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  • Offer Profile
  • Habasit is the worldwide number one in the belting industry. During decades of market leadership we have developed a broad range of superior products and services, and a profound knowledge base and experience. Building on these strengths, we are combining our dynamic growth with a continuous extension of our offering. Our totally customer-driven approach makes Habasit the best provider of high-quality power transmission and conveying solutions for every application.

    As a family-owned firm based in Switzerland with a global presence in over 70 countries, Habasit is your partner for the long-term.
Product Portfolio
  • Conveyor and Processing Belts

  • Habasit conveyor and processing belts offer a large variety of application-driven cover materials and surface structures in several industry-suitable colors. The materials and designs are selected to cope with a broad range of application requirements, including resistance to wear or chemical agents, and to high or low temperatures. Furthermore, they maintain excellent stress-strain behavior through the use of carefully selected tension members.

    While the term "conveyor belt" is used for belts that convey goods from one point to another, the name “processing belts” is used for belts that also fulfill key functions in the manufacturing process. Typical examples of processing belts include printing blankets for textile printing, or prepress belts in particle board production.
      • Light Conveyor Belts

      • Light conveyor belts feature European-style construction, based on plied belts. Thanks to their wide construction modules, they can be made highly flexible to cope with small pulley diameters, or very stiff for use in heavy industries. Light belts can be installed for almost all materials handling and processing industry applications. High-tech automation usually uses light conveyor belts.
      • Heavy Conveyor Belts

      • Heavy conveyor belts refer to US-style conveyor belts that are interwoven or nonwoven in construction, as opposed to plied European-style belts. Thanks to their construction, US-style conveyor belts are generally more durable (with better puncture and tear resistance) and have higher lateral rigidity than European-style belts. However, they may be somewhat less flexible and may require higher tension in order to run properly.
      • Food Conveyor Belts

      • Habasit provides an extensive food conveyor and processing belt range featuring high-quality coating materials suitable for all modern food processes. These belts offer excellent release properties for all kinds of sticky foodstuffs, combined with sophisticated chemical resistance against current cleaning agents. Our belts offer outstanding performance and a superior service life, as well as full compliance with EU and FDA regulations.

        Main food belt ranges:
        • TPU belts
        • PVC belts
        • TPO (Cleanline) belts
        • Silicone cover belts
        • Belts with fabric surfaces
        • Rotary molder belts
      • Tobacco Belts

      • Habasit P line polyester and polyolefin belts meet all current tobacco industry requirements such as pyrolysis resistance and food approval. They also contribute to reducing contamination through their superior release and easy cleaning properties. Our P-line belts have a long service life even under difficult circumstances, and are shown to contribute significantly to improved plant efficiency.
      • Printing Blankets

      • Habasit is the world’s leading printing blanket manufacturer. Our premium printing blankets are well-known for their excellent quality and high reliability. They are used for flat screen, rotary and ink-jet machines, as well as for printing tables. Habasit printing blankets ensure high printing accuracy, quick installation, and ease of use.
      • Crosslapper Belts

      • Habasit crosslapper belts meet all the requirements of modern web-laying machines in the nonwovens industry. The belts are known in the market for their excellent quality and high reliability. They are available in widths of up to 4000 mm, open prepared or made endless. The belts provide excellent release properties for the fiber web, with short installation and start-up times, and an excellent price/value ratio.
      • Wood Processing

      • Wood processing machines require robust and precise industrial belting. Renowned in the board and panel industry, Habasit’s deaeration, forming and prepressing belts offer the best solutions. From solid-wood processing to industrial furniture manufacturing, to production lines of all kinds of engineered wood products, Habasit belts satisfy the most ambitious application needs.
      • Tire Manufacturing

      • For tire building, cooling and handling, Habasit offers a specific range of conveyor and processing belts. These deliver excellent temperature and chemical resistance, combined with superior release properties and abrasion resistance. We provide tailor-made belting solutions for the rubber and tire manufacturing industries that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.
      • Habasit Fitline Treadmill Belts

      • Habasit offers advanced maintenance-free belts that need no lubrication. Habasit Fitline treadmill belts run free of any wax-related build-ups on decks or pulleys, and provide low and constant energy consumption. Customers also profit from their excellent tracking, high dimensional stability and durability, and attractive appearance
      • Woven PVC-Coated Belts - flame retardant

      • Flame-retardant belts feature a robust interwoven carcass that is extremely puncture- and tear-resistant. The belts are coated with a special flame-retarding PVC compound for use in airport baggage or parcel handling applications. These products are known as Allveyor Package Handling belts.
      • Punching Belts

