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  • Cutting Solutions by CERATIZIT is a sub-brand of the CERATIZIT Group. We develop, produce, market and support leading technology solutions for customers in the metal-cutting manufacturing industry on a global scale.
Product Portfolio

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            • MAXILOCK S

            • S as in secure screw clamping
            • MAXILOCK N

            • All-in-one – compact clamping system
            • MAXILOCK P

            • Flexibility for standard applications thanks to 3 usable cutting edges

                • HSK-T

                • The tool for complete machining


                  • MAXIMILL 273

                    • 16 cutting edges
                    • Approach angle 44.6°
                  • MAXIMILL 274

                    • 4 or 8 cutting edges
                    • Approach angle 43°
                  • MAXIMILL 271

                    • 8 effective cutting edges
                    • Maximum depth of cut 8.4 mm
                  • MAXIMILL 251

                    • Very high feed rates
                    • Maximum stability
                  • MAXIMILL 252

                    • Double the number of cutting edges combined with optimum depth of cut
                  • MAXIMILL HFC

                    • Extremely high feed rates
                    • Maximum chip removal rates
                  • MAXIMILL HPC 04/12

                    • High productivity matters
                    • Low cutting forces
                  • MAXIMILL HEC

                    • Optimal solution for cast iron
                  • MAXIMILL 490

                    • 4 cutting edges
                    • 90° approach angle
                  • MAXIMILL 270

                    • Maximal chip volume
                    • 45° approach angle
                  • MAXIMILL 260

                    • Universal application
                    • Adjustable Masterfinish edges
                  • MAXIMILL 211

                    • Milling with radial force compensation
                    • Maximum chip removal rates
                  • MAXIMILL HSC / HPC

                    • Maximum chip removal rates
                • MULTI-FUNCTION TOOLS

                    • ECOCUT

                      • 4 machining operations - 1 tool
                    • ECOCUT MINI

                      • 1 tool for 4 machining operations - Ø-range from 4 to 8 mm
                    • PROFILEMASTER

                      • Drilling, turning, parting, and grooving with one tool
                  • PARTING & GROOVING

                  • Exterior processing
                    • Parting, grooving and turning, circlip grooves, radius grooves, radial grooving, external recessing
                    Interior processing
                    • Grooving and turning, circlip grooves, radius grooves
                      • SYSTEM FX

                        • Adjustable blade
                        • Single-blade insert, directly pressed
                      • SYSTEM SX

                        • Active clamping
                        • Insert seat with fixed stop
                      • SYSTEM GX

                        • Double-ended insert
                        • Ground and directly pressed inserts
                      • SYSTEM LX

                        • Active insert clamping
                        • Insert with full radius
                    • INDEXABLE INSERT DRILLS

                        • MAXIDRILL 900

                        • Our high-performance tool for solid drilling
                        • MAXIDRILL CLASSIC

                        • Proven and reliable in standard application when drilling into solid materials
                      • SOLID CARBIDE DRILLS

                        • WEAR PROTECTION

                            • METAL FORMING

                                • GENERAL METAL FORMING

                                • Metal deformation with high surface quality

                                  From wear resistance to heat resistance
                                  Grain sizes and the binder compositions of our carbide grades are combined according to their specific application requirements, which allows the metal forming tool’s characteristics to efficiently cover the range from extremely wear-resistant to equally as heat-resistant.

                                  A long tool life reduces production costs
                                  Carbides developed especially for metal forming are enormously wear-resistant and simultaneously tough. They resist high temperatures, withstand high pressure, and guarantee long-tool life and high repeated accuracy.
                                • DRAWING TOOLS

                                • Durable. Quick. Precise.

                                  Variety of drawing products with one tool
                                  The carbide grades that CERATIZIT has developed specifically for drawing tools have an optimal relation between hardness and fracture toughness. They exhibit only minimal wear and have a long service life.

