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  • Hermle is all about milling and achieving outstanding results. And we are committed to ensuring just this with our architecture, our structure, our work, our approach, our development, our construction, our assembly and our service. Everything we achieve, change or optimize makes our results better, more precise, available more rapidly– nothing more and nothing less.

    "milling at its best" – as the slogan of Hermle AG – sums this up aptly. It stands for a high-performance, highly innovative machining centers that have risen to a leading position nationally and internationally. It stands for a sprawling and closely meshed sales and service network and the presence worldwide of more than 22,000 successfully installed machines. Ultimately, it stands for the success of our customers who achieve the best results in terms of precision and efficiency using our products.
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  • Top speed! With 2.5 t in 5 axes for all sectors.

    Milling at its best: Hermle machines are often at the forefront when it comes to optimized results. The proverbial Hermle precision in combination with process consulting and project management has made us the most important machine partner in nearly all key sectors – ranging from large-sized complex components to microcomponents in the high-tech field. Versatile use, uncompromising results – simply Hermle.

    Hermle machining centers have a very large round component diameter thanks to their axis design and the way that the NC swivelling rotary table is integrated into the machine.

    They can process very large workpieces relative to the installation area. Some models can even considerably exceed the 0° to 90° swivelling range.

    The C axes use either worm gears or torque drives, depending on the machining process. The A axes can be fitted with one-sided or tandem drives, depending on workpiece weight and the required dynamics. Our MT models can even mill or turn in 5 axes simultaneously.
      • The C 12
        5-axis machining centre

      • Maximum efficiency combined with a installation area: The C 12 is not just a milling machine, but an ultra-compact machining centre.

        Designed for machining cubic parts up to 100 kg in weight, the C12 works in the most diverse applications compactly, precisely and dynamically.

        The C 12 is more than a match for larger models. Aside from its compact size, the main focus is on Hermle's core competences precision, durability and dynamics. Designed as a 5-axis machining centre featuring the different spindle speeds and different interfaces, the ideal speed is available for almost every area of application. Needles to say, the patented Hermle collision protection has been integrated accordingly for spindles up to 18000 rpm.

        The tool magazine comprises as many as 36 cutters and can be extended up to 71 tools in the double extension stage.

        Thanks to the respective Hermle set-ups, the C 12 also meets the ever increasing requirements placed on speed and precision. The C 12 machining centre additionally provides extensive options for more intricate applications.

        Various automation solutions are possible, too, for example by incorporating a robot system or a respective pallet changer.

        Traverse path: 350x440x330 mm
        body: dia. 320/ H 265
        Collision circle: dia. 610 mm
        Max. vertical table clearance: 430 mm

      • The C 22
        3/4/5-axis machining centre

      • A highly dynamic machining centre designed with 5-axis/5-side machining in mind; an impressive combination of flexibility, compactness, dynamics and equipment. A high-performance centre with an unbelievable array of features.

        The C 22 ensures the precise, cost effective and efficient production of parts. The numerous automation solutions enhance its range of application; individual configuration is easy thanks to the modular design. The Hermle engineers have essentially designed and created this machine with space in mind. With the most efficient footprint possible, the C 22 offers maximum efficiency. And it goes without saying that large components can be machined, too. Nonetheless, the C 22 is ultra compact and ensures the necessary clearance for 5-side/5-axis machining. Short process cycles, quick workflows and the highest possible machine dynamics: The C 22 is designed to machine complex geometries with high accuracy and small tolerances.

        As the C 22 can be adapted exactly to specific needs, it is employed in various sectors: Applications are most likely to be found in the tool and die making, medical, aerospace and machine building sectors and other industries.

        The circular tool magazine is integrated into the base body of the machining centre and can house up to 65 cutters; additionally, it is possible – as with almost all Hermle machining centres – to adjust the operating system to the user thanks to the height-adjustable control panel.

        Traverse path: 450x600x330 mm
        Body: dia.450/ H 370
        Collision circle: dia. 610 mm
        Max. vertical table clearance: 470 mm

      • The C 32
        3/4/5-axis machining centre

      • The success story of the Hermle C series just keeps growing: The C 32 from Hermle is the latest high-performance system for 5-axis/5-side machining.

        The C 32 machining centre is able to workpieces weighing up to 1000 kg and cutting is undertaken in five axes simultaneously.

        The C 32 has, of course, also been designed for daily use and with the greatest possible workload in mind. The C 32 even mills materials which are difficult to machine in record time and with the highest level of precision - also fully automated ... or when using a flexible manufacturing system. All this combined with outstanding ease of use!

