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  • Offer Profile
  • HELLER is a global manufacturer of 4- and 5-axis CNC machining centres, flexible manufacturing systems and crankshaft and camshaft machines and employs a staff of around 2,470 people worldwide.

    The company is headquartered in Nürtingen in the Stuttgart region. The company's customers come from a variety of industries including automotive manufacturers and their suppliers, machine building industry, contract manufacturers, power engineering, mould and die manufacturers as well as aerospace companies.
Product Portfolio
  • HELLER state-of-the-art machine tools and production system

      • NEW: The HF series - Productivity in 5 axes

      • The new HF series from HELLER – that means dynamic and productive machining in five axes. It is based on the typical HELLER DNA – highest quality, perfect productivity and absolute reliability in everyday use throughout the machine’s entire life cycle – making it optimally equipped for the exacting requirements of modern production processes. Highly productive and flexible, easy to operate and maintain, for direct loading or use with a pallet changer: the HF series is made for high output with minimal handling requirements. Made to work.

        • Fifth axis provided by the workpiece for dynamic 5-sided machining and simultaneous 5-axis machining
        • Horizontal spindle for fast tool changes and short idle times
        • Pallet changer concept for productive high-volume machining
        • Table concept for direct loading and machining of a wide range of parts and materials in medium to small batch sizes
        • Direct access to the work area, short distance to the spindle
        • Comfortable low operating height at the workpiece setting station, short distance to the pallet, integrated flush/air guns
        • Double pivoting main operator panel, 24” touch-screen, HELLER user interface

        Machine concept

        • The perfect combination for high-precision, high-speed processes
        • Dynamics: consistently high speed of the AB axis due to minimal mass moment of inertia, direct drives in both rotary axes A and B
        • Machine bed: grey cast iron with three installation points and two location points
        • Traversing column: stiff, weight-optimised steel construction with high traversing dynamics
        • Horizontal spindle: with lean spindle neck for perfect reach into the workpiece
        • One basis – two versions: identical machine structure of pallet changer and table loading version, automatic pallet changer for series production, proven lift-and-swivel principle
      • The H series - 4-axis horizontal machining centres for highly productive machining in all disciplines

      • Tailor-made off the peg for you: modular machine series offering unbeatable productivity at unique load capacity.

        • Unrivalled long tool life, reduced energy consumption and costs due to realistic dynamic rates
        • High performance and precision from light-metal machining through to heavy-duty machining
        • For varying batch sizes and a variable range of parts and materials
        • HighSpeed Cutting, heavy cutting, dry or MQL machining at full productivity

        • Fully customisable to your requirements in terms of spindle, spindle taper, tool magazine and chip disposal
        • Attractive price/performance ratio
        • Highest load capacity and reliability
        • High availability thanks to sophisticated safety concept and HELLER services
      • The F series - 5-axis machining centres for powerful complete machining

      • Setting standards in 5-axis: 5-sided and 5-axis simultaneous machining in HELLER quality

        • Maximum output at optimum quality due to HELLER's extensive process experience
        • Higher availability thanks to adequate speeds and proven HELLER components
        • Innovative spindle technology in three variants providing optimum process stability (swivel head with PCU 63 or SCU 63, fork head with PCT 63)
        • Two control options: Heidenhain iTNC 530 or Siemens Sinumerik 840D sl

        • Reduced costs thanks to flexible complete machining
        • Optimised life-cycle costs due to innovative manufacturing concept
        • Two machine variants for maximum manufacturing flexibility: workshop machine FT (table loading) for machining of individual parts in tool and die manufacturing and production machine FP (pallet changer) for series production
      • The C series - 5-axis machining centres for milling and turning operations

      • HELLER process competence at its best: machine series providing unique cutting performance for milling and turning operations

        • Combined Processing: milling and turning on a single machine
        • Tool provides 5th axis: 5-axis machining, horizontal, vertical and tilted turning
        • High precision and cutting forces for turning operations due to specific spindle fixation
        • Rotary table with direct torque drive
        • Integrated balancing function

        • A one-off investment that ensures flexible production today and in the future
        • One machining centre for all machining tasks
        • Two machine variants (CP/pallet changer or CT/table loading) providing maximum flexibility for use
        • Typical HELLER performance for milling and turning operations
        • Reliable productivity thanks to HELLER services
      • Flexible Manufacturing Systems and special solutions

      • Innovative manufacturing solutions for the production of light-duty to heavy-duty automotive components.

        Automotive components and engines considerably vary in size: from small 0.9L 2-cylinder through to 16L V-8 engines. To provide tailored solutions for these components, HELLER consistently focuses on manufacturing systems in modular design. In addition to the “classic” machining centres from the H, F and C series and the RFK/RFN/DRZ machines for crankshaft and camshaft machining, we are offering the following manufacturing solutions:
        • 4-axis and 5-axis machining modules with direct loading from the MC series
        • Transfer system units from the TRS range
        • Head changer machines from the MPC range
        • Special-purpose machines for the machining of structural components from the Wenzler VKM range

        • For flexible series production
        • For maximum productivity
        • For minimal piece-part costs
        • For a significant reduction of unproductive idle times
        • For highest availability
      • Flexible production of crankshafts and camshafts
        RFK / DRZ / RFN production systems

      • Machine series for perfect internal and external milling - as stand-alone machine or linked manufacturing system

        • Internal and external milling of crankshafts
        • Turn-chasing of crankshafts
        • External milling of camshafts

        • Unique HELLER know-how of the complete process chain
        • Use of a combination of different technologies
        • Dependable process control
      • Turnkey solutions for crankcases
        HELLER CBC process chain

      • HELLER expands the process chain in crankcase manufacturing – comprising qualification, pre-machining and finish-machining – by the CBC CylinderBoreCoating process. CBC is a technology for the coating of cylinder bores of aluminium crankcases using electric arc wire spraying. For this new process, HELLER has developed the CBC 200 coating module.

        • The CBC technology is a dependable process used in high-volume combustion engine production
        • The CBC coating results in a 50% reduction in friction forces between the cylinder and the piston ring
        • The elimination of cast liners enables a more compact crankcase design and significantly reduced cylinder bore spacing. This results in a reduction in engine size and weight savings
        • All cylinder surfaces of current passenger car and truck engines with bore diameters ranging from 70mm to 150mm can be coated using the CBC process

        • Qualification/inspection
        • Pre-machining including fineboring and roughing of cylinder surfaces on a HELLER MC 20 machining module
        • Heating of the crankcase
        • Coating of the cylinder surfaces without structural changes of the aluminium base material in the CBC 200 coating module
        • Precise finish-machining including hard fineboring on a HELLER MC 20 machining module and final „Spiegel-Honen“ (polishing by honing)

        HELLER CBC 200 machining module

        • The CBC module is ready for use in series production
        • All process-relevant media are controlled
        • Automatic workpiece / adapter changer for reduced idle times
        • Automatic wire change with integrated wire-cutting mechanism and wire preparation during the coating process
        • Optimised accessibility, maintenance-friendly burner unit, global service availability