                                  Precision at high drawing speeds
                                  Our modern grinding technology makes the close tolerances and high surface quality of our drawing tools possible. Wires, tubes, and bars can be drawn at higher speeds, enabling short machining times.
                                • NAIL MAKING INDUSTRY

                                • Mass producers for the nail making industry

                                  Extremely long tool life with consistent quality
                                  Our forming tools for the nail making industry are comprised of carbides that are wear-resistant and have high fracture toughness, promoting their extremely long service life and making them ideal for producing nails in high volumes.

                                  Tools for the entire nail production process
                                  Our tools and tooling systems cover all the steps of nail manufacturing. The product assortment spans from carbide inserts to tool holders.
                                • FORGING TECHNOLOGY

                                • Powerful under extreme conditions

                                  Resilient to the limit
                                  Thanks to special coarse grades, our forging tools withstand high pressures and extreme heat. They resist every kind of abrasion and wear and achieve a long tool life.

                                  Repeatedly high-grade forging
                                  Due to the powder metallurgical properties, the tools achieve consistent quality and forging processes on the work piece.
                                • BLANKS FOR COLD FORMING

                                • A precise and stable forming process guaranteed

                                  Reduced production costs thanks to long tool life
                                  Our high-quality and individually tailored carbide grades withstand the highest pressures and only wear out slightly. CERATIZIT assures this high quality by way of internal development and production, as well as highly detailed quality analysis tests.

                                  Consistent quality – consistent processes
                                  Thanks to decades of know-how in all production and machining methods, we guarantee maximum accuracy of manufacturing tolerances and the consistent quality of our blanks, ensuring stable metal forming processes with equal parameters.
                              • TOOL AND DIE INDUSTRY

                                  • BLANKS FOR THE TOOL AND DIE INDUSTRY

                                  • Excellent performance capacity with patented resistance to corrosion

                                    Economic thanks to maximum tool life
                                    Our carbide products which are tailored to the tool and die industry are exceptionally homogeneous, wear-resistant and guarantee accurate repeatability. They are furthermore characterised by very good corrosion resistance.

                                    Our competence for your success
                                    In order to achieve the best possible result, in addition to the suitable carbide grade for your application, we also provide you with an outstanding service package: advice concerning grade characteristics and selection, optimisation of machining processes and customer-specific seminars.
                                  • BLANKS FOR POWDER COMPACTION TOOLS

                                  • Carbide from CERATIZIT: the basis for more productive powder compaction tools

                                    Longer tool life improves efficiency
                                    When being used for powder compaction, our corrosion-resistant carbide grades result in an increased wear resistance because the speed of and tendency towards corrosion are reduced. For highly abrasive pressing materials, these CF grades, in addition to the necessarily high hardness, also offer excellent fracture toughness as a result of the optimised binders. You benefit from the substantial increase in tool life and, compared to steel tools, machine downtimes are considerably reduced, making the entire system extremely efficient.

                                    Service: constructive support for developing solutions
                                    Whether you’re looking for advice during the development phase, strategic information about how to produce the best possible surfaces, or a detailed laboratory analysis for an already active tool, to determine reasons of wear – we gladly invite you to partake in our decades of experience, in order to offer the optimal solution for your need.

                                  • Efficiency. Precision. Process security.

                                    High speed with long service life
                                    Our erosion material is substantially more resistant against abrasive wear than conventional electrodes made from copper/brass. Therefore, as the consumption rate of the contact material is lowered and, in turn, the tool life is lengthened with higher possible feed rates.

                                    Precise grinding for successful erosion
                                    Success factors are exact positioning accuracy and minimal run out during the erosion process, particularly with small diameters and deep holes. Automatically inserting electrodes happens seamlessly thanks to the precise polish grinding and h6 tolerances.
                                • MILLS

                                      • ROLLS FOR HOT ROLLING

                                      • Economic solutions for mills

                                        Save production costs thanks to long tool life
                                        Our high-quality carbide grades are characterised by excellent wear resistance, toughness and surface quality. This is why they are ideal for long-term utilisation with high rolling forces and temperatures.

