile

WEWO offers customised solutions to make logistical movements within organisations and institutions as efficient as possible.

When it comes to internal logistics, WEWO is your specialist of choice. We have developed our expertise by listening to our customers and constantly developing our experts in the field of internal material handling. WEWO develops customer-specific solutions to make logistical movements within organisations and businesses as efficient as possible. WEWO develops and manufactures all solutions in-house, which means we can offer flexibility - often greatly appreciated by our customers. Our expertise is based on the latest technology and more than 25 years of experience. WEWO provides solutions for increased efficiency, job satisfaction, timesavings etc.; a win-win situation!

This growing company is located in Holten, the Netherlands. The location, situated directly on the A1, is an ideal base for all activities.

Development and production
Years of experience have enabled WEWO to develop extensive knowledge in the field of ergonomics and design. In addition to providing advice and engineering and manufacturing internal transport and logistics solutions, WEWO is driven to provide advice about routing and working methods. WEWO does this through a set project plan - 2D and 3D views are produced, which creates a realistic image of the final solution.

WEWO can also build on years of experience with respect to design. By retaining the development and production in-house, WEWO is able to deliver solutions conforming to specific customer requirements. If required, WEWO has the ability to hire external expertise to provide the perfect solution in exceptional situations. This all ensures that the overall appearance of WEWO products is unbeatable.

Product Range

  • AGVs: AGV towing vehicles
  • AGVs: Automated Guided Vehicle Systems
  • AGVs: Conveyor vehicles
  • AGVs: Custom AGV
  • AGVs: Forklift AGV