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  • Offer Profile
  • This webpage provides an overview of the services and applications covered by our extrusion heads and ancillary equipment. This gives you an excellent insight into our wide range of products in the field of blow molding technology.
Product Portfolio
  • Extrusion Heads & Extruders

  • You want to retrofit to a more efficient extrusion head, or maybe acquire new technologies? Do you need an accumulator-head or a quick-change-system which allows you to use different heads on one and the same blow molding machine? Can we offer you a solution?
      • Extrusion Heads

      • Our Extrusion Heads ensure excellent uniform distribution, precise melt transport, and short  color-change intervals for all blow molding plastics.

        We make differences between:
        • Spider-type heads to produce mono-layer packaging (often canister, or containers)
        • The technical conception of our Spider-Heads ensures uniform material distribution and is suitable for different sizes of heads, with die diameters from 25 mm up to 650 mm.
        • Coextrusion Heads (CoEx) to produce multi-layer packaging made of different raw materials. This procedure integrates barrier layers, conductive layers or bio-plastic-layers in seperate layers into the article. This gives you the technical solution for many special requirements on article properties out of the various areas of application. We offer proven solutions with multi-layer Extrusion Heads for up to seven material layers for every area of application.

        We have extensive experience in the multi-layer Extrusion of hollow articles and are the world's leading Provider of 4 and 6-layer Systems for the production of hollow plastic articles with barrier properties.
        All our products are designed for Long-term Performance and in comparison always the most cost-effective solution!
      • Accumulator Heads

      • Accumulator supported heads enable a discontinuous production process and are usually used for:
        • Technical components (e.g. car ventilation systems, air ducts)
        • Large containers (e.g. barrels, IBCs, storage tanks)
        • Containers with high parison weights
        • Sequential Co-Extrusion products (SeCo = the extrusion of different materials one after the other)
        • Processing of technical plastics
        • Bottles with color gradation effects
      • Extruder

      • Co-Extrusion demands the use of high-quality extruders, in particular to plasticize functional layers that consist of special raw materials.

        The key requirements placed on these extruders are:
        • High melt quality for the production of extremely thin layers
        • Constant and consistent output for uniform plastification
        • Gentle processing of sensitive raw materials
        • Low wear and maintenance operation

        In order to meet these demands, we offer in-house developed extruders for horizontal and vertical installation.
      • Quick-Change System

      • To achieve an optimized use of your blow molding machine we offer our extrusion head “Quick-Change System” as an option. This allows you to produce a wide range of products using one multi-layer blow molding machine. The system enables a CoEx head changeover without having to disassemble the entire CoEx set-up.

        This means you are able to coordinate and utilize your production capabilities in a flexible and pro-active manner, and the short set-up times allow you to respond to the demands of the market.

        Please feel free to contact us for detailed information on the options available.
    • Your Advantages

          • Products and solutions that ensure we are your competent partner:

            • High-level of customization, designed for customer demands, tried and tested in 24/7 operation.
            • We bring your ideas to life in a practical, functional way and provide the necessary support throughout the product’s entire lifecycle.
            • Our experienced customer service engineers always provide friendly, efficient, and effective support.
            • We offer prompt delivery and installation worldwide.
            • The demands of production stability and functional reliability are always met, even with complex new developments.
            • Our extrusion heads ensure excellent uniform distribution, precise melt transport, and short color-change intervals for all blow molding plastics.
            • We maintain a large inventory and prompt availability of all spare parts.
            • Our in-house design and production capacity ensures the highest quality for all our products and services.

            All our products are designed for long-term performance and in comparison always the most cost-effective solution!
      • Technologies

      • We will provide the right technology for your requirements.
        No matter whether you need mono-layer, multi-layer, or foamed articles.
          • Mono-Layer

          • The majority of packaging in the bottle and container industry is mono-layer in design, i.e. made from a single layer of material.

            For this purpose, we usually provide so-called “spider-type” heads, whose technical design ensures uniform material distribution even with varying throughput requirements and the shortest material and color changeover periods.

            Our spider-type heads are used around the world. A wide range of plastic raw materials are processed using this style of extrusion heads. As with all of our products, high performance, user friendliness, and low maintenance are at the forefront of our planning and development objectives.