      • Habasit punching belts are specially designed for excellent oil resistance, mechanical stability, and abrasion resistance, making them extremely durable and reliable. The scratch resistance of the belt surfaces is a key feature, leading to a longer belt service life, less downtime, and reduced costs.
      • Elastomer Covered Belts

      • Habasit elastomer covered belts offer a large variety of cover materials, strength classes and surface structures. They are suitable for a wide range of demanding applications. The belts support efficient and economic processes, and feature high abrasion resistance, a consistent coefficient of friction, and a long belt life.
    • Habasit Cleandrive Positive Drive Belts

    • Habasit Cleandrive positive drive belts reduce the risk of contamination due to product waste and residues in gaps, hinges and dead spots. At the same time, they offer the mechanical and chemical advantages of plastic modular belts. They improve hygiene conditions and are particularly appropriate for industrial food processing.
        • Overall Design

        • Habasit Cleandrive positive drive belts combine the benefits of closed conveyor belt surfaces with the advantage of low tensioned, positive drive modular belts. They are specifically designed for applications in hygiene-sensitive areas.

          Main features:
          • Totally closed homogeneous design
          • Cord-reinforced belt body
          • Rounded full width drive bar
          • Hydrolysis-resistant material
          • Hinge-free endless conveyor belt
            • Drive bar

            • The full belt width drive bar guarantees firm and reliable engagement in the sprockets, as well as smooth and trouble-free running. The rounded geometry, combined with a smooth surface, permits easy cleaning.
            • Tensile member

            • A fully embedded high-tech fiber tensile member ensures constant belt dimensions without any creep under load. This ensures energy-saving tracking and a long belt service life (see enlarged crosscut illustration).
            • Sprockets

            • Habasit Cleandrive positive drive belts are designed to fit into sprockets. The dedicated Cleandrive HyCLEAN sprockets are specifically designed with rounded geometry and open spaces for easy cleaning.
          • HabasitLINK Modular Belts

          • Habasit plastic modular belts are assembled in a bricklay pattern. This feature allows the construction of virtually any width and length. Our custom-made belts are available with flights and side guards as an integral part of the belt, and are secured with full-width plastic hinge rods.
              • Straight Belts

              • Straight belts for horizontal, inclined, or declined conveying applications.
              • Radius Belts

              • Radius belts are designed for easy conveying in curved applications. These belts can operate in both straight and radius applications.
              • Spiral Belts

              • Spiral belts are specifically designed for low tension spiral applications in buffering, proofing, cooling or freezing lines.
            • HabaCHAIN Slat and Conveyor Chains

            • Designed, produced, and serviced by the worldwide leader in belting, the HabaCHAIN range offers top-class innovation and quality combined with excellent reliability and cost-efficiency.

              HabaCHAIN products are available in both straight-running and radius/side-flexing versions, and run on most systems and sprockets on the market today. They are fully compatible with industry standards, making them ideal for retrofitting.
                • Slat Top Chains

                • Straight- and radius-running plastic chains with a large, flat support area for product conveying. Steel chains for heavy-duty or abrasive applications.
                • Low Back Pressure Chains LBP

                • Slat chains equipped with small rollers on top for low-pressure case or crate accumulation.
                • Snap-On Chains

                • Two-piece chains with a steel roller base chain and plastic top plate.
                • Flexi Chains

                • Highly flexible radius-running plastic chains for modular conveyor systems.
                • Case Chains

                • Plastic chains mainly used for case handling and providing easy sanitation.
                • Multiflex Chains

                • Heavy-duty biplanar plastic chains for inclined conveyors and a small radius.
              • HabaSYNC Timing Belts

              • HabaSYNC timing belts support conveying and linear movement applications where optimum performance requires precise product placement and component positioning. High-quality materials coupled with our state-of-the-art manufacturing process and years of experience ensure innovative solutions tailored to your needs.