                                        The optimal solution for your individual requirements
                                        According to the application, we provide various carbide grades and sintered rolls in different sizes as well as semi-finished and ready-to-use rolls suitable for all fields of application. Furthermore we also produce silicon nitride rolls which show exceptional performance as guide rolls or pressure rolls.
                                  • WEAR PARTS

                                      • SPUTTER TARGETS FOR COATING

                                      • Sputter targets made from tungsten carbide for the coating of high-performance tools and components

                                        Why tungsten carbide?
                                        With ‘sputtering’, a physical, vacuum-based coating procedure, sputter targets are used. Sputter targets made from tungsten carbide are mostly used for the production of DLC coatings (‘diamond-like carbon’).

                                        Why CERATIZIT?
                                        Due to our own powder production and our comprehensive know-how in production processes, we guarantee a very pure microstructure without impurities or pores. Our sputter targets additionally distinguish themselves by means of a homogeneous microstructure – which in turn is decisive for a consistent coating result. Depending on requirements we offer a variety of carbide grades with various properties.
                                      • RECYCLING AND SHREDDING TECHNOLOGY

                                      • Contamination-free crushing of high-quality raw materials

                                        Long product life + reduced contamination
                                        Consistent and contamination-free pre-crushing and crushing to defined sizes is frequently a crucial prerequisite for material to be properly sorted through to recycling. Because of our wear-resistant and fracture-tough carbides, blades, inserts and other products for crushing materials remain sharp longer and without changing form. Additionally, the contamination of foreign materials is minimal, e.g. dust in the crushing process from the facility or crushing tools.

                                        - Diverse range of standard and customised products
                                        In order to be able to process the increasing quantities of waste for recycling, the shredding plants accordingly become larger and larger. Our product range offers a wide range of geometries. Of course, we also produce complex, customised forms.
                                      • LOCK INDUSTRY AND SECURITY ENGINEERING

                                      • Carbide – the safest solution

                                        The hardest metals for the greatest security
                                        Carbides are essential components of all locks that must meet the highest security standards. The unsurpassed hardness of the tungsten carbide offers reassuring protection against drills, saws or other tools.

                                        Universal application
                                        The possibilities in carbide production provide lock producers with a variety of options in finding the right solution to security issues: we will gladly produce preforms for you in nearly all geometries. We also create the most complex of shapes by using modern metal injection moulding with very low tolerances.
                                      • STONE MACHINING

                                      • Wear protection for mineral extraction, stone quarrying, road construction, agricultural and brick manufacturing industries

                                        Brick industry: longer service life for your tools
                                        Our carbide tools are used wherever machining abrasive components. They are wear-resistant, extremely hard and tough at the same time. Carbide tools and tips from CERATIZIT offer the toolmaker and end-user a material which offers abrasion resistance with toughness to prolong tool life and save production downtime and cost.

                                        Stone quarrying . road construction, agricultural industry: the right product for each application
                                        To meet the challenging demands of each individual application CERATIZIT have developed a range of grades and solutions that meet the individual requirements when machining stone, marble, ceramic, tarmac and a range of other abrasive components.
                                      • HIGH-PRESSURE TOOLS

                                      • Highly precise tools for extreme applications

                                        Resistant material for very complex applications
                                        Our carbide high-pressure tools are characterised by their extremely high quality: they are enormously resistant to pressure and high temperatures and are distinguished by their long tool life. Because our products are used in very challenging fields, such as when manufacturing polycrystalline diamonds (i.e. for drills), or when analysing the chemical and physical properties of the earth, quality and reliability are our first priorities – our 35 years of experience in manufacturing synthetic diamonds have made sure of that.
                                      • PRODUCTS FOR THE SANITARY INDUSTRY

                                      • Highly precise blanks and pre-ground tools made from standardised carbide grades

                                        Highest productivity due to long service life
                                        Our products for the sanitary industry are made from especially hard and tough carbide – and for a good reason: because pulp leads to heavy wear on the tool, it would otherwise have to be replaced and re-ground often. Due to the long service life of our cutting rolls, you are able to avoid frequent interruptions to the production process, in order to replace the rolls and, in turn, enormously reduce the unit costs.

