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  • In-house production for more flexibility and quality

    Our factory in Eschweiler/Germany boasts a comprehensive machine shop – the basis for our flexibility, and the guarantor of unwavering high standards of quality. The in-house production for precision bearings and linear technology is also used for the construction and manufacturing of complete customized solutions: Rodriguez develops and manufactures such Value Added Products (VAP) on the basis of entire technology- and system know-how as well as many years of experience.
Product Portfolio
  • Precision bearings

  • Precision bearings - Nothing moves, without them

    Whether it's in vehicles or machinery - bearings are what keep things moving in virtually all automated processes. The bearing technology used here is as diversified as the range of possible applications.

    In the field of precision bearings, Rodriguez can demonstrate the decade-long experience our engineers have when it comes to practical designing. Customers benefit from this when it comes to the development of new products and the application-oriented modification of individual components. At the end we always deliver solutions beyond the standard: Drive components developed according to the maxime "always the right bearing for the corresponding requirement".
      • Kaydon Thin-section bearings

      • Thin-section bearings - Lightweights with a small cross-section

          • REALI-SLIM® thin-section bearings – compact and lightweight roller bearings

          • Modern designs rely on a compact design, low weight and miniaturization. This highly engineered bearings, such as the KAYDON REALI-SLIM® thin-section bearings are an ideal solution. Each series of REALI-SLIM® thin-section bearings is based on a single cross-section that remains constant even with increasing bore diameter - that is truly something unique! Thanks to this design novelty, solid shafts can now be replaced with hollow shafts. The interior of the hollow shaft provides space for components such as air or hydraulic lines, electrical wiring or slip rings.

            For a large number of applications, a four-point contact REALI-SLIM® thin-section bearing can even replace two bearings. This allows a more compact design and simplifies the installation.

            Typical applications for REALI-SLIM® thin-section bearings:
            • Aircraft and aerospace
            • Aerospace
            • Assembly and feeder machines
            • Food industry
            • Rotation tables
            • Packaging technology
            • Machine tools
            • Medical technology
            • Optical scanners
            • Satellite and communication technology
            • Robotics Textile machines
            • Pipe-cutting machines
            • Semiconductor industry
          • ULTRA-SLIM® thin-section bearings – compact and space-saving roller bearings

          • With a cross-section of only 2.5 to 3 millimeters, the ULTRA-SLIM® thin-section bearings are available in boresizes ranging from 35 to 200 millimeters, for an array of applications requiring compact motion control design components.

            The precision-engineered ULTRA-SLIM® thin-section bearings are made of stainless steel rings and ceramic balls for corrosion resistant and suitable for vacuum environments.

            Rodriguez offers the ULTRA-SLIM® bearings as angular contact bearings (type A), radial ball bearings (type C) and 4-point-contact bearings (type X). Customer-specific solutions are also possible.

            Features and benefits of the ULTRA-SLIM thin-section bearings
            • Low weight
            • Space saving
            • Small cross-section
            • Corrosion resistant
            • Vacuum application suitable
            • Diameter 35 - 200 mm
            • Stainless steel rings + ceramic balls
          • Metric thin-section bearing - The original in metric dimensions

          • Thin-section bearings in a metric design reduce the design effort. A conversion to metric dimensions is no longer required - which in turn saves time. In addition, they are characterized by the typical advantages of Rodriguez thin-section bearings: their light weight and small cross-section.

            All Rodriguez metric thin-section bearings are available either as radial, angular or four-point-contact bearings.
          • Hybrid thin-section bearings - For clean-room applications

          • Abrasion and high temperature resistant ceramic balls are the rolling elements of hybrid thin-section bearings. Rodriguez offers this special bearing with a cage of metal or plastic, as well as full compliment version without cage. Hybrid bearings are very well suited for applications where lubrication is marginal, therefore the right solution for vacuum and clean room applications.

            Features and benefits of the hybrid thin-section bearings
            • Corrosion resistant
            • Lowest contamination
            • For poor lubrication and for dry running
            • High-temperature range
            • Clean room and vacuum suitable
          • Specialized engineering software

          • The REALI-DESIGN® engineering software is available for the bearing selection and design concepts for REALI-SLIM® thin-section bearings from KAYDON®/Rodriguez. The program accelerates and precisely defines the selection and design process. The software provides users with useful tools, information and data. These include a complete, CAD-ready DXF library, a program to create data sheets as well as training modules and a whole lot more.

