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    Motion, speed, precision – this is the world of EWS. We call it "Precision meets Motion", because we are aware of the importance of precision for the future of our customers and target markets. High quality requirements and great commitment for the optimum design of our products in both form and function are the main focus of our attention. For this purpose, we systematically invest in state-of-the-art production lines and develop methods for quality assurance in cooperation with external institutions. Our top performance in development and production is backed up by the high level of training of our staff members.
Product Portfolio
  • Products

      • Driven tools

      • Driven tools form a further core area of EWS. More than 8,000 different tools are available at short notice.

        In addition to standard products like axial and angular heads, EWS offers swivel units, slot broaching tools, multiform tools and multi-spindle machines. There is just no limit. The tool clamping systems range from the classic collet chuck holder to Weldon and hydro extension to Capto, KM, ABS and HSK. The applications range from classic CNC lathes to highly complex turning milling centers. The rapid change system EWS-Varia has set a standard for a flexible modular system. With its safe handling and short change-over times, EWS-Varia ranks among the most successful systems in the market. This was impressively confirmed by the Innovation Award awarded by the German state of Baden-Württemberg in 2006.

        "Made in Germany" is of course guaranteed by EWS also for these tool systems.
      • Static holders

      • Static tools form one of the EWS core areas. There is no other manufacturer in the world offering such a variety of products: More than 20,000 different tool holders are available for machine operators.

        Our portfolio includes VDI tool holders with shaft diameters of 16-80 as well as block tool holders of BMT55-BMT85 to machine-specific holders for MAZAK, Okuma or Mori Seiki, to name just a few. We also offer prism holders according to DIN 69881 (VDI3425 Bl.3) in all nominal sizes. Our standard portfolio includes Capto, HSK, KM and ABS adaptations in addition to the standard holders.
        Moreover, our scope of supply includes special holding fixtures made according to customer drawings or innovative solutions of the EWS engineers designed to master production engineering challenges.

        The tool holders are manufactured at our factory in Uhingen and rightly carry the label: Made in Germany!
      • EWS-Trifix®

      • Trifix® is the new adjusting system for Gildemeister multi tasking machines. The double sided adjusting system is guided by a very precise key way at the surface of the turret.

        The plates are preloaded, and the resiliency in the adjusting system eliminates static redundancy. This allow the exact position of the tool to be secured and significantly reduces the setup time of the machine. Because this is a highly sophisticated precision instrument it is not possible to use double serrated tool shafts. The tool is supplied fully adjusted and can be used right away. EWS is the DMG system partner for this tool generation.

        Trifix® advantages:
        • Repeat accuracy below 6 µm at radius of 200 mm
        • High positioning accuracy from one station to another (0.01 mm)
        • Driven tools and static tool holders are completely aligned
        • Static tool holders can be used together with additional drill pattern for mounting
        • Heavy duty spindle noses can be used together with additional drill pattern for mounting
        • Tool disc / functional areas are easy to clean
      • EWS Capto tool holders

      • The EWS CAPTO-series offer standard solutions as well as a great number of machine optimized toolholders. Moreover we provide toolholders with plate fit.

        The EWS CAPTO-series imply size C4-C8.
      • HSK tool holder fixture

      • The HSK series from EWS offers standard solutions as well as a large range of machine optimised tool holder fixtures. Tool holder fixtures with insert seats are also available.

        The HSK series includes sizes HSK40-HSK100.
      • EWS-Adjust

      • Aligning using 2 screws on a pin in the turret is a widely used method. However, this time-consuming calibration, especially when it comes to machines with 2 turrets (up to 28 tool stations) degrades the high fast motion speeds, rendering them insignificant. The gains in travel speeds are eliminated by the enormously long setup times.

        EWS has tackled this problem with its new EWS-Adjust system. The goal was to eradicate the problem.

        Together with an EWS setting pin, the pin can be aligned precisely with the machining position. The lower part of the eccentric is an expanding pin which is acted on by a threaded pin, thus securing the angle of rotation position. The EWS-Adjust bar is provided with a fixed part with a counter screw opposite to eliminate the last play between the bar and pin. The system can be retrofitted to almost all tools supplied by EWS. 
      • Varia quick change system

      • The rapid change system EWS-Varia allows to set-up a modern CNC lathe or a turning milling center – and this flexibly.