                                        - Highly precise products
                                        Highly precise blanks are a prerequisite for the rotating cutting tools that are used daily to cut nappies, sanitary towels, and many other general hygiene articles – due to the considerable forces, errors in the µ field are enough to destroy the entire roll. The cutting edges of our blanks are extremely precise and near net shape, allowing you to continue working simply and quickly.
                                      • TOOLING BLANKS (CARBIDE DISCS, CIRCULAR KNIVES AND LONG

                                      • The right blank for every cut

                                        High wear resistance
                                        Requirements concerning materials are very high in the precision tooling industry. Our tooling blanks guarantee a long tool life, good parallelism and good concentricity. Thanks to our wide range of grades, we offer the optimal solution for every application.

                                        Perfectly prepared
                                        We place great value on your ability to further process the products quickly and with minimal effort during the creation of the tooling blanks: we guarantee precise finishes with low tolerances, an even material as well as low grinding allowances.

                                        Standard programme and custom-made products
                                        Our E-Techstore offers a direct look into our standard programme, including inventory, and also simplifies the ordering process. Outside of this programme, we can additionally produce nearly any dimension – whether it's a blank or pre-ground.
                                      • BLANKS FOR HOBS AND SKIVING HOBS

                                      • Maximal cutting edge stability + process security

                                        Maximum productivity through longer operational cycles and secure processes without compromise
                                        Our hobs prove themselves by their enormously long tool life and are thus also capable of extremely productive applications: in comparison with powder-metallurgical steels, carbide hobs can be driven with considerably higher cutting speeds – resulting in drastically lower machining times and ultimately greater economy in the entire process. Our corrosion-resistant CF premium grades with added enhanced cutting edge stability additionally offers protection against corrosion.

                                        Perfect preparation work
                                        Based on customer drawings, we produce blanks for hobs and skiving hobs with low grinding allowance thanks to the tested and continuously improving ‘near net shape’ technology – this helps you save on both time and costs in the finishing process. With the most advanced cutting tools, we also produce highly sophisticated tip geometries.
                                      • WINDERS

                                      • Stable winders for precise cuts

                                        The perfect cut
                                        Carbide grades optimised for the cutting process guarantee perfect cutting quality over a long period of time. For this, you receive carbide grades from us which are totally adapted to your individual application. We select a composition from our broad range of submicron to coarse grain grades which provides the carbide with a stable cutting edges, minimising machine downtime and thus saving on costs.

                                        Perfect precision
                                        It doesn't get more precise than this: state-of-the-art measuring machines test our carbide knives in the μ-range, guaranteeing adherence to the closest tolerances.
                                      • SEALING RINGS

                                      • Rings and discs with high compressive strength

                                        Reliably tight
                                        Sealing rings in pumps are stressed due to friction and high pressure. Our carbide sealing rings are extraordinarily resistant to pressure, wear, heat and corrosion. These success factors make for a considerably longer seal life and at the same time still reduce maintenance work.
                                      • COMPONENTS – E. G., FOR THE TEXTILE AND CIGARETTE INDUSTRIES

                                      • Customer-specific production with an extremely high standard of quality

                                        For years, we’ve been developing very complex components and forms according to customers’ specifications, for example, for the textile and cigarette industries. Of course, we produce all of our components with extreme precision and the closest of tolerances – completely according to your needs.