        The C 32 features two axes in the workpiece and three axes in the tool. Dynamic positioning, short downtime periods and secure location in the desired machining position are just as attractive as the very large working area packed into a small footprint. The circular tool magazine of the C 32 is integrated in the base body and capable of holding up to 36 tools. The tool magazine can be extended to 462 pockets using an optional additional magazine. This capacity allows complete machining of highly complex workpieces and various parts.

        A wide range of automation solutions are available for the C 32.

        Traverse path: 650x650x500 mm
        Body: dia. 650/ H 420
        Collision circle: dia. 840 mm
        Max. vertical table clearance: 600 / 635 mm

      • The C 42 / C42 U MT
        3/4/5-axis machining centre

      • A high-performance 5-axis CNC machining centre; 5-axis/5-sided machining means the C 42 lends itself to be used in every application area.

        With traverse paths adapted to the workpiece size and perfectly designed for 5-axis applications, the C 42 is ideal wherever complex, close-tolerance components are required.

        This includes various applications in the tool and mould making, medical, aerospace, motorsport, machine sectors and other industries: The C 42 machining centre is at home in every area.

        The space-saving circular tool magazine integrated into the base body of the machine works according to the pick-up principle - thus enabling quick tool changes. In the standard version, the C 42 can hold 42 tools and can be extended to 462 pockets. The control panel can be easily adjusted to the respective user.

        Hermle offers CNC training courses for the C 42 as well as for Heidenhain and Siemens CNCs.

        Traverse path: 800x800x550 mm
        Body: dia. 800/ H 560
        Collision circle: dia. 990
        Max. vertical table clearance: max. 700 mm

      • The C 52 / C 52 U MT
        5-axis machining centre

      • The C 52 is intended for the simultaneous 5-axis machining of workpieces weighing up to 2000 kg - with unbeatable accuracy and precision. Parameters that always represent a challenge for the machine dynamics. Hermle has overcome these challenges by developing and designing a precise and high-performance machining centre. The C 52 is the successor of the extremely successful C 50.

        The C 52 machining centre: A flexible all-rounder with a large working area and minimum footprint. The tool magazine of the C 52 is also integrated and can be extended to 270 pockets using an additional magazine.

        The C 52 sets new standards: These standards are particularly valued in demanding applications, for instance in the medical, aerospace and automotive industries. In short: wherever the highest precision and maximum efficiency are required.

        Traverse path: 1000x1100x750 mm
        Body: dia. 1000/ H 810
        Collision circle: dia. 1290
        Max. vertical table clearance: 950 mm

      • The C 62 / C62 U MT
        5-axis machining centre

      • The C 62 is a highly dynamic machining centre designed for 5-axis/5-side machining.

        Numerous features ensure high-precision and cost-effective working on workpieces up to 2500 kg in weight. Various optional extras simply add to the capabilities for innovative advanced machining. As with all Hermle machining centres, the C 62 offers various workpiece loading options to guarantee optimum operation. The PW 3000 pallet changer ensures even the heaviest workpieces can be saved and loaded fully automatically. Depending on the respective requirements, various additional tool magazines are available. The concept and modular design of the C 62 means individual needs can be met in many different ways. The optimised footprint is another bonus besides the highest standards of quality, precision and accuracy which are synonymous with Hermle. The C 62: a high-performance all-rounder. In short: a new giant.

        Traverse path: 1200x1300x900 mm
        Body: dia. 1200/ H 900
        Collision circle: dia. 1400
        Max. vertical table clearance: 1100 mm

      • C 250 – Dynamic CNC machining centre for entry into 5-axis / 5-sided machining

      • Within the Hermle range of models, the C 250 is an entry-level model into the world of 5-axis & 5-sided machining. Nevertheless, the “large” models are in no way inferior. Thanks to the large swivelling range of the workpieces in the working area, the utilisation of the complete traverse range and the large collision circle between the table side walls, the C 250 offers the largest working area relative to the installation area.

        The C 250 is designed for daily use – maximum user-friendliness thanks to pivotable control panel and minimum table distance from the operator and optimum loading height with option ofloading by crane. When loading by crane, the spindle moves into the magazine and there is completely free access to the working area. This can be loaded without restriction from above to over the centre of the table.