        A tool change will just take 20 seconds, which is an unbeatable argument especially in small batch productions whenever it is about reducing the set-up time and thus increasing the productivity. The advantages, however, are also evident in large batch productions. Preset twin tools lie at the machine, thus significantly reducing the down-times. A further advantage is provided by the variety of adaptations; so the optimal tool clamping can be selected for each operation. The inserts available include:
        • Collet chuck holders
        • Weldon/Whistle Notch
        • Milling arbors
        • Morse tapers
        • Hydro extension
        • Shrink adaptations

        The most important advantage is certainly created by the easy handling. The inserts can be changed with just one hand without counter pressure by the spindle. The holders are released from the machine by a mechanically impinged ejector system, so that agglutination by coolants will no long occur. This solution reduces the risk of injury of the machine operator to nearly zero.

        EWS-Varia is available for nearly all tool holders from VDI25 and BMT55, respectively.
      • EWS CenterPoint

      • The changeable centring tip for counter spindles

        Would you like to use your counter spindle temporarily as a tailstock, and then once again as a normal chuck? You can with the EWS CenterPoint

        Area of application:
        • Lathes without tailstock and with a turret
        • To support long tools
        • Top changeable short taper 12
        • The top kit can be integrated in simple combination holders

        • Counter spindle with tailstock function
        • Taper shank adjusted to GSP

        Machining process:
        • Milling on the main spindle
        • Switch to tip in GSP
        • Use tip rotating
        • Execute machining
        • Remove tip from GSP
        • Pass work piece to GSP, work second side
      • EWS-Drillstar

      • The solution for multiple

        The new EWS Drillstar offers an intelligent tool arrangement a tremendous use of the cutting tool length, in spite of a limited total tool diameter. This can be realized by using the controlled CNC-axis Y-B together with the tool spindle axis of the multi tasking machine efficiently.

        Overview of features:
        • Execute 3 drill or boring operations without a tool change.
        • Hole diameter 16 mm, clamping depth 3xD
        • Tool orientation 3x120o at an angle of pressure 35o, crown-shaped and Y-axis offset.
        • Usable tool length 60 mm interference at 120 mm internal or external coolant supply, individually selectable
      • EWS-Flexicenter

      • Cutting keyway grooves in the P7 area without Y-axis. EWS Flexicenter makes it possible.

        With a few hand movements, a milling cutter can be set to the required tolerance. All that is required is to loosen a screw and set the adapter using a vernier scale. In less than one minute, this enables you to achieve the required tolerance or compensate for wear on the milling cutter.

        • Milling and measuring groove
        • Loosen chuck using 2 bolts and set collect insert using the scale
        • Clamp chuck
        • Produce required tolerance

        • Expanded use of available capacities
        • Longer tool life
        • Greater productivity
        • Compliance with tight tolerance bands
        • Optimum cost/benefit ratio
      • EWS gear hobbing

      • Gear hobbing on CNC lathes without B-axis

        Years ago, EWS was the first tool manufacturer to offer gear hobbing heads in its standard range, and has continued to develop the holders for gearing technology ever since then. With this technology, it became possible for the first time to produce external gearing on machines without a Y/B-axis. In contrast to a standard milling wheel holder, the tool head of the EWS modular cutter can be swivelled about the axis of the shank.

        This offers users the advantage of substituting a B-axis with a comparatively small investment. In the meantime, module 3 has become commonplace on VDI40/BMT65/BMT75 machines. The tool heads have become more stable at the same time as being more user-friendly. The alignment system using a sinusoidal profile has come into widespread use and saves considerable alignment and setup times.
      • EWS-Multiform

      • Make any centric or eccentric form desired

        Free forms that used to be impossible can now be made with EWS Multiform on turning/milling or machining centres. For a six-edge outside the centre or a four-edge in the centre, additional processing steps such as reaming or eroding were necessary up until now. If a position change was also needed, complicated devices were needed for processing. This is now all possible with one chuck.

        • The needed profile is created by using a cam disc. Both standard and customs versions are available.
        • The drive runs in the turret just like a driven tool.
        • Note: Constraint for turrets with permanently running driven tools as the rotation speed is limited to max. 1,000 RPMs.

        • Turret for driven tools
        • For machines VDI20 - VDI50 and BMT55 - BMT75

        Working range:
        • Size 1: Square 4 - square 14
                        Hexagon 4 - hexagon 21
        • Size 2: Square 4 - square 22
                       Hexagon 4 - hexagon 36
      • EWS Proline

      • The best of both worlds!