            The REALI-DESIGN MM™ is specifically provided for the design and calculation of metric bearings.
        • Turntable bearings

        • Turntable bearings - For heavy-duty applications

          The rugged Turntable bearings from Rodriguez are characterized by their large diameter and large bores with only a small cross-section. They were designed for axial, radial as well as combined axial and radial loads. New design concepts and improved manufacturing processes for the Turntable bearings, enable our customer's designers to implement completely new solution approaches. The bearings are very easy to assemble and demonstrate their properties particularly in small, sophisticated and high precision applications such as in the aerospace industry or in the special machinery area.

          The bore diameter of the Rodriguez Turntable bearings is at least 50 millimeters. The bearings are available with and without gear teeth, optionally in a corrosion-resistant or a customer specific tailor-made design.

          Features and benefits of the turntable bearings
          • Bore diameter starting from 50 mm
          • Simple installation
          • Available in various, individual versions
          • Available with internal or external gear and without gear
          • Corrosion-resistant types available on short notice
          • Generally short delivery times
            • Miniature turntable bearings

            • Miniature turntable bearings: top performance in the tightest of spaces

              At Rodriguez, miniature turntable bearings are customized solutions, produced on in-house machining equipment. They are available with internal or external gear and without gear. These innovative bearings convince through a small cross section and a particularly compact design: inner diameters off 30 mm are possible at a cross section of approx. 6.5 mm.

              The miniature turntable bearings are made of stainless steel whereby Rodriguez manufactures the bearings according to the individual requirements of their customers – modifications are not only possible in relation to material, but also for the drilling pattern, the seal and the shape of the rings. Corrosion protected versions are also available. Integrating certain functions in the bearing – such as grooves with control functions or mountings and brackets – makes it possible to reduce the number of the needed components. This reduces the number of interfaces, which in turn prevents errors and contributes to a higher system accuracy.

              Thanks to their various positive attributes, Rodriguez miniature turntable bearings have proved effective in a variety of sectors such as semiconductor production, optics, medical devices, measurement technology and automation.

              Advantages of miniature turntable bearings
              • Compact design, low weight, small cross-section
              • Customizable
              • Also available in small quantities
              • Available with internal or external gear and without gear
              • Gearing in modular or toothed belt version
              • Corrosion protected versions possible
              • Simple and thus cost-effective installation
              • Partly available from stock
                • Large diameter Slewing Bearings

                • Large diameter Slewing Bearings – Precision in big dimensions

                  As a result of their flexible capabilities, the rugged large diameter Slewing Bearings from RODRIGUEZ are already operating in a large number of application areas.

                  Difficult ambient conditions, significant high load cases, specific turning characteristics and high lifetime benchmarks require suitable solutions: We at company RODRIGUEZ are well prepared for your requirements.

                  Our scope of supply in the field of large diameter Slewing Bearings contains Ball- and Roller Slewing Bearings, geared rims and customized solutions with integrated drives.

                  No matter if you are interested in a new design or an urgently required spare part, with internal or external gearing, even tooth belt or helical gearings: with a diameter up to 240 inch (6.100mm) RODRIGUEZ offers a suitable drive solution for nearly every application.

                  Features and benefits of RODRIGUEZ Slewing Bearings:
                  • Maximum outer diameter of 240 inch (6.100 mm)
                  • Internal and external gear up to module 30
                  • Ground gears, tooth belt gearings and other specialized gears on request
                  • Certified to meet EN 10204 requirements for materials, dimensions and operating specifications
                  • Corrosion protected version
                  • Customized engineering
                  • Rapid construction of prototypes
                  • Identical replacement parts for your operating ball and/or roller Slewing Bearings
                  • Short delivery times
                    • RTB-bearings

                    • The Rotary Table Bearings (RTB) from Rodriguez are bidirectional axial-radial precision roller bearings. They are especially designed for the application in rotary tables and spindle heads of machine tools.