        Traverse path: 600x550x450 mm
        Body: dia. 450/ H 355
        Colision circle: dia. 770
        Max. vertical table clearance: 550 mm

      • The C 400
        3/4/5-axis machining centre

      • The C 400 is a dynamic machining centre offering perfect entry into 5-axis/5-side machining. The C 400 machining centre is based on Hermle's proven core expertise in 5-axis technology. Powerful and dynamic - it reliably meets the demands of the market - precisely and convincingly.

        The mineral casting machine bed promotes stable, vibration-free machining.

        The C 400 features a large working area with a small installation area and can be ergonomically adapted to every machine operator - thus ensuring optimum ease of use.

        Numerous features ensure cost-effective production. The C 400 machining centre is intended for high performance, large-scale machining of workpieces to high accuracy and surface quality.

        Traverse path: 850x700x500 mm
        Body: dia. 650/ H 500
        Colision circle: dia. 885
        Max. vertical table clearance: 625 mm

      • The C 650
        3/4/5-axis machining centre

      • Machining centre C 650 – the applications
        From machine construction to precision mechanics, from medical engineering to energy production, from the aerospace and automotive industry to tool and mould construction and the general subcontractor industry: The C 650 is ideal for a vast array of milling operations. Seeing as the new machining centre was launched in 2017, there are as yet no examples of practical applications. Be the first! Use the button below to access examples of good practice with other Hermle machining centres.

        Insights into the C 650
        As the youngest member of the Hermle Performance-Line, the C 650 sets new standards in terms of the traverse path and load performance. Furthermore, the machining centre manages to integrate the entire spectrum of features that have proved hugely popular with users of the smaller C 250 and C 400 models. The top speed of the linear rapid traverses is 35 m/min. You can discover more details about the C 650 via the i-buttons in the 360 degree view



        Traverse path: 1050 x 900 x 600 mm
        Body: Dia. 900 / H 600
        Collision circle: Ø 1100 mm
        Vertical table clearance max. 775 mm

        Rotational speed: 15000/18000 rpm
        Rapid traverse linear X-Y-Z : 35 m/min
        Rigid clamping table: 1250 x 982 mm
        Max. table load: 3000 kg
    • Automation

    • Outright efficiency! Universal automation.
      We can only succeed in the long run if we operate on the market with foresight. For this reason, we founded our automation subsidiary in the middle of the nineteen-nineties. This subsidiary rigorously pursues the further development of our solutions – from simple automation components to turnkey projects.
      Everybody talks about automation, but it’s much more than just a trendy word. We ourselves have changed from being a machine manufacturer to a process provider because we believe that the decisive criterion for automated efficiency is integration of the entire environment and periphery.

      In keeping with this philosophy, we are continuing what began with economical pallet changing and intelligent handling systems with highly advanced robot solutions. We have been capable of converting machines into flexible manufacturing cells for over 15 years now.

      Double or triple productivity. The RS 2 and 3 robot systems can naturally be adapted to encompass multiple machining centers with a wide variety of machining tasks. The storage systems are also completely and flexibly adjustable.
      • Additive Manufacturing

      • The Hermle MPA technology
        Additive manufacturing using MPA technology

        For more than 10 years now we investigate in the development of new additive manufacturing techniques and processes. The MPA technology developed by Hermle Maschinenbau GmbH is a versatile tool for generative creation of large-volume components offering a widespread field of applications. It is especially in the field of injection moulding and die casting tools where the MPA technology can play to its strength. One of its prominent features is the possibility to complement precast blanks with additively applied components. The results are hybrid-manufactured components entering new dimensions in additive manufacturing with weights up to several hundred kilos and dimensions larger than 500mm in diameter.

          • Features & Highlights

          • Impressive! The basis of our machining centers.

            Ergonomics, compact dimensions, workshop suitability, precision, reliability, durability. These are not empty promises for us. Every one of our machines is distinguished by precisely these properties. Even now, after many years of production. Machining centers and automation solutions from a single source with high system expertise during planning, installation and maintenance:
            Long-lasting technology and a broad range of sectors provide the basis for this. Universal automation, impressive accuracy and exemplary energy efficiency are further Hermle machining center constants! Experience the numerous functions and possibilities offered by Hermle machining centers for yourself, from control units through to information diversity.

              • Technology

              • Precision power houses! From compact to gigantic.
                The original is always the first. We are often copied but never equalled. Hermle remains the original and the best. We have been committed to 5-axis processing from our very beginnings. By the middle of the nineteen-nineties, we recognized that this recipe for success was indeed the future. Since that time, we have continually perfected our technology and expanded our range of machines.