        Insufficient stability was a fact increasingly associated with the VDI system in recent years. As a result, block tools were preferred more often, although the VDI tools still offer greater diversity and flexibility.

        So the next step appeared obvious: combining the best of both systems. In cooperation with DMG, we developed the EWS ProLine system in order to fully utilize the potential of new lathes. While EWS ProLine features a conventional VDI shank, it can be optionally mounted to the turret using four screws.

        For instance, the flexibility of the VDI system can be utilised for lighter machining, and the stability properties of block tools can be utilised for heavy cutting. The angular position of the radial tools is ensured through the Trifix®, the alignment system.
      • EWS-Rigid

      • EWS takes measures against vibrations in deep drilling procedures

        Deep drilling procedures with drilling rods with a long overhang are one of the most demanding tasks in cutting technologies. What influences vibration, what amplitudes does it create, what is the effect of superimposed vibration and when are uncontrollable resonances encountered? All these are questions that are difficult to answer using theory alone.

        These findings formed the basis for the new development of EWS Rigid. The objective was to create a drilling holder with a passive damping system to counteract the vibrations that are created. This involves using variable vibration dampers with linear degrees of freedom in a floating mounting inside the cutter carrier. The damper position is set using a radially mounted setscrew, which allows optimum vibration conditions to be created.

        The improvement in surface qualities of bores is significant, as is the increase in the service life of cutter tools. EWS is presenting the new drilling rod system for the first time at the EMO 2013, equipped with an HSK63 base holder and an adapter for the EWS Capto C3.
      • EWS-Swiss Tools

      • EWS quality now available for Swiss-type lathes.

        This new development in driven tools is EWS's response to many customers' requests. The tool systems may appear straightforward at first sight, but their simplicity belies their performance.

        The design concentrates on the mounting and the spindle concentricity. The requirement profile was developed jointly with an American medical technology company which uses very small drill bits and requires extreme concentricity properties. The spindle bearing technology used with labyrinth seals sets new standards in this field, and is associated with a long service life.

        Provision has already been made for service. The service centres in Germany, China, Korea and the USA have already been trained in the system and are ready to respond without delay. Third-party brands can also be serviced there at any time.
      • EWS swivel head

      • Compact and stable – this is EWS' new swivel head.

        The swivelling module, which is equipped with a Cylkro drive system, is 17 mm smaller than standard heads which, above all, offers greater flexibility in swivel ranges between 0° and 45° in the field of cutting tools.

        The swivel unit covers an angle of +/- 92°. During the swivelling process, the supply of coolant is directly carried along. A distance of at least 48 mm from the contact surface to the swivel axis can be proposed. Even a high-pressure interior cooling system of up to 70 bar can be built into the module without the exterior dimensions having to be modified.

        Rotational speed limit is 6,000 1/min, maximum transmittable torque is 16 Nm, and max. cutting tool diameter is restricted to 10 mm.

        The swivel head is mainly suitable for drilling or for simple machining tasks. EWS' TWK range is available. for greater demands with regard to torque and performance. These are fixed angle tools which are specially produced for any angle range. The standard angles from 15° to 75° – graded in steps of 15° – are produced as standard by the Uhingen-based company and are generally available from stock.
      • EWS tcJet

      • Optimal chip transport thanks to EWS tcJet

        EWS tcJet transports the coolant through the inset directly to the cutter and guarantees optimal chip transport... At the same time, the cutting edges have a significantly longer service life.

        EWS's interior cooling version is available for normal and high-pressure applications for various tool holder fixtures and cutting insert manufacturers.
      • EWS tool turret

      • With its new turret program, the EWS Group is offering the full service for machine builders.

        For the first time, the specialist for tool systems, EWS, has taken a step towards Europe with its tool turret range. For more than a decade, these tool carrier systems have been used successfully on CNC turning/milling centres in Asia.

        Now we are taking the step towards the European continent. Various customers are already using prototypes on test machines and the first machines from series production to be equipped with the new turret technology are expected to be available in late autumn 2013. At the EMO, it will be possible to see turret with 2-motor technology and the EWS Group will be presenting other technical highlights as well. In addition to this turret system, the range also includes turrets with 1-motor technology for counter spindle machines as well as units with a Y-axis.