                      The ready to use and compact RTB bearings convince through high stiffness and high axial and radial capacity.

                      • Precision bearings up to class P4
                      • Compact and ready to use bearing units
                      • High axial and radial load capacity
                      • High stiffness
                      • Bearing design according to customer's request
                        • Customized bearings

                        • Customized bearings - Always the right bearings on the right place

                          When standard bearings from a design or commercial view are not suitable, Rodriguez offers a multitude of bearings made of appropriate materials like bearing steel, stainless steel, plastics or plastic/steel mixture.

                          Features and benefits of the customized bearings
                          • Bearings made of different materials
                          • Bearing steel
                          • Stainless steel
                          • Plastics
                          • Steel/plastic mixture
                          • Turned or grounded
                          • System integration
                          • Customer specific applications
                            • Stainless steel and thermoplastic bearing housings

                            • Stainless steel and thermoplastic bearing housings – lightweight and hygienic

                              Machines and components used in the pharmaceutical or the food industry must be easily cleanable and resistant to aggressive cleaning agents as well as damp environments. That is exactly what the Rodriguez stainless steel and thermoplastic bearing housings offer: They are corrosion resistant, easily cleanable and on top of that especially light. Therefore, next to their utilization in the food and pharmaceutical industry, they are also ideally suited for the application in the chemical industry as well as in bottling and paper treatment systems. In addition to standardized components Rodriguez primarily offers need-based and customer-specific solutions. Just ask us!

                              Advantages of Rodriguez Stainless steel and thermoplastic bearing housings:
                              • Low weight
                              • Easy to clean
                              • Stainless steel metal socket

                              Application scenarios for the Rodriguez Stainless steel and
                              thermoplastic bearing housings:

                              • Food industry
                              • Breweries and bottling industry
                              • Paper industry
                              • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
                              • Etc.
                                • Linear Technology

                                • Linear technology from Rodriguez – precise guidance for every motion

                                  Linear guides and linear actuators are used in diverse industrial applications. Linear technology is used for example in loading and unloading processes, pick & place applications or for numerically controlled processes in machines and systems.
                                    • Linear roundrail technology

                                    • Linear roundrails - classic components for reliable linear motion

                                      Linear roundtrails are long established as machine elements for the execution of linear motions and have optimally withstood the test of time in industrial applications. They can be used for example as adjusting units in automation tasks.

                                      Linear roundtrails are robust, reliable, powerful and – due to their simple construction – very economical. The construction of the roundtrails, which is based on hardened guide carriages in combination with different linear-motion bearings or linear-motion bushes, allows many possibilities for variation. Rodriguez also offers sliding bearing variants.

                                      In addition to the type of bearing, there is also a broad spectrum of guide elements to choose from. Mounting the guide shaft on different shaft supports and the use of open guide elements create additional possibilities for variations. Linear roundtrails with shaft support provide an economical and robust alternative to profiled rail guides.

                                      The Rodriguez product range is therefore dimensioned accordingly:
                                      It includes:

                                      • Precision shafts made of different materials
                                      • Linear ball bushings for all performance levels
                                      • Linear slide bushings (ceramic/self lubricating)
                                      • Linear housings and components
                                      • Shaft support blocks and shaft support rails
                                      • Customer specific applications
                                    • Profile rails

                                    • Linear guideways - Balls on the chain

                                      In Rodriguez Linear Guideways, four rows per carriage distribute the load in four directions, and thus achieve a high rigidity. An integrated lubrication system extends maintenance intervals and makes the profile rails very low-maintenance. Optionally, these linear guides are also available with a ball chain.

                                      Upon request, Rodriguez Linear Guideways are a available with a cover made of a metal cover strip for protection against contamination. An external lubricant tank is available for the lubrication system.

                                      For particularly compact designs Rodriguez can also provide the Linear Guideways in a miniature version.

