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  • Offer Profile
  • Magazino develops and builds intelligent, mobile robots for intralogistics.

    We are Magazino, a robotics company from Munich. We develop and build robots that work together with people – autonomously, safely and at a level of complexity that nobody before us has reached.

    This enables us to offer solutions for processes that could not previously be automated and to create intralogistics that are more flexible and efficient than ever before.

    Picking the challenge.

Product Portfolio
  • TORU

  • Autonomous picking robot for shoe boxes

    A mobile robot that interacts with its environment: TORU can independently store and retrieve small boxes in shelf racks.



    TORU handles small batch sizes and returns with ease: it works autonomously and efficiently up to 18 hours a day. This means that it can be active outside regular shift times and help smooth peaks, for example, through preparatory work.


    TORU integrates easily into existing warehouses and processes. Once configured, it works autonomously alongside its human colleagues. With WiFi, it connects seamlessly to the warehouse management system.


    Through sensors, cameras and the intelligent operating system ACROS, TORU can perceive its environment, react independently to changes and even learn from experience.

      • Skills

          • Perception through 2D and 3D cameras

          • TORU sees its environment with 2D and 3D cameras. It locates objects to be picked and free storage spaces on the shelf. Using intelligent algorithms, TORU searches for barcodes to confirm it's found the right object.
          • Precise picking

          • TORU has a precise vacuum gripper. It can pick up, lift and deposit boxes weighing up to 5.8 kg, with a maximum size of 390 x 290 x 145 mm (L x W x H). Thanks to its push back unit, TORU can also pull entire stacks from the shelf and push back unneeded boxes.
          • High transport capacity

          • TORU can carry up to 16 objects simultaneously in its backpack. The shelves in its backpack rotate, allowing TORU to store objects two per shelf, side by side.
          • From the bottom to the top shelf

          • With its telescoping tower, TORU can effortlessly grab or place objects from the bottom to the top of shelves. With an operating range from 8 cm to 250 cm above the ground, TORU has superhuman reach –without any back pain.
          • Safe navigation

          • Certified laser scanners at the front and rear allow TORU to navigate freely in the warehouse and guarantee safe operation alongside people. If its laser scanners or 3D cameras detect an obstacle during navigation, TORU reacts automatically by reducing its speed, stopping if necessary, driving around the obstacle or choosing an alternate route.
          • Transfer systems

          • SHELF RACK
            TORU places small boxes onto shelf racks or retrieves them, as requested.

            PICK CART
            Boxes can also be picked up from or placed on pick carts.

            CONVEYOR BELT
            The conveyor belt provides an interface between TORU and existing automation infrastructure.
        • Technology

            • Drive Base

            • The drive base is optimised for maximum manoeuvrability and stability, so that TORU can be easily integrated into existing pick towers.
            • Tower

            • The tower enables the gripper to be positioned quickly and precisely at any desired gripping height, as well as rotating agilely between the storage rack and the backpack.
            • Gripper

            • The gripper moves in the tower and picks objects or stacks from the shelf with its powerful suction unit.
            • Backpack

            • In its integrated backpack, TORU transports already picked objects to the handover station or inbound objects to be stored in the storage area.
            • Technical data

              • Base area (LxW): 1375 mm x 685 mm
              • Robot height, retracted: 1930 mm
              • Robot height, extended: 2912 mm
              • Curb weight: 235 kg
              • Max. navigation speed: 1.5 m/s
              • Battery run time:max. 8 hours
              • Operating time: max. 18 hours per day
              • Min. object dimensions (LxW): 50 mm x 100 mm
              • Max. object dimensions (LxW): 390 mm x 290 mm
              • Object height: 80 mm – 145 mm
              • Max. object weight: 5.8 kg
            • Safety

            • Our robots can safely interact with humans. For this purpose, we have equipped them with a state-of-the-art safety system from certified manufacturers. In addition, we work closely with our customers' on-site safety professionals to ensure smooth integration. Magazino robots comply with harmonized and non-harmonized standards as well as all relevant provisions of the EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. Accordingly, they have received a risk assessment in accordance with DIN EN ISO 12100:2011-03.
          • SOTO

          • A mobile robot that revs up industrial production: SOTO enables efficient automated line feeding, for example in the automotive industry

            Welcome to Factory 4.0: the supply chain robot SOTO brings materials to the assembly line, just-in-time and completely autonomous.



            SOTO helps to keep inventory levels low and delivers replenishment exactly when it is needed. It works up to 18 hours per day – for processes that are not only more efficient but also significantly cheaper.


            The intelligent robot SOTO integrates seamlessly into the Factory 4.0. It can be flexibly configured, relieves the employees and works safely and efficiently alongside machines, vehicles and people – for optimum production planning.


            Production logistics becomes smart: with sensors, 3D cameras and the intelligent ACROS operating system, SOTO can perceive its environment, react intelligently to changes and even learn from experience.