                                        Finished products are used frequently in high-speed machinery, where they are usually subjected to high stress and severe abrasion. To that point, our carbide grades, which are characterised by low wear and, in turn, have a long service life, offer you a decisive competitive edge.
                                      • PRECISION BALLS

                                      • Wide product range of carbide and ceramic balls

                                        Quality from experience
                                        We have been developing and producing carbide precision balls for decades. This expertise, combined with mastery of the entire process chain, allows us to offer the highest in product quality and consistency at competitive prices and to further provide continuous optimisations. This makes us, for example, the world market leader in the manufacture of blanks for ballpoint pen balls.

                                        The right grade for every application
                                        Thanks to our diverse selection of grades and customer advice, you can find the optimal grade for your specific individual requirements.

                                        Customised products
                                        Aside from our standard portfolio, we of course also develop and produce balls completely according to your needs.
                                      • FOCUSING TUBES FOR ABRASIVE WATER JET CUTTING

                                      • 3 lines for more efficient working

                                        Consistently high cutting quality
                                        Extreme pressures of up to 4,000 bar and high exit speeds of up to about 1,000 m/sec turn water into an optimal cutting tool for high thicknesses, complex geometries and temperature-sensitive materials like glass, ceramics, stone or leather. Our carbide grades, especially developed for abrasive water jet cutting, are resistant to wear and offer a precise jet, which in turn ensures a consistently high cutting quality.

                                        The right solution for every application
                                        In order to offer the most optimal solution for your needs, we have developed 3 innovative lines with the newest production technologies: Economy, Standard, and Premium.
                                      • POWDER & GRIT

                                      • Our guarantee of success: carbide powder produced in-house


                                        We don’t only specialize in blanks and ready-to-use products; we also offer high-quality carbide powder with various grain sizes. You can choose from a wide range of grades, whose mechanical properties are tailored to your personal application. In addition to powder, we also produce sharp-edged and flaky grit.
                                    • SPECIFIC INDUSTRIES

                                        • AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY

                                        • Precision components of the highest quality

                                          The highest precision and process capability
                                          In the automotive industry precision is decisive for both the quality and the performance of the individual parts. Together with our customers, we develop specific components with perfect dimensional accuracy.

                                          Certified quality
                                          The highest demand for quality and productivity requires stable processes as well as the highest standards in production and administration. ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 form the basis.
                                        • OIL INDUSTRY

                                        • Certified carbides for the hardest conditions

                                          Long tool life due to corrosion-resistant carbide grades
                                          The biggest challenge in undersea oil drilling, however, is corrosion of the components caused by water-borne media and oil. In order to counteract this phenomenon, we offer blanks with various Co/Cr/Ni metal binder alloys and thus increase the service life of the products many times over. This way you save considerably on costs of acquisition and downtime, as well as on resources for costly maintenance work.

                                          Comprehensive product portfolio
                                          We offer you the right product for a diverse range of applications: our products for the oil industry range from drill bits to very complex, large components.
                                        • GLASS INDUSTRY

                                        • Optimal carbide grades for manufacturing glassware

                                          Precisely tailored to your needs
                                          We develop carbide grades with the appropriate properties for every product: as a result, our shear blades distinguish themselves by their high resistance to wear and heat and our press-moulds are comprised of a binder-free substrate for complete hardness.
                                        • PLASTICS INDUSTRY

                                        • Product solutions for all areas of the production process

                                          High efficiency by a longer service life
                                          The extraordinary hardness and rigidity of our products improve the tool life of thermally and mechanically stressed components, allowing you to increase efficiency and often, even your processing speed too.