                                      Features and benefits of the profile rail guides
                                      • Low-maintenance
                                      • No additional lubrication system required
                                      • Extension of the maintenance intervals
                                      • Lubricant saving
                                      • Clean and media resistant
                                      • Also available in a miniature version
                                      • With a metal coverstripe
                                      • Available with an external lubricant tank
                                    • Cross roller guides

                                    • Cross roller guides - low-friction rolling, compact and precise

                                      Cross roller guides from Rodriguez are characterized by an exceptionally low-friction running, an extremely compact design and the highest degree of precision. These properties make this type of enclosed guide rail especially suited for use in the medical, biotechnology and semiconductor technology as well as in the optical industry.

                                      The cross roller guides can be installed either horizontally or vertically depending on the application. The parallel arrangement of two pairs of rails allows the guiding of a linear slide. This opens up numerous new solution possibilities.

                                      Features and benefits of the cross roller guides
                                      • Compact design
                                      • Exceptional low-friction running
                                      • High rigidity
                                      • Exceptional precision
                                      • Single and multi-configuration
                                    • Ballscrew drives

                                    • Ballscrew and trapezoidal screw drives

                                      Ballscrew and trapezoidal screw drives transform a rotational into a longitudial motion and vice versa. Rodriguez offers both types of threaded spindles in both metric and imperial dimensions and in all major industry standards. Thereby, ballscrews, which work with balls as rolling elements, offer a higher efficiency than trapezoidalscrews which is exposed to a sliding friction. Similarly, a Ballscrew is preferably used for dynamic positioning applications during a continuous operation. Trapezoidalscrews on the other hand are ideal for slow movements or clamping tasks with a short duty cycle.

                                      Features and benefits of ballscrews
                                      • Rolled, ground and whirled ballscrews
                                      • Preload and accuracy as determined
                                      • Individual endmachining
                                      • Superfinished for highest loads
                                      • Long service life and smooth running
                                      • Fully certified and guaranteed
                                      • Systemintegration possible
                                      • Ballscrew with driven ballnut AMFH

                                      For conventional Ballscrews speed is an obstacle for the implementation in many industrial applications. The longer the Ballscrew spindle, the higher the risk will be that the required speed cannot be achieved due to the critical revolution-speed of the spindle. In these cases we recommend the use of a Ballscrew with a driven ballnut. The combination of custom Ballscrew nut, axial angular contact ball bearings and and a precision threaded nut will yield a powerful, toothed belt driven unit that delivers optimum results even at high speeds. Upon request, a corresponding drive wheel can also be integrated.
                                    • Threaded spindle drives

                                    • Rollerscrews - Permit high axial loads

                                      Rodriguez rollerscrews are only used for transferring axial forces. They consist of a ground spindle and the threaded nut which is equipped with rollers. The special geometry of the thread and the rollers characterize the rollerscrews. The use of rollers with grooves on their outside diameter and the hereby resulting contact areas as well as the number of contact points permit a high axial load capacity.

                                      Rodriguez rollerscrews are available in two basic versions: With satellite rollers or with roller feedback.

                                      Rollerscrews with satellite-rollers or with rollercirculators consist of a ground spindle, the threaded nut and the satellite rollers. Hereby, the spindle and nut have a multiple thread profile with a slope angle of 90°. The satellite rollers are guided on both sides by geared rings and thus a distance parallel to the axis is maintained. This version of the rollerscrew is available with and without preload. To protect against coarse contaminants the threaded spindle drive nuts can be equipped with dirt wipers made of PA66.

                                      Rollerscrews with rollercirculators do not use satellite-rolelrs, but instead rollers with grooves in their outer diameter. These are spaced according to the distance of the respective pitch. For relatively high spindle diameters they offer small pitches and thus achieve a high positioning and repetition accuracy and a high efficiency.
                                    • DRF/DRN bearings

                                    • Double row axial angular contact bearings - guaranteed precision

                                      The double row DRF/DRN-bearings are particularly suitable as a bearing for threaded spindles in modern machine tools. Their high rigidity and minimum runout guarantee a precise tool positioning and a reliable repeatability.

                                      The double row Axial Angular Contact Bearings are preloaded high precision bearings with a 60° contact angle. They can absorb radial and axial forces from both directions, are low maintenance, quick to install and allow very high revolution speeds.