              • Skills

              • The autonomous supply chain robot SOTO is ideal for industrial and production processes. Thanks to its intelligent software, it can react flexibly to changing requirements, completely replace pick carts and tugger trains, or interact usefully with them. It deals with an increasing number of products using a clever gripper system that can handle different totes in different positions and heights.
                  • Perception using 2D and 3D cameras

                  • SOTO uses 3D  cameras to locate and identify totes. Its 3D camera locates the object, while the 2D camera scans barcodes and identifies the correct tote.
                  • Totes up to 15 kg

                  • SOTO can grip classic totes with a weight of up to 15 kg and a maximum size of 600 x 400 x 300 mm (L x W x H). It can pull the individual transport boxes from flat surfaces or conveyor belts, as well as from more complex positions such as flow racks.
                  • High transport capacity

                  • Depending on their size, SOTO can store up to 10 totes in its backpack at one time. It transports loads with a total weight of up to 150 kg.
                  • Action range from 5 cm to 250 cm

                  • With its telescoping gripper, SOTO can handle both full and empty totes at a height of up to 250 cm. It can even reach totes that were previously inaccessible to human workers.
                  • Safe navigation

                  • Certified laser scanner scanners at the front and rear allow SOTO to navigate freely at speeds of up to 1.5 m/s. They also guarantee safe operation around people and vehicles. Depending on how close an obstacle comes, SOTO reduces its speed to a stop or searches for an alternate route.
                  • Transfer systems

                  • FLOW RACK
                    SOTO places totes into the flow rack from one side, a person removes them from the other side.

                    CONVEYOR BELT
                    The conveyor belt acts as an interface between SOTO and existing automation infrastructure.

                    TUGGER TRAIN
                    SOTO can load or unload tugger trains to allow efficient material flow.

                    SHELF RACK
                    SOTO can take totes out of shelf racks, or place them in, allowing people to take over.

                • Technology

                    • Drive Base

                    • The drive base is optimised for manoeuvrability and stability, so that SOTO can be easily integrated into the production environment. Two laser scanners enable safe navigation around people and other vehicles.
                    • Boom

                    • The boom enables the gripper to be quickly positioned at any height, and rotated between the handover station and the backpack.
                    • Gripper

                    • Whether on the tugger train, shelf or flow rack, the gripper picks up totes with precision and deposits them at the desired location.
                    • Backpack

                    • In its integrated backpack, SOTO transports full totes from storage zones to the production or assembly line and returns with the empties.
                    • Technical data

                      • Base area (LxW): 1870 mm x 1002 mm
                      • Robot height, retracted: 1955 mm
                      • Robot height, extended: 3334 mm
                      • Curb weight: 370 kg
                      • Max. navigation speed: 1.5 m/s
                      • Battery run time:max. 10 hours
                      • Operating time:max. 18 hours per day
                      • Min. object dimensions (LxW): 180 mm x 80 mm
                      • Max. object dimensions (LxW): 600 mm x 400 mm
                      • Object height: 120 mm – 300 mm
                      • Max. object weight: 15 kg
                    • Safety

                    • Our robots can safely operate around humans. To achieve this, we have equipped them with a state-of-the-art safety system from certified manufacturers. In addition, we work closely with our customers' on-site safety professionals to ensure smooth integration.
                  • Applications

                      • Shoes

                      • Higher, faster, further – the requirements for competitive logistics in e-commerce are changing massively, especially for shoes.

                        Our robots can be easily and flexibly integrated into existing processes and work quickly and efficiently – for e-commerce fulfillment on a new level. TORU takes over the process of storing and retrieving shoe boxes. The intelligent robot can also cope perfectly with chaotic warehousing.

                        Advanced Robotics solutions offer clear advantages in meeting the challenges of the footwear industry.

                        • Reduced costs
                          With the use of Magazino robots, the operating hours in the warehouse are significantly extended: this leads to a reduction in picking costs of up to 35 %.
                        • Easy integration
                          Magazino robots can be integrated quickly and smoothly into existing warehouses and adapt to the conditions there, such as the existing shelves.
                        • Coworking
                          Magazino robots can work safely alongside humans. For example, TORU can take over the picking of shoes while people pick fashion items in the same warehouse area.
                      • Production

                      • The Industry 4.0 – buzzword, promise and challenge. An intelligent material flow in production supply is a decisive step in this direction.

                        Our autonomous robots are easy to integrate and give you maximum flexibility in replenishment. SOTO takes over the replenishment process and brings totes from a storage location directly to the assembly line. On the way back, SOTO collects the empties again. Alternatively, SOTO can also load or unload the tugger train completely autonomously with totes. SOTOis one of the first mobile solutions that, in contrast to conventional AGVs, can pick up and deliver objects flexibly at different heights/positions.