        The "technology carriers" are offered in various sizes from VDI25 to VDI60 and from BMT 45 to BMT85.
      • EWS Varia VX

      • The new quick-change system for heavy cutting

        EWS Varia VX quick-change system is now available for the complete bandwidth. The taper/planar support interface ensures maximum concentric accuracy. The torsional moment takes place via a positive polygon which transfers up to 200 Nm.

        Tightening and release takes place via a turn gear segment equipped with 3 multi-functional cams. When a radially-attached tension screw is tightened, the 3-point tension pulls the tool insert evenly into position. When releasing, the insert is mechanically loosened via sliding cams and released from the holder for removal. For use in inner cooling, a diametrically acting membrane seal ensures leak-free coolant transfer between the adapter and the VX insert, thus bringing the medium directly to the cutter.

        With VX, the Innovation Prize-winning Varia system takes a step towards a new form of modularity, meeting the demands of future tool machining generations and the most modern machining technologies.

        • cutting tools are in place and ready at the machine
        • quick change through just one clamping point
        • no risk of injury during tool changes
        • clamping of insets without any lateral forces
        • safe torque transmission
        • no loose parts
      • EWS Zero-Zero

      • Reaching concentricity 0 using a simple collet chuck and this within one minute: this is Zero-Zero.

        The specifically designed clamping nut with 6 symmetrically arranged screws at the circumference makes this step possible. The clamping nut is split, so that the inner ring can be minimally shifted. This simple technical finesse allows to eliminate tolerance additions.

        The machine operator only has to replace the previous clamping nut, which step opens up a new concentricity dimension – and this for a price starting at € 90.00. Zero-Zero is available for DIN 6499 collet chuck holders from ER 16-ER40.
      • Keyway broaching with EWS Slot

      • Keyway broaching on lathes is a common thing. What is new is to speed up this operation with low stress for the machine!

        Slot is driven by the tool turret of the machine, with the input rotary motion being converted to a translation with superimposed lift-off function. This makes programming extremely easy. The keyway broaching unit is positioned in the prepared bore – in such a way as to make the extended tappet oriented to the end position in the Z axis. The depth of the slot is produced by a constant X-feed moving between 0.04-0.08 mm/stroke. The speed of the spindle ranges between 400 R/min – 1,000 R/min, with one rotation corresponding to a complete stroke. This way, for instance, a feather key groove with a width of 6 mm and a depth of 5 mm is produced within 7.5 sec. (800 R/min and 0.05 mm feed/rotation).

        With this operation it is important that the chip can break at the end of the groove, that is that a cut-in or a bore exists. It is not only slots or grooves, but also internal and external teeth that can be produced. This is particularly interesting for tools with partial teeth.
      • Universal mounting block UMB 100

      • Mount tools safely and in the correct position while remaining flexible, all this is possible with the UMB100 mounting unit.

        The tool clamping units can be changed quickly, making the system an ideal mounting aid for multi-tasking machines.
        It only takes a few seconds to replace an adapter. The unit with snap-in swivel can be pivoted 4 x 90° at the touch of a button so that even angled holders can always be mounted in the ideal position.
      • EWS tool carrier systems

      • EWS T-Shuttle: the tool trolley to carry individual tool holders

        The pallets can be realized with similar or different tool holders to the individual requirements. This is ideal for Multi-Tasking machines, turning lathes or modular systems.

        The T-Shuttle TS 400 can be offered with 3 or 4 pallets. The offer shows as well tool carriers with different tool holders as table setting.
      • Turning and cutting on one station

      • We have even more alternatives for your machine

        External turning on the counter spindle and drilling or cutting on the main spindle, or vice versa. This means even greater flexibility for your machining process.

        Our sales team will also find the right solution for your machine.
      • EWS collet holder for multi-tasking machines

      • Restraint is the key

        Thanks to its short design, the new HSK-63AT collet holder for multi-tasking machines means that you can be flexible even in the smallest of areas!

        Our sales department will be happy to advise you in selecting the right HSK or EWS Capto version.
      • EWS-Calibrit

      • Measuring device for setting tool change systems.

        Precise setting of tool change systems always used to be a complex procedure.

        Thanks to the new EWS-Calibrit, the offset can be easily determined in both the X- and Y-positions, and also in the corresponding Z-position.

        EWS Calibrit is ideal for service technicians and in-house maintenance departments