                                      Radial thrust ball bearing: Advantages and properties
                                      • High axial rigidity
                                      • High resolution speeds
                                      • Highest precision
                                      • Low-maintenance
                                      • Reduced installation times
                                    • Linearsystems

                                    • Linear systems - The ideal combination of guidance and drive

                                      Linearsystems from Rodriguez combine the advantages of linear guiding systems and mechanical drive mechanisms in a compact and simple way. Rodriguez ALS series linear slides are equipped with precision guide shafts. Selfaligning linear ball bushings as well as standard versions or fullsteel linearballbushings are available as rolling bearings. Additionally these units can be equipped with selflubricating linear slide bushings.

                                      Rodriguez linear slides offer the user a choice between the movable (version A) or the fixable slide (version B). Both variants are available with or without bellows (option F). If extremely high loads should exert an influence on the linear slide, the use of supported precision shafts is recommended. Ballscrew-driven systems (ALSK), trapezoidalscrew-driven systems and beltdriven units are available.

                                      In addition to the linear slides, the Rodriguez portfolio also includes linear systems with Linear Guideways as guides, sliding guides and roller-bearing guideways. Connected to an aluminium profile, this is a very compact and high-performance linear system. These systems can be driven by ballscrews or belts.

                                      Also in the program: Linearguideway-tables are the ideal system for linear motions with high rigidity requirements. The base plate of the rail guide tables consists of machined aluminum profiles or steel with stop angles. The Rodriguez ball rail guides built into the stiff axis with four long guide carriages per table part. The drive is optionally performed either with a ball screw drive (RSTK), linear motors (RSTL) or a belts (RSTZ).

                                      Features and benefits of the linear systems
                                      • Various guiding and drive options
                                      • Great variety
                                      • Covering almost all industrial requirements
                                      • Compact design
                                      • Movement length of up to 12000 mm possible

                                      Linear unit RLA
                                      • compact design
                                      • 2 linear guideways
                                      • applicationspecific version
                                    • Casters

                                    • Trackrollers - Quick and quite

                                      Rodriguez Trackrollers of the R-series are an interesting and economical addition to conventional linear guides. They are especially suited for simple movements, when only low radial and axial forces must be absorbed. They also represent a low-noise running characteristic, high speeds and a consistently low starting and running torque.

                                      The integration into existing and new systems can be easily achieved. The corresponding centrical and eccentric bolts are available upon request.

                                      Features and benefits of the Trackrollers
                                      • Low noise
                                      • High speeds possible
                                      • Low start and running torques
                                      • Systemintegration possible
                                      • Centrical and eccentric bolts available
                                    • Ball caster

                                    • Balltransferunits - Friction-free heavy goods transport

                                      Rodriguez is one of the world's largest supplier of ball transport systems. A total of 146 different variations of Balltransferunits with carrying capacities from 10 to 5000 kg and ball diameters from 4.8 up to 120 mm will probably be a solution for almost any kind of transportation problem. The product range includes universal, flange and miniature versions as well as heavy duty and high-tech versions. Depending on the application the precision balls are made of steel, stainless steel or nylon.

                                      Rodriguez Balltransferunits especially prove themselves in the material flow technology - whether it's in the glass industry, metal processing, the assembly line or in the container handling. Their low friction resistance allows an easy and precise transport of even the heaviest cargo in all directions. The typical applications of the ball caster systems are cargo-handling and conveyor systems. They always work - no matter if they are in wet or dry environments.

                                      Features and benefits of the ball casters
                                      • Low friction resistance
                                      • Large selection of standard and special ball casters
                                      • Precision balls made of steel, stainless steal and nylon
                                      • Ball diameter: 4.8 mm – 120 mm
                                      • Hollow balls and specific solutions on request
                                    • Float-on™ casters

                                    • Float-on™ castors - Transport made simple

                                      The float-on castors from Rodriguez which were originally designed for transporting glass elements are also very well suited for transporting goods made of granite, wood, plastic, paper or cardboard. The castors can move light to heavy loads with minimal effort and allow fast as well as flexible changes of direction. They are suitable for use in wet as well as dry environments.