                                          Tailor-made carbide solutions for every application
                                          For extrusion or underwater granulation, hot nozzle technology, or recycling processes: we offer specially developed carbide grades for every application, which are optimised according to each individual requirement. By way of our extensive vertical production and our know-how, we also develop customer-specific finishes, for example thread and micro holes as sintered or finish-ground.
                                        • FOOD INDUSTRY

                                        • Guarantees the best solution

                                          Guaranteed to be environmentally friendly and food safe
                                          For the food industry, we exclusively use approved carbide grades: the American Food and Drug Association (FDA) attests to the suitability of our carbide grades in the food industry and has included all of our grades in the ‘Inventory of Effective Food Contact Substance (FCS) Notifications‘

                                          Economic and efficient work guaranteed
                                          The long service life of our products reduces costs drastically: by reducing downtime, the utilisation rate is greatly increased - that means equally reduced production and storage costs for critical spare parts. In addition, the tools’ resistance to corrosion makes the cleaning of machine parts with aggressive solvents possible – similar to stainless steel.
                                        • MEDICAL SYSTEMS AND DENTAL INDUSTRY

                                        • Better than any health care reform: our products for medical systems

                                          Extremely hard and resistant to breakage for maximum precision machining
                                          Specifically for the medical sector which places the highest demands on tool quality and precision, we have developed carbide grades which are particularly hard and resistant to breakage.

                                          Certified safe
                                          Of course we closely comply with the strictest healthcare regulations for medical systems. We guarantee that our products correspond to these regulations by providing a metallurgical certificate.
                                        • WATCH, CLOCK AND JEWELLERY INDUSTRY

                                        • Jewellery for eternity

                                          Scratchproof elegance
                                          Carbide watches, clocks and jewellery are characterised by a shiny surface and their high durability. Thanks to the carbides’ particular hardness, they are more resistant to knocks and scratches than steel, gold or platinum and therefore elegantly withstand everyday use.

                                          Decades of experience
                                          In the 1960’s, we had already developed the first carbide watchcases – today we produce tens of thousands of cases per year for various models. You can trust in our experience!
                                        • MINING INDUSTRY

                                        • Custom-made carbide grades for mining and tunnel construction

                                          Wear-resistant & tough
                                          In order to complete large projects such as tunnel drilling or mining successfully and economically, reliable carbide tools are decisive: For long tool life, they have to provide high hardness and corrosion resistance, high toughness against tool breakage as well as compressive strength.

                                          Individual & versatile
                                          For all applications we offer a wide range of geometries specifically tailored for the respective machine, as well as a large selection of carbide grades customised for stone and geological conditions. Diverse grade variants in grain size, hardness and cobalt content conquer even the most varied requirements. You thus receive products intended for your individual applications as sintered or ground and in Premium or Economy quality.
                                      • SILICON NITRIDE COMPONENTS

                                          • SILICON NITRIDE COMPONENTS

                                          • Ceramic – the alternative to tungsten carbide

                                            Why silicon nitride?
                                            Next to carbide, ceramic is one of the most important materials: it is applied when conventional materials are not able to achieve the necessary performance. Characterised by its low density, ceramic demonstrates mechanic stability and also has low thermal conductivity properties. Silicon nitride, in particular, also convincingly demonstrates its high resistance to thermal shock.
                                        • WOOD & STONE WORKING

                                            • WOOD WORKING

                                                • SAW TIPS FOR WOOD WORKING

                                                • Offers a competitive edge thanks to innovative grades + geometries

                                                  Extensive product portfolio
                                                  Our circular saw tips are excellent for the machining of hard, soft and exotic woods. Carbide grades and saw tip geometries have been engineered to meet the cutting demands of each application.

                                                  Innovative development
                                                  CERATIZIT’s extensive knowledge of the woodworking market allows us to develop new standards in saw tooth design along with special carbide grades. For example the new saw tip series 60000 with a modified geometry reduces brazing time stresses and offers an overall reduction in saw blade fabrication.
                                                • SAW TIPS FOR METAL SAWING

                                                • Your development partner for carbide saws

                                                  Flexible and innovative
                                                  Alongside our comprehensive standard product portfolio, we are placing particular focus on the development of new grades and net-shaped geometries in order to continuously improve the competitiveness of your products.

                                                  Production experts
                                                  We have technical expertise in the entire production chain including brazing, welding, grinding and coating. Our engineering team fully understand these processes, which allows us to provide our customers with new solutions.