                HabaSYNC belts are generally used in applications where exact product placement and precise component positioning is required. Synchronization is achieved by meshing the belt teeth into a matching similar-pitch pulley. Our timing belts are available in imperial and metric pitches.
                  • Standard Timing Belts

                  • HabaSYNC standard timing belts offer reliable conveying and linear movement with their trapezoid or curvilinear tooth shapes in metric and imperial pitches.
                    Abrasion resistant white TPU with 92 Shore A yields good oil and chemical resistance. Our timing belts with steel or aramide cords are available in various widths and can be supplemented with guides and profiles or with special covers on the conveying side.
                  • Timing Belts with Integrated Tracking Guide

                  • HabaSYNC self-tracking timing belts provide integrally extruded guides to insure efficient and reliable tracking on long span narrow belt applications or where products are side loaded onto the belts. Abrasion resistant white TPU material with 92 Shore A yields good oil and chemical resistance.
                  • Timing Belts for Dry Food Applications

                  • For food production HabaSYNC offers a range of transparent 88 Shore A polyester TPU timing belts with aramide cords. They are designed for dry handling applications where oil and UV resistance is a must. Our belts are available in the popular industry pitches and promoted to meet food screening and packaging process requirements.
                  • Timing Belts for Wet Food Applications

                  • For food production and packaging applications we offer HabaSYNC blue 90 Shore A polyether TPU timing belts with aramide cords. These belts are designed for the use in wet environments where humidity, wash down and oily conditions can be found. Our belts are available in the popular industry pitches for food and packaging.
                  • Antistatic Timing Belts

                  • HabaSYNC antistatic belts are designed for applications where a static charge could have an adverse effect on the product conveyed. HabaSYNC, available in select pitches is offered with a transparent 88 Shore A polyester TPU, reinforced with steel cords and covered on the tooth and conveying side with an antistatic fabric, tested to meet ISO 9563 compliance.
                  • Timing Belts for Special Applications

                  • Many applications are dictated by their environment. This is especially the case with timing belts that are used for synchronized conveying and linear positioning. Many applications require special characteristics like stronger cords, more flexible cords, alternative materials or colors, additional thickness or covers with surface enhancements for increased friction as well as many other unique conditions. Below you find our belt designs providing solutions for specific industry needs.
                  • Truly Endless Flex Belts

                  • HabaSYNC Flex Belts offer high reliability and precision performance. Manufactured with truly endless cords without a welding splice, these products are ideal where higher strength and precision are required as well as for power transmission applications. Our Flex Belts are available in widths of 150 mm, with lengths ranging from 1300 mm up to 7200 mm. They are manufactured with aramid or steel cords and thermoplastic polyurethane matrix material. Our Flex Belts can also be individually fabricated enhancing the performance in your application.
                  • Wide Timing Belts

                  • HabaSYNC Wide Timing Belts offer easy maintenance and reliable processing performance. Available in width of up to 600 milimeters with aramid cords and thermoplastic polyurethane, allow them to be used in a wide variety of applications. Our Wide Timing Belts can be also individually fabricated on demand to enhance performance for your application.
                • Power Transmission Belts

                • Habasit power transmission belts are tailor-made to suit specific industry and application needs or machine designs. We offer three different traction layer materials, used by three different belt concepts, for open drive, tangential drive, multiple pulley drive, live roller drive, and double-sided power transmission.

                  In summary:
                  • Polyester belts - the versatile types
                  • Polyamide - the hard-working belts
                  • Aramide - the sophisticated belts
                    • Polyester Power Transmission Belts

                    • Habasit has years of experience with polyester products in a wide range of industries and applications. The result is a product range with an outstanding price-to-value ratio, which is now the first choice of textile OEMs worldwide.
                    • Polyamide Machine Tapes

                    • Our comprehensive range of polyamide power transmission belts is well-known for its reliability and long service life in the most demanding applications and harsh conditions. Their traction layers are highly resilient and can cope with intermittent overloads, which prevents residual elongation. In addition, many of these products are known for their excellent performance as processing belts.
                    • Aramide Power Transmission Belts

                    • TF tangential and flat belts

                      TF range belts are the best choice for very long belts in situations where high accuracy and consistent belt speeds are required, e.g. in applications in the textile industry and the post sector, e.g. for letter sorting. The belts’ advantages include a high modulus of elasticity that results in very high spindle revolution uniformity, no retensioning, low energy consumption, and a long service life.

                      Main features
                      • Symmetric belt construction, suitable for double-sided power transmission
                      • Low energy consumption
                      • Highly flexible
                      • Excellent reversed bending and flex fatigue properties
                      • Very high accuracy of rpm thanks to a high modulus of elasticity
                      • Very short take-up
                      • Extremely compact driving configurations (serpentine drive)
                      • Suitable for high speeds
                      • Proven NBR rubber covers with high abrasion resistance
                      • Simple and fast to join (adhesive-free Flexproof method)
                  • Machine Tapes

                  • Machine tapes are central to manufacturing operations. They convey, speed up, slow down, position and, when required, fold the paper material processed.