                                      Rodriguez offers application-oriented versions of the Float-on castors in a right and left alignment, and currently also two sizes with ball diameters of 35 mm and 50 mm. For standard applications, ball holders made of galvanized BZP steel are available. The stainless steel version is suitable for more demanding applications. The mounting is performed via a 14 mm bore hole. The height of the ball can be adjusted after the fixation of the base.

                                      Features and benefits of the Float-on casters
                                      • Easy transporting of sheetmaterials such as glass, granite or paper
                                      • Flexible
                                      • Rapid directional changes possible
                                      • Designed to be used in wet and dry conditions
                                    • Linear motors

                                    • Servotube linear motor - Measuring system integrated

                                      The Servotube from Rodriguez is a three phase brushless linear motor. Its magnets are arranged in the form of a round bar. Therefore, they can operate free from lateral forces. An integrated measuring system consisting of Hall sensors provides reliable positioning data even under the roughest ambient conditions. In a wide range of speeds the linear motor is very well suited for high accelerations. It is maintenance and play-free, and therefore able to convince through the high precision and strength it demonstrates. Rodriguez linear motors consume very little electricity, do not require any additional cooling and ensure a smooth running. They can be operated with all industry-common servo controllers and are available as individual modules or as complete systems. If necessary, several motors can be mounted on a single axis.

                                      Features and benefits of the Rodriguez linear motors
                                      • High accelerations
                                      • Wide speed range
                                      • Highest precision
                                      • High stability
                                      • Maintenance free
                                      • No play
                                      • Also available as a miniature version ø11 mm
                                      • Low power consumption
                                      • No additional cooling required
                                      • Smooth running
                                      • Can be operated with all industry-common servo controllers
                                      • Single modules and systems
                                      • Several motors on one axis

                                      Controller - Ideally aligned
                                      Although Rodriguez-linear motors can be operated with all standard controllers, Rodriguez still offers a tailor-made multi-axis controller. A real-time controller with a Windows-based developer environment which has up to 256 digital in and outputs. The user-friendly controller with an intuitive graphical user interface is designed specifically for high-end applications.

                                      Features and benefits of the Rodriguez controller
                                      • Multiple-axis controlling, real-time
                                      • Windows based development environment
                                      • Up to 256 digital in and outputs
                                      • Designed for high-end-applications
                                      • Easy to operate graphic surface
                                    • Linear actuators

                                    • Linear actuators

                                      Linear actuators are used in a wider range of applications. Apart of industrial applications, these products are also operated in agriculture, construction-works and medical industry. Wherever loads have to be lifted, sunken, pushed, pulled, turned or positioned, the use of linear actuators is an option.

                                      Usually one target by using linear actuators is the electrification. The adoption of electro-mechanical drive-components instead or hydraulic or pneumatic elements improves the performance of the machine. Aside of better controllability, the system-precision is increased, lifetime is extended by reducing stand-still-times and the cost of the system are reduced. In addition environmental problems and costs, i.e. by avoiding leakages and emission of hydraulic liquids, are avoided.

                                      Features and benefits of the Linear Actuators
                                      • Reduced maintenance
                                      • Dyn. Load up to 40kN
                                      • Strokelength up to 2000mm
                                      • Wide speed-range, 5,8mm/ s up to 2000mm/ s
                                      • IP69K
                                      • Various options available
                                  • Automotive

                                  • Automotive - Driving ahead of the competition

                                    Based on our long standing knowledge and experience with different products, applications and industries, we are well equipped to satisfy any demands by the industry. We are able to supply anything from the manufatcuring of basic components to the assembly of complete systems according to all required specifications. We can supply special parts and assemblies in small quantities as well as very high quantities for the commercial and automotive industries. To meet the requirements of our customers, we make use of various raw materials, components and standard parts.

                                    A particular focus is placed on the reliable securing of cargo. The statutory requirements for the components used in the automotive sector are very strict. Therefore, Rodriguez together with the DEKRA Technology Center has developed an additional quality assurance and certification system with steel testing profiles for tarpaulin and roof rollers. Compared to the usual testing performed by the vehicle manufacturers, the new system ensures reproducible results.
                                      • Side curtain and roof rollers

                                      • Side curtain and roof rollers

                                        For 20 years, Rodriguez has been developing and manufacturing components for the automotive industry. The range of products includes side curtain and roof rollers for aluminum truck roof systems. These sliding side curtain components are important for a safe transportation as well as fast loading and unloading. Rodriguez offers these as a single and as a tandem version for higher loads in the respectively suitable designs for the different rail systems.

                                        All Rodriguez side curtain and roof rollers are DEKRA-tested and they are rechecked and certified regularly. This guarantees safety and quality.

                                        Features and benefits of the Rodriguez side curtain and roof rollers
                                        • Single as well as tandem versions for higher load capacities
                                        • Designs for different rail systems
                                        • Best running characteristics
                                        • Guaranteed quality
                                      • OCS buckle® - Fasten simply

                                      • OCS buckle® - Fasten simply

                                        For advanced quality and safety choose the new and patented OCS-buckle® of Rodriguez. The unique EASY-OPEN – function sets a high standard in practice and efficiency, without loosing sight of profitability. The OCS-buckle® of Rodriguez is DEKRA tested and approved for the securing of a load.

                                        The advantages and properties of the Rodriguez OCS buckle®
                                        • Unique EASY-OPEN function
                                        • DEKRA certified quality
                                        • Patented system
                                        • High efficiency
                                    • Value Added Products

                                    • Customized solutions – Additional benefit for your application

                                      Customized solutions are one of Rodriguez core competencies. We develop, manufacture and supply complete customized solutions based on our thin section bearings and linear technology products. For these applications it is important to choose carefully the individual components and ensure their precise production and correct mounting. This is very essential for the proper functionality of customized solutions which are developed by Rodriguez. Thus you are benefitting from our entire technology- and system know-how.

                                      As a specialist for bearings we take care of every process step from the development and construction via manufacturing and mounting right up to quality inspections, field tests and setting into operations in order to provide you the best customized solution. To maintain our high standards we continuously invest in latest production technologies and in the qualification of our employees.
                                        • Benefit of Value Added Products (VAP)

                                        • Customers, who obtain sub-assemblies or a complete customized system from Rodriguez benefit from a relief in procurement. The administrative input for the purchasing of several small components is no longer required, the process costs do reduce and the customer is able to concentrate on his core competencies. This also applies incidentally and especially for small quantities. The integrated functionality does include gears, grooves with control functions, mountings, brackets as well as integrated ball races at shaft or housing.

                                          Advantages of Value Added Products
                                          • customized solutions
                                          • small number of components
                                          • integrated functionality
                                          • lower effort of mounting
                                          • lower total costs
                                          • concentration on core competencies
                                        • Precision bearing applications

                                        • Integrated solutions with thin-section bearings
                                          Rodriguez developed a driven rotary table with customized stainless steel KAYDON thin-section bearings for a cleanroom application. The end result was a high-precision positioning system. The scope of service included the manufacturing of aluminium components, the sourcing of measuring modules, the upgrading of the thin-section bearings with a special cleanroom grease, the assembling of the complete unit including the measurement system as well as complete quality and functionality testing, even for the measuring module. This involved all values being logged and passed on to the customer.

                                          The compact precision rotary tables are characterised by excellent repeatability, high resolution and outstanding running accuracy. The use of angular contact bearings enables high load capacity and freedom from clearance.
                                        • Linear technology applications

                                        • Linear technology on the test stand in the automotive industry
                                          Complex linear technology sub-assemblies for the automotive industry are one example of our value added products. Take for example Rodriguez’s project involving the design and manufacture of special linear systems for an automotive industry test stand. Test stands serve as a means of studying the flow, spin and tumble behaviour of combustion engines. One central element in a flow test bench is a high-resolution camera system with the associated travel units.

                                          Rodriguez did the development, drafting and final assembling of these sub-assemblies in close consultation with the customer. The ready-to-install positioning unit consisted of six individual linear systems. In addition to the camera adjustment, linear systems were also supplied to drive the inlet and outlet valves. This sub-system consisted of two linear systems where linear guideways were used as guiding elements and screw drives used as drive elements. Another two pivoted electric cylinders were used for the valve adjustment. Rodriguez also manufactured adjacent components such as turning and milling parts as well as an especially rigid-welded frame for mounting the valve adjustment sub-system.