            Our product portfolio offers numerous head sizes with parison diameters from 25 mm to 650 mm as well as multiple extrusion heads with up to 24 parisons for multi cavity molding machines.
          • Multi-Layer

          • The special requirements placed on the product characteristics demand particular expertise in extrusion technologies and materials, including the extrusion head. Examples of these product characteristics are:
            • Refined surface finish for a high-quality appearance or as pre-treatment for special printing techniques
            • Material cost savings due to the application of expensive pigments in a thin outer layer
            • Material cost savings due to the integration of recycled resin or the integration of a material mixed with calcium carbonate (chalk) in a separate layer
            • Utilization of bio-plastics in a separate layer
            • Barrier properties to protect the product against oxidation or to protect the environment against the migration of aggressive products
            • Insertion of a conductive layer to prevent electrostatic discharges if the container is intended for explosive products

            We offer proven solutions with multi-layer extrusion heads for up to seven material layers for every area of application. Needless to say, all extrusion heads are also available for multi cavity molding systems. For many applications it is also possible to integrate a transparent section in the layer structure, without impairing the product properties at this specific point.
          • Foamed blow molding technology

          • In the ongoing discussion about the commonly referred to "Great Pacific Garbage Patch" or "Pacific Trash Vortex", not only the topic of eliminating plastic waste, but also of reducing weight in plastic packaging, has come into focus of the plastic processing industry. Environmentally conscious end users attach great importance to saving natural resources in plastics packaging. W. MÜLLER GmbH in Troisdorf, Germany has acted based on this changing awareness and introduced its innovative foam blow molding technology using only physical blowing agents.

            As one of the renowned market leaders in the area of extrusion blow molding systems, we have developed new extrusion heads for the production of containers with up to 20% weight reduction. Regardless, if bottles are used for packaging of personal care products, household chemicals or pharmaceuticals, a reduced use of plastic leads to potential cost savings and is of interest, particularly for low margin products.

            An additional cost saving potential for our customers is transportation: Freight cost of containers shipped over long distances or internationally, can be lowered because of a reduced weight. The newly developed foam technology for blow molded containers makes it possible to produce ecologically friendly plastic packaging solutions that offer cost saving aspects and provide a lighter, yet more solid container at the same time. Another positive result is the prospect of making plastics packaging more acceptable in daily life.
        • Control Concepts

        • Nothing works without a good control concept! With our user friendly and reliable control concepts, you will never lose the supervision of your production.
          For example, our wall thickness controls save your raw materials and thus your money.
            • MERC: Müller Extrusion Retrofit Control

            • To provide complete control of blow molding processes, we offer several control concepts customized for our extruder and extrusion head systems.

              We deliver fully equipped electrical cabinets, including control panels, adding to the functions of an existing machine control system. Our MERC (Müller Extrusion Retrofit Control) is available for new blow molding machines and as a retrofit of existing equipment. The MERC provides easy-to use, self-explanatory operator guidance and assures complete control at all times.

              The MERC was designed especially for multilayer retrofits and provides control of all key extrusion functions. Thanks to its 15-21” TFT screen, all required process data can be viewed simultaneously. Again, a highlight of the MERC system is its ability to display 3D graphics of the extrusion head and the extruders simplifying even the operation of complex retrofit solutions.

              With its high-quality, intuitive user interface, the MERC lends itself not only to retrofits, but is also supplied as an addition to the control systems of new machines if a clear separation between extrusion and machine functions is desired.

              As the name suggests, the miniMERC is a MERC system with fewer features for simpler retrofits. The miniMERC system consists of a 7” touch screen PC in a mobile enclosure, which still provides all basic functions required for the extrusion. A highlight of the miniMERC are screen pages with 3D graphics, matching exactly the extrusion head and the extruders being controlled. This simplifies operation considerably.