                Hermle offers users comprehensive support to introduce new technologies in every phase with longstanding project experience. We understand our clients’ core business and offer them comprehensive advice on milling, programming and how to handle our machines. And, even more, taking the customer’s requirement and the specific components to be produced as a basis, we develop an overall solution, in which the tool, the controls and automation technologies are perfectly coordinated.
                As a process provider, we are able to combine the possibilities of a special machine manufacturer with the expertise of a system integrator. The result is maximum expertise for optimal production processes and a maximum in terms of investment security for our customers.
                • Precision

                • Dead-on!  Precision knows no limits.
                  Precision in every dimension: Hermle has a thorough understanding of the requirements for manufacturing high-precision machining centers for processing smaller and larger workpieces of up to 2.5 t in weight. For this reason, "The Original" only uses German machines for production and materials from European suppliers. Furthermore, the entire machining production department is fully air conditioned and kept clean by a central swarf disposal system.

                  Hermle machining centers are thoroughly tested by means of intensive endurance tests and in manufacture-oriented machining processes in our own machining manufacturing department. Our meticulous manufacturing processes allow Hermle to set new precision standards which undercut those demanded by the DIN/ISO 10791 standard in every way.
                  • Options

                  • Anything is possible! Our machining centers with added customisation.
                    The following options allow your Hermle machining center to be adapted to your specific needs. It goes without saying that you will receive perfectly integrated systems in which all elements are dovetailed, without friction or interface losses.
                        • Automatic cabin door
                        • Rotating inspection window
                        • Height-adjustable and pivotable control panel with tiltable 19” screen
                        • Electrical heat compensation
                        • Electrical hand-held control module
                        • Preparation of stylus
                        • Tool breakage monitoring/measuring system
                        • Swarf flushing nozzle
                        • External minimum quantity lubrication
                        • Rotary feedthrough
                        • Blow air through spindle center
                        • Bed flushing
                        • BDE signal
                        • Oil mist design
                        • Sealing air for linear scales
                        • Status light
                        • Additional magazines
                        • Pallet changer
                        • Pallet storage
                        • and much more
                    • Details

                    • Genuine added value! Small details with a big impact.
                        • Comprehensive fluid technology, diverse coolant equipment and optimized swarf management machining centers from Hermle impress thanks to their intelligent details.

                        • Highlights of the Hermle swarf conveyor:
                          • Space-saving set-up
                          • Internal cooling lubricant supply
                          • Recooling unit
                          • Oil mist extraction

                      • Additional magazines

                      • Room for more! Additional magazines make it possible.
                        • Increases productivity and system runtimes
                        • Ideal for automated systems or complex machining with numerous tools
                        • 8-corner design for space-optimised extension of the tool memory capacity
                        • Fast adaption and commissioning
                        • All additional magazines can be retrofitted to a limited extent

                          • Additional magazine ZM 50

                            • available for C 250, C 400, C 22, C 32, C 42 models
                            • Magazine pockets: 50
                            • Max. tool weight: 8 kg
                            • Max. tool diameter: Ø 80, with empty adjacent pockets Ø 125 mm
                            • Max. tool length: 300 mm
                          • Additonal magazine ZM 88k

                            • available for C 250, C 400, C 22, C 32, C 42 models
                            • Magazine pockets: 88
                            • Max. tool weight: 8 kg
                            • Max. tool diameter: Ø 80, with empty adjacent pockets Ø 125 mm
                            • Max. tool length: 300 mm
                          • Additional magazine single or double

                            • available for C 22, C 32, C 42, C 52 and C 62 models
                            • up to 192 (single) odr 462 (double) tool pockets (depending on the interface)
                            • Max. tool weight: 30 kg
                            • Max. tool diameter Ø 250 mm
                            • Max. tool length: 500 mm
                        • Applications

                        • Practical examples!
                          The entire application spectrum.

                          In theory, the machining centres from Hermle offer impressive performance data. In practice, they are possibly the best machines in the world. They can do so much and can be used for almost any application! Numerous machining examples are given below. You can either search directly for applications or, alternatively, for the machining spectrums of the individual Hermle machines. We hope you enjoy discovering the very many interesting details!

                            • Automotive Industry

                            • Aerospace Technology

                            • Machine Construction

                            • Medical Engineering

                            • Motor Sports and Racing

                            • Optical Industry

                            • Tool and Mould Construction

                            • Tool Technology

                            • Subcontractor Industry

                            • Precision Mechanics

                            • Energy Technology