                                                  Competent advice for optimal results
                                                  Our technical sales support network can provide you with the correct grade for each selection, along with advice on ways to improve saw performance.
                                                • INDEXABLE KNIVES

                                                • Innovative quality products from a reliable partner

                                                  The ideal grade for every application
                                                  Whether it’s Easy Line indexable knives with an optimal price-performance ratio for standard applications in high performance chromium and carbide grades for demanding applications - with us, you can find the ideal grade at economic prices.

                                                  Long-term partnerships with major manufacturers of wood working tools
                                                  Our comprehensive, global-scale along with our market knowledge allows us to offer technical support and a competitive advantage to both OEM and tool producers.
                                                • BLANKS FOR PROFILING

                                                • Limitless opportunities for profiling tools

                                                  Extensive product portfolio

                                                  We offer you a blank for every application – our comprehensive assortment consists of various different product types with many, carbide grades and geometries available.

                                                  Innovation and technology to improve your tool performance
                                                  Thanks to our innovative and continuously developing manufacturing technologies, we offer you high quality profiling tools .For example, our adhesive steel blanks with carbide cutting edge offer a reduced weight tool with excellent mechanical strength that can be operated at increased rotational speeds.
                                                • RECTANGULAR STRIPS

                                                • Customised grades + design + manufacturing quality = maximised tool life

                                                  Perfect results
                                                  Our rectangular strips are highly wear-resistant even at high cutting speeds, providing ideal conditions for the production of high-quality wood machining tools. The special geometry ‘Groove-line’ assortment increases the shear strength of the carbide when joined to the backing steel.

                                                  Comprehensive product range
                                                  Thanks to our diverse range of carbide grades, we can provide you with the right cutting edge for your individual application, to increase your tool performance.
                                                • RODS

                                                • Tailored grades and surface finish for high performance in wood working

                                                  Effficient products
                                                  We have developed rods from submicron grades particularly for the wood processing industry which allow you to reach maximum cutting speeds. In addition, our chrome alloyed binder grades are highly resistant to corrosion and abrasive wear and therefore achieve a long tool life.

                                                  Maximum security
                                                  All rods are ground with a matt finish. This finish reduces the risk of tool slippage from the collet holder even at high rotational speeds.
                                              • STONE WORKING

                                                  • MASONRY DRILL BITS

                                                  • Efficient hammer drilling into concrete, armoured concrete, natural stone + masonry

                                                    Increased productivity at the lowest possible costs per drill hole
                                                    Quick drilling with low wear: our carbide grades, developed especially for stone machining, deliver the necessary performance required for the most demanding hammer drilling applications. They are enormously resistant to wear, allowing for a long service life.

                                                    Customer specific solutions and geometries
                                                    Aside from the world’s most comprehensive standard line of drill bits available from stock, our focus is set on the development of customer-specific solutions. Decade-long partnerships with our customers, the extensive experience of our engineers, as well as the most modern technologies guarantee future-oriented products.
                                                  • PERCUSSIVE DRILL BITS

                                                  • For efficient percussive drilling into concrete, stone and masonry

                                                    Increased productivity at the lowest possible costs per drill hole
                                                    Quick drilling with low wear: our carbide grades, developed especially for stone machining, deliver the necessary performance required for the most demanding percussive drilling applications. They are enormously resistant to wear, allowing for a long service life.

                                                    Customer specific solutions and geometries
                                                    Aside from the world’s most comprehensive standard line of drill bits available from stock, our focus is set on the development of customer-specific solutions. Decade-long partnerships with our customers, the extensive experience of our engineers, as well as the most modern technologies guarantee future-oriented products.
                                                  • CORE DRILLING TIPS

                                                  • High-performance stone cutting tips for drilling the hardest construction materials

                                                    The hardest metals for high-performance applications
                                                    Stone cutting drill tips are subject to extreme stress when they drill at high speed. To ensure that the tips provide a long service life, we have developed high-quality carbide grades specifically designed for stone drilling.