              Using its wall thickness control (WTC) capabilities, the miniMERC can also serve as a compact and cost-effective retrofit, replacing any outdated rack-style parison programmer.
            • EWTC: Electrical Wall Thickness Control

            • We offer you the perfect solutions for your all-electric machine and for production under clean-room conditions. All our extrusion heads can be equipped with an electrically-driven, low maintenance WTC instead of a hydraulically-driven one. These all-electric WTCs are provided with a force of up to
              100 t!
            • Swiveling Die

            • Our in-house developed and patented Swiveling Die (RWTC – Radial Wall Thickness Control) allows you to achieve a targeted non-central alignment of the parison during extrusion.
              This provides you with a tried-and-tested solution to ensure an optimized and controlled wall thickness distribution during the extrusion process for curved blow molded components.
              • Die can be swiveled in all directions due to two hydraulic or electrical servo drives
              • Can be controlled via our MERC system
              • Can also be used for multiple extrusion heads
              • Can be used for mono-layer, multi-layer, and SeCo extrusion processes
              • Simple and quick changeover of die and core
          • Areas of Application

          • Why choose W. Müller GmbH extrusion heads? Convince yourself!
              • Packaging: Food Industry

              • The food industry places particularly high demands on packaging properties. For example, bottles for this sector must ensure optimum protection of the filled product with no risk of contamination. At the same time, the packaging must be break resistant and aesthetically appealing. Cost-effective production is also a welcome bonus.

                In this case, plastic bottles offer the ideal properties. A multi-layer wall structure consisting of diverse plastic materials enables the combination of various aspects, such as; optimum shape and transparency, with, for example, an oxygen barrier to help preserve the filled product.

                Plastic bottles are also particularly lightweight and break resistant during filling and handling processes.
              • Packaging: Cosmetics Industry

              • Cosmetics packaging must emphasize the high quality and exclusiveness of the product. The focus here is on the individual design and application of high-quality materials. A glass-like appearance with impressive depth effect and special color effects can add to the level of attractiveness.

                The application of special materials in the outer layer enhances the feel and aesthetics of the surface.

                A trend in this sector is relatively small bottle sizes designed for travel and active use.
              • Packaging: Household Products

              • Many household products are manufactured in large quantity runs. Packaging costs play a major role when calculating the overall product costs and this is the reason why extremely thin-walled bottles that require less material are often preferred. However, only uniform material distribution across the entire container ensures efficient material usage and thus cost-effective production conditions.
              • Packaging: Pharmaceutical Industry

              • Health comes first for pharmaceutical applications. Sterility takes top priority. Eye drop bottles, blood bags, transfusion bags, and medical packaging are manufactured under clean room conditions. The design of the packaging is often customized to the respective area of application.

                The special requirements placed on the properties of the containers are met by using a multi-layer container wall structure, consisting of various plastic materials.
              • Bio-plastics

              • The sustainable management of resources, energy, and the environment is the greatest challenge facing our society today.
                This is of particular concern to the packaging market. In recent years, major achievements have been made in the development of bio-plastics.
              • Automotive Industry

              • When developing new components for the automotive industry, the goal of weight and cost reduction is just as important as safety issues. Complex designs mean that components come in all shapes and sizes. At the same time, very high demands are placed on components in terms of their durability, strength, and eco-friendliness. Moreover, in engine compartments the components must be able to withstand considerable temperature fluctuations while minimizing any negative impacts.
              • Agricultural Chemistry

              • Environmental protection is a key aspect of chemical packaging. Diffusion of the aggressive fluid through the container wall should always be prevented. This is achieved reliably and effectively for plastic bottles and containers through special inner plastic layers that give barrier properties.

                Furthermore, the design ensures almost complete emptying of the containers.
              • Bulk Containers

              • Today, large containers, such as barrels, IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers), and storage tanks, are generally available as mono-layer containers. In this case, the container wall consists of one type of material which sometimes includes additives. These containers are often treated with fluorine gas to achieve the desired barrier properties. This treatment raises major concerns with regard to environmental protection as well as health and safety compliance.

                A trend towards multi-layer wall structures is currently underway to achieve enhanced container properties. By combining various plastics with different properties, the qualities of the containers are perfectly adapted to the respective area of application.

                Furthermore, uniform distribution of raw material across the entire container surface plays a significant role in assuring a cost-effective production, in particular when manufacturing large material-intensive containers.