                    Habasit's comprehensive range of Hamid, polyamide and polyurethane machine tapes are manufactured with abrasion-resistant NBR covers or other application-oriented surface materials. They provide the industry with effective and comprehensive belting solutions that are extremely reliable, have constant grip, and offer long service lives
                      • Hamid Machine Tapes

                      • The design of the Hamid machine tapes allows them to be joined quickly by fusing the ends together without the use of adhesives. This results in a superior product with uniform flexibility over the whole length. In addition, it provides significant cost savings in terms of maintenance and reduced downtimes. Elastic Hamid machine tapes are also available.

                        Main features
                        • Simple and fast adhesive-free joining method
                        • Uniform longitudinal flexibility (thanks to the adhesive-free joint)
                        • Low energy consumption, due to high longitudinal flexibility
                        • Excellent reversed bending and flex fatigue properties
                        • Copes with small pulley diameters
                        • Good dimensional stability, low sensitivity to humidity
                        • High abrasion resistance
                        • Application-oriented surface properties, gentle treatment of transported goods
                        • Elastic types are available
                      • Polyamide Machine Tapes

                      • The traction layer of these machine tapes is highly resilient and can cope with intermittent overloads, which prevents residual elongation. This makes retensioning unnecessary, and avoids costly and time-consuming machine downtimes.

                        Main features
                        • Good dimensional stability
                        • Can cope with intermittent overloads, very forgiving
                        • Very good reversed bending and flex fatigue properties
                        • High abrasion resistance
                        • Application-oriented surface properties, gentle treatment of transported goods
                      • Polyurethane Machine Tapes

                      • Fine textile-structure friction covers made of TPU, specifically developed for belt surfaces undergoing high stress, provide best-in-class abrasion resistance.

                        The design of polyurethane machine tapes allows the tape to be joined quickly by fusing the ends together without using adhesives (using the Flexproof or Quickmelt joining methods). The elastic TPU foil traction layer permits quick installation with short machine downtimes.  These machine tapes do not require tensioning devices. Despite its elasticity, the foil remains dimensionally stable after running-in.

                        Main features
                        • Simple and fast joining method
                        • Uniform longitudinal flexibility thanks to the knock-free joint
                        • High abrasion resistance
                        • Constant and gentle grip structure
                        • Gentle treatment of transported goods
                        • Elastic types are available
                    • Spindle Tapes

                    • Habasit spindle tapes have been setting the benchmarks for spindle tapes for decades, and are in demand by customers all around the world. Habasit W-spindle tapes were developed through intensive cooperation with a leading machine manufacturer with bases in Switzerland, Japan, China and India. They feature the ability to handle spindle speeds over 20,000 rpm, no fiber fly accumulation, and a long and reliable service life.
                        • Polyamide Spindle Tapes

                        • Habasit’s polyamide TS and HS spindle tapes have been the market leaders for ring spinning applications for over 40 years. By working closely with major machine manufacturers, Habasit has ensured continuous improvements that keep these products up to speed with the latest industry requirements.

                          Main features:
                          • Robust and reliable
                          • High abrasion resistance of belt surfaces
                          • Long service life
                        • Polyester Spindle Tapes

                        • Our polyester fabric W spindle tapes complement the polyamide range, offering a solution for high-speed applications where the highest yarn qualities are produced, and where an easy and simple joining method is needed.

                          Main features:
                          • No fiber accumulation, no cleaning operations
                          • Constant spindle speed and yarn quality
                          • Minimized speed loss during spindle stop
                          • High abrasion resistance of belt surfaces
                          • Long service life
                          • Simple and fast to join (adhesive-free Flexproof method)
                      • Folder-Gluer Belts

                      • Habasit offers a comprehensive range of folder-gluer belts made of different materials for various box folding applications. The belts provide excellent reversed bending properties, high abrasion resistance, outstanding dimensional stability, constant and safe grip, no marking of the transported goods, and precise folding. In short: best-in-class performance.
                          • Polyamide Folder-Gluer Belts

                          • The design and production of Habasit's polyamide folder-gluer belts is based on many years of experience with polyamide products. These belts fulfill all the requirements of common box folding processes. The rubber covers provide high durability, good positive grip, and the ability to cope with rough conditions. These belts are also suitable for tube winders.

                            Main features
                            • Good dimensional stability and precise folding
                            • Proven NBR rubber covers with good abrasion resistance
                            • No marking, and gentle treatment of goods

                            Polyamide folder-gluer belts are available in two different constructions:
                            • The “traditional” version with a traction layer consisting of PA foil and PA fabrics. These types are joined by gluing (using the Thermofix joining system). The belts are suitable for machine speeds of up to 600 m/min.
                            • The more sophisticated types feature a thermoplastic foil traction layer combined with polyamide fabrics allowing adhesive-free joining (using the Flexproof method). These belts are suitable for machine speeds of up to 300 m/min.
                              • Polyester Folder-Gluer Belt

                              • Habasit’s versatile thermoplastic folder-gluer belts are suitable for a large variety of different applications in carton and corrugated cardboard box folding. They are suitable for machine speeds of up to 750 m/min.

                                Reliable, adhesive-free Flexproof joints can be made quickly by relatively untrained personnel. The belts remain on the machine throughout the joining process, which avoids cumbersome dismantling. This reduces machine downtimes and saves costs. Using the Flexproof method, the joint zone and belt are totally homogeneous. Polyester fabric-based belts are covered with the same NBR layers as the polyamide folder-gluer belts. This results in flexible and abrasion-resistant products that are easy to fit and provide best-in-class performance.

                                Main features
                                • Outstanding dimensional stability and precise folding
                                • Adhesive-free joint (Flexproof method)
                                • Low energy consumption thanks to high longitudinal flexibility
                                • Excellent reversed bending and flex fatigue properties
                                • Proven NBR rubber covers with good abrasion resistance
                                • No marking, and gentle treatment of goods
                                  • Seamless Belts

                                  • Seamless belts are custom-engineered products for specific application needs. They are made of endless-manufactured substrate components like polyester, nylon, cotton, Kevlar or Nomex, etc. The substrate is coated with an elastomer, such as neoprene, nitrile, EPDM, polyurethane, Hypalon, silicone, or other special compounds. The materials used depend on the application
                                      • Belt Design

                                      • The belt substrate (fabric) is manufactured endless on looms as a tube. The threads are wound in a spiral in the belt drive running direction. The belt circumference is determined by the diameter of the spirals, while the required width is obtained by slitting the tube.

                                        To reach the required properties and dimensional stability, the belt substrate is coated with a specific elastomer and treated in a special thermal process. For friction-feed applications, the belts are further coated with a specific cover compound in a truly seamless manner, ensuring uniform physical properties during the entire service life. This unique manufacturing process guarantees optimal, smooth and vibration-free operation, even at high speeds. Seamless belts are available in stable, semi-stable, semi-elastic, and elastic versions.
                                      • Belt Types

                                      • We offer two seamless belt ranges:

                                        Traditional style seamless belts: Panther and Apache series, used for light power transmission belts and as light conveyor belts
                                        Rubber coated (continuous covers molded in process) seamless belts: Grabber series, used as high-friction feeder belts. Grabber high-friction feeder belts have numerous substrates and tailor-made durable covers, which ensure high performance and a reliable feeding process over the entire service life.

                                        Seamless belts offer the following advantages:
                                        • No delamination or joint failures
                                        • Minimum pulley diameters
                                        • Bi-directional operation
                                        • Low power requirements (Panther and Apache belts)
                                        • Extremely long flex life
                                        • Smooth, vibration-free performance
                                    • Extruded Round Belts

                                    • Habasit round belts are highly flexible, directionally adjustable, and multi-directional for angular gears. They can be used for conveying as well as for driving applications. As a result of their elasticity, round belts can be installed without a tensioning device. This allows compact machine designs. In addition, the elasticity acts as a security element by reducing shocks in case of brief overloads.

                                      Round belts are highly resilient, and their physical and chemical characteristics are exceptional in many areas: their resistance to hydrolysis is significantly superior to that of most existing polyurethane elastomer. As a result, Habasit round belts are resistant to water, oils, grease and benzine. Thanks to their close cross-section tolerances, Habasit round belts guarantee uniform power transmission.
                                        • Habicord Round Belts

                                        • Habicord round belts are highly flexible, elastic, and able to flex in any direction. Simple to join using butt-end welding, Habicord round belts also offer a long service life.
                                        • Habiblue Round Belts

                                        • Habiblue food-approved TPU round belts are ideal for conveying and processing where there is direct contact with foodstuffs. They provide excellent chemical and hydrolysis resistance, and high wear properties. TPU round belts can be made endless directly on the machine by welding the ends. This allows easy installation and maintenance, with minimum downtimes.
                                        • Polycord Round Belts

                                        • Polycord round belts made of high quality TPU are highly flexible, elastic, and able to flex in any direction. They offer a variety of surface structures. Polycord round belts can be made endless on the machine by butt-end welding of their ends. This permits easy installation and maintenance, with minimum downtimes. Polycord round belts have low creep and a long service life.
                                        • Polywhite Round Belts

                                        • Polywhite food-approved TPU round belts are ideal for conveying and processing where there is direct contact with foodstuffs. They provide excellent chemical resistance and high wear properties. TPU round belts can be made endless directly on the machine by welding the ends. This allows easy installation and maintenance, with minimal downtimes.
                                        • V-shaped, T-shaped and Flat Extruded Belts

                                        • Habipur V Belts
                                          Habipur V belts are trapezoidal profiles that are used in linear conveyors, especially in the ceramic and material handling industries. They are also available in a reinforced version (Habipur VR) for heavier application.

                                          T-shaped Belts
                                          T belts are specially profiled belts with a tooth-shaped running side. They are used on linear conveyors and diverter applications, especially in the bakery industry and in food processing in general. The tooth helps to ensure stable running of the belt.

                                          Flat Belts
                                          Habasit flat belts are monolithic belts that can be used to convey goods in different applications or as side skirts on a conveyor. Alternatively, they work as an accessory for fabricated (joined endless) belts (e.g. as special cleats or sidewalls), or as a cover for timing belts.

                                      • Wear Strips and Guides HabiPLAST

                                      • Wear strips, sliding supports and guides, as well as curved and straight tracks that are extruded or machined, are used in many industries, including bottling, packaging, mechanics, chemistry, pharmaceutics, ceramics, glass, food processing, paper, etc. These items represent an ideal complement to modular belts (HabasitLINK), slat and conveyor chains (HabaCHAIN), and timing belts (HabaSYNC).

                                        The HabiPLAST material used is a polyethylene (PE) with a high molecular weight, obtained through a low pressure polymerization process. The high molecular weight means that mechanical features are also increased, such as: impact resistance, tensile strength at high temperatures, and energy absorption under high stress levels.

                                        Key features
                                        • Low coefficient of friction
                                        • Self-lubricating
                                        • Good vibration and noise absorption
                                        • High wear resistance
                                        • High chemical resistance, no corrosion
                                        • No moisture absorption
                                        • High dielectric strength
                                        • High impact and fracture strength
                                          • Profiles and Cleats

                                          • Thermoplastic profiles and cleats are primarily used in general conveying on inclining or declining transport in linear movement, or in applications where transversal forces occur.

                                            Profiles can be added to conveyor and processing belts, as well as to HabaSYNC timing belts, to assist conveying and product placement. Cleats, tracking guides, and side walls are available in a variety of sizes and materials that offer enhanced features for your custom design.
                                              • TPU Profiles

                                              • Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) profiles and cleats are suitable for small pulley diameters. They offer high bending fatigue strength and high flexibility, even at low temperatures. They also provide excellent chemical resistance, as well as high abrasion resistance. Most of our TPU profiles are suitable for unpacked foodstuffs (as they conform with food regulations) and are easy to clean.

                                                The profiles are manufactured as a single bar of a certain length, or as a coil. They can be cut to length in order to match the required size.
                                              • PVC Profiles

                                              • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) profiles and cleats are suitable for a large variety of applications due to their high flexibility, excellent chemical resistance, and hot water (steam) resistance.

                                                The profiles are manufactured as a single bar of a certain length, or as a coil, and can be cut to length in order to match the required size.
                                              • Orientation

                                                • Transverse to the running direction for inclined or declined conveying or product placement
                                                • Diagonally or staggered to the running direction for inclined or declined conveying or product placement
                                                • Laterally as a side border to avoid product falling off the conveyor belt
                                                • Along and above the running direction of the belt edges as a side skirt
                                                • Mounted on the belt running side as a tracking guide to equalize or balance transversal forces

                                                Mounting: This is usually done by welding, and is carried out by a Habasit representative. In some cases, types can be attached with adhesive.
                                            • Fabrication Tools

                                            • To support the effective and efficient fabrication of our belting products, Habasit offers a broad range of tools and devices to meet our customers’ needs. The range covers the requirements of in-house fabrication (standard series and specialties), as well as those of on-site installations of our belts and tapes
                                              • Cutters and slitters for length and width
                                              • Die-cutter and skiving devices for belt end preparation
                                              • Hot-pressing devices for the joining process
                                              • Welders and welding machines for belts, profiles, etc.
                                              • Accessories such as coiling devices, regulating units, guide rails, etc.