                                                    The optimal solution for your individual application
                                                    Our decades of experience and knowledge in the development of innovative stone and rock drilling solutions and up-to-date technology are the major factors which ensure that our customers obtain optimised product performance of their tools.
                                                • RODS & PREFORMS

                                                    • SOLID CARBIDE RODS

                                                    • Solid carbide and cermet rods in various grades and sizes

                                                      The ideal grade for every application
                                                      Our wide and innovative grade range satisfies the exacting demands of the modern precision tooling industry. You can find the ideal grade specific to all materials and applications.

                                                      Acknowledged quality
                                                      Our solid carbide rods are known throughout the world for constantly providing maximum quality. You can rely on our products as a basis for consistent performance capacity of your tools.

                                                      Extensive product portfolio available in stock
                                                      Our programme offers you a wide range of dimensions, features and capabilities. Additionally, we will provide you with swift supply of the ideal product for your individual application.

                                                    • RODS WITH HELICAL COOLANT HOLES

                                                    • Coolant hole rods programme that offers a multitude of configurations and ensures high precision

                                                      Diameter range
                                                      Our programme enables the production of blanks for gun drills with coolant holes in the diameter range from 3 mm to 35 mm.

                                                      Numerous versions available in stock
                                                      The optimal rods with 2, 3 or 4 coolant holes with helix angles from 15° to 46°, in standard lengths up to 530 mm can be selected for all common drill geometries.

                                                      Minimum pitch tolerances
                                                      Thanks to the unique CERATIZIT classification system even extra-long drilling tools may be ground whilst maintaining process stability.

                                                    • RODS WITH STRAIGHT COOLANT HOLES

                                                    • Comprehensive range of rods for tools with straight chip flutes

                                                      Extensive programme available in stock
                                                      The ideal blank – sintered or ground - can be provided for every tooling configuration.

                                                      The alternative to carbide: cermet
                                                      In addition to our tried and tested high-performance carbides we offer also selected dimensions in the new cermet grade CTF28T, which was specifically developed for the finish machining of steel.

                                                    • END MILL BLANKS

                                                    • Ground milling cutter blanks in various sizes

                                                      Excellent accuracy of dimension and form as well as maximum surface quality are the basis for successful production of these milling cutter blanks.

                                                      Economical and high-performing
                                                      Our unique DualBlank manufacturing technology combines performance capacity of a premium grade in the cutting edge area with the cost-effectiveness of a recycled grade on the shank.

                                                      Comprehensive programme available in stock
                                                      In addition to standard blanks (DIN 6527 K/L) we offer high precision blanks for extra-long tools.

                                                    • BLANKS FOR GUN DRILLS

                                                    • Profile rods and tips with special coolant hole profiles for manufacturing deep-hole drilling tools

                                                      Complete assortment of rods and semi-finished products for manufacturing solid carbide and carbide tipped gun drills.

                                                    • FLAT AND SQUARE STRIPS, BRAZING TIPS

                                                    • For brazed tooling solutions and other applications

                                                      A wide range of top-quality products
                                                      A wide variety of flat and square strips in different dimensions are available in stock.Our brazing tips distinguish themselves by their remarkable brazability and are available in the most common dimensions according to the DIN standard.

                                                    • PREFORMS

                                                    • Customer-specific preforms for rotating cutting tools

                                                      Near net shape
                                                      Our preformed blanks reduce your grinding and EDM to a minimum.

                                                      Quick & competent
                                                      Long-standing experience in the machining of blanks , together with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, enable us to produce complex geometries near net shape and with minimum lead times.

                                                      Tailor-made preforms
                                                      We produce blanks and semi-finished products for solid carbide and PCD tools, as well as tools with replaceable heads and tool shanks, according to